Friday, August 11, 2006

Breaking News: Vicky Huddlestone meets prisoners;asks for reconciliation

The American charge d'affaires here in Addis, Vicky Huddlestone met detained Kinijit leaders yesterday and asked for a negotiation for reconciliation which will lead to their release. According to prison sources, Mrs. Huddlestone offer included an agreement by the leaders to abidse by the constitution, start negotiation and be released from jail. The offer was rejected by the prisoners as it wasn't unconditional.
Although the charge d' affairs talked with several leaders separately, the resonse from all of them was the same. The leaders told Mrs. Huddlestone that they had already accepted to work under the constitution on Kinijit's election manifesto and won last year's election which was held in accordance to the constitution and, therefore, the request for them to agree their acceptance of the constitution was irrelevant. They also demanded that the reconciliation had to be national, including several other actors in the country's politics, to bring peace and democracy in Ethiopia.
EPRDF is currently under serious internal and external pressure. Protests are spreading to the army which insiders say is on the brink of a big split. The adventure of TPLF's army into Somalia hasn't been supported by most Ethiopians. Congressman Donald Payne's visit this week epitomized EPRDF's crisis. The ranking democrat in the house foreign relations committee told the prime minister in black and white that he had to release all political prisoners.
Kinijit leaders were adamant that Vicky Huddlestone should see them together if she would make another visit.
After a long absence, Adebabay seems to be woken up by Birhanu Nega's book.


Anonymous said...

"They also demanded that the reconciliation had to be national, including several other actors in the country's politics, to bring peace and democracy in Ethiopia."

"Kinijit leaders were adamant that Vicky Huddlestone should see them together if she would make another visit."
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That is very impressive, and transparent of what kind of leadership is in Kaliti. They seem to have an iron will and comradship inspite of too much suffering.

Best wishes to all of them. I think they are admirable.


Anonymous said...


God Bless you for your updates. Let the kingit leadrs in usa people like shaleka yosef learn from those "ye-kurt ken lejoch"

CDU is the spirit of ethiopians

Anonymous said...

Del Del yeshetaneal!
while the Kinijit diapora leaders are fighting for power in the sky

Anonymous said...

The time of woyane is coming to end sooner or latter. Woyane startedto run here and there

God Bless our hero and heroine leaders in Kaliti prison

Anonymous said...

"Personally, I have told the CUD leaders, if you call riots and illegal demonstrations then HaBeShaM AYaDiNaChu FeReNJiM AYaDiNaChu!" PMMZ told Parliament.

Anonymous said...

We need to congratulate KINIJIT NA, if all what Zagol report is true. They do share the same vision as Kaliti leadership did. The Kaliti leadership call for all inclusive talk sounds like AFD's plan too. Shame on the people who run there and here to accuse the leadership in NA. We will find out about KIL soon, some might look a hole to hide themselves. Unfortunately, one of them could be Zagol. No bad intention


Anonymous said...

Those who championed the cause peace, democracy and human rights are coming out as victores. Those who took a principled stand on May 05 elections will come out victores. The wishy washy Beyene peteros and khedtu Lidetu will go down the drain.

Kinjit is the way!!

Anonymous said...

"Unfortunately, one of them could be Zagol. No bad intention..


To the Italian Solato above:

What is your beef with EZ? He is telling it the way it is and if you have anything to the contrary, bring them on and spit it out!

It is this smoke and mirror that is killin us. If you have any substantiative evidence for your insinuations let's see it, otherwise just shut the F**** up!


Anonymous said...

It's mind boggling Kinijit NA don't even bother to write about Dr Berhanu's magnificient book on it's website. What's going on!!!

Zagol, you are right about the ineptness of the so called Kinijit international/North America.

Anonymous said...


Thanks as usual. When will Vicky Huddlestone learn to give up on her pursuit of playing stupid politics? These heroes are focused on liberating Ethiopia. They are not interested in cheap politics. If she wants to negotiate with them, she needs to face the fact that they will not bow down to Meles or to the US State Dept.

Donald Payne's news is reason to celebrate. This is the first time he has not said anything positive about the current regime. Melesen lik likun new yenegerew.

As if the Payne's news is not painful enough, the defection of Brg Gen kemal Gelchi taking with him hundreds of soldiers and openeing the doors for many to follow, must be driving Legesse insane.

The anon above who said "We need to congratulate KINIJIT NA", why don't you take a deep breath, concentrate for few minutes that this is really not about you, or about those few individuals you are following, but it's about ETHIOPIA. While you and your likes are engaged in power struggle (a power that doesn't really exist unless you are in some kind of illusion), the real heroes are writing a book that is capturing the hearts of many once again. While you are lost in some old and backward ideology that Ethiopia doesn't need, the real heroes may seem physically restricted in weyane's prison, but are giving hope to millions of Ethiopians through Kinijit's menfes. Certainly, there are some in NA ledership and definitely in KIL who carry Kinijit's vision with them and who are working so hard to preserve what you and your likes are working to destroy. Ye enante aynetun tarik yifaredachehu.

May God Bless the real kinijitians, like Eng Hailu, Dr Berhanu, Prof Mesfin, Bertukan Mideksa and many, many others and those abroad, like Berhane Mewa and Andargachew Tsige.

Anonymous said...

Nothing new here. The offer has been on the table since their incarceration. No, don't lie EthioZagol. They didn't accept the constitution. The constitution doesn't tell you to throw rocks when you feel you are cheated. The constitution says go to court and wait for a bloody decision. Amazing how we love la la land. It is the reason why we are a bunch of savge like Barbarians beggining for food in the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

To the above anonym:

Just look at will know a little bit about yourself. Think before you speak.

Anonymous said...

In silence and incarceration the opposition winners repeated history by becoming a more lethal force to be reckoned with, as deadly as the thorn of Mahatema Gandhi's silent defiance against colonizers and Nelson Mandela's iron will of rejection against aparthied - all put together. They have made us more prouder by their steely resolveand I pity their tormentors because they WILL LIVE TO REPLACE THEIR PUBLIC OFFICES and become recipient of their forgiveness. As for those traitors who folded when the going got bad - they will also live to witness the unparalleled gains in acting with integrity.


Anonymous said...

Matthew, the main problem in Ethiopia is Ethiopians like you. That is the core of the problem. Ethiopians like you who are quick to call those who disagree traitors. Ethiopians who love to love extremely, like a fanatic and over glorify individuals. Guaranteed, you will degrade them the day they deviate from what you think is integrity. Matthew, you are the problem.

Anonymous said...

Last anonymous,

From your point of view, Ethiopians are the problem. I can understand if freedom loving Ethioians give you a nightmare.

They said enough is enough to killing, imprisonment, harrassement, racism, looting and overall unbearable oppression.They chose Kinijit because it stands for freedom, democracy, and Ethiopiawinet.

Their struggle is irreversible and success preditermined.


Anonymous said...

why to come to this blog and check your merdo. Deep inside you are crying over your lose and you will contiue to do so. May be you are better off not checking this and other blog as well as website and stay in your crowd until your end.
Peace lover