Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hailu Shawel; less rhetoric and more truth

Political pragmatism isn't usually inspired by exotic nature. It grows from an attempt to make sense of the quiddities thrown by human existence. Kinijit's charismatic chairman Hailu Shawel though isn't your normal pragmatic politician. He switches from idealism to the most practical aspects of politics as effortlessly as children absorb their native tongue.
The Greek root of the Latin Natura means "to give birth", to be The public life of Hailu Shawel was born of nature's inspiration. In 1958, as an adventurous 22 year old Hailu returned to Ethiopia barely weeks after he graduated from Wayne State in Civil engineering. His destination was the world's most marvelous water -the Blue Nile. There, as a chief Hydrologist in Blue Nile Investigation Project, he reviled the bewildering contrast between Ethiopia's great potential and its failure. Where the beautiful Nile snaked around with arrogance and grace, the soil was lost to erosion and wildlife decimated. Nature vanishes when development surges. But Nile's was different. Forests were turning to barren lands; mountains stripped for the coal beneath. Yet the place had nothing to show for its destruction - no factories, no water dams. It seemed nihilism had infected nature itself.
Believe the TPLF, and a mortal threat faces Ethiopia if Kinijit and Hailu Shawel lead the country. They conjure up the vision of an Amhara-dominated Ethiopia which is chained with forced unitarism. Hailu's journey from a Nile inspired romantic young man to an uncompromising, no-tosh party leader tells a different story. After his Nile adventures, Hailu spent a successful spell in different managerial positions at Shell international. An assignment to London beckoned. A middle aged man's dream job, you would say. Hailu though chose to serve his nation. In 1971, he was made the first Ethiopian General Manager of Ethiopian Roads Authority. He is the proud owner of the authority's medal of highest achievement. Ironically, it was after the EPRDF had seized power that Hailu received the medal.
It is often argued even by supporters that Hailu's political liability is his service during the Dergue. Unfortunately, as a man who isn't adept at silver-tongued art of swaying opinions, Hailu didn't adequately respond to this vexing allegation. During the Dergue, Hailu worked first as General Manager of Ethiopian Sugar Corporation and Managing Director of Wonji Sugar Company and Metehara Sugar Company and then Minister for State Farms Development of Ethiopia. Both were not political positions; and he had spent most of his time squabbling with low life cadres of the military junta. In mid 1978, 24 hours away from being killed for helping an EPRP operative escape, he was saved by a top official. Like Colin Powell, his loyalty for the country is very intense...."a loyal and disinterested counsellor who advised a bad government". That is a civic virtue rather than a folly and he should have defended himself without embarrassment.
In 1983 Hailu finally realized that it was pointless to counsel the Dergue and left to form a successful company, Shawel Consult, which is now run by his son, the affable economist Shawel Hailu.
A surprisingly shy man, with a gruff exterior that concealed his incredible inner kindness, and a detest to the double speak; Hailu isn't a politician who electrifies demonstrations and mass gatherings. He is a man who believes there are things grander than rhetoric and lie in politics. A rare breed?


Anonymous said...

wow... that is all i can say. Thank you EZ.

Anonymous said...

Yep, very rare indeed!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Zagol,

That is the type of leaders that Ethiopia deserves. Not those cheaters, and pure politicans. I know, Gashe Hailu can be the best we can have with the mix of good advisors.

Ene negne ke Addis

Anonymous said...

I dont think u posted everything to be known about Engg Hailu. U should show us the real Hailu , as a supporter of the people of Ethiopia , not a supporter of one Man.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much EZ.
Your insights are always inspiring us.
May Allah's blessings be upon you.

Anonymous said...

Good but NOT Enough!!!Hailu is an exceptional person who has countless achievements.He is a selfless Ethiopian who gave his life for our cause.
He is our modern hero or modern Theodros with no guns.
History and all Ethiopians will get him out of prison and remember him forever!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous above: Clean yourself from negative attitudes. You will grow in sprit.

