Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Meles asks jailed CUD leaders to quit politics

Ethiopia's dictator Meles Zenawi would release CUD leaders who had been held at Kaliti prison for the last thirteen months if they agreed to quit politics. According to prison sources, Meles sent the message to the prisoners through Professor Ephrem Isaac. The prominent linguist and historian met the prisoners at least twice this week and heard a firm rejection from some of the top leaders.
On Monday, the Chief prosecutor in the treason trial, Shimeles Kemal, dropped 289 witnesses whom he previously said would testify against the leaders of Ethiopia's biggest political party and asked the court to let him bring up fifteen new ones. Trial observers said that with the current speed, the prosecutor would wrap up the case in a few weeks.
With an all out war with Somalia looming in the horizon and opposition against his leadership from the inside and outside intensifying, there are speculations that Meles will release the leaders in Kaliti although the conditions he set in his message to Kaliti which he sent through Professor Ephrem Isaac are unacceptable to the prisoners.


Anonymous said...


Don't waste your time on reporting what Prof. Ephrem Isaac is meddling. It is not the first time that he reduculed himself to present such a laphable proposal to the prisoners of conscience.

The son of the Devil is buying time and wants to create an atmosphere where by he manipulates the people of Ethiopia to align with him for the war on the Jihadists. He wants to bit the drum of nationalism since most of us Ethiopians would not listen to anything but national sovereignity.

Unitl next time, aake a good care of yourself and others around you.

Anonymous said...

Zagol the Great,

Thanks that is hillarious! Nothing the nazi murderer does or says surprises me, but the audacity of that other woyane to even utter those words. These people really are chiseled from the same rock.

Is that why Yamamoto dragged his behind all the way to Addis?

Anonymous said...

Melles is a bag of tricks!! I was suspecting that something is on the air when the courtroom drama unfolded.

If our leaders agree to this laughable request, they are dead on arrival.

Thanks EZ for the info.


Geja said...

Anyone who falls for this opportunistic killer after all his years of repeated treachery needs to have his head examined. I am not sure why the good professor lets himself be used like this as he should have known better than to trust Meles who has no single recortd of sticking to the truth when it comes to the welfare of Ethiopia.

Anonymous said...

EZ,seems everything is getting rough for the dictator,read the news below

Casualities of the war coming...
There has been casualities on the weyane soldiers on Tuesday in somalia.helicopters were seen and heard loud in transporting the wounded in Addis air at around 3pm.Anybody in addis can confirm that.Also medical sources(a nurse) told me that civilian hospitals(eg ras desta) are ordered to stay open for the wounded despite normal working hours ended in the afternoon.Anybody can check this too.

Anonymous said...

the expected ruling from menelik palace: cud electees will be prohibited by law, for their so called crime,from electing and beign elected for office for ten years. The easy way out for meles the head of parliament, judiciary and the executive.

Anonymous said...

It is Meles, in stead of the CUDP leaders, who must quit politics!

Anonymous said...

Dear Thomas

You just make me laugh for the thought that you wrote here...

I think you wat us to get angry and waste our time to respond...

But to no avail

You deserve no tesponse at all..

What a laughing stock you are...

Death sentence Uhuhuhuhu...



Anonymous said...

The last anonym says:
"Anything other than death sentence or life in prison will not be accepted by the majority Ethiopians."
What happened to the rule of law, independence of the court, blah, blah???
Or are you writing this trush after your daily dose of human blood and hard drug.
You vampires seem not know what is going on around you. You are sitting on a landmine which can blow you to pieces any moment!
But then again fascists never see their demise coming. Idi Amin, Saddam, etc. were dreaming of grand projects standing only meters away from their grave.

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised at all. The rope is tightening around the tyrannt. But we should never get trapped by this criminal gangs. They are trying to garner our support for thier planned invasion of Somalia with the blessing of incompetent diplomats at the state department against the warning from the EU and seasoned political analysts in the region. We are against this war not because our leaders are in jail but because it is short-sighted and dangerous for Ethiopian national interest in the future. The Tplf regimes adventurism must be condemned. The current US administration must take a lesson from its debacle in Iraq. The Bush administration defied International warnings when it invaded Iraq and is paying a heavy price for its incompetent decision. The Bush administration is dead wrong again.

Anonymous said...

It is time to jump as the ship is sinking. Thomas, I hope this is not your real name. If i were you, I would hide my identity.

The ship is sinking, abandon ship. I wonder what happens next. This looks like the beginning of the end.

Anonymous said...

Hi EZ,

Beside the port of Assab, the biggest mistake of Melese was massacring 193 innocent civilians and imprisoning the well respected CUD officials. It doesn't matter how many lies or promises he make, there is no way he can recover from this brutal mistake. The calculation of Sebhat Nega & Zenawi was that once they start killing protesters the population will get scared and be governed peacfully. They thought, since it has worked in 2001 it should work in 2005. Boy! It backfired on their face.

He knows it! #1) His days are numbered as a leader. #2) And then what after? Those who are close to his wife Azeb and her families said - thinking for a "what about after" is the toughest and stressful thing for Zenawi & family. A) Can he go out alive from this country? B) Can he avoid facing justice for the massacre of the innocent which is now supported by evidence and heared at the US congress & EU Parlamient? C) Who will take him in exile?

Zenawi is in trouble.

Now Somalia! Any soldiers who spills his blood in Somalia knows he is fighting Zenawi's war. This has nothing to do with Ethiopia and losing once own life for nothing is like a sucicde. With this in mind the Jihadists are well prepared for a long fight.

Anonymous said...


Please delete the garbage from Thomas the freaking woyane. He is going beserk 'cause the frifari wagon will soon come to a screeching halt and there wil be no more chat money.

Wogenotch... please do not respond to this impotent capo.

geja, that keletam culture is never far from you know who...? I can understand the clueless idiot fernji VH talking garbage, but Ephrem????????????? scratch any Tigre and you'll find a woyane.

Concerned said...

Dear Zagol Administrater,

Can you please block this human virus called Thomas, he is a sub human fly who is feeding off garbages and leftovers. I am sure that many are tired of his rightout bogus, he calls his Bandit master "a prime minister" Please I hate to sound like undemocratic True-Ethiopian but I hate to see flies spoiling our discussio to remove this bandits occupying our country, Ethiopia.

Anonymous said...

The almighty "prime monster zenawi" is attempting to cover up his devilish act he committed against our people over the last 30+ years by appearing 'an amnesty leader" - dinkem . The most ruthless leader Ethiopia has ever witnessed cannot be a popular leader overnight. Tell EPHREM ISAAC not to waste his precious time by meddling in the popular struggle. Who will set our leaders free? our concerted struggle. Leave our leaders alone and deal with your crisis in Somalia. Once you are soon removed, Ethiopians and Somalis will live in harmony as neigbours and prosper securing regional developments

Anonymous said...

To the above anonymous,
You are absolutely right that it is the president who can pardon the criminals,but like any citizen has a right to write a letter to the President to ask for pardons,H.E PM Meles as a citizen has a right to write a letter to the President.So,in this case we are not talking about releasing the CUD(Derg)criminals from jail,but to reduce the verdict from death sentence to life once the courts declared officialy it`s verdict .Our sources told us that there are TONS OF EVIDENCES which make you believe that the "DEATH SENTENCE" is IMMINENT.To be honest,you don`t have to be a lawyer to understand the seriousness of the crime committed by these blood suckers CUDist(Dergist).
Thomas H

Anonymous said...

Meles and TPLFites are so desperate because they're surrounded by enemy's every corner and central core of the movement is of course CUD. So, there is no negatioation with tyrant this a tactic by Meles to kill the growing popular movement. Now this is time for Isayas to unleash his shabia tag army on Mekele and destroy the Agazi army and the stolen property from all regions. After that it will be easy to clean the left over Weyannes and TPLFites hateful worthless Meles cadres!

Anonymous said...

