Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Kinijit is back!

The American Charge d'affairs is still engaged in reconciliation efforts. According to close sources, she is hoping that the jailed leaders will initiate talks with the government. Prison sources confirmed that she talked with Birtukan Midekisa last Friday and told her in detail about the problems of Somalia and the need to solve internal differences to do away with the threat of "Islamism in the Ethiopia". Birtukan replied that she didn't want to see war with Somalia but Kinijit had no control on the situation. The Charge d'affaires was adamant that there is a way out for Ethiopia and they should think about starting a reconciliation process. Sources said that the Charge d'affairs is thinking in terms of the Mandela line where he initiated talks with the government while he was in prison. It was reported that the government has shown a gesture of will to the talks but doesn't want to initiate them. Mrs. Huddlestone had also talked with Dr. Brehanu's wife, Dr. Nardos Minase, about the possibility of talks, according to Embassy sources. Vicki is back to US today and will start a full-fledged effort for the negotiations when she returns to Addis.
The reconciliation efforts by the American representative show that Kinijit, the spirit of the people, can't be sidelined from the Ethiopian political process as the government thought. The excitement in Addis and elsewhere about freedom has not been this high since the November repression with Birhanu's book acting as a catalyst.


Anonymous said...

I could see clearly now and it coming. Damn to some of the diaspora leaders and Leditu supports who are killing the spirit.

Anonymous said...

Cool-Z: good update. This is indeed a good news. But she really need to stop talking with the leaders individually. Last time as you mentioned "Kinijit leaders were adamant that Vicky Huddlestone should see them together if she would make another visit".Also those eight points should be the basic part of the reconcilation. As woyane is becoming more desperate, it is using ugly methods. For instance, in time such as now, when the ICU is shouting its anti-Ethiopian messages, woyane wants to demolish mosque in Addis. What kind of irrisponsible act is that ?? But for woyane this was a timely and calculated act.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update as usual!

The illegitimate squatters at the Palace need to INITIATE the talks not some despicable CIA operative like Huddleston. If she was an impartial peacemaker it would have been a welcome news. But this is the epitome of the incompetent diplomat who has so badly botched up her mission and lost the respect of all our heroic Leaders and all Ethiopians.

Anonymous said...

America nad woyane are running hear and there,,

VIVA CUD, and our Hero Leaders

God Be with you all the Time

Anonymous said...

It is encouraging to see that US is finally trying to initiate the reconciliation process, which we all should welcome it. However, as I have become more suspicious with US policy and Vicki’s character, I question the motives and what the end-game will be. There were a few critical times that Kinijit had caved in to Vicki’s requests, which I believe were deliberately planned to help Woyane and quash the struggle. Could this be another one? Or are the situations in the horn so bad that Woyane with its unlimited US support could not overcome it? Is the Woyane leadership in shambles? Is the military divided and has become ineffective? Why now? There are so many questions that go through my mind, but the one and the most important question for me is: Will this bring the ultimate freedom and democracy to the Ethiopian people that Kinijit has fought and is fighting for? Can we trust the US again?

I have the full faith and trust on the Kaliti’s leadership that they will see through all these and come up with a strategy and a decision that will get us to the promise land. And that is why I welcome Vick’s initiative, but cautiously.

Yes, the spirit is back and back glowing more!

EZ, Thanks for you wonderful work.

Anonymous said...

Good news. But, I do not believe until they are out and kicking. We have seen lot of hope, but woyane shattered them in split of seconds.


Anonymous said...