To Ethio Zagol: it is a great piece of article. We need people who can lift our sprit in the time of sorrow and grief.

You have the talent, use it. I would like to hear from you also over all the other top leaders of our sprit: KINIJIT.


Anonymous said...

Thanks EZ! For posting the facts and for rembebring those who suffer in Kalti jail for fighting for justice and better future for all ethiopians. Keep the good work! God bless and you and protect you!

Anonymous said...

Z dear, what can I say except you are truly adept at the silver-tongued art of cutting a man down to size

Anonymous said...

We need more like Eng. Hailu. He is the real person who is trying to birng western poltics to Ethiopa.He has the knowledge and money, trying to help Ethiopa. He did not want the money like our new rulers.If if was given the chance to be a president he would have ruled the country much better than the EPRDF's.It is the matter of time but he's Ethiopia's Mandela serving time.
God Bless
Thanks for the info z.

Anonymous said...

So much touched with your incredible expressions to our hero Gashe Hailu Shawel. Let alone to those blind eyed with ethnocentrism, such articles would help those of us, the young generation in support of KINIJIT, to know him to the point he deserves. Now that they are in jail, we really miss them so much and it is so smart and visionary of you to speak on behalf of our leaders. GOD bless you Seminawork. We are very proud of you.

Anonymous said...

This sounds very much like an euology. Too bad that he is in prison undeservedly but you should have as well mentioned that his stubborness and the uncompromising character you endear has led the country down the path of abyss.

Anonymous said...

The other side of the story is how many Hailu's are there in Ethiopia that EZ does not mention, perhaps they don't fall into his political radar. Such kinds of attitudes have been inculcated for too long that we are moved to celebrate personality cult. Just remember that Hailu is a poltitician and should be handled like any other poltician and not very different. There are several issues we can argue for or against his poltical stance. I do not support what Woyanes have done to him, but I do not agree to elevate a simple person to a higher order than any body else. Such attitueds do not bode well with those who do not agree with his line of poltics. Just remember how EZ very recently cut down a person for his poltical stance. Simply put, EZ you are biazed and you are losing credibility in this atmosphere of poltical struggle.

Anonymous said...

Zagol the Great,

Many many thanks! You have done it again. Indeed if Dr. Berhanu is the brain of Kinijit, Professor Mesfin its moral arbiter, then Eng. Hailu is its soul. The man is an impeccable patriot ten times over and a straight shooter who does not fudge things. Speaking the truth is never easy nor popular, but it is one of those things that we ALL need to do. People like Eng. Hailu Shawel or Professor Asrat or Professor Mesfin could live and work any where their heart desires but they chose to be of service to their beloved Ethiopia no matter who governs and in the process tried to make Ethiopia a better place for all of us to live. I always have the utmost respect for people who talk the talk and walk the walk. We owe these octogenerian true sons of Ethiopia a great deal of gratitude and we all should model our lives after them.

Woyanes take note! we will free our Leaders one way or the other.

God bless the patriotic sons and daughters of Ethiopa!

Long live Ethiopia!
Kinijit is the Way!

Anonymous said...

Hello Zagol,Good work again.
Please clarify the statement:
"In mid 1978, 24 hours away from his killing for helping an EPRP operative escape, he was saved by a top official." Also, The EPRDF has sabotaged every deal he has tried to make since his days as aapo leader and they have virtually killed his business. Also mention that Shawel (Hailu's son) is constantly watched by tplf goons.

Anonymous said...

Hailu Shawel is th first person who resigned from his ministerial poistion in State Farm and declare to Derg that it is a failed institution and he is not willing to work for failing institution. That piece of history was written in Mulgeta....(for got last name) who used to be the owner of TOBIA newspaer and magazine.

Tazabi said...

Thanks EZ! This is a great post. Many people including myself didn’t know that much about Engineer Hailu Shawl’s background. The chairman being a self effacing modest man has been a target of many rumors and innuendos including being a dergue political stogie. Now we know that he was a technocrat, serving his country and people as best as he could under difficult circumstances. We have to remind ourselves that Ethiopians live and work in Ethiopia and government is the biggest and at times the only employer around. Therefore working for the government including the current traitorous regime does not necessarily mean one is a supporter of its policy.

