Monday, November 06, 2006

Talk of the town

Did he? or did he not? Teddy Afro's hit-and-run accusation has turned into a point of controversy in Addis. Ethio-Zagol examines the popular singer's story later.
Also coming up: Fresh crack down on former CUD election observers in Addis Ababa; EC-Ethiopian controversy heating up; Is Teshale Aberra a supreme court president(whatever has happened to Kemal Bedri)?


Anonymous said...

Hi zagol,

You are right Ato teshale is the superem court president of the Oromia region.


Anonymous said...

No one realy knows what is happening to Kemal Bedri. Currently he is watched by 4 security guards which all of them are from EPRDF top security group. To your surprise, 3 of them are females. So there is no way he can travel outside for any reason and the only option he has as it stands now is just to stay the course say and do what ever he is told to say or to do.

Anonymous said...

The Tplf radio in washington DC said that after hitting a man he escaped from the scene and the next day Teddy afro was cought trying to dismiss evidence from his car. The radio also stated that Teddy pleaded guilty and was seen crying in the court. However another propoganda newspaper "reporter" told us another story. There is something fishy. I think they couldn't coordinate thier lies as usual.

anonymous too said...

The fact that Teddy Afro, who was a wanted man by TPLF from many months ago, was arrested the day after he arrived in Ethiopia makes the whole thing very suspicious.

I am sure this is a pre-arranged plan. I don't know how they did it but there is one story that says that there was another car involved in the accident.

Whose car was it? A government agent's?

Waka said...

Thanks Zagol for the critical piece as always.

I do not see the importance of the reaction in hyperbole of the defection of judge rather "justice" Teshale Abera. The country has been, for the last fifteen years under police and army terror, no due process of law from day 1, No judiciary whatsoever, Meles had been in absolute autocracy- arrest and facilitate slow death by denying and delaying medical care, kill and search with the family ( how brute and mischievious) and at times kill in broad day light,loot the nations wealth , perpetuate POVERTY, disease, and unemployment, foster ethnic and religious hatred, etcccc..... The nation is under seige by the most brutal regime ever in its entire history.

So the question is , was there a functioning justice system to begin with???

Anonymous said...

Hi Zagol,

I think BBC misrepresented the story. Teshale was president of Oromia state supreme court.

Anonymous said...

As usual with nice pieces.

The diaspora politics is too boring and led by selfish people.
I rather read your incisive articles.

What is on air with regard to the death of the pilot?

Anonymous said...

do you think that Teddy is an angel who cannot be involved in wrong doing.

Anonymous said...

Giving the nature of Weyanne, I dobut that Teddy did anything wrong. It looks like a set up to silent him. He knew the nature of Weyanne and took the risk going back to Ethiopia. He is so couragious to stand for what he belives in. Now, the question should be if Teddy gives to his country that much, what about the rest of us? If we contribuite our share, we can get ride of Weyane so soon.

Anonymous said...

I saw Kemal in early June at the ET's cloud nine lounge. I suppose he was traveling then. I don't see any reason he is not allowed to travel now if he was then. If he were to defect, it would have happened by now. A part of me wanted to believe he would defect even when I saw him in June.

Anonymous said...

Teddy-Afro does contribute to our struggle for freedom nothing at all. He is a person that exploits the dire political situation in our country for his personal gain. He always creates controversies in order to amass wealth as well as increase his popularity. As far as I am concerned “behagre lai menegede” is a cheap way of doing business. As far as I am concerned, I do not out rightly disregard the possibility that this controvery is one of his personal creations aimed at promoting his fame.

Anonymous said...

cool z: Regarding Teddy issue, it would be interesting if there would be some update from the home front on your other blog.

Regardless, I hope all would well for him. But around my neck of the wood there are rumors that a new single hit is already on air..Zeritu as a back up singer..

"Hit'n'Run was the case that they gave me"

Ya - Hit'n'Run was the case that woyae gave me
But woyane would never neutrlize me
I slapped woyane with my lyrics
They try to retaliate with a quick fix
with no evidence at hand
and the case got postphoned

Go Zeritu...Tedy Tedy Tedy Tedy cann't you see,
sometimes your word just hypnothize me

Ya- say what say what
Woyane can do the Heluf
the usual woof woof
but don't try to do the Alamudin
Using the birr to hold me down
try to do the kalitie on me
My fan base will back me

Zeritu..... Teddy Teddy Teddy can't you see
Sometimes your word just hypnotize me

That is right they call me Salesawi Teddy
With woyane I would never get Jiggy
Because they don't know how to get Jiggy
But they sure are iffy and icky

zeritu ....
Teddy Teddy Teddy Salesawi
sometimes your word just hypnotize me....

Anonymous said...

Did Teddy really do this? Well, he is a human being and if he did it would not surprise me at all but as they said if he hit and run, it is questionable. Any way who hold them (at least for now) accountable when they slathered our brothers and sisters everywhere? I have no doubt at all the judgment day is not far and each and every one of them will answer. People just open your eyes and keep up the record the judge is on his way.

Anonymous said...

Here you go EZ,

That is as far as you think!!

You removed my comment???

What a disgrace!!

Anonymous said...

We have to make a professional view on this case guys, be very careful when making the judgments so our sentiment don’t overwhelm our wordings. I personally would reconcile my emotion if I went ahead and say these selfish bustards framed Teddy but reality is we still are not given enough facts to accuse neither side. I sense a lot of discrepancies on all the stories I read concerning this issue. Thus, I prefer to leave this case as “innocent till proven guilty”

arem ye shire

Anonymous said...

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