Saturday, November 25, 2006

Protestors condemn the Somali war

The Great Run protestors are condemning Meles's declaration of war on Somalia. The slogan "Whose war is it? It is not Ethiopia's..but Meles's" is being repeatedly chanted now.

PS: All pro-democracy websites are now blocked in Ethiopia. Blogs which were unblocked for the last three months are blocked again including this blog.


Anonymous said...

It is as if all the news outlets are silent...what is new now?

Anonymous said...

I have watched on weyane ETV that there has been clearly opposition many chanting Leba,leba and courageously showing V sign,but the media people muted the slogans.what a shame.
yesterday at addis ababa stadium people supported the tanzanian team for winning.
the people donot support the war with somalia,many even want them attack weyane soldiers.

Bravo EZ keep it up

Anonymous said...

EZ is now blocked in Ethiopia again.Even ethioindex is blocked.

Anonymous said...

cool z: Great update....I sensed there would be a protest prior too. I have relized nomatter how the diaspora opposition supporters intensifye the struggle; the struggle must be from inside. No choice at all. It got to be within. The leadership has to be within. Only the financier got to be from outside, and that is just as an option. I'm pretty sure there are millioners in Ethiopia than outside. However, great respect for Ethiopian people and for KIL and its connections.

Anonymous said...

let the protest contiue until...

Anonymous said...

Melese can not be removed or pushed away by peacful protesters. We need some kind of help from the Army and the Air force. They have to get rid off him physically. Means arrest or get rid off Melese and entourages immediately.

As a citizen and employee of the state of Ethiopia they have the moral and duty obligation to get away with him.

Anonymous said...

anon above,

I second that! what is wrong with the Ethiopian Army???????????? how could they just sit by and watch this muderer destroy our country? Aren't they supposed to be the defenders of the Motherland?

Anonymous said...

Which army are you guys talking about? Where were you when TPLF and Shabia dismantled the Ethiopian Armed Forces in 1991 and replaced it with their own "Tegadalai" army?
Folks, regardless of TPLF's sinister motive to diversify the Ethiopian Defense Forces by recruiting more people from other ethnic groups for its war with Esayas Afeworki back in 1998, our country doesn't have a national army and what we have is an ethnic militia in national uniform. Their well being is intertwined with that of the current thuggish government and they are there to defend Meles & Co.
It is sad that our country and its people have to be held hostage by armed thugs and ethnic Bantustans in this day and age. I admire the courage of Ethiopians who are fighting from home to get rid off this evil regime and its apologists. I pray for the brave Ethiopians who are languishing in jail. I hope those of us living abroad will stop arguing over minor and stupid differences and pull our efforts together and support the domestic struggle morally and financially.
I watched the other day a documentary titled "Eyes on the Prize" about the civil rights movement and the price that ordinary people were willing to pay for the rest of us to live and work in freedom. It is a very inspiring documentary and I encourage every peace & freedom loving Ethiopian to watch it. It is all about determined non-violent struggle in the face of a brutal system. TPLF's bankrupt policies have brought nothing but misery to all Ethiopians and it is time for them to go. Let us join hands as black and white freedom fighters did in the 60s to free our people from ethnic dictatorship, poverty and mayhem.

We shall overcome!

Peace and Freedom to our people!

PS: EZ, Many thanks for your great work and be safe my brother. You are one too many to lose for this struggle.

Anonymous said...


are you telling me the entire military is composed of Tigrayans?
the dimwit generals or whatever might be tigrayans, but the rank and file is not. The numbers just are not there to support your claim.

While we are singing we shall overcome woyanes's are digging their heels deeper and getting our Motherland into all kinds of trouble. The sooner we realize our public enemy #1 is the woyane butcher squatting at Menelik Palace the better off we will be.

Anonymous said...

It is an open secret that all the top Military and Civil posts are sewded by The Tigrians and the loyal woyane Cadress. Even the Firing of the remaining Generals and other high level officails showed us that woyane didnot share power the most key and important posts for people who come from another Ethinic groups Expect the Woyane and Tigrians

Anonymous said...

To the previous anon:

You said, "are you telling me the entire military is composed of Tigrayans?
the dimwit generals or whatever might be tigrayans, but the rank and file is not. The numbers just are not there to support your claim."