Anonymous said...

This small piece is not sufficent to tell who Hailu Shawel is. How can we forget what Prof Mesfin in his book "yekihidet kulkulet" testifed what Hailu did. Hailu Shawel, and Dr. Taye W/Semayat were the only two willing people who decided to go with the Professor to deliver the letter to Menigistu H/Mariam that asks him to resign and sought a negotiated settlement with the rebels. Hailu Shawel boldly took risk to his life three times during Derg time.

Anonymous said...

last year some newspaper got interview from his boss [ yesera minster ] and ask the competence of HS.This man [ his old ] told what HS is. But I'm amazing that :the WB ask the minster to change competant ERA [aweragodana] manager.they ask HS and he accept it but his salary was decreased by morethan a half.This is the Man. I didn't give him respect till my father gave me more story how the aweragodana employee like and respect him and how he tried to change his org. [ Barenetayaene anesalachewalehu ]

Anonymous said...

What is this mean "In mid 1978, 24 hours away from his killing for helping an EPRP operative escape, he was saved by a top official."

ethio-Zagol said...

In 1978 Hailu Shawel's office was on the Philips Building near Mexico square. One day, an EPRP oerative was being chased by armed revolutionary guards. The young man run to the philips building and hide at Hailu Shawel's office. It was later alleged that Hailu tried to hide him. He was taken to prison. It was decided that he should be killed the next day; but a top official who knew him saved his life. That is the story. The young EPRP man committed sucide later.

Anonymous said...

Zagol The Great,, Thank you for this wonderfull Article about our Hero Leader Eng. Hailu Shawel

Anonymous said...

What an amazing story of a man and his deeds. Only in Ethiopia could people like these would be locked up in a stinking hell hole and gutter creatures are grinding the country into the ground.

God bless our heroes in Qaliti!

Anonymous said...

God bless you for sharing this great story with us! That was very nice of you and keep-up the good work!

May God save our TRUE leaders!

Anonymous said...


Take me to Meles and I have a request to make - one day with the Eng.

I would like to ask him what is his take on what is going on in the leadership of KNA/KI


Anonymous said...

Oh I made a silly mistake, friends. Zagoliye cannot take me to Meles and Meles would never allow himself for people to talk to the Engineer. So how do I get what the Chaiman thinks about the mess???


Anonymous said...

Oh Dear !!


What is the point of this post??
No news this time? Can you tell us some thing which we do not know minus the usual exaguration???

Anonymous said...

wow, what a great leader! I didn't knwo he has all these countless achivments.I'm Proud to be a kinijit supporter,for it is formed with guys like Hailu-Ethiopian VIP

Anonymous said...

Hey EZ, I appreciate what u did. But u shouldnot elevate one personality like this. U are in Ethiopia. U know how many people sacrificed their life hoping to bring democracy to our poor nation. U know how many mothers have given their children to the growing democratic nation. Kinijit is all this. Dont give all the credits to the ones who are in the leading position. Think of how many more are suffering in different prisons across the country. Think of the people who is being watched by the EPRDF's on a daily basis.

The Ethiopian

Anonymous said...


Thanks for this wonderful posting.

But, benekka ijjih, tell us also about the other leaders.


Anonymous said...

It comes too late to describe HS as a hero. To me all imprioned leaders have their own story to tell how they dared the evil governments of our times (say Haileselassie, Mengistu or Melese regimes). But one thing what strikes me is he is the most stuborn of all who was never ready for negeotiation for the sake of peace and stability. We have seen the likes of Dr BIrhanu and others who are considered a natural negotiators at difficult times. History will remember him as one of the most stuborn leaders rather than the way you described him.

Witness said...