It is Melse, the Child Killer, who must be quit from Ethiopian Politics and put in jail rather than those who have been Elected by the People

Anonymous said...

hey "Ye'dengaye mamerecha leji" [ CIVIL SERVICE COLLEGE cadre] are u there.
U derg/weyanae are amazing. why don't u QUIT politics and prepare ur self to be behaind the bar for the crime commited to the people,like derg[your father] autorities.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The TPLF Cadres who posted the following message below in the name of Teddy Afro
“Teddy Afro,”
“I just want to make it clear to every one that the justice system in Ethiopia is working beautifully and it is independent.You don`t have to panic.I can be an example.I was wrongfully accused with out evidence,but the independent court closed the file citing not enough evidence.So,whatever the verdict is given by the court,you have to accept it because the court is INDEPENDENT.
Yours Teddy Afro”
Dear Woyane Cadre – the days of fooling Ethiopians is long gone. Teddy have a better focus than trumpeting for the Woyane judicial system that was trying to destroy him. Make no mistake about it there are millions of Teddy Afro who are willing to die for Ethiopia.

Woyane be aware- Kinijit the Peoples party is back & stronger than ever!

Anonymous said...

Nice Try Meles
A TPLF militia commander who came to power my default is going suggested civilized and educated CUD leaders to abandon politics. Such a reversed comical request. It should be Meles a warlord who knew nothing about civil governance to be forbidden from any political participation

Yeleba Aynederk Meleso(Meles) Lebeyaderk: Ale yagre sew

Anonymous said...

To all Woyane cockroaches
Who are crying crocodile tears by citing “the CUD supporters nasty slogan "Tigre wedemekele - eka wede kebele" (drive out Tigrayans to Mekele and confisicate their property”

Your fabricated story has been effective for the past 15 years but not anymore! We Ethiopians know that Tigray people heroic people who will give their lives for the wellbeing of Ethiopia in a given day. Yet, also realize a small Hamasen bandits who betrayed Ethiopia during the Ethio-Italian war later transformed to a fanatic TPLF warlords came to power my default are not a legitimate representative of neither Ethiopia or the Tigray people who are our brothers and sisters.

The CUD supporters plan to remove the Woyane regime from power and replace by a democratically elected government for all Ethiopians. After Woyane from power the CUD supporters would release them free to each TPLF parasites true Ethiopians (Oromo, Amhara, Tigray , Gambela etc ..) people are so civilized they could even extend forgiveness for the brutal Woyane regime who killed and imprisoned our Oromo, aware, tire brothers and sister.

To all Woyane cockroaches:
The Real Tigray Wedemekele is ESYE ABRAHA. He is the brave son of Ethiopia born in Mekele but never forgot he is Ethiopian first. He challenged and advised Meles to step-down from power after loosing the election in 2005.

Yaekob Gared said...

As far as all progressive Ethiopians know the justice system of Ethiopia is independent of the government. The prime minister can not imprison and release criminals as he wishes. Those prisoners are not like books in a shelf to be taken when you want them and put them back. The only legitimate body to do so is the Ethiopian law. If the prime minister thought that as you the dreamer wish, he would be a dictator. After all the law is transgressed by those reminants of the Derg-EWP so they should be judged by the rule of law not by one state figure. Dear light-hearted Ethiopian! don't feed impractical dreams to guys like you and yourselves.

Anonymous said...

We all knew for long now that the Crime Minster Abu-meles Al-Zenawi has successfully transformed to a leading terrorist after spending most of his life in dedebit as Meleskanov Zenawovski, a Marxist-Leninist warmonger.


Anonymous said...

thomas H.

I think your are one of thoes who grew up with that no shoes till you reach 30.We all grow up like that but improve ourselves more intellectually than being a sell out to the eprdf. Time will tell, it is just a matter of days before melese go back to his cage.

Anonymous said...

Dear all,

Just try to look the trends of comments made on such type of cases. As far as the comments are rich and matured, payed woyanes always will try to trash it down by inciting downtroden ethinic hate. This is typicall of woyane's trap and their smell. Get out of this trap and let them (woyane's) die in their own hate-shell!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dear Bloggers, Let’s not fall in the trap of "Woyane".
They are trying to coin this blog as a site for ethnic hatred and inciting conflict.
This is part of the long term plan for weakening the Ethiopians in Diaspora and also justifying their censorship in the country.
So let's try to be as ethnically "responsible" as possible.
I am not saying about our political opinions!
Once again please let’t not fall in the trap of people like Thomas-the imbecile!
Keep it up EZ!!

Anonymous said...

As prosecutors paraded the last thirteen “witnesses” at the “Supreme Federal Court” Wednesday, the witnesses, who were said to be survivors of genocide, not only failed to identify their attackers but also told the court that the prosecutors had couched them to lie against the accused. One of the witnesses who claimed to have been attacked because he was a Tigrian during last year’s post election unrest was asked by those he accused of victimizing him because of his race what they did against him. “You didn’t do anything to me,” he said in a faltering voice. “It was the prosecutor who told me to say so.”

Anonymous said...

Zagolye KINIJIT IS A SPIRIT \/ \/ Can't Jail the Spirit take a look at this link you will see the Kinijit international, Kinijit US, and Qaliti kalkidan joint meeting photo.

Anonymous said...

Your blog comment box is flooded by a bunch of Woyanes and they are spreading their antagonistic poison.
So, I would like to advice you to moderate comments so we will have an open and clean discussions.

Ez, Thank you for all what You do.
P.S. Be Careful.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A Letter of Apology

From:TPLF Office of Foreign Affairs

To:Dear Respected KINIJIT Leaders - The Party of All Ethiopians
Cc:OAU- AA. Ethiopia
Cc:UN General Secretary -Geneva
Bcc:Prime Minister of Eritrea Asmara

We have carefully prepared this letter to indicate that Woyane and its followers are expressing their deepest apology to the entire Ethiopian people and international community.

We, the TPLF warlords who managed to come to power by default almost 15 years a go have made a huge mistake and caused indescribable damage to the country. We realize that our war crime extends from TREASON, GENOCIDE to LOOTING Ethiopia’s resources and exporting to privately owned offshore bank account by Woyane elite circle. After loosing the 2005 election by a huge margin we have attempted to stay in power by killing and suppressing innocent civilians all over Ethiopia.

However, the scrutiny by the international human rights groups and European union added by the continued resistance of Ethiopian people had made it clear to our party we can no longer sustain in power.

As a result we have prepared our last apology and confession to be documented in history book for the next generation:

1)We are very sorry for all the killing hundreds of innocent people in Tigray, Wollo, Oromia and Addis Ababa and throughout the country.

2)We knew long a go the leaders of CUD are more educated and we just didn’t know how to deal with such intellectual groups that is loved and respected by all Ethiopians even in Tigray region.

3)We are a small tribe in Tigray from Hamasen with a history of betraying Ethiopians during the Ethio-Italian war and we repeated history.

4)Since we lost the 2005 election, 80% our political ambassadors appointed throughout Ethiopian embassies have defected, denounced the Woyane regime and seeking political asylum abroad.

5)We tried to frame and destroy anyone who we believe is anti woyane including the recent attempt on Teddy Afro and we have failed badly.

6)Our fabricated story is no longer accepted by powerful nation.

7)The US congress is looking into war crimes committed by newly emerged African Nazi leader Meles Zenawi.

8)As a last attempt to stay in Power we are initiating war with Somalia to divert the focus but the Ethiopian people are well aware of our hidden intentions.

9)Sadly we cant even seek asylum in Retrain after leaving power since we are not welcomed there

To all Ethiopia, We are small Tribal fanatics who made a huge mistake and we ask for your forgiveness.

Yours truly
Meles Zenawi
Primate Minister of TPLF Cockroaches

Taytu said...

Don't trust the Woyanie's tacticful proposal. May be it is not really to release them but to find a fastening evidence in how they are violent through provoking to say so and bring it to the international society, which is drieven by him.

Anonymous said...