Please give me a break about your rank and file rhetoric. We all know the shenanigans about the composition of the so called "Ethiopian Defense Forces" and I would rather sing "we shall overcome" and support the domestic struggle in every possible way I can instead of waiting for your "rank and file" in Meles Zenawi's army to free the people. If your goal is to free the Ethiopian people, stop dreaming and join the non-violent struggle that is becoming a nightmare to the butcher and his regime. However, if your goal is simply to occupy Menelik's palace, I wish you and your "rank and file" good luck and please don't be another Meles Zenawi or Mengistu Hailemariam just in case you succeed!

We shall overcome!

Peace and Freedom to our people!

Anonymous said...

anon above,

another clueless Diaspora imbecile!
Snap out of it boy!

happy rapping we shall overcome!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above anon. His observation is precise. There is no such thing called “Ethiopian” army. The current army is an army of Woyane – be it by composition, structure, ideology and psychological makeup. It is full of TPLF Tigrians, “beadin” Amharas, and members of the so-called sister political parties from “anasa” nationalities like Neures,and Gumuz, especially the former.

Besides, we are reaping what we sow in the past. We used to have an “Ethiopian” army. This army contributed to the territorial integrity and stability of Ethiopia both (1) while it was in action, and (2) when it was dismantled.

When it was dismantled, it kept its military code of conduct up to the last minute. For instance, unlike other armies in other countries, it preferred, while still armed to the teeth, to beg in front of banks instead of robbing them; it preferred to be dispersed peacefully instead of murdering, robbing, and raping residents of towns and cities. It did not act like the armies that we saw in Seralion, Liberia, Rwanda, and Somalia. It contributed greatly to the stability of Ethiopia “even during its undoing.”

When Woyane called this army “Derge Espa’s” army, we accept the claim and accuse each and every member of the army as “Derge Espa’s” tool; in brief, we dehumanized each and every member of the army. And this works for Woyane. Now, Woyane’s psychological game on its army is: “You should not count on the public at large; it is ungrateful; you have seen what happened to the army of “Derge Espa”; without TPLF/EPRDF, you will become nothing like the army of ‘Derge Espa’”. And this has some grain of truth. As a result, even though there are some members of the army that dislike Woyane, they do not want to rebel against Woyane openly.

Because of all the above, we should not expect much from the military. We should rather carry out the struggle by ourselves!!

Liberal/Social Democracy for the Ethiopian people!!

Anonymous said...

Clueless? Come on!

It is clear that you are either a Woyane or a Woyane apologist. You are afraid of the truth and I know it hurts you a lot. When one tells the likes of you the truth as is, in this case, the fact that Ethiopia doesn't have a "real army" and what we got is the TPLF army in our national uniform, you resort into name calling and your usual Diaspora this, Diaspora that nonsense.

"Snap out of it boy!" you say. My answer to you Mr. "frifari lekami" is that we are not going to back down and we will get you and Woyane out of power through our determined and non-violent struggle against tyranny and mediocrity.

We shall overcome Woyane and when we do, we will sing - not rap as you say - the beautiful melodies of peaceful struggle for freedom as our black brothers & sisters did here in the US back in the 50s and 60s.

Peace and Freedom to our people!

Anonymous said...

It is American war in which Meles has volunteered willingly sending TPLF WOYANE Soldiers into Somalia. Any Ethiopian who is going to Somalia is at his risk and we the Ethiopian people do not support it. This war is a war for TPLF WOYANE to get paid hard currency to improve the lives in Tigrai killil. The Ethiopian people have no reason to go to war with Somalia, we are closer to the somalians than Tigres. Even strategically Tigres have less importance to Ethiopia than Ethiopian Somailans and Somalians, because there are well over 15 million ethnic Somalians in the region and 2 million Tigres. So for now or for the future Somalians are better for Ethiopia than Tigres who are stealing Ethiopian wealth. They cut Ethiopian education system at grade 10 so they can have so much labor supply in case should they plan to stay longer in Ethiopia, but if you go Tigrai killil every Tigre is forced to go to school untill grade 12 and encouraged to continue for higher education so they can be broaught to Ethiopia and used a sconquerers.