Thank you EZ,

If I may add my own testimony about this deeply honest and nationalist Ethiopian-

It was 1990. The Ethiopian Government invited international enginnering consulting firms for the provision of consultancy services in connection with irrigation development feasibility studies on two tributaries of the Abbay, known as Birr and Koga rivers in Western Ethiopia, Gojam.

A Canadian firm known as ACRES International limited, which came as a partner/consortium with Shawl Consult won the bid. Engineer Hailu was one of the consulting team members which took part in the negotiations of the contract with the Government. I had the privilege to be part of the negotiating team from the Government side. We spent a week together negotaiting the terms of the contract, Ato Hailu and myself being on the opposite side of the table. That was my first chance to know Ato Hailu.

If ACRES gets a good deal out of the contract, of course, that also goes to the benefit of Shawl Consult. However, Enginner Hailu was a patriot who at the expense of his own financial gain, stood on our side during the negotiations. He worked hard towards the conclusion of a contract that is much favourable to the Ethiopian Government. He was using all opportunities to alert or advice us (the Ethiopian negotiators) on the implications of specific terms of the contract.

Ato Hailu is indeed a man of integrity. In his decades long professional life, he has always demonstrated deep commitment and priority to the interest of his country.

What a topsy-turvy to accuse him of treason!!!

Anonymous said...


Instead of telling us tell the woyane fascists who put him and the other patriots in jail, if for nothing else to clear your conscience.

Meles for sure will face high treason charges for sure for his criminal deeds against the Ethiopian State.

Winess said...


I did not get you.

What is "Instead of telling us..".. Is this how you discuss or share information on such forums?

Concerned Citizen said...

It is my strong believe that Eng. Hailu Shawel is one of the most honest Ethiopian in Ethiopia's political landscape. He is the most respected by his peers, like the testemony shows above he is honest and patriotic Ethiopia who does not deserve to be put in the position he is in. It is unfortunate TPLF would accuse him of treason. Recently, I read a statement from one of the lawyers who by the way defected to the West after realizing he was not serving an honest government. In his testemony the lawyer (Attorny general of the government) told Meles personally asked him to bankrupt Hailu Shawel and the other Elected Ethiopian leaders who are put in jail. The lawyer felt it was not appropriate to do what was asked of him and defected to the West. That my friends I call integrity.

I wish many of the people serving this criminal regime understand the fact that this TPLF regime is Corrupt and driven by personal interest and greed. Each and every one of them are rich and they have stashed so much money in foreign banks for their future family financial security. This is wrong and anyone that is serving this criminal regime should be aware that when the struggle is brought to its conclusion in our favor we will identify the people who are serving the regime and will be punished accordibgly. No one will be exempted from responsibility, we ask those who are saying 'its not my fault' are going to be subjected to the full extent of the law.

Eng. Hailu Shawel is the best leader Ethiopia can have, we hope foreign governments and donor partners of this criminal regime will accept our wish. If they would like to have friendship and partnership with the Ethiopian people they should respect our wish and demand this corrupted TPLF regime to release our leaders.

Concerned Citizen

Anonymous said...

Oh Z! Thanks a lot on posting this well articulated article on the great Hailu Shawel. I read the article after a long working day and I was emotionally lifted by the work of this magnificent individual. What a blessing to Ethiopia to have such a courageous and gift humanbeing. Yes indeed he is the Mandela of Ethiopia.

Ewntu said...

thank you zagol

I wish you can post more of his biography . this is the tip of the iceberg!

Anonymous said...


why don't you fill in the blanks?


Anonymous said...

you people are so desprate for a good leader

Ganoshe alkuna ... ale

I think the son is the "gan"....if nothing else he is one handsome guy

on a serious note he is by far the most postive, thoughtfull and intellegent guy i have ever meet in my life...

i remeber just after graduation i went to his office to applay for any open position and he, eventhough had no space for me at the time, gave me a long lecture about what i should do how i should do it and if ever i need help that i should contact him. I can say its because of him that i am where i am today! and god know i am somewhere good.

so i tell you the MAN is old (and he is not even worth it)it is the son we should try to get

Anonymous said...

anon above,

you dumbass obviously you are too stupid to know that the branch does not fal too far frm the tree.
It is the father who made the son who he is. Hailu Shawel, the true Ethiopian patriot, is indeed a rare
breed and a class act.