Dear EZ thanks again for the update.
I think you will agree with me some form of dialogue need to commence to get us out of this impasse. I have the utmost respect to our cajed leaders who paid the ultimate sacrifice and i am sure they will not take any lecture from me a humble ethiopian. I said it before, i was profoundly touch by a book i read called Elusive peace which charter the secret negotiations that used to go on between the Palestinians and the Israelis, one of the most , i am sure you will agree, deadly and intractable conflict, so i say there is nothing wrong to negotiate and see how things pan out, the mechanics and the sequence or as the experts call it the modalities should not be a barrier to real and substantive talk, i desperately worry about the health of our leaders and since thy were cajed, to my chagrin we witnessed, i am sure you will agree EZ, the dearth of ppl with the same leadership skills, so our cajed leaders good health and continious survival is paramount. I am not suggesting they shoud sell out but i think we supporters of KINJIT should be prepared to accomodate some compromises and should not give the impression to our leaders we would not countenance any giving. I respect the leaders decision to ask they be seen together. I say this because in the book i mentioned above, it talks how the Prince Minister of Istrael was ready to give up part of jerusalem for peace which would have caused many israelis of accusing him of being a sell out. so i say lets be bold, identify our red lines but see to it that we compromise enough to ensure our objectives are met and above all our leaders are released.

By the way EZ it would be really good if you continue providing us the address of TPLF offcials so that we can write to them i

what do you think EZ about the ideas contained here i appreciate you do not have time to respond to every comment posted here, but i would appreciate your input.

May god bless you.
Humbly yours.
Long live agere

Anonymous said...

It is an encouraging development--I can't say otherwise.But knowing the marriage of Woyane's treachery and Vicky's patronising attitude bordering racism, we should ask the relevant questions which necessitated this move. Why at this time? Is it the soon-retiring Vicky's initiative or fully backed by the Pentagon and the State department? May it be just another stratagem on the part of Woyane to exhibit progress on the political platform so as to derail the passage of HRxxxx by the House of Congress? Or, is it an outcome of a realisation on the part of Woyane that governance can't continue like this without political reconciliation and settlement? Or, Is it caused by the prospect of deteriorating security situation in the area and fragmentation of the Ethiopian military forces? Or, is it a treacherous move to cause split in the newly formed AFD?

To me the move poses more questions than it answers. If the leadership prospects all possibilities in the interest of advancing the struggle for freedom and democracy (I believe they will!!) before boarding the band wagon, this would be a great leap forward.

Demissie said...

ho is posting this nonsense in a joyous mood?Mandela style talk? who is he rying to cheat. His "vicky" is the envoy of Bush and the enemy of the ethiopian people.Fighting Islmaism is their agenda not that of kinjit. if the leades hear her and deal her cards it will be a shame.There is NO WAY Mles will release them unless and only if they agree to his terms.

Anonymous said...

I hope any negotiation it wont be a sell out of Ethiopia interest or CUDP. All the going back and forth of the American's effort so far was it just a saving of Weyane on the expence of our people. All the Tigria Bandas always work with out side enemy of Ethiopia in our history.

Anonymous said...

What ever hidden agenda Vickie has, the release of our imprisoned leaders is a big step in the right direction. I hope it is true.

Thanks Ethio-Zagol for the news.


Anonymous said...

could you please break the jail and release the prisonors of concise.


Anonymous said...

I am cautiously optimistic about the future of our country. Whatever decision our jailed leaders will take will be the right decision for Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Therefore there is no need to second guess them. I am absolutely confident about their spiritual strength, but I am a bit worried about their physical health and the sooner they get out of that despicable Kaliti jail and get proper medical attention the better for all of us. That’s very crucial at this point in time. We don’t want them to be martyrs, we want them alive and leading our future struggle.

Ethio-Zagol: I think it is time to convey to our leaders that they have proven beyond any doubt both to Woyanie and us about their integrity, dedication and our cause is stronger now because of their iron will. Now it is time to negotiate and gain their freedom to continue the struggle that is sputtering in their absence.

Anonymous said...

EZ-- Thanks again

let us not forget The law that is pending In US congress in Ethiopia. Once that HR **** becomes law , it would be hard for current goverment or US Embassy agent to Dismiss the ruling. let us be sttong and stick with our guns so no middle zig zager interupt our desire of freedom and proprous Ethiopia.

Anonymous said...

It is about time to start some kind of political reconciliation soon,so that Ethiopia and Ethiopians will be free from bad politic.

Anonymous said...

The result of genuine commitment and hard work of members of Congress/International comittee, Ethiopian American Civic asociation, Kinijit's leadershop and the collective diaspora effort has resulted in putting H.R. 5680 on the table. the unconditional release of prisoners of conscience.

All due respect to America's State Department, I have this discomfort about it when it comes to current Ethiopian political issues. Some thing is vague here.

EZ, You are on the go. Thanks and keep up.


Anonymous said...

Ethiopia will not get peace until the vampires stop running its affairs from their embassies. Vicky is working for the CIA and not in the interest of Ethiopians. They are the backbone of weyane dispite what this party has done and what it is about. So Frankly as long as we associate hope with her we will have failed our country and our people. They are not interested in peace and democracy, they are interested with what they can get Ethiopia to do for them. They should but ot of our politics and stop supporting a repressive govenment with hardware and money. Without their intereference Weyane would have been history.

Anonymous said...

Thou say "Ar lai teKemTo fess gemagn yilal"

What is this rubbish against Vicky, CIA and President Bush?

We (most in this blog) live in the USA, pay taxes and would rather hang than leaving this country.

We plead and beg the US government to pass a bill in congress. We beg and pray through candle light vigils for the US to save us from our own types.

We are in this 'alleged stinking' country and we complain against the very government we can't live without.


We Ethipians need psychiatrists.

Anonymous said...

Re: post ("Ye'habesha politika")
"We plead and beg the US
government to pass a bill in congress...."

The US government is the United of America, and does not mean ONE VOICE, within each branch of government.

The International relation commitee of congress you are talking about, that Ethiopians pleaded to, has its own stand, beliefs, and makes a resolution to consider an article and pass it into a law. The State Department deals with national, mostly globaly inclined and more involved direction. The beauty of American political system from the out set is, its liberity that comes from differnt power and authority. (some appointed by the people and others appointed by the Executive branch), allowing a balance of power. The State Department might be favourable for one country, and some members of congress could be critical of the same. In Ethiopia's case, I think the regime is in more favourable position with Us State Department than the opposition. America by the very fact that it has a balance of power within its system has made some members of congress to be considerate of the opposition's plea.

I stated the above not because you may not know, but I find your comment some how confined to a different thinking.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the "close sources" of the bit of information posted:

-Is a reader to assume these sources are close to "ETHIO-ZAGOL"?

-Are they members of the US government -who are leaking the info?


Anonymous said...

After all millions believed in their leaders and rallied behind the freedom and democracy ideals kinijit was promoting.

We count on our leaders and leave the decision of how to handle the negotiation with Woyanie to their wisdom. We are behind them and we want their leadership to finish the unfinished business.

Anonymous said...

To my Ethiopian comrades, Vicki is visiting our leaders who have been languishing in jail because, "Enezi, Galla-wouch we de Tegenti-ouch hea-Du." What is the big deal? So what if she visits them 100 times. An entire division of Ethiopian soldiers arrived in Eritrea. Meles-ovich is withering on the vines, as the Chinese Investment bank has concluded a loan of $15 Billion to Eritrea, interst free. Somlia is united, Sudan has refused to be another guniea PIG to the house nigger Kofi Annan, ala Lebanon. The Billderberg are quaking in their boots, as the "SHANGHAI PACT" creeps into the Red SEA via Iran and Saudi Arabia. Adios to the Pentagon, State Department, White House and Congress, you have just lost the Geo Economic Battle, the hearts and minds and War for the Horn of Africa mainly thanks to the misguided economic policy of CIA. Ey-Topia Tikdem

Anonymous said...

Kinijit is BACK? Where had it gone. Where does a SPIRIT disappear to and suddenly reappear. Hodamotche hulu.

Anonymous said...

It is time for KINIJIT to organize their political house. The collapse of TPLF WOYANE GOVERNMENT in Ethiopia is speeding like the fastest Japanese train. It is time to get on the train while you are having the chance to, or lose the chance to be part of the next government of Ethiopia. OLF, SNLF, EPPF are on the right track. They all are working to bring down this evil corrupt government. I am so happy to see them brought to court for judgment day, I cannot wait baby.

Trojan Horse

Anonymous said...

ok so i need to know who is in charge in the ethiopian am not very bright and need an A in communication applicyion and this page isnt helping me....please help a child in need....thanx oootumn