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Ethio-EC relationship strained despite invitation to Meles....The farcical court....Crack down on former election observers

Ethiopia's dicator, Meles Zenawi, will dicuss the challenges of being a dictator on Friday November 17 - 9.30 to 12.00 in Brussels with the invitation of the European Commission as the relationship between the commission and Ethiopia is supposed to have deteriorated further.
Meles had a serious of phone meetings with José Manuel Barroso, the commission's President. Topics of discussion included Ethiopia's growing repression and the Sebhatu and Brothers espionage scanda. According to diplomatic sources, Meles blamed the head of EC delegation in Addis Ababa, Tim Clark, for the worsening relationship . Ambassador Clark whose job, according to sources, is under threat was in Brussels last week conferring with Commissioner Barrosso. He was assured that he would remain as head of delegation despite Ethiopia's enormous pressure.
The invitation to Meles came up after the discussions between Barosso and the PM.
The farcical court
This blogger has obtained the full transcript of Yesterday's Testimony against Daniel Bekele, the Oxford graduate and social justice advocate who is facing charges of Genocide and Treason. I had stopped reporting on the trial because I thought there was no point in it. Yet because the transcript shows,how comical the court is, I have translated and posted it verbatim. See how ridiculous the testimony is....

Prosecutor presented its witness.....

Examination in chief

Name : Wondwosen Seyoum Dadi, age 29 ,
Occupation: unemployed
Address N/L/S/C: Kebele 08 ( yedirow woreday 20 , kebele 42)
Do you know why you are here today ?
To testify , I will testify on Daniel”
Prosecutor: Do you know Daniel?"
Witness pointed at Daniel and said “That is him"
Prosecutor: When and where did you get to know Daniel?
Witness: I first met Daniel in mid June”
Witness: I had tea in a cafe in front of UEDP/Medihn office with my friend Goshu. While we were leaving the cafe, Daniel came from behind and said 'Boys, what are you doing?' and then encouraged me and promised me to support us. He then gave me his mobile phone number and told me to call him in case I wanted help.
What did you tell him?
I told him that I was a kinijit member and work under the auspices of the Addis Ababa Committee and that I was an organizer.
What was your task within Kinijit?
I was organizing the youth within kinijit regarding the election in Addis Ababa.
When did you meet Daniel again?
I called him on the number he gave me and we talked. Then we met at his office.
Where was the office?
Action aid. We talked about the importance of money to organize the youth and make them protest. And based on our conversation, Daniel gave me 200 birr. I took the money and organized the youth.
What were the details of your discussion?
First, we talked about the need for overthrowing the governing party. But he told me if the government used its guns, we needed to organize people.
Did you meet Daniel afterwards?
I didn't meet Daniel afterwards, After the riots, I went into hiding. But I had seen Daniel having conversation with Tamrat Tarekegn on the street once.
Did you know whether Daniel was the member of CUD?
I did not know that Daniel was a member of the organization. But he told me that to get votes respected we need to rebel against the government. The rebellion continued but it was not fruitful. Therefore, I had to hide.
What did you do after that?
After the hiding, I gave myself up for the government. I did that to Woreda 21 police. Then I was taken to Sositegna police station and then to Maekelawi. Then I gave my testimony to the police and I was told to appear when I would be summoned.

Cross examination

Daniel Q. Where were you organizing people?
I was organizing around Gotera.
Who were the people or youth you were trying to organize ?
I do not remember people whom I was organizing.
You don't even remember a single name?
Yes, I do not know a single person by name.
Because I was organizing people who were passing by. We didn't meet in offices. I didn't have office. I spoke to them on the street.
How do you organize people without knowing them? What if you would meet a policeman?
I organized like I said
Where did you hide?
In a village called Salo
Where is this place ?
Here in Addis
Could you tell me the address of the house you were hiding and the name of the owner of the house?
I didn't know the address and the name of the owner.
So you just went into a house you didn't know and hide there?
After the hiding, you said that you gave yourself up at Woreda 21. Who was the police you gave yourself up,
I do not remember him
So you just went there voluntarily without being summoned and gave yourself up? No when I returned from hiding, I was told that the police were coming at home and looking for me so I gave myself up.
Then what did you do after you went to the police?
I told them about the matter. The policeman heard me but he wasn't recording it and then he took me to Maekelawi.
Here Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam Araya(lawyer for Daniel) interjected. He asked the court to tell the witness to face the judges not the prosecutors who were showing eye signals to the witness.
Shimeles Kemal: I am working for the respect of justice and law more than the defense attorneys are. The defense is defaming the prosecutor. The court should take action on the defense attorney.
Adil(The presiding judge): If there is any eye signal, we will follow it and you should also follow it.

