Thursday, August 17, 2006

TPLF's knee-jerk reaction for the defection of top officers

The defection of officers and rank and file members is causing a stir in the Army. TPLF cadres called a meeting of officers Yesterday. The meeting was held at "Arategna Kifle Tor Gibe" where two days ago, leaflets were circulating calling Army members to follow General Kemal. The cadres raised four issues which revealed the desperation of TPLF.
1. Blocking Eritrea TV and radio
The cadres told the officers that it is the ER media that is causing dissension within the army and it has to be dealt with. Some army officers opposed the suggestion claiming that the Dergue had tried to do the same and had failed.
2. Those who defected were corrup army officers
The cadres wanted to put a spin to the defections.
3. Being watchful of those who circulate leaflets which call for dissensions and defections within the army.
According to some army officers who attended the meeting the leaflets which were massively distributed at "Arategna Kifle Tor gibe" had shocked the army intelligence.
4. The army should respect the dressing code and discipline.
This was suggested as a way of guarding against those who distributed flyers posing as civilian workers within the army.
The meeting was concluded without concrete decisions.


Anonymous said...

Cool-Z: Good update. It is very clear that Woyane is approaching its demise !!!!

Anonymous said...

Zagol the Great!

Music to our ears, thank you!

As the army goes, so goes Ethiopia.

Will somebody please tell Meles
It is over, the fat lady has sung.

Yigermal said...

Something similar has happened through out the ages to most tyrants, be them Ethiopian tyrants or some other country. Discontent starts with the public, students take it to the streets, the tyrant gets jumpy and sends its army to bash some heads, kill a few and incarcerate others, the tyrant's media goes into a spin calling everyone that opposes its rule as terrorist, weak and so forth. Some in the army, some in the media, some in the government start to defect towards where the truth and freedom is and this continues until the tyrant becomes a house of cards. You name a tyrant, and almost all with a few exceptions, this is their ultimate fate. You think they have the capacity to learn from their mistake, from other's mistake? nnooo, they have to repeat every cruelty on their own people, they have to steal, kill, maim and incarcerate hoping all resistance will fade away, but it never does. The public, even as gentle and 'the great giver of the benefit of the doubt" the Ethiopian public wakes up one day and says "enough is enough". All you woyane killers of kids and women, woyanne barbarians of the dark ages whose mind has the capacity of a baboon (some of them starting with their koso fit leader actually looks like a baboon) go away and dwell inside the hell you created. Not us, actually we have a country to run, people to support, economies to prosper, and a proud tradition to uphold. Woyanne killers, woyanne baboons go away. The Ethiopian public has been saying that for a while, now it is the army’s turn. And smart people, even those with baboon mentality must listen their time is up. They have done enough damage and the Ethiopian public, smart enough not to fall into the trap these child killers with genocidal tendencies had set up for it, is telling them to get away before the tidal wave of discontent erupts. There will not be any bloodbath as these woyanne baboons have predicted, but a series of fallouts, like what is being seen from the army where the only option these baboons have left is to go away. It may not be too long before this koso fit and his cadres go away into somewhere leaving an Ethiopia that will rise again. All indications now point to that. All ye with an ounce or more of Ethiopian blood in you need to make yourselves ready for that day, our day of salvation from tyranny. Ethiopia is stretching its hands towards its children all over the globe, be ready with your know-how of entrepreneurship, be ready with your hearts, be ready with your pockets, and just be ready.

Tazabi said...

Bravo Ethio-Zagol! Do you know you are becoming our own Deep Throat of sorts?

God Bless you!

Anonymous said...


As much as it's becoming apparent that TPLF is dying, it becoming glaringly evident that OLF is becoming the primary beneficiary of the latest developments of Ethiopian politics. One thing OLF wasn't good at throughout its history was "politics"--such as the absurd claim of Ethiopian colonialism. However, thanks to TPLF's acidic politics, OLF has become the forbidden fruit Oromos want to taste, afterall. Now, as the the only better organized political and military entity, it's positioning itself to filling the void that will inevitably would be left open with the absence of TPLF. Then guess what? OLF will cease the opportunity TPLF/EPLF ceased in 1991. The prospect is no less scary to all Ethiopians than it was in 1991. There needs to be a counter-balance for what is fast developing to be a national energency--crisis to those of us who believe in "Hibre-Bhaer" politics. One of the main solutions is for a group/entity/political party to start mobilizing and organizing a military wing to the so called "non-violent" struggle enshrined by Kinijit/UEDF.... Without a military counter-balance, OLF oughtn't be left alone to determine the future of Ethiopian politics. BEWARE, folks. TPLF gone by itself doesn't guarantee democracy/prosperity/peace/dignity/territorial integrity... to Ethiopia.

Anonymous said...

To the author of "Folks",
I hear you very well. Realistic strategy is preventive of....
Ethio Zagol,
You are the times, stay safe and share that rare liberity.

Anonymous said...

Amazing. The "true" Patriots are actually advocating the defection of the Ethiopian army to ERITREA. Time will tell. But hear me well, let alone the uncivilized-barbarians of O.L.F., the hodams of Kinijit.D.C., and the Islamic fasicists SAVAGES of Somalia, YOUR BOSS, ISSAYAS AFEMERIZI HAS BEEN YELLING I AM GOING TO GET YOU ONE OF THESE DAYS FOR ABOUT 5 YEARS NOW. THE SAME FAITH AWAITS THE BANDITS BE IT KEMAL JILLO OR SHALEKA YOSEPH DEDIB IN D.C.. KEEP DREAMING ETHIO-ZAGOL, YOU ARE A TYPICAL WEREGNA ETHIOPIAN. AGAIN, TIME WILL TELL WHEN ALL YOUR HEROES ARE LEFT IN THE DUST BINS OF HISTORY.