God bless them all!

Anonymous said...

anon above,

thanks for letting us know that the first born is a handsome lad? Is he married?

BTW, you are one of those dedbit idiots who bites the hand that feeds them? what a culture you scums have?


Anonymous said...

Can this guy by any living measurement touch the toes of Meles Zenawi!!!

He has nothing except being one stubborn typical Amhara.

What you mentioned is a hearsay rubbish!!!

See Zenawi, how he is smart. Pouring all this money from the west to your poor of poors country.

Did Hailu Shower has any +ve concrete contribution (it can be a welfare...)

He is just blind Amharaist...

What always puzzles me is not Hailu it is how Birhanu slipped away with this tarrot!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi All;

Did any one of you know that Meles Zenawi got his MA from University of Oxford!!!!

Was a brand of calling somebody Engineer... before Hailu Shawel? Why everybody says million times Engineer Engineer Engineer.. Why didn't his deed tell us about himself... Why all this portraiting...

"Tiru eqa mastawekia aifelgim"

Anonymous said...

above two
what ever you mean by studpid i do not understand.

i like the kid but don't think much of the father... kill me if you like but that is where i stand

is it a must that i like the father ... it is not like christianity ..the father, the son and CUD ...or is it

Anonymous said...

above anny said
"Did any one of you know that Meles Zenawi got his MA from University of Oxford!!!!" where did you get this info. u must got this from ETH.RADIO.
qqqqqq OXFORD.
setamenu chefene belachehu newe.
wake up man.

Anonymous said...

One of the above anon said "Did any one of you know that Meles Zenawi got his MA from University of Oxford!!!!" We know that he had his MA from oxford majoring in BEGGING and his minor in TRIBAL HATE. First of all his and his fake degree is purchased one of the british universities. As far as productiviy meles only knows how to divide people, tribalhate, creat begging, creat prostitution, creat unemployement, piming his country for highest bidder and from all the worst one living from the poor tax payers and begging in their name and stashing the money in overseas banks. On the other hand hailu shawel his skill and knowledge to serve his country and leaves from his decent and earning and become successful business man not like meles begging and stealing poor people tax money.

be' emnet said...

Okay ladies and gents,
For those in doubt/in question of Meles' education- Meles is a drop out of Addis Ababa University in 1974. As far as the claim to " an MA degree from oxford University" (i'm almost chocking) is far from the truth. The closest he got to an MA is through distance learning from Open Unversity of U.K. in 1995. Not to mention the Economics degree he got from Netherlands (another distance learning) in 2004. valid these degrees are- is a discussion for another day!
Just a simple biography of the nut will tell you so...even he doesn't claim the Oxford education. PLEASE!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm 10:38 anony.
The above anony. u'r correct he claim he got MA from open unvr. bought with $ 40,000 [dollar] per person. they spend our money for their cadres to buy some paper not knowlage.
lebe yesetewe.

Patriotic-Ethiopian said...

Dear Patriotic Ethiopians please let me intervene and correct you all, if I may. The degree meles received is not MA, to do MA one must at least have to have a Bachelors degree. What meles has is Distance-Learning-MBA (Masters in Business Administration) This is just a certificate people get while working. Mostly sucu certificates are recceommended for people who only have Bachelors of Degree and if the bosses like you they let you enrole in that program so as to promote you in the company and if they are asked as to why they promoted you they will have the backing prove to show that you have completed the necessary educational credentials. Such degrees are not reccommended for people of colors in North America and Europe for most of the administrations are saved for Whites.