To the above anonymous,
Your letter doesn`t make sense at all.You are just jocking on your leaders who are enjoying life in Kaliti.It is not fair.You should know that it is not H.E.PM Meles who is accused of genocide and treason.You look confused.You have to differntiate who is criminal and who is a law abiding citizen.The idea of the draft letter that I prepared is to ask H.E.PM Meles for his help.So,I advice you not to waste time for nonsense.Instead, try to help the FAMILIES of CUD(Derg)leaders who are affected by this unfortunate event.That is the last option for you guys.You have a constitutional right to ask our BELOVED PRIME MINISTER anything you want provided that it is in a peaceful way.Other than that you know the consequence.You know what I mean.Do you know that Habesha proverb"Ayit lememochawa,yedimet afincha tashetalech or in english A mouse that wants to die goes to sniff the cat`s nose.

Thomas H

Anonymous said...

You have proven that your intellegence is less than the mouse in your proverb. Do you even understand what the word peace means, or are you regergitating what your"Beloved Prime Misery" thinks it is

Anonymous said...

What the hell are they doing in prison??

Do they think they will convince WOYANE by staying in their cell??

We need them badly to lead the strugle they torched.

If it takes to lie to get out of the prison, then be it. After all they are not expecting Justice.

This a good opportunity to the Ethiopian people. And a good work by the ever great person, prof. Ephrem Yesehak.

Get out of the prison!!! Do you hear me??

Globalbelai7 said...

Dear Patriotic Ethiopians and Friends of Ethiopia Across the World;

Re: Impowering Women and Young People for a Safe Millennium

As the World AIDS Day is upon us on the 1st of December 2006, I thought it is important to review the epidemics of this unique challenge of our time.

I am hereby forwarding a very interesting Fact Sheet prepared by the Henery J kaiser Family Foundation for your review.

It appears the epidemic is impacting women and young people more aggressively than any other time in history. Both groups are part of the majority of the world population and yet are socio-economically and culturally the most vulnerable.

The challenge is to empower women and young people to be in charge of their private and public lies such that they will be in a position to make educated choices.

It appears the whole HIV Pandemic is turining out to be an issue of making educated choices about our private and public lives.

The choice about lifestyles in the HIV Pandemic area is so critical individuals need to be supported by Governement and public as well as private resources to enable them to avoid the epidemic. The best analogy is driving in public places. We ensure that the potential driver has the skills that is checked by the Driving Licensing Authorities. The next and most important perspective is the Car Industry is making advances in the quality of cars that the latest cars are loaded with technology to provide safety and comfort.

We need to make the human reproductive and leisure life styles as safe as possible both by empowering the Licensing Authorities and the individuals involved in the leisure activity such as they are loaded with the latest safety and wellbeing information and guidance.

I trust the transportation industry based Injuries experience and the HIV Pandemic disease and disablity is taken in context as both are relevant in our day to day lives and we can improve our attitude and behavior for the better.

With this I leave you with the latest epidemiological information provided by the Foundation.

Wishing you a blessed and Safe World's AIDS day; I remain;

Yours sincerely

Belai Habte-Jesus, MD, MPH
Global Strategic Enterprises, Inc.

The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation:2400 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025 Phone: (650) 854-9400 Facsimile: (650) 854-4800 Website: www.kff.orgWashington, DC Office: 1330 G Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005 Phone: (202) 347-5270 Facsimile: (202) 347-5274

The Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic- November 2006

The HIV/AIDS epidemic has already claimed more than 25 million lives and another 39.5 million people are currently estimated to be living with HIV/AIDS worldwide.1,2 HIV/AIDS cases have been reported in all regions of the world, but most people living with HIV/AIDS (95%) reside in low- and middle-income countries, where most new HIV infections and AIDS-related deaths occur.1,3

The nations of sub-Saharan Africa have been hardest hit, followed by the Caribbean; there is also concern about the epidemic in parts of Eastern Europe and Asia.4,5 HIV is the leading cause of death worldwide (among those aged 15–59).6,7 It is considered a threat to the economic well-being, social, and political stability of many nations.8,9

Current Global Snapshot1

• There are an estimated 39.5 million people living with HIV/AIDS worldwide, 2.6 million more than in 2004 and twice the number in 1995.9

The number of people living with HIV/AIDS has increased in every region.
• During 2006, an estimated 4.3 million people became newly infected with HIV, including 530,000 children.3
• 2.9 million people died of AIDS-related illnesses in 2006, and deaths have been rising.
• Worldwide, most people living with HIV are unaware that they are infected.9

Impact by Region
The major route of HIV transmission worldwide is heterosexual sex, although risk factors vary within and across populations. In many regions of the world, men who have sex with men, injection drug users, and sex workers account for significant proportions of infections.1 Several regions and countries have been particularly hard-hit by the HIV/AIDS pandemic (See Figure 1). Even in the United States, where HIV incidence has been level for more than a decade, there are increasing numbers of people living with HIV/AIDS, not everyone has access to care, and HIV/AIDS prevalence is high among some sub-populations.1,10,11
The most affected regions around the world are:

1• Sub-Saharan Africa. Sub-Saharan Africa has been hardest hit and is home to almost two-thirds (62.5%) of people living with HIV/AIDS, or 24.7 million people, but only about 11% of the world’s population.12 The region is also home to most (91%) of the 2.3 million children living with HIV/AIDS globally.3 Almost all nations in this region have generalized HIV/AIDS epidemics—that is, their national HIV prevalence rate is greater than 1%.9,13 In several, more than 10% of adults are already estimated to be HIV positive.9 South Africa has an estimated 5.5 million people living with HIV/AIDS, one of the highest in the world, and almost one in five South African adults are HIV positive.9 Swaziland has the highest prevalence rate in the world (33%). There is evidence that the epidemic may be slowing or stabilizing in eastern and western African countries, but there are signs of growing epidemics in a few countries.14

• Latin America & the Caribbean. Nearly 2 million people are estimated to be living with HIV/AIDS in Latin America and the Caribbean combined, 167,000 of whom were newly infected with HIV in 2006. Ten countries in the region have generalized epidemics.9 The Caribbean has been especially hard hit, with an adult prevalence rate (1.2%) second only to sub-Saharan Africa.

• Eastern Europe & Central Asia. An estimated 1.7 million people are living with HIV/AIDS in this region, which has the fastest growing epidemic in the world and one that is heavily concentrated among young people. Driven initially by injection drug use and increasingly heterosexual transmission, HIV prevalence has risen sharply over the last several years. The Russian Federation has the largest number of people living with HIV/AIDS in the region.

• Asia. An estimated 8.6 million people are living with HIV/AIDS across South/South-East Asia and East Asia. South/South-East Asia has the highest new infection rates in the region. The region is also home to the two most populous nations in the world – China and India – and despite having relatively low prevalence rates today, even small increases translate into large numbers of people. India already has the highest number of people estimated to be living with HIV/AIDS in the world (5.7 million).9

Impact on Women & Young People

• Today, women represent almost half (48%) of all adults living with HIV/AIDS, and the number of women living with the disease has increased globally and in all regions over time.1 In sub-Saharan Africa, women represent more than half (59%) of all adults living with HIV/AIDS (See Figure 2).1

Gender inequalities in social and economic status and in access to prevention and care services increase women’s vulnerability to HIV. Sexual violence may also increase women’s risk and women, especially young women, are biologically more susceptible to HIV infection than men. The epidemic has multiple effects on women including: added responsibilities of caring for sick family members; loss of property if they become widowed and/or infected; and even, violence when their HIV status is discovered.

• Teens and young adults, particularly girls and young women, continue to be at the center of the epidemic. Young people aged 15–24 account for about 40% of new HIV infections among those 15 and over.1,3 Among young people in sub-Saharan Africa, on average, three young women are infected for every young man.9

A similar pattern is seen in the Caribbean where young women are more than twice as likely to be infected with HIV compared to young men in some countries.

Please review their web site and World Health Organization addresses for more informaton.

Thank you

Belai Habte-Jesus, MD, MPH
Global Strategic Enterprises, Inc;; Telephone: 703 933 8737

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This electronic message, including any attachment(s), is intended only for the person or entity to which it is addressed and may contain confidential and/or privileged material. .

patriotic-ethiopian said...