Anonymous said...

The above ananymous seems to be losing his/her head as Meles. But if you are that crazy for Woyane, why you continue to check out EZ. The truth will only keep driving you insane. You are better off without the internet to keep you blood pressure low.

Anonymous said...

Ahahahahahah, I just can't stop laughing at the above comment by the Woyanae tebay. All facist dictators towards the end, their language deteriorates rapidly. One recalls Comarde Mengistu's last week speech, "kitachewun be sanja
new yemeneshekeshekachew," but they
never learn. Anchi besbes Woyanae
megemeria be egershe yeregettshiwu
ye abatoche Oromowochu, enatochae
Amarochu ager SHEWA mehonun atershi.

Anonymous said...

tell me...I am smelling something across Atlantic far from where u r at. It doesn't smell good.

I need Your help! Solution! Solution! Solution!
Please don't take sides!!!

Anonymous said...

EZ Good to hear from our brothers and sisters in Uniform may they soon will understand what it meant to be loyal to Ethiopian People and freedom. At this time they may be furnished moderate salary and better incentive above the hard working Ethiopian citizen. History remind us that It is not benefit That makes a real solider a solider but it is Loyalty, Love of the country , Heroism, and to be a part of History as a solider who accomplish some thing for his country.
Good Job EZ, Please be careful!

Anonymous said...

EZ-why not clean up the 7th Anonymous above as you promised?
donot let insults.
woyanes favourite opposition leader-dr. beyene was having terrible times in the rural areas as he tried to address his people as he used to,however none turned up to listen to him,he was upset.
my friend was able to shake hands of eng.Hailu at police hospital yesterday and asked endet not?
our leader replied"ahun dehna negn"

Anonymous said...

E-Z ,, Bravo,

You are keeping us alive and Fresh as alwasys.

God Bless You,

You are my Favourite Website/Blog

Thank you very much

Take care of you self from the woyane Thugs

Anonymous said...

THE KINIJIT SPIRIT! EthiopianReview.

Kinijit North America officials refused to allow the auditor to present a report at tomorrow's conference. According to ER sources the report implicates some of the officials in financial improprieties, among other things. ER is trying to obtain the auditor's full report...More coming up

Anonymous said...

I doubt if Etiopian Review itself will post comment #14, regarding yet an upcoming report from ER.
Who ever posted it obviously is way off subject, and deliberate in more than two issues......


Anonymous said...

I am enjoying reading your blog more these very days as it can be accessed w/o proxy.I usually set the address to the browsers to many i-cafes i visit-so that people can know that there are dedicated compatriots who serve their nation.
Also the ethiomedia website is frequently unblocked-why is it?

Anonymous said...

Hello EZ,

First of all thank you for your informative, balanced and well- reasoned blog. I have a question for you.

Did you listen to Lidetu Ayalew's interview with Ethiopian review? It would be great if you could provide your readers with your usual balanced assessment of the interview.


Anonymous said...

The defection of the General and soldiers maybe a set back for EPRDF, but you CUD is not at peace either. Accusation , counter accusations, corruption and so and on are gripping and weakening your struggle. Thank you for Ethiopian Review for exposing CUD's politics.
Hope you will expose more so that people can see the true face of the "Spirit Kinijit"

Anonymous said...

I am Just wandering Why ET- review supporters change the subject of the topic in this blog comment space. Guys make a comment based on the uptodate information as it posted BY EZ. There is enough space for " Enka selamta" at Et review forum. Let us not make this comment space off the topic.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Finally, Eritrean are vindicated, and Ethiopians are relieved. The Oromo people are the one to benefit most from this new development. We have been waiting for the right moment to start eating TIGRE TPLF WOYANE BANDITS' flesh. Please, save Meles' LIVER, and HEART for me and my family, we will make a soup out of him. I would also like his toungue, my cat is hungry and would like a short but a lier toungue.

Ethiopian people deserve better than TPLF WOYANE CORRUPTED THIEVES lying and stealing public money. It is time for every Ethiopia to start to plan byond TPLF WOYANE BANDITS. The question is what plans do you have? I have a plan to open a small shop, a shop that will let me make a few bir profit per day to keep me in business. TPLF WOYANE forced me to close my small electronics shop in Legehar train station, when they opened a shop next to mine and brought all the prices down to the floor. Since they do not pay tax and transportating to bring their stuff from abroad I couldn't compete with them. For example, I advertise a TV set for 5,000 birr considering the tax and transportation, but next door TPLF WOYANE CADRE advertise the same brand for 2,000 birr. Imagine they were making 50% profit with that price. Wile I get 175 birr with the 5,000 price tag. They destroyed us all and once they monomopolized the industry, they raised the price to 5,000 like we used to, now their profit grew by 300%. I hope we will get them SONS OF BITCHES AND KICK THEM OUT OF OUR COUNTRY BUNCH OF SNAKES.

ta ta

Anonymous said...

You sound more like a British Shop Keeper. Are you sure you are not referring to the British government.

ta ta to you too chap.