Thursday, November 02, 2006

Message from Kaliti warns against individual tyranny in Kinijit

Jailed Kinijit leaders in kaliti are the latest in the host of groups and people to attempt to solve the crisis in the diaspora Kinijit. A message from Kaliti obtained by this blogger today warns kinijit leaders in diaspora that they should adhere to the rules of procedure within Kinijit International Leadership. The message was communicated to all KIL members through the appropriate channel, this blogger learnt.
The message is clear that Kinijit International is