A Letter of Apology

From:TPLF Office of Foreign Affairs

To:Dear Respected KINIJIT Leaders - The Party of All Ethiopians
Cc:OAU- AA. Ethiopia
Cc:UN General Secretary -Geneva
Bcc:Prime Minister of Eritrea Asmara

We have carefully prepared this letter to indicate that Woyane and its followers are expressing their deepest apology to the entire Ethiopian people and international community.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dr Belai,
This was the kind of topic that the diaspora should discuss,unfortunately the power hungry CUDist and Dergist are not intrested in anything else other than POWER.You will see in a few minutes a negative reaction from these idiots CUDist and Dergist.So,Your excellency Dr Belai Ethiopia needs more people like you and God bless you.

Thomas H

Anonymous said...

Dr. Belai and Thomas why don't you creat your own blog and post rather than be a walk on someone else's back, because you know no one will read yours! and EZ is one of our best.

Anonymous said...

Feta gegnotchen feta!
Feta meriwochachenen feta!

Atfetam wey hailuen atfetam wey
kentibayan atfetam wey
bertukanen atfetam wey
mulunehen atfetam wey
gizatchewen atfetam wey
mesfinen atfetam wey

Ke woyane yeshalal soumali!

Sadam Yekrena Meles Yesekel!

Anonymous said...

Dear Brothers and Sisters:
The future Ethiopia that many of us want to see is a nation where differences are tolerated. democracy is a system by which differences of opinon are expressed, resolved for a common national goal. Please stop name calling and exchange ideas to create Ethiopia that all of us want to be part of.

To Opposition supporters: name calling Meles, eprdf and people of tigrai is not the way to win. Please be respectful and express your ideas without name calling. Remember, these are our Ethiopian brothers and sisters

To Meles/EPRDF supporters: Referring to CUDIST as DERGIST does not help you win any hearts and minds. Remember these are our Ethiopian brothers and sisters

Let's debate to create an Ethiopia where EPRDF, CUD, OLF and others freely and equally advance their party lines in a democratic spirit. Your opponent is not your enemy.

Please let us be gentle, respectful and peaceful in our discussions. You can't win through anger and name calling.

God Bless Ethiopia and God Heal All Ethiopians. God Bless EPRDF. God Bless CUD. God Bless OLF. God Bless our brothers and sisters in prison. God give us a collective wisdom to build a nation that is prosperous and peaceful.

Selam H.

Anonymous said...

anon above,
wrong! wrong! wrong!wrong!
The future Ethiopia that many of us want to see is a nation where differences are tolerated.

Ethiopia thru the millenia has been a nation where differences were ALWAYS tolerated until the woyane fascists came to our soil.

It sounds so stupid when some goody two shoes tries to preach about the virtues of democracy.
Democracy is a system that thrives among civilized citizens, not among one civilized group and another barbarian. Woyanes are barbarians, gutter creatures to the core and alien to Ityopiawi chewanet

Murderers, butchers and fascists can never be our brothers and sisters. There is no way you can love an agazi nazi that put a bullet thru the chest of your 10 year old brother.

sony said...

By the way, "Belgena" even "Belegana Zefen" Yemetaw ke Woyani ena Ke Dergue gar new.

Lemehuno betegregna "antu" ale?

sony said...


Do you want us to think for you too?

Anonymous said...

Kinijit has no place for
agazi nazi!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stay with your own kind.

Anonymous said...

From: Selam H.
Dear brothers and sisters.

The views expressed here are from a believer in God, an optimist and a believer in better Ethiopia tomorrow.

I appreciate the comments and responses to my request for civility in our discourse.

I agree crimes have been committed and mistakes have been made. One crime does not justify another.

I observed how South Africans reached a point of reconciliation to build their nation. That may be a model we can consider to emulate.

My view is that to build a stronger Ethiopia and to build a democratic Ethiopia, oponents need to choose to want to work together and live together.

I do not believe name calling can get any productive results here.

I believe Ethiopia needs God to intervene and God can only intervene when there is forgiveness and humility.

Please say Amen to healing for our people, forgiveness and blessings from God. Wisdom for all our leaders. God Save Ethiopia.


Selam H.

Anonymous said...

Selam said that we have to respect each other and I think she is right.So I am going to start to be polite and to respect any CUD official or supporter.OK

Dear CUD officials and supporters,
I just finished reading the Kinijit manifesto,but I have a question for you.What do you advise me?Which Kinijt group should I support?Am I going to support Shaleka Yosef or Andargachew or kinijit international or washington kinijit or ...etc you name it.So I need your help.I am really confused.So,I really appreciate if someone can recommend me.Thank you.
Your Thomas H

Patritic-Ethiopian said...

ZAGOL, are you deleting comments?

I wrote a comment and it is not there anymore, what happened to it?

Anyway, I was responding to Selam. I said on my earlier post, how can we be at peace with a FASCIST? you cannot seat face to face with TPLF WOYANE FASCIST, WHO MASSACRED OUR BROTHERS, SISTERS, MOTHERS, FATHERS, UNCLES, AUNTS, FRIENDS???

It is possible to talk to unconditional surrender, but it is not possible to talk about reconciliation. It will mean to betray our bloved citizens who were massacred by this FASCIST regime occupying my country. If they want to go out of Ethiopia alive, then they must release our leaders and sign terms of uncoditional surrender and get out of ETHIOPIA while they have the chance, or else risk receiving street justice get chased street-to-street and get killed like the animals that they are! I swear to you, soon these cocoroches are going to face mob justice in the streets of Addis.

Selam, STOP saying God bless TPLF or WOYANE, God does not bless MURDERERS AND CORRUPT CHEATERS. If you ever repeat this words again, God migh get angry with you and purge you. So, STOP saying work with TPLF WOYANE. Obviously they don't want to leave our country so God has given us the power to defend our selves, our families, our communities, and our cities, and our country MOTHER ETHIOPIA from foreighn invaders like TPLF WOYANES.


Anonymous said...

Thomas Lebaw,

First, read and finish the Manifesto. If you really understands it,(actually I hope not) you by yourself decides how to emancipate yourself from the selfishness that you woyanes suffer.

You know, this selfishness blinds you from selecting the right path - Kinijit's path.

That's why I prescribe you the Manifeso. I asure you, you'll have your sight back if you follow the prescription properly.

Hope, I'll find you on the right track after your medicine.

It's a right medicine for your disease(Woyanenet). It'll cure you.

Ethiopia Tikdem!!
Woyane Yiwdem!!

Anonymous said...

To Patriotic-Ethiopian
My friend the most dangerous part of the current situation is the number of people like you.

We all know what EPRDF has done. They have committed some of the worst atrocities. However we live in the 21 century and ecomonic advancement and dialogue should be the tone.

I'm hundred percent with Selam. We are thinking about a peaceful Ethiopia, This will not happen with out EPRDF.

So we need to negotiate and work with them. Otherwise we will be back to square one. And non of has the stomach and the time for another civil war.

We will forgive and move on but by making sure that this will never happen again.

Finally the answer to Thomas, there is only one Kinijit and which lives in the hearts and spirits of majority Ethiopians.

We follow the ideology not personels.


Anonymous said...

Hi Laynut,
Thank you for the reply,but what do you mean when you say that there is only one kinijit? If you say that it is the ideology that we should follow,then why all these groups(branches)of kinjit with different chairmans are necessary.You should know that if I am a member of any party then I need a chairman who can guide me.So now I am really confused and I am even thinking about having my own kinijit.Why not?If Shaleka Yosef,Andargachew,KIL,kinijit washington dc have their own kinijit,then I don`t see any reason why I can`t have my own kinjit until I get a chairman.So,I need your advise you guys.One thing that we don`t have to forget is the fact that we need money to run a party.The administration cost is not easy to run a party.So, can any one tell me where I can apply for money(funding) so that I can run my own kinijit.Thank you for your cooperation.

Thomas H

Anonymous said...