The recent firing of thru-Ethiopian military comanders is because they disagreed with the war plan and they were Ethiopians, so instead he hired Tigres for chief of staff and main comander but he is using like the Eritrean war a human wave to win over Somalia. Once again it is not Tigres that are going to be used as cannon foder it is poor Ethiopians who thought by joinig military they thought they are getting jobs, but they did not know that they are going to be used as cannon fodder and their accumulated salary will be for the regime (TPLF WOYANE ORGANIZATION). I hope these people use Article-39 to curve their killil out of Ethiopia. They have been a thorn to all Ethiopians.


Anonymous said...

here is to by-pass the filter:

Anonymous said...

For all the Diaspora junks!

Are you really living in Europe and America?

Or still your gabis are on your shoulders!!! ha ha ha

Most of you are real junks

Anonymous said...

Dear Kinjits!

What happened to your this $250,000?

Is that what you were aiming to.

Why do you blame Meles and Co. while your hands are not clean. For a day light robbery in the US!!!!!!!!

Are you people there normal?

Most of you have severe information problems.

Meles and Co. are just like the once known Kassa Gebre (Minister of Construction) they are there for money including dollars!!!!

But, they really do some good stuff:

You can't imagine the number of schools built

How many Universities do we have at this time around 13 and heading towards 21... I know you all will start roaring about quality. But quality doesn't come in an overnight!!!!!

How long does it take the western world to take its current position.......... ..

Can you imagine the number of main roads built .... First class asphalt road....

But you people out there roaring have you ever done something to your compatriots here?

I know some generous physicians who are doing a noble work by bringing equipment and teams and doing an invaluable surgeries...

Some donating books .... etc.

But you out there are good for nothing

Anonymous said...

The above anon said "You can't imagine the number of schools built

How many Universities do we have at this time around 13 and heading towards 21... I know you all will start roaring about quality. But quality doesn't come in an overnight!!!!! "

Are you talking about the built in Mekele or what? As far as we know the development and the stolen resource every region is going to Tigrean region. So, please don't confuse us.

Anonymous said...

Hey anon above,

There are numerous universities open in Ethiopia...not only in Makalle....or perhaps you think all these Unis like Jimma, ArbaMinch, Debub, etc, are ,loacated in Makalle?

Anonymous said...

Yeap! This is Tigrians war against Somalians, and also Tigrians war against Eritrea vis-a-vis Somalia.

The Tigrian bandits have terrorized the region for over 15 years with out a real consquency.

As mentioned by "anon" above we will side with the Somalians to get rid of the Tigreans. After all the Tigrians have been siding with Somalians to destroy Ethiopia - they have been siding with Eritreans to breakup Ethiopia - they have been siding with Egypt to destablize Ethiopia. What goes around will come around.

Ethiopia will fare well with out this poisnous bandits. Who are nothing but parasites.

I have so many Somalian friends I get along well with them despite differences in relgion and thinking. I have never been and will never be a friend to a Tigrian because they are jealous and traitors. Look what they did to Ethopia! You can even look at what they have done to Eritrea.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update EZ. The war with Somalia is recognized by most Ethiopians for what it is, an excuse for Meles to divert world attention from the paralysis of his demented administration. After willingly giving Assab at the London conference 15 years ago, Meles is trying to convince us in vain that the town of Baidoa and the Somali war lords are ours to protect and worth dying for. Since Meles has managed to cook it, I think this soup should be his to eat it and I hope they will serve it to him in a big bowl.

As far as the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia that the government is halfheartedly paying lip service, it went out of fashion with the ascent of Woyanie to power and we need to remove Meles to restore it. Besides people haven’t forgotten BADME and what happened before and after 1998. Ethiopians are not willing to be taken for a ride TWICE within a decade by Woyanie dimwits.

As far as the mix and make up of current day Ethiopian armed forces is concerned, its command and control is 100% in the hands of Tigreans loyal to Meles and ruling elite. We have here an armed minority subjugating the will of the majority and this has been glaringly apparent since the May 2005 elections. Therefore any hope that the armed forces somehow will come to the rescue of the people and get rid of TPLF is nothing more than wishful thinking.

Peaceful struggle, it seems is our only option at the moment since all other options are out of reach. I have misgivings however about the effectiveness of peaceful struggle against a cartel of violent thugs and criminals such as TPLF.

Ethiopia shall prevail!

Anonymous said...