The reason Meles was allowed to take the program is because the British felt they would like to support Meles and there are several other highly educated Ethiopians who have more qualifications, but they felt it would be appropraite for them to allow him and all his cabinets to take the program so as to absolve their criminal intentions. Intentions, in case if the Ethiopian people complain they will say look your leader is the best qualified leader, he holds MBA. That is the only reason they allow him to take Long-Distance Learning for his fake MBA. They even lied about his grade, they say he scored the highest in the university. Imagine, how could he score the highest while he is so busy corrupting Ethiopia and engaged in a destructive war with Eritrea? that is a wuestion for all to entertain in their mind. I hope you find answer to that question.

In my opinion, he did not complete it, he was allowed to speed lectured by people in the British Embassy to say he has completed. In fact, I hear he and two more of his TPLF cadres were lectured by a high paid British guy one semester countrse in 4-hours time. The guy told them that all the other stuff was not important.

Anonymous said...

The above Anon good explanation of the facts! By the way meles and his PMs paid a large amount of poor tax payers money to get the fake degerees. I know Meles is good in creating division, tribal hate, sabotage his friends, order to kill innocent peoples, begging without any self prode as a leader, and steal poor tax payers money. So, I think Mele's brain cells are dead and NO good for learning or grasping knowledge. Now he is using his half dead/live brain cell's because he killed all the good one by being a very tribal hateful individual.

Anonymous said...

good article!
hate olf, leahadge of hard to
make Dartank Gemeda Humnasa
oromos of ethiopia

Anonymous said...

Nov 30th 2006 | NAIROBI
From The Economist print edition
The spectre of a hostile Christian Ethiopia bearing down on Somalia has rallied Somalis behind the Islamists. Somalia's Islamists have spread a similar fear among Ethiopians, giving succour to Mr Zenawi's unpopular and isolated government.
Many of the opposition are in prison on trumped-up charges carrying the death penalty. Tens of thousands of young Ethiopians were sent to prison camps after last year's poll. A few still languish there; others have fled abroad. Several judges have defected, fearing for their safety.
The press has been crushed, foreign correspondents expelled and many journalists and editors put in jail. The government has hired foreign specialists to help it shut down dissident websites, tap telephones and track e-mails. Among foreign governments, China has become an ally.
Most tellingly, morale in Ethiopia's army is low. Several generals, along with their men, have hiked over the mountains into neighbouring Eritrea to join the Oromo Liberation Front, a southern separatist group that wants to bring down Mr Zenawi's lot.

Anonymous said...

If you love your country go head and join the union islamic court (ICU)to tople Meles govt and be part of the new breed of terrorist in the horn of Africa. Listen Meles's leadership is determind by courage and determination not by just an ordenery talk. If you want to fight the fight join the political system let your voice be heard face the hardship fight like a real man's fight, don't just talk the talk... walk the walk. show your love for your people and your country. Don't Just be full of BS. Be a real men.

Anonymous said...

The above Anon said "Listen Meles's leadership is determind by courage and determination not by just an ordenery talk." Let me tell you TPLF and Meles cadre, Meles's ledership is determined by ethnic division and by conspirating against his own people with the countries traditional enemies in order to stay in power. Meles is one coward cruel individual surrounded by ethnic agazi security forces who can not face his own people except Tigrean tribalists as a real genuine CUD leaders in Kaliti prison.

Anonymous said...

I will quote the brave and true ethiopian son of haliue shawel's word:

"We will only use legal (protest) measures allowed under the constitution," Hailu said. "We have never had arms. We do not have guns."

"Our struggle is to change the government using peaceful means allowed within the law," Hailu told journalists. "This is not treason."

Anonymous said...

