Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Does moral injury cause lung problems? Court witness says yes.

In a packed courtroom, a witness swears on oath. He then recounts the gruesome details of his ordeals. He claims that he allegedly received ethnic slur from a mob and was pelted by a rock. With his face full of gloom, he tells and retells the moral damage he suffered from that the mob's act. You suck your lips. This is morbid. No human being should pass through such torment and suffering.
The judge asks the witness to elaborate what it means to suffer a moral injury. The man clears his throat and says..."I had a lung problem"
You will be excused if you think this is a dark comedy straight out of the Athol Fugard. Wrong! Remember the CUD trial. That is a scene from yesterday's proceeding.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he got a moral problem, then he became a chain smoker to relieve the stress and BAM now he has a lung problem which will take him to deserved place. You never know...Karma is a bitch!!!!

Anonymous said...

'beshaqe moyite'.... comedy at the court room.

Thanks for the update cool z.

Anonymous said...

wow, a stunning experience for the judges and those around it, i hope it is taped or recorded, so that we will laugh at it.

Anonymous said...

It might be a blessing in disguise that Melles is allowing this drama to unfold. Probably, the "court" will end up throwing out the whole 'case' for lack of evidence. We have to prepare ourselves for that eventuality also.

Thanks EZ.


Anonymous said...

But he said there is 'tones' (sic) of evidence. Videos, witnesses, he elaborated.

It seems to me the best he can do is pardon them after a conviction. Though even that is a bit difficult (from a face-saving point of view - that is what we're talking about, right). How does one pardon treasonous genociders only a year after their crimes?

If we're not talking strictly face-saving, but win-win, then the best would be for the judges to let the trial finish and then issue an unambiguous 'not guilty' verdict.

Chelelta said...

Well, what can you do? You can not help it. I think TPLF are just getting themselves more time by having such court drama so that they can suck the country's wealth. One day, all will be gone, for there is nothing ethernal under the sun.

Tnx for the info. brother/sister

Anonymous said...

Zagol, I wish you wrote this report more clearly than it is now.

I find it a little hard to follow what or whom you are talking about.

Was the witness testifying for the defense or the prosecution and what was the cause for the attack on him. The next question is: who were his attackers and why?

Tazabi said...

To the anonymous above:

I think the witness is a TPLF supporter and was testifying against the CUDP leaders. Apparently the genocidal atmospheres that the CUDP leaders have created, the main charge they are currently accused of, have something to do with him getting a lung disease that we all hope is fatal. You know, I never suspected TPLF leaders having a flare for comedy, I rather suspected they were sour faced curmudgeons.

Thanks for the drama update EZ, you are doing a wonderful job.

Anonymous said...


thank you very much for clearing that up. I was a bit confused at first.

Amazing what they do.

Anonymous said...

For the above tazabi, the can`t do any thing 'amaizing' because they are a group of thives.

Anonymous said...

Meles zenawi


Anonymous said...

If you love your country go head and join the union islamic court (ICU)to tople Meles govt and be part of the new breed of terrorist in the horn of Africa. Listen Meles's leadership is determind by courage and determination not by just an ordenery talk. If you want to fight the fight join the political system let your voice be heard face the hardship fight like a real man's fight, don't just talk the talk... walk the walk. show your love for your people and your country. Don't Just be full of BS. Be a real men.