Ethiopia will prevail alright while TPLF TIGRES are around? Dream on brother, just dream on!

We have to remove TPLF WOYANE BANDITS in order for the region to live with peace. They are making trouble in Ethiopia by oppressing all Ethiopians segrigating us in sub-clans. They are also making trouble with all our neigboring countries like Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia and Kenya as well as Djibouti. These peoples' main aim is to divide us all in clans and make us look we are at war with each other and they are they are helping maintain the peace. Many of the international community are fallinig for that B.S., the real problem in the region are TPLF and their Tigre organization called WOYANE. We all have to accept that fact before we join any party that is willing to take the lead to remove this parasite from our society. It is a dangerous parasite lurking around and the more time we give it the deeper it burries itself into our society makes it difficult to separate, we must not give it time to riplicate itself with pure Ethiopian gene.

I too agree that it is better to side with our Somalian brothers than with the TPLF Tigre Bandits. I say this with many reason, for starters it is stealing Ethiopian resources and dedicating only to its Tigrai region. Although~ I am not sure I hear they are hopping to make nice with their friends, the Eritreans. But some say it is not possible the Eritreans would not touch Tigres with ten foot pole let alone to make nice; in fact they are so angry with them they wish their falling of the wagon!

Secondly, They are sucking all the hard currency they can get their hands onits not even funny anymore, it is a real threate for our future existence. If they accumulate every dime given to Ethiopia in the name of the poor then they will buy everything they want from Ethiopia at later date. So those are two good reasons to side with the Somalians, the third and best reason is that there are 20 million Somali speaking in that region, including the Djiboutians and Somalians in Kenya. So it is better to take the side of the majority than take the side of the trouble maker minority. I hope Ethiopians reading this message will agree with me. TPLF WOYANE TIGRE BANDITS are going to cut the country away when all their conditions met, and the Somalians are there to stay with us for ever, so the decition is easy. TAKE THE SIDE WITH OUR SOMALIAN BROTHERS! Don't listen to Americans, its was their wars for which Ethiopians are going to be sucrifieced by thousands once the war began you will know what I am talking about, but if you have relatives in the army, let them know that it is not their war and they shouldn't take part in. America outsource jobs to China and India and they out source their dirty wars and killings to Africans and Ethiopians. I say it is wrong!


Anonymous said...

let me be honest to you in saying that the only thing against democracy in ethiopia is FEAR. and this fears doesn't come from the sky. it comes from historical data and the current behavior of extremist websites in the diaspora. Translation. NUMBER ONE, the TPLF exists because of the thousands of tigrain and wollo citizens killed by mengistu haile mariam directly and indirectly(systematic famine) and the TPLF will always survive if the fear such anti-tigrian mood is out of the opposition parties. NUMBER TWO: these EPRDF leaders are humans and they know they can't live forever. every one of them want to give the best they can for ethiopia and then GIVE UP/TRANSFER power peaceful. why can't they do that? FEAR AGAIN. using various propaganda opposition parties have incriminated EPRDF too many times! some opposition parties even conclude EPRDF are satans! we have heard some outrageous comments and accusations from EPRDF. it is human nature that makes us all fear that if we leave our confort zone, we can't survive so we have to stay in it. EPRDF has a comfort zone only in one place! where?? Tigray and the Menilik palace! So at this time, even if they want to leave, even if they want to trasfer power, even if they want to start a legacy by giving up power to CUD,--THEY JUST CAN'T!! Unless you give a comfort zone to them in their own country, unless extremists stop incriminating EPRDF and using propaganda, unless we respect ERPDF and tell them "you have done your best, thank you, now it is CUD's turn"---I AM SORRY TO TELL YOU THAT THEY WILL NEVER LEAVE THE PALACE!!


Anonymous said...

That is the same thing I said, but you are repeating it indirectly. I am asking for all True-Ethiopians to rise and confront TPLF WOYANE BANDIT TIGRES and their CADRES LIKE YOU.

We do not give them a day longer let alone to give them the peace of mind until 2010, do you understand what you just said when you refer to letting them stay in power until 2010? I thought so! You have no idea by the time 2010 Ethiopia will DIE and CEASES TO EXIST, we all True-Ethiopians might as well be looking for another Ethiopia elsewhere. As it is TPLF WOYANE TIGRE BANDITS are killing Ethiopia with a rate of speed faster than formula-1 racing cars, giving them more time does not mean saving, it will mean a certain death to Ethiopia and many True-Ethiopians.

You also said power transfer by 2010 to CUD? How is that we trust TPLF WOYANE TIGRE BANDITS will transfer power by 2010 if they are unable to transfer power by 2005? The organized election with making it nearly impossible for the opposition to win and still they LOST the Election, when innocent Ethiopians protested TPLF WOYANE TIGRE BANDITS MURDERED THEM ALL LITTERED ON THEIR OWN STREETS LIKE FLIES. What makes you believe there will be another election and the Ethiopian people will participate even if they say they have another election again? You TPLF WOYANE CADRES are blind by the fact that you say something and do totally the opposit.

What we need o discuss is how to clip each and every TPLF WOYANE AGAZI FORCES and ultimately make MOTHER ETHIOPIA TPLF WOYANE BANDITS free? That is what we should be discussing about, not extending TPLF dream by granting them more time to kill more Ethiopians. If we give them more time to ultimately kill more Ethiopians, then that will mean we abondaned our commitments to the innocent civilians who died demanding the respect of the wish of Ethiopians. Do you know that TPLF AGAZI SHARP SHOOTERS were shooting from roof tops aiming to hit between the eyes? and in doing so they destroyed so many homes, they killed so many mothers/fathers, brothers/sisters, friends and collegues, kids and grand prents? Do you know that there was a mother and a son were killed at the same spot? do you know that kids as young as 4 was killed? You TPLF WOYANE CADRES disgust me, when you are asking for more time to kill, your boss have not accepted the fact that his ethnic soldiers killed 193 people proved by his very own investigators and his law team have admitted 8-to-2 excessive force was used, his own legal team are running away for fear of persecution. the best Ethiopian mids are running away from this merderous regime that has taken my country to several wars with the neigboring countries. You say we have to give them more time, you take them into your house we have had enough of TPLF WOYANE.

In 15 years they managed to destroy my country, and I am not prepared to give them one more day let alone until 2010!

Anonymous said...

For all the Diaspora junks!

Are you really living in Europe and America???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Or still your gabis are on your shoulders!!! ha ha ha

Most of you are real junks.

You are brewing tribal war in Ethiopia sitting infront of a PC and agitating the poor fellow country man/woman to attack an armed police or soldier.

All your arguments are realy kiddish... you don't deserve to be in the west .... I would rather ask your community leaders out there to scold you by whipping in front of the mass... or at that of the Derg time by whipping you on public squares...

Gimb ras hula.....

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with you all people. Isn't this time to get united and work for our country. There is no point sitting on a soffa chair and lecturing ethiopians to shoot each other.
And ethozegul, don't you know what is the basics of journalism. Man, you will be remembered as some one who contributed to Ethiopian prosperity if only you were able to tell the truth and only truth. promoting and agenda of ethiopian dustriction is no nobel cause at all. Not for you not for anyone.

Anonymous said...

What we all Patriotic Ethiopians are doing is reporting the reality as it sets in. I don't understand why you write the above comment. WHAT ETHIOPIA NEEDS IS A DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM FREE OF CORRUPTION, A SYSTEM SUPPORTED BY JUSTICE AND ACCOUNTABILITY. What TPLF WOYANE BANDITS are doing in Ethiopia is disturbing the peace of true-Ethiopians by engaging in corruption and instigating unprovoked wars with our neigbors. As a Patriotic Ethiopian I have to stand up and say enough-is-enough! You have killed innocent people just because they protested for a rule of law and democratic policies to be adopted, they were shot and killed by TPLF WOYANE AGAZI SHARP SHOOTERS. Mothers/Fathers, Sons/Daughters, brothers/Sisters, Aunts/Uncles, and children were all massacred! If you are suggeting I should shut my mouth, you are wrong and I will not shut-up. I am a Patriotic Ethiopian who is doing what I can fighting FASCISM in my beloved country, Enat-Ethiopia! I will die fighting until TPLF WOYANE TIGRE FASCISTS are removed from my land. If it takes me six month to do that I will fight for six months, if it takes me a year to DE-WOYANIZE my country then I will fight for a year, if it shall take me ten years to remove all TPLF WOYANE REMINATS FROM THAT REGION, so be it and I will fight TPLF WOYANE FASCIST TIGRES for ten years! That is my commitment, and that is the descipline I have for my country you on the other hand continue to fight for TIGRE minorities killing innocent Ethiopians! Its alright we will get you in due to time. That is a promise!

You suggested for my community leaders to whip my ass on public, well let me say this to you, your TPLF WOYANE TIGRE BANDITS started doing that and look where they are now? They thought they will whip everyone that raised a question to the way they destroy my country. We believe in democracy, if our democracy reccommends for DE-WOYANIZATION of the region, then we will follow our democtaric reccommendations. Again that is the descipline we have.

Anonymous said...

If you love your country go head and join the union islamic court (ICU)to tople Meles govt and be part of the new breed of terrorist in the horn of Africa. Listen Meles's leadership is determind by courage and determination not by just an ordenery talk. If you want to fight the fight join the political system let your voice be heard face the hardship fight like a real man's fight, don't just talk the talk... walk the walk. show your love for your people and your country. Don't Just be full of BS. Be a real men.

Anonymous said...

The above Anon said "Listen Meles's leadership is determind by courage and determination not by just an ordenery talk." Let me tell you TPLF and Meles cadre, Meles's ledership is determined by ethnic division and by conspirating against his own people with the countries traditional enemies in order to stay in power. Meles is one coward cruel individual surrounded by ethnic agazi security forces who can not face his own people except Tigrean tribalists as a real genuine CUD leaders in Kaliti prison.

Anonymous said...


The Reporter Dec 09, 2006 By Namrud Berhane and Kaleyesus Bekele

… excerpted for brevity

The US which had been reluctant concerning Somalia issues for a long time had taken an active role in the UN by pushing for the deployment of peace keepers in Somalia.

Prior to their defeat in June this year, the US was supporting an alliance of warlords to fight against the Islamists who now control much of the country. Some of those US backed warlords have now joined the UIC. The US apparently regrets its prior decision.

A senior Somali diplomat told The Reporter that the US undersecretary for African affairs had three weeks ago apologized to the TFG for having supported the warlords.

Jendayi E. Frazer reportedly expressed her government's decision and willingness to work with the TFG.

US diplomats and officials in Addis Ababa were not available for comment.


Ethiopia prepared to invade Somalia to defend against Islamic militia: official

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) July 17, 2006

TPLF is prepared to invade neighbouring Somalia to defend its UN-backed government against what appeared to be an imminent attack by Islamic militiamen, a government spokesman said Wednesday.

"We have the responsibility to defend the border and the Somali government. We will crush them," TPLF's information minister, Berhan Hailu, told The Associated Press.

Seizing the town of Baidoa would give the Islamic militia - which the United States has linked to al-Qaida - uncontested authority over most of Somalia.

Somali transitional President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed is allied with TPLF, and has asked for its support. TPLF has intervened militarily in Somalia in the past, and hundreds of TPLF's troops have been spotted along the countries' border in recent weeks.

The Somali Islamist militants are allied with Muslim separatists in the Oromo region of Ethiopia.


Ethiopia: Invasion If Baidoa Attacked
Jul. 19, 2006
India Daily

TPLF will invade Somalia to defend the Baidoa-based interim government if the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) moves against the city, an Ethiopian government spokesman told The Associated Press on July 19. The ICU has deployed hundreds of fighters around Baidoa.


Ethiopia and Somalia in diplomatic row

Saturday, 13 January, 2001, 01:58 GMT BBC

Ethiopia has denied accusations that it is working to create a breakaway state in Somalia.

The new Somali Prime Minister, Ali Khalif Galayd, said TPLF's soldiers had occupied towns in its southwestern region, and had detained and intimidated its nationals.

Mr Galayd, who was speaking in New York, said TPLF was arming groups opposed to the new Somali government.

But TPLF's Foreign Minister, Seyoum Mesfin, has vehemently denied the charges.

In a letter to the United Nations, he said Ethiopia had done a lot to help Somalia achieve national reconciliation. He said the allegations were made out of desperation, because Somalia had failed to convince all the groups in the country to recognise the transitional government adopted in Djibouti.


Somalia accuses Ethiopia of continued occupation

Tuesday, 23 January, 2001, 17:38 GMT BBC

The interim government in Somalia has said TPLF's troops are continuing to occupy areas of southern Somalia.

The defence minister Abdullahi Boque Muse said TPLF's armed forces had massed at the town of El-Bardeh where local Somali faction leaders opposed to the government in Mogadishu are discussing forming a breakaway administration.

The minister accused TPLF of encouraging and supporting the secessionist movement.

TPLF denies that it has any troops in the region and said it had no involvement in a shooting incident in the nearby town of Bulo Hawo on Sunday in which at least two people were killed. Witnesses have said TPLF's troops were responsible for the deaths, which they said happened following a demonstration against TPLF's military presence in the town.


Ethiopia destabilising Somalia -- Somali PM

Thursday, 25 January, 2001, 15:12 GMT BBC

The Somali Prime Minister, Ali Khalif Galaydh, has repeated allegations that Ethiopia is trying to destabilise his country and is massing troops in south-western Somalia.

He told the BBC that TPLF was backing a regional grouping of faction leaders who were intending to break away from the central government.

Mr Galadyh's allegations were supported by a Somali clan elder of the Gedo, Ugaas Omar Ugaas Hersi, who called on the international community to put pressure on TPLF to withdraw its troops. He described as ridiculous TPLF's denials that its troops were in Somalia. But speaking from Ethiopia, one of the leaders of the regional grouping Hassan Mohammed Nur denied that his faction was receiving assistance from Addis Ababa.


Somalia accuses Ethiopia of undermining peace

Wednesday, 7 March, 2001, 19:03 GMT BBC

The Somali Prime Minister, Ali Khalif Galaydh, has accused TPLF of undermining his government's efforts to bring peace to his country.

Ethiopia is currently hosting talks between the leaders of factions opposed to Mr Galaydh's interim government.

Mr Galaydh said his administration was not plotting against Ethiopia and asked Ethiopia not to undermine what he said were his government's attempts at reconciliation.

Among the Somali leaders who are reportedly meeting at an undisclosed location in Ethiopia are the head of the autonomous region of Puntland, Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed and several generals General Mohamed Hersi Morga, General Adam Abdullahi Gabyo and General Hassan Mohamed Nur.

They are meeting other faction leaders from Mogadishu, including Hussein Aideed Osman Hassan Atto and Musse Sudi Yalahow.


Somalia again accuses Ethiopia

Thursday, 8 March, 2001, 07:07 GMT BBC

unable to post picture of TPLF's man in Somalia
Hussein Aidid is one of the warlords in Ethiopia

Somalia's transitional government has reacted angrily to the talks taking place among its political opponents in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

Prime Minister Ali Khalif Gallaydh accused TPLF's regime of intervening in Somalia's internal affairs and said TPLF should stop trying to undermine the Somali government.

TPLF cannot be the architect of how Somalia should reconcile Somalia's Prime Minister Ali Khalif Gallaydh

Several warlords and faction leaders are seeking some form of united opposition to the first government in Somalia for 10 years, which was set up at talks in Djibouti last year.

Leaders recently arrived include the head of the autonomous region of Puntland, Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, and General Mohamed Hersi Morgan as well as General Adam Abdullahi Gabyo and General Hassan Mohamed Nur.

They are meeting other faction leaders from Mogadishu including Hussein Aideed, Osman Hassan Atto and Musse Sudi Yalahow who announced last week that they had resolved their differences.


In a press conference at the government's headquarters at the Ramadan hotel in the capital Mogadishu, Mr Gallaydh said TPLF was trying to divide Somalia into several, small fiefdoms ruled by warlords,

"TPLF cannot be the architect of how Somalia should reconcile," said Mr Gallaydh

"The confidence and will of our people is much stronger than Ethiopian plots to sabotage the new government," he said.

Mr Gallaydh said his government was "100% ready" to talk to the TPLF to try to resolve their differences.

President Abdulkassim Salat Hassan's government has had trouble imposing his new administration's authority - despite strong shows of support among the Smali civilians.

On Wednesday in northern Mogadishu at least three people died and seven were wounded when two rival militias clashed.

Anonymous said...

the best thing thing that happen in the region is to send Meles. he saved somalia from the courts like he did ethiopia from colonist Amhara's. we thank you Meles as somali ethiopian you got my full support.