The answer is in your question. You said you need a chairman to guide you and show you the way.
You see my country man, Every party doesn't need to be structured like EPRDF. It is true we had our differences but that is in the past. We are moving on. But no one is in jail unlike EPRDFs past leaders like Saye in kalitti, Tewolde is on home prison, and Aregash in exile leave alone Aregawi Berhe in Holland.

Secondly, The imprisoned leaders selected Ato Andergachew specifically. I know him personally a very capable person.

So my friend,
1. we have resolved our differnces.
2. It shows that we are not following a person, We are following an ideology. This point might be difficult for you to grasp as there is no democracy in TPLF since the departure of Tewolde(The brain of TPLF). Tewolde is the reason that Meles is still in power. Since he wanted to remove him democratically in the TPLF annual congress.

3. Finally, Yes, you can set up your Kinijit party, and find followers if you believe in the MANIFOSTO. Nobody claims owership. But then again you said you can't lead.... you need a leader. Well no wonder you are following Meles. There haven't been good leaders before the establishement of Kinijit.

over to you my friend

Anonymous said...

Hi Laynut,
Thank you again for the reply.You are saying the the imprisoned leaders selected Andargachew to be the chairman.Could you please tell me where I can get this information from an independent source.I have to tell you that the reason why I want to have my own kinijit party is not because of money.Ok.What I know so far from what I read is that any democratic party can have only one chairman.That is why I am confused.You see what happend in Somalia is typical example.After the opposition party forced Siad baree to step down,there was a vacuum and every member of the opposition wanted to become the president and as we all know now in somalia there are about 87(yes 87)unofficial presidents.So,the reason why I said
I need a leader is just to avoid chaos.By the way you didn`t answer my question regarding where to apply to get money to run a party.Now, me and you can be role models to others that it is really possible to discuss in a civilized way.

Yours Thomas H

Anonymous said...

I can varify this... i have spoken to them in Kaliti and i can varify this myself. But then again i can not qualify as an independent source.
Secondly, Thomas, you are failing at the first instance. Why concentrate on money from the beginning. How much money do you think kinijit had when it was established, less than 10000birr. You don't need to
have a multi million backing to show people your idea of getting out of poverty. The biggest killer in Ethiopia next to EPRDF at the moment is poverty. So we need a policy and a system which improves the chances of our people. This is the challenge. Even if we have to work with EPRDF so be it. We need to look at the bigger picture. GETTING OUT OF POVERTY.

These men are in prison for thss purpose... so my friend the task is bigger than the personels. Even if Meles doesn't release these leaders, The Ethiopian people have seen the glimse of the future. It would be impossible to hold the process back. You can delay it. But it will come. The best thing for all of us is to find a compromise and work together so that lives will not be lost to get there.

Finally, I really recommend you to read Dr Berhanu's book.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Laynut,
What are the possibilities that I can share some money from Shaleka Yosef`s $850,000 USD or the $1 million USD which the new Kinijt NA is trying to raise so that I can run very efficiently my own kinijit.All of us we want to spread the SPIRIT of kinijit.So I think it is a good idea if all of us can have access to the money.In regards to Dr Berhanu`s book,there are two kinds of Dr Berhanu`s books.So,I don`t know which one to read and it was a little bit contradictory with what Berhanu said about the condition in prison.He said that he could`n breath,he couldn`t sleep and he mentioned all possible horrors in prison.Then how could he write a book under this condition.To write a book you have to be fit both physically and mentally.I will apppreciate if you can explain me a little bit about this issue.Finally,once we develop the culture of discussing in a civilized way on internet,then one day we will discuss in a hall or in a stage face to face.I can`t wait for that day.Thank you in advance for your reply.
Thomas H

Anonymous said...

Hello Prime Minister Thomas,

You are being squeezed from all sides, eventually forced to give
back Badame to its rightful heir,
you Mama Zemzem from Asmara.

a poem for you,

Agezaze melkam amelum melkam new,
Gashawum berdada hulum yemyamere,
teneshe gura yabezal enji
Menew le Hamassien yabatken agere,

Yehenen lememker Sebehat Negas
Men alu,
Bi negrut ayewedem amalun sew hulu.



Anonymous said...

Hello anonymous,
I appreciate your poem,but now there is a discussion between me and Mr/Mrs Laynut.So please don`t disturb us and for your good information both of us me and Laynut are trying to discuss in a civilized way.You can join us but let`s discuss in a friendly way.Since yesterday I am changed and I don`t insult anyone and I will respect everyone`s view.So,you are welcomed to join us and I will appreciate if you can answer the questions that I asked Mr/Mrs Laynut.

Your`s Thomas H
With Love!!!

patritic-Ethiopian said...


You do sound naive to me. There is no negotiations with a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION THAT IS HOLDING THE WHOLE ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE AND THE NEIGBORING COUNTRIES BY THE HOOK. Its like asking the USA to negotiate peace with Bin laden, who has killed thousands of Americans in American soil. TPLF IS KILLING THOUSANDS OF ETHIOPIANS IN ETHIOPIAN SOIL.

Can you please see the parallel between the Torrorists/USA and TPLF-WOYANE/Ethiopia. We are victims of massacre perpetrated by TPLF and aking us to negotiate is saying let the dead remain dead and let the perpetrators go free and continue to pursue their killing spree of the Ethiopian majority. THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN AND IT WILL NOT HAPPEN, NOT NOW NOT IN THE FUTURE! What you people can do is, you negotiate your life out; we don't negotiate with a mass killing organization like TPLF WOYANE

1) release the jailed CUD leadership
2)SURRENDER power to them and find a safe exit for echange

Believe me, I cannot prevent an old lady whose son was killed during the peaceful protest from reacting to this proposal, but I can guarantee that she won't kill you. I also cannot guarantee that you people are going to be called killers and murderes on the street of Addis by kids who have lost their parents to the indiscriminante killing of thier parents, but I can guarantee your safety from physical harm.



Anonymous said...

Hi Thomas
It is very funny to see you looking for money. If you really need money you are looking at the wrong location. All you need to do is prepare a business plan and take it to TPLF, and Wogagen bank. Trust me they will be more than happy to help you, assuming your back ground.

About Dr Berhanu's book, I have read both books and the content is the same. Even though the other one was printed by an illegal source,Probably Mega printing, As far as I'm concerned , still it transmits the message. The more people have access to it the better.

To answer your third question, I think, the book wasn't written all in prison, If you read it carefully, it is more like a Dairy than a research paper. Some of the details he talks about, couldn't be produced in prison unless you have a record of it. So I wouldn't question his integrity.

My Friend, for the first time, true Ethiopian leaders have participated in Ethiopian politics. You should never question their integrity. This people have achieved to the highest point in their respective professions. So the motive is not for money or power. It is more like to make history to the poorest nations in the world. And to make a lasting peace for you and I.

Finally, to my patriotic-Ethiopian, My man, please ask yourself, What does it take to live peacefully? If the answer to this question is more violence, then we need to think again. I for one, do not want any mother to cry for her son or daughter. We have had enough killings. So it is time to preach peace and stability. If you threaten Woyane, the way you do, they will not leave peacefully. So let Bygones be Bygones. And lets look forward to economic advancement and take our people out of poverty.

Your hate massage knife has a double edge, it cuts both sides. Negotiation and dialogue is the way forward. Look what happened in Kenya(Moye).


Anonymous said...

Hello Laynut,

You forget that in Kenya, first of all, Arap Moi did not come to power by force of arms. Second, when he lost the election, he and his party accepted defeat and took their seats in parliament. They did not arrest the opposition leaders wholesale or let loose a hateful ethnic Aganazi militia on the populace to be terrorized and murdered. That is the difference. Woyane came to power by force, it governed by force, it stays there by force, and it will not leave unless it is removed by force. They have so much economical advantages thinking they will give up power is tantamount to naievity if not total stupidity.Until then Gurachew yeketelal. Haile Selassiem selsa amete sigeza anchi yanae afeshen kefteshe menager enkwa atchiyem nebere woaynae. Look where Haile selassie ended. No matter how long it takes, Yemata mata ewnete yereta. Our Shewan identity will be restored, and the hateful occupation will cease.


