Saturday, August 12, 2006

Blogs unblocked

The weblogs on which were blocked from being accessed are now unblocked. Today is the third day where Ethiopians are accessing the blogs which are very critical of the government without using anonymous proxy servers. Other pro-democracy websites and web magazines still remain blocked.
Ironically this is the time, ETW, one of the most critical and witty bloggers is back from her extended vacation.


Anonymous said...

cool Z good update, do you think this is another attempt that the goverment trying to say "we have lightened up on our anti-free media action" or is it the pressure it getting from media watch communities ?? I know the current bill that would be advanced next month is giving woyane a headache. Or this just another Ethiopian telecomunication mishap, as pro-walta and ENA would like to describe it ??

Anonymous said...

The pro walta pro ENA blogger Andrew heavens

Anonymous said...

I think woyane has understood that it cannot block the blogs and the webe site by the chinee's tech.

They understand that it is a waste of time and money for no thing.

This by itself is one victory for the pro democracy webe sites and the Ehiopian people in general

Unknown said...

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