Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"Gimigema" in the army

TPLF has started a intesive "gimigema" in the army. Yesterday and today, in the army camps all over the country, officers have been exposed to a thorough investigation of their political positions and their relationship with other officers who defected the army. This is, army sources say, part of the new strategy to deter army officers form taking measures of protest. "The army is in turmoil. It is nearly out of control and there is no way for Meles to get its control back,"one army officer told this blogger.
After General Kemal Gelchi's sudden defection, tens of junior and senor officers followed suit. Although most of the defections are made by army officers of Oromo origin, others from different ethnic groups are joining in. Attempts by TPLF to control that hasn't been successful. Army informants say that a debate about the army's role in the change in the country's political sytem is raging throughout the army. Secrete meeting are being held. The TPLF army security is getting it difficult to identify the leaders of the democracy movement in the army. "If a civilian protest happens this time and there are killings by the army, it will have serious consequences within the force," the officer said.
Read ethio-zagol for more information on the army


Anonymous said...

Good news EZ. Looks like the days of the Arat Kilo tyrant are numbered. I hope the democratic forces in the army realize that the sooner the TPLF reign of terror is over the better for all Ethiopians.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

EZ good information but what is the last statment.
"Read ethio-zagol for more information on the army" ?
did somebody crash your blog.

Anonymous said...

The Ethiopian civilian population should listen to the comments by the ananymous military that any more killing of civilian protesters would deliver the ultimate blow needed to bring the TPLF WOYANE house down.