Anonymous said...

Hi Laynut,
I think there is a misunderstanding between me and you.I didn`t say that I need money.What I said was that, for any party to be called a democratic party,it should have only ONE CHAIRPERSON.So,until we have a chairperson,I wanted to have my own kinijit party and I want to share some money either from Shaleka Yosef or KIL,Kinijit NA,Washington DC Kinijit..etc to cover the administration cost.I don`t understand why this should be a big deal.Regarding Dr Berhanu`s book,I know that you read the book as a supporter of CUD,but you know that every book even a holy book can be criticized by reviewers. So if you are a reviewer ,how would you criticize Berhanu`s book.I am sure that you read what H.E.Honorable MP Lidetu Ayalew wrote about Berhanu`s book.Do you have something to say about that criticizm?As always Thank you.

Thomas H

Anonymous said...

I understood your questions but I was merely directing you where you can obtain money
without much effort. From your questions I understood that you were accusing the
Shaleqa. I can not comment on that so that was the reason I pointed you to the open theft
market where you can be a part of with very little effort.

About critising the Dr Berhanu's book, Before I say anything, This book should be taken as a text book
for any one who wants to learn about Ethiopian politics. Specially for the current breed of

The analysis was well thought and the language used simple , direct and to the point. If you compare
it to , Andergachedw's Nestanet Yemaywik Nesta awchi, the language was very hard in the former.This
is a common mistake with Ethiopian intellectuals ,they use a difficult vocabulary to elevate the idea,
themselves, or even to show the command of language.

Where as this book has been well versed and very simple to understand by the layman. Even I would go
as far as saying the Wayane cadres. I thought in the first chapter it has been over elaborated , talking
about his trips in the desert and Sudan. May be it is because I knew some of the story but couldn't stop
feeling that way.

Finally, I'm afraid I'm going to disappoint you. I don't think I am qualified to critise the content
since I don't have any point of reference.

To Anonymous Shewan

Ok my Shewan friend, I would be embarrassed to associate myself to a region but I will allow you.
Your point is right, Moye handed power peacefully, but do you think he is clean? He hasn't killed anyone?
My friend he was given immunity from prosecution. I'm not suggesting we should but the debate must include
them. Otherwise another rebel will remove EPRDF and becomes just like them. In my opinion we don't need any
force to remove EPRDF. They will go... they can not sustain the current situation and they need time to move
all money they took.

You see with globalisation and the western market, it is in the interest of the western nations to promote
democracy so that they can influence the people they prefer. At the moment they need Meles to clean that
region but once it is sorted they will throw him out in the cold. Look what has happened to Saddam.
Lets be patience and it will resolve itself out. I don't see any need to go to war with EPRDF.
It will defeat itself.


Anonymous said...

Hi Laynut,
Again another misunderstanding,
I didn`t pick only Shaleka Yosef.Please read carefully what I said.I didn`t say that I need money.What I said was that, for any party to be called a democratic party,it should have only ONE CHAIRPERSON.So,until we have a chairperson,I wanted to have my own kinijit party and I want to share some money either from Shaleka Yosef or KIL,Kinijit NA,Washington DC Kinijit..etc(you see I mentioned a acouple of kinijit owners not only Shaleka Yosef) to cover the administration cost.I don`t understand why this should be a big deal.Regarding Dr Berhanu`s book,you said that you are not qualified to criticize it,but every average reader or a reader with an average IQ(by the way people with down syndrome can also read a book) can review and criticize any book.So, again I know that you read the book as a supporter of CUD,but if you were a reviewer ,how would you criticize Berhanu`s book.Please be honest and candid because we are discussing to exchange ideas.THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF MY QUESTION is, I am sure that you read what H.E.Honorable MP Lidetu Ayalew wrote about Berhanu`s book.Do you have something to say about that criticizm?Finally about the defeat od EPRDF by itself,I think it is a wrong assumption.If you see those ex-CUD leaders who are now in Kaliti,they had the same WRONG ASSUMPTION about EPRDF and we all know how it ended up.Myself as a TEGADALY(FREEDOM FIGHTER)I would like to confirm to you that EPRDF was,EPRDF is and EPRDF will be an INDOMITABLE LION simply because it is the choice of majority Ethiopians(THE PEASANTS).So the only peaceful solution for all of us is DIALOGUE.Other than that EPRDF will be forced to open another Kaliti prison#2,Kaliti prison#3..etc.As usual Thanks.

Thomas H

Anonymous said...

Hello Thomas,

Yes my friend, DIALOGUE at your terms. Which is nothing more than acting and being like Hassan Ali, yesterday, and Lidetu Ayalew today. Subservient to your needs, which you have specifically stated in here, which is turning the Ethiopian people into slaves for Tigre business men. I also like the part about, you called it EPDRF, the majority call it Woyanae, being an INDOMITABLE LION. Do not forget yesterday's INDOMITABLE LIONS, are today sitting in the trash bed of history. End the hateful occupation, NOW.


Anonymous said...

Thomas Lebaw,

First, read and finish the Manifesto. If you really understands it(actually I hope not), you by yourself decides how to emancipate yourself from the selfishness that you woyanes suffer.

You know, this selfishness blinds you from selecting the right path - Kinijit's path.

That's why I prescribe you the Manifesto. I asure you, you'll have your sight back if you follow the prescription properly.

Hope, I'll find you on the right track after your medicine.

It's a right medicine for your disease(Woyanenet). It'll cure you.

Ethiopia Tikdem!!
Woyane Yiwdem!!

Anonymous said...

Nov 30th 2006 | NAIROBI
From The Economist print edition
The spectre of a hostile Christian Ethiopia bearing down on Somalia has rallied Somalis behind the Islamists. Somalia's Islamists have spread a similar fear among Ethiopians, giving succour to Mr Zenawi's unpopular and isolated government.
Many of the opposition are in prison on trumped-up charges carrying the death penalty. Tens of thousands of young Ethiopians were sent to prison camps after last year's poll. A few still languish there; others have fled abroad. Several judges have defected, fearing for their safety.
The press has been crushed, foreign correspondents expelled and many journalists and editors put in jail. The government has hired foreign specialists to help it shut down dissident websites, tap telephones and track e-mails. Among foreign governments, China has become an ally.
Most tellingly, morale in Ethiopia's army is low. Several generals, along with their men, have hiked over the mountains into neighbouring Eritrea to join the Oromo Liberation Front, a southern separatist group that wants to bring down Mr Zenawi's lot.

Anonymous said...

If you love your country go head and join the union islamic court (ICU)to tople Meles govt and be part of the new breed of terrorist in the horn of Africa. Listen Meles's leadership is determind by courage and determination not by just an ordenery talk. If you want to fight the fight join the political system let your voice be heard face the hardship fight like a real man's fight, don't just talk the talk... walk the walk. show your love for your people and your country. Don't Just be full of BS. Be a real men.

Anonymous said...

The above Anon said "Listen Meles's leadership is determind by courage and determination not by just an ordenery talk." Let me tell you TPLF and Meles cadre, Meles's ledership is determined by ethnic division and by conspirating against his own people with the countries traditional enemies in order to stay in power. Meles is one coward cruel individual surrounded by ethnic agazi security forces who can not face his own people except Tigrean tribalists as a real genuine CUD leaders in Kaliti prison.

Anonymous said...

the person who wrote the above two messages,I don't know who you are but ur very sick individual. How could one copy the same thing from one chatroom into another. Whatever your motive is, one thing is for sure, the Ethiopian people are under occupation.Those who hate the country are in control of it.The majority has been turned into slaves in their own country where their forefathers bled for centuries, and the struggle will continue until that occupation is lifted, Caputo.

Anonymous said...