Witness: Then I testified at Maekelawi and was released.
What account did you give first?
The police first considered me as a suspect.
So were you released on bail?
No I was released without bail.
You were released without bail eventhough you were a suspect
When were you called back as a witness?
I went back again
So you went there twice, voluntarily?
Then Daniel asked for the witness to show his kebele Id to the court. The judges saw it. Daniel asked to see it himself. The prosecutor objected. He argued that only the judge could see it. The judge said he could read the details to Daniel and started reading it. The ID says the witness worked at Luigi.
Daniel: Didn't you say that you have no job?
The one in the ID was where I worked
So why didn't you return the ID?
The prosecutor objected for this line of questioning
Judge Leul warned Daniel to concentrate on the basic issues

The court questions the witness:

How many times did you testify before the police ?
How many times have you met Daniel?
Once at the cafe and then when I phoned him.
So when you met Daniel at the cafe, you were with Goshu. Where was Daniel sitting?
He was a little far from us
What were you talking about?
We were talking about how the government rigged the election and the necessity of revolting against the government.
So was daniel hearing this?
You said it was a cafe
Was there a music?
So if there was a music, wouldn't it have prohibited Daniel from listening to what you were talking about?
No, he was not far
So for how long had Daniel conversed with you?
He heard what we were talking about and followed us when we were leaving the Cafe. He conversed with us for two minutes and gave me his phone number.
Crack down on former election observers
EPRDF has started fresh crack down on formed CUD election observers in Addis Ababa. Two observers from woreda Nine and another one from Wordeda Two were dragged out of their homes and arrested on the night of November 7 . They haven't yet appeared in court. Well-placed police sources said that the EPRDF was looking for CUD's "underground group" and the detention of people with CUD connections would continue unabated.


Anonymous said...

funny! organizing passers by, peopel on the street! overthrowing a government with 200 birr!

Anonymous said...

Dear Blogger,

Such reports about court hearings are quite useful. Please update the world community on the overall conditions of the court hearings. You wouldn't know how much it will change the attitude of the international media.

Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Hi Zagol,

The woyane drama will not stop there. I have read one of the witness testified gainst Kidest bekele said "she has seen kidest bekele buying a bottle of kerosene to burn down a kebele office". These are the type of cheap and stupid witneses prepared by Shimeles Kemal and Co.

Who knows Aba paulos may be the next witness saying "he has been harassed and insulted by protesters during the Epihpany celebration"


Anonymous said...


Thank you for the report on EPRDF’s courtroom drama. As always, EPRDF is showing there is no justice in Ethiopia and the courtroom is filled with full of tyrant. The only way we the Diaspora can fight is to help the newly elected democrats for USA to pass HR5680.


Anonymous said...

Crying is typical behavior of terrorists and Neftegnas. OLF is begging EPRDF for reconcillation. OLF realized that it is not a match to EPRDF. Despie approaching fast a century, OLF has done nothing other than massacring some Amharas in Harar and Arsi. The same goes on CUD. CUD is history and CUD will never match EPRDF.

Hailu, Birhanu and co have intended to commit genocide and overthrow the gopvernment with NEftegnas. Now, these people are begging EU. EPRDF people are selfless and are more courageous than thier counetrparts in oromia or Amhara region. It is only when OLF and CUd accepts that EPRDF is winner of the election tha peace can prevail.