The increased role of the private sector in the Ethiopian economy
outside the agriculture sector is largely due to two groups of actors, the
MIDROC-group, owned by the Ethio-Saudi businessman Sheik
Mohammad Hussein Al-Amoudi, and the TPLF-owned Endowment Fund
for the Rehabilitation of Tigray, the EFFORT-group.
Sheik Al-Amoudi’s business activities include agricultural,
Even though Sheik Mohammad Hussein Al-Amoudi’s MIDROCgroup’s
business activities are widespread and increasing, this group has not
created a debate and a criticism that can compete with the debate about and
the criticism of the other non-government business group, the EFFORTgroup.
As is clear from its name, this group has both its objective and its
activities largely directed towards the Tigray region. Like the MIDROCgroup,
the EFFORT-group operates in more or less all business sectors.
The EFFORT-group has organised itself along the following businesssector
– Agriculture and agro-processing
– Construction and engineering
– Manufacturing
– Mining
– Services, including banking (Wegagan) and transports (TESCO)
As noted above, the EFFORT-group has its basis in the Tigray People’s
Liberation Front (TPLF) even though it is formally an independent
share company. From the point of view of efficient competition, as
indicated by the experience from the transport sector and revealed in the
surveys about the business climate mentioned above, the close relation
between TPLF and the present Ethiopian government easily creates
doubts about the equal treatment of EFFORT-companies and other
non-party-related private companies. As there is no efficient and working
commercial legislation, these doubts, well founded or not, easily create
problems concerning the government’s legitimacy and the credibility of
its private sector policies


Anonymous said...

Ethiopia under one family ruling party

Here is TPLF'S criminal family who controls Ethiopian national assets and all levels of power

1.President Melse Zenawi - TPLF leader and Ethiopian Prime Minister

2.Sebhat Nega - TPLF politburo and President Meles Zenawi's advisor

3.Kidusan Nega(Sebhat Nega's sister) - Mekele Mayor and TPLF central commite member

4.Tsegay Berhe (Kidusan Nega's husband) - Tigray province president and TPLF politburo member

5.Aberash Nega (Sebhat Negas's sister) - run for Addis Abeba city council in May election (with her two cousins) but not elected.

6.Two daughters of Sebhat Nega's mother are from Eritrea like Meles Zenawi's Mother

7.Sebhat Nega's sister is Eritrea's defense minister Sebhat Efphrem's wife

8.Arekebe Ekubay's sister - the wife of Adis Alem Balema who is TPLF central committe member

9.Arekebe Ekubay's wife, Nigist Gebre Kirstos, is the sister of Berhane Gebre Kirstos who is TPLF central committee member and former Ambasador to the USA and current Ambassador to Brussels Belgium

10.Abay Woldu's wife, Turufat Kidane Mariam, is Meles Zenawi's justice and security chief, and TPLF central committee member. Abay Woldu - TPLF politburo member

11.Mulugeta Alemseged, who is Meles Zenawi's nearest family member - Meles zenawi's security chief and personal body guard

12.General Birhane Negas - Meles Zenawi's Palace security chief and the god-father of Meles Zenawi's daughter.
Picture: From Yared Hailemariam's Testimony to EU, a woman shot dead by Meles' gangs on Nov. at her head and chest.

Anonymous said...

In these days of discord, war and violence
By Robele Ababya
December 18, 2006
My title to this piece suits me to repeat the misdeeds of the traitor, Meles. His heinous crimes should be recited as mantras in every household for generations to come. I shall mention some in the following paragraph.
The tyrant Meles is the sole champion of discord, violence and war in our beloved country Ethiopia. He fought for over thirty odd years to dismember Ethiopia; he fought war with Eritrea of his own creation and caused the death of over 70 thousand Ethiopians in their young age; he has now declared war on Somalia thus paving the way to feed young Ethiopians to conflagration of his creation; he has sown discord among the Ethiopian people otherwise known for their tolerance; he has instigated violence with no end in sight; he has robbed the victory won by the Ethiopian people at the historic election of 15 May 2005; he has suppressed the report of the Independent Inquiry Commission holding him directly accountable for the cold-blooded murder of peaceful demonstrators and injury to thousands; he expropriated private property of the Ethiopian people to enrich his Marxist-Leninist Party; above all he has grossly violated the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the UN. Ad infinitum for the list of cruelties of Meles is unending. Meles did all these heinous crimes under the watch of his coalition partners, President Bush and Prime Minister Blair. Condoning acts of atrocities in private but issuing a semblance of criticism for public consumption has become the art of diplomacy these days. It is a most unfortunate degeneration of morality