The increased role of the private sector in the Ethiopian economy
outside the agriculture sector is largely due to two groups of actors, the
MIDROC-group, owned by the Ethio-Saudi businessman Sheik
Mohammad Hussein Al-Amoudi, and the TPLF-owned Endowment Fund
for the Rehabilitation of Tigray, the EFFORT-group.
Sheik Al-Amoudi’s business activities include agricultural,
Even though Sheik Mohammad Hussein Al-Amoudi’s MIDROCgroup’s
business activities are widespread and increasing, this group has not
created a debate and a criticism that can compete with the debate about and
the criticism of the other non-government business group, the EFFORTgroup.
As is clear from its name, this group has both its objective and its
activities largely directed towards the Tigray region. Like the MIDROCgroup,
the EFFORT-group operates in more or less all business sectors.
The EFFORT-group has organised itself along the following businesssector
– Agriculture and agro-processing
– Construction and engineering
– Manufacturing
– Mining
– Services, including banking (Wegagan) and transports (TESCO)
As noted above, the EFFORT-group has its basis in the Tigray People’s
Liberation Front (TPLF) even though it is formally an independent
share company. From the point of view of efficient competition, as
indicated by the experience from the transport sector and revealed in the
surveys about the business climate mentioned above, the close relation
between TPLF and the present Ethiopian government easily creates
doubts about the equal treatment of EFFORT-companies and other
non-party-related private companies. As there is no efficient and working
commercial legislation, these doubts, well founded or not, easily create
problems concerning the government’s legitimacy and the credibility of
its private sector policies


Anonymous said...

Meles Zenawi must be brought to justice for the biologicalwarfare used against detainees

By Leoul Mekonen

“We took a calculated risk,” said Meles Zenawi when BBC’s “HardTalk” host, StephenSackur, confronted him right after the June 2005 massacre in Addis Abeba. Of course, MelesZenawi has shown the world that he is very good at taking calculated risks when it comes tocrushing and subduing opposition movements. During the June and November 2005 peacefuldemonstration against election fraud, many detainees mainly students were arrested and takento different military camps which were used as concentration camps. They were beaten andsubjected to different kinds of degrading ill-treatment. Beating protestors and making themcrawl with naked knees have been a usual punishment that the so called federal police usedagainst university students repeatedly. Many of the concentration camps like the one inDedessa (Wollega) are out of sight from the international community and human rightorganisations. This gave a very good opportunity to commit all kinds of degrading and brutalactions against detainees. Though many of us Ethiopians who live in western countries arelucky for not seeing these brutalities closely, we, nevertheless have been deeply affected bythe harsh and rough meted out by the Meles Zenawi armed forces against our brothers,sisters, relatives and friends who were taken to remote detention centres.Hearing and witnessing torture and extra judicial killings against opposition groups inEthiopia have always been normal not only for Ethiopians but also for the western worldwhich have often spoken when violations against human rights have been excessive,regrettably very often with a forked-tongue. During the June and November 2005 riots, thereactions of security forces were not limited to torture and illegal detention of protestors.Many who were released from those remote detention camps told that they were shaved bythe same razor blade. Many released detainees witnessed that they were shaved by one razorblade and those who protested against it were beaten until they pass out. Shaving the heads ofdetainees by one razor blade is a very well calculated plan to destroy the most productive anddemocracy thirsty segment of the population. In a country where the HIV/Aids prevalence isso high, the action can be regarded as a form of biological warfare. Exposing youth protestorsto the risk of HIV-virus infection has both long and short-term benefits for Meles Zenawi’sregime. The short-term benefit is that he is able to spread fear among the youth and theirfamilies who wish to continue their protests against the election fraud and the atrocities beingcommitted by the special forces of Meles. The long-term benefit is breaking the backbone ofsociety, the young generation, by infecting them with HIV-virus.The history of dictatorial regimes shows that academics and the youth are always the primetargets of dictators. They are always the first victims to be tortured and/or exterminated. The“Red terror” in the 1970s is a very good example, which depicted how the then Military rulersprolonged their power by massacring the youth who demanded democracy and equality.Thanks to the end of cold war period, in today’s world it will be difficult to massacrethousands and millions of youth who protest against dictators and bad governance. Thespreading of the HIV-virus among protesting youths is very easy, albeit indirect; it is adraconian and ruthless method of putting down opposition movements. The recourse to usingthe HIV-virus as a political weapon will not only help in wiping out the protestors, but willalso make it difficult to accuse Meles Zenawi in the future, as we do Sadam Hussein today, ofmass murder. This is because he will argue that the detainees might have been infected beforetheir arrest or as a result of the high incidence of unsafe sex among the youth.

Meles Zenawi is aware that upon release the detainees will be so preoccupied with theirdeteriorating health conditions and the fear and stigma associated with HIV-infection.Traumatising and by so doing endangering the psychological and social wellbeing of theyoung generation is a well-planned and easy way to prolong power. Taking into considerationthe intensity of fear, frustration and anxiety it causes among the youth and their families, suchan action is tantamount to psychological warfare. Having been infected by HIV-virus and onthe verge of developing AIDS, they cannot even lift up their arms and head from their sickbeds, let alone throw stones to express their bitter frustration. Punishing detainees selectivelythrough HIV-infection can be definitely characterised as biological warfare as long as the aimis to attack enemies or opponents by deadly organisms. Meles Zenawi is aware of the fact thatthese oppressed youths will eventually take up arms and resist his oppressive rule. In his mindweakening the younger and future generation through HIV-infection is an effective measure!It is the national and sacred duty of all Ethiopians in the Diaspora to work together withprogressive forces in the international community to raise charges against Meles Zenawi forbiological warfare against the people of Ethiopia. Meles Zenawi’s atrocities againstopposition groups in Ethiopia must not go unpunished!Leoul

MekonenE-mail address:

Anonymous said...

Ethiopia under one family ruling party

Here is TPLF'S criminal family who controls Ethiopian national assets and all levels of power

1.President Melse Zenawi - TPLF leader and Ethiopian Prime Minister

2.Sebhat Nega - TPLF politburo and President Meles Zenawi's advisor

3.Kidusan Nega(Sebhat Nega's sister) - Mekele Mayor and TPLF central commite member

4.Tsegay Berhe (Kidusan Nega's husband) - Tigray province president and TPLF politburo member

5.Aberash Nega (Sebhat Negas's sister) - run for Addis Abeba city council in May election (with her two cousins) but not elected.

6.Two daughters of Sebhat Nega's mother are from Eritrea like Meles Zenawi's Mother

7.Sebhat Nega's sister is Eritrea's defense minister Sebhat Efphrem's wife

8.Arekebe Ekubay's sister - the wife of Adis Alem Balema who is TPLF central committe member

9.Arekebe Ekubay's wife, Nigist Gebre Kirstos, is the sister of Berhane Gebre Kirstos who is TPLF central committee member and former Ambasador to the USA and current Ambassador to Brussels Belgium

10.Abay Woldu's wife, Turufat Kidane Mariam, is Meles Zenawi's justice and security chief, and TPLF central committee member. Abay Woldu - TPLF politburo member

11.Mulugeta Alemseged, who is Meles Zenawi's nearest family member - Meles zenawi's security chief and personal body guard

12.General Birhane Negas - Meles Zenawi's Palace security chief and the god-father of Meles Zenawi's daughter.
Picture: From Yared Hailemariam's Testimony to EU, a woman shot dead by Meles' gangs on Nov. at her head and chest.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,

I finally realised that that path that I followd for years is fishy and rotten. I've read the Manifesto. It is really a state-of-the-art work.
I've decided to fight Woyane.

Please forgive me. I'm a traitor,coward, selfish asshole.
Please forgive me.

Oh, my God! I finally realised how a retarded lazy cadre i were. We Woyanes are all the same. We know nothing except galloping our only donkey - Agazi.

Sorry Guys, I've returned to the wright path. I know, I'm not compatible with KINIJIT. We, Woyanes are outdated. But I'll try to improve myself through learning from KINIJIT's intellectuals.

In the meantime, I'll finish my highschool education.

Thank you my dear fellow country mens for enlightening me and getting me out of woyane's endless maddness.

Thomas H

Anonymous said...


you've to teach your bosses and return them to the people's path.


Anonymous said...

Hi Thomas,

Are you sure? Are you sure you've read and understand what the Great Manfesto says?

You know what? I thought Woyanes don't know how to read and understand a BIG thing like our Manifesto.

If you really really understans it,
it's good to hear that and welcome.


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

The day before Yesterday, one of my superior ordered me to write some trash lies on the internet. But I refused to do so. He was so angry. Now I'm on a sick-leave.

I'll update you with the latest if they are not throw me to jail.

Woyanes are not brave-hearted like KINIJIT. We are afraid of sacrificing ourself for the people.
But after I saw KINIJIT's bright light, my heart begun to swell up.

Thank you KINIJIT!!!

Thomas H

Anonymous said...


You've to be congratulated for a job well done.

You've to be brave like our GRERAT LEADERS who are now in jail.

Berta!! I am appreciating your decision to complete your high school education.

Finally, don't forget to update us with the latest.

Ethiopia Tikdem!!!
Woyane Yiwdem!!!

Anonymous said...


You've to be congratulated for a job well done.

You've to be brave like our GRERAT LEADERS who are now in jail.

Berta!! I am appreciating your decision to complete your high school education. Good to be HONEST!

Finally, don't forget to update us with the latest.

Hope it'll not be a usual fable that we're tired of.

Ethiopia Tikdem!!!
Woyane Yiwdem!!!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous,
I can`t understand how you expect me to finish high school when my mind is pre occupied with KINIJIT MONEY.It is really difficult to concentrate.If you want me to finish high school,I want you to do me favour,OK. First of all I really don`t know whom to support(whether Shaleka Yosef or Andargachew or ...etc etc).The other problem that I am facing now is MONEY.Currently I am running my own KINJIT until we get a chairman.So far I am covering the costs to run the office from my pocket.So I really want to have ACCESS to KINJIT`S MONEY.So,once these problems are solved,I promise to you that I will finish high school with HONOR.By the way I am doing all these to satisfy my beloved kinjit/Derg officials and supporters because I already completed high school.Currently my status is:
1.H.E.Dr Thomas H PhD in Journalism(that makes me the first Ethiopian to hold PhD in Journalism)
2.Member of MENSA
3.All degrees received in HONOR
4.Military training: trained by the late General Hayelom.
5.Multi-lingual:Speak,read and write EIGHT different languages
6.If I accept the faculty position that I am offered by the university where I got all my degrees,then that will make me the first Ethiopian(probably the first black)on the planet to get the Assistant Professor title at the age of 28.So you have to understand me that I am going back to high scholl again just out of love to kinjit/derg officials and supporters.I am sure that if you help me with those questions that I have asked you,I will complete high scholl with flying colors.

Thomas H

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

I finally managed to disapear and hide somewhere.

Now, for the time being, I'm safe.

I found out that someone is using my name to write some trash tale.

I'm not embarassed by the fact that I was a high school

What really matters is that I've decided to continue my education when the chase with EPRDF ends.

I'm sure I'll acheieve all the status that the above
anon dreams about when the day comes. I assure you that.

Finally, I would like to inform the above anon, whom
ever he /she is, do not use my washed and cleaned name by the spirit of KINIJIT.

You can use your name to disperse your trash lies.

I'm now a different person. Thanks to KINIJIT.


Thomas H

Anonymous said...

Bravo Thomas, Go for it!!

We all expecting that somebody might use your name and try to confuse.

We were correct. Don't worry. we already know who the real Thomas H is.

The real Thomas is going down on his knees infront of KINJIT and giving his back to Woyane.

While you're hiding, try to find a private tutor who teaches your high school education.

God be with you. We are all praying for you.


Anonymous said...

Hello My dear Kinjit supporters,
I don`t think that you understand my case very well.I am very confused now.I have never heard of a story where one party has many chairmans.The only similar story can be found only in Somalia.There are about 87 unofficial presidents in Somalia.I need your help and your advise.Please tell me whom I should support.(Shaleka Yosef,Andargachew,Temesgen Zewdie,Ayele Chamisso,Washington DC kinijit etc etc.)From my side I am ready to read your manifesto,but I want to make it clear that I need to have ONLY ONE CHAIRMAN and of course I want to have access to Kinjit money as well.Believe me it is very difficult even to sleep when you think of the Kinjit money.I have to be honest that sometimes I even salivate when I think of the kinijit money.So,please I need your help.Once my questions are answered,I will not waste time and I will start right away high school education.I promise to you that I will not disappoint you.As I said before I am repeating the high school again just out of love for Kinjit and Kinjit`s money.

With love
Yours Thomas H

Anonymous said...

Hi Thomas,

I've read that you are hiding from your ex-supervisors - Woyanes.

This shows how Woyane is hunting anyone who dares to oppose it.

I am praying for you and for all Ethiopian people who are now under the tyrany of woyane.


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

Thank you for being nice to me after all I've done to you and to my Country. I was a traitor. I've sinned on you & on my country. I've decided to reverse that. And I'll do that by the help of God & KINIJIT.

I know KINIJIT is not just a party. It's another name for the people of Ethiopia. I'll fight Woyane's lawless & terrorist minority regime.

Thank you God for showing me the real path. KINIJIT's path.

Thomas H

Anonymous said...

Hello my dear kinijit supporters,
Keep praying for me .I really want to have access to kinjit`s money.All the time I dream about it and I hope with your help I will have access to that money and I will stop salivating once and for all whenever I think of the kinijt`s money.By the way there is new kinjit website.Do you recommend me to surf the new website or the old website.I need your advice please.
With Love
Thomas H

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

So far I'm Okay! Thanks to God!

Somebody told me that a squd organised by ABOY SIBHAT NEGA is chasing me. The guy in-command is known as KIFLOM. KIFLOM was my friend since 1986 E.C.

I've started reading 10th grade books (biology). Neighbours arround the place where I'm hiding, help me in finding books.

They are so helpful. These peoples are the ones whom we slaughter a year before. Ethiopians are very kind and generous. They strongly support KINIJIT and they hate Woyane very much. They even prefer the Somalian Islamists than Woyane.

They always say woyane is the PLC of DENKOROS/DEDEBS. I began to realise that they are correct. When I see myself, I wonder how an asshole I were.

As one of the blogger once wrote, we are UNFIT for leading a great people and a beautiful country.

I'm now a different person. I'm tring to improve my education. It's tough but I'm tring to study ver hard.

Thanks to KINIJIT.


Thomas H

Anonymous said...

Hi Thomas,

How are you? How is studing? You've to study very hard. You have to improve yourself.

After finishing your education at higher level (University), you'll join KINIJIT.

Tersit & Beza

Cleopatra said...

Ti Tersit & Beza,
Hi, I am Cleopatra(Tommy`s first lady).I am a bit surprised why you are unable to answer Tommy`s questions.In a place where we live there are about 25 CUD supporters and 23 of them told us that they are leaders (chairpersons) of kinijit.So we don`t know whom to trust and whom to support.How many leaders does kinjit have and which kinjit website is the right one.Please help Tommy.He is so confused.Regarding high school education,I don`t think that Tommy is ready for high school education right at this moment because day in day out he is thinking about kinijit money.So,he can`t concentrate on school at this moment.Why don`t you tell him the truth about the kinjit money whether Tommy will have access to kinijit money or not.

Thank you all.

Anonymous said...

Oh! So you're the one who used to insult people? and now you understand what intellectuals said?

Relly you understand what they have been sain'?

You are a highschool dropout huh?

Good to hear that! If you're really capable of understaning the Great Manifesto and other BIG staff, It's good! Congratulations and Welcome to the winning team - KINIJIT!


Anonymous said...


Sources disclosed that a squd lead by a bunch of shifta woyanes like kiflom & tesfaye started AFESSA in Addis.

They are planning to make the youngs as a human shield in the war against Somalian Islamists like they did at Bademe.

As to me, I'm fine so far, reading 10th grade books. I'm catching up a little. It's hard but got not alternative than learning and become a good citizen.

Thanks to KINIJIT!!

Thomas H