Netsanet and Daniel are Neftegna and Guraghe who have been conspiring on Tigray people. They will soon get what they deserve through law.

Anonymous said...

I am glad the anonymous above has opinion! However, I must disagree with his/her conclusion of “EPRDF people are selfless and are more courageous than their counterparts in ormoia or Amhara region.”

The problem this writer has and doesn’t understand is that EPRDF has USA backing and all military is financed by USA and its alliance for the sake of terrorism. CUD is in jail for the sake of peace and harmony for the people of Ethiopia. Had CUD have the same hate and tyranny as EPRDF, well EPRDF would have been back to ground zero in Tigraye fighting for his Tigraye people. CUD believes in peace, harmony and straggle for freedom and democracy by peaceful means. Remember a government for the people and by the people is the only way for a country permanent democracy. Currently EPRDF does not have the backing of the Amhara, Oromo and other ethnics (except for Tigraye).


Anonymous said...

EZ, thank you for your update about the situation in our country. I think the following information about the judges in the case involving the CUDP leaders is relevant.

Presiding Judge: Adil Ahmed Abdulahi. Before 1984, he was a “Tena Redat”; in 1984 E.C he graduated with a certificate in law after attending a 6 months programme. Then he attended the Civil Service College, where only members of the ruling party get admission, and graduated in LLB. After that he got a Chevening Scholarship granted by the British government and graduated in LLM in the UK; the British government usually grants the Chevening Scholarship to members of EPRDF. Adil Ahmed has served as a judge in the Harari Supreme court. After the election, he is appointed as the Vice-President of the Federal High court and as the presiding judge of the Criminal Bench before which the case of CUDP leaders is brought. He is from the Adre ethnic group, and considered to be the relative of Kemal Bedri – the Chairman of the Election Board. He has an easy going personality; he does not stand firm in his positions.

Right Side Judge: Leul G/Mariam. He was a member of TPLF. He served as a member in “Kebele” administration. He graduated in Diploma in law in an extension programme (“yemata temihirte”). As a judge he is usually assigned in cases involving political matters. He is a very politicized person.

Left Side Judge: Mohammed Ahmedin. He graduated from Civil Service College, where, as I stated above, only members of the ruling party get admission, in LLB. He also graduated in LLM from India in a programme in which only members of the ruling party participated and enrolled. Before his assignment in the court involving the CUDP leaders, he has served as a prosecutor in the Southern Nations and Nationalities state. He is the one that apparently seem to depart in his ruling from the above-mentioned two judges.

Unlike other judges, each of the above three judges get special privilege in terms of residential houses, cars, and money allowances from the government.

The fact speaks for itself how much the court before which the case of CUDP leaders is brought is independent. We should not expect much from a court in which party members preside as judges.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

thank you the abouve guy who give us detail info aboutthe ''judges''profile.actually it doesn't that much matter whether the judges are gradutes of oxford or yale since they are yemeles buchla//
no doubt our leaders will be free soon and lead the people of ethiopia as they won the heart &the mind of the people.
i don't have any word for those backward guys ,think politics only in ethinc line.espically for the person who thinks he/she is the suppoter of cud,it's a shame to insult any ethinc group.
pro.mesfin puts it brilla=ntly how much the tigrians are concerned for the well being of ethiopa.
don't forget that all woyanes are tigrians but all tigrians are not woyane.of course tigrians want to be free from the gangster,woyane.that is why a brillant acadmacian ðiopain nationlist like dr.gedey,abrha beali and so many others are struggle day &night above all thousands of tigrians in addis voted cud

Anonymous said...

anyone who can describe me physically wondwosen seyoum dadi.
just it seems i know a man with this name except some disguises made on his name and on its job.
thank u.

Anonymous said...

Al Maryam you suck - including your name , really, especially when I see you making fool of yourself.
Being an oromo not withstanding, contrary to norm,. instead of standing for yo people, you really suck when we see you fighting to save amara butt - our erstwhile mass-murdering machine - that nearly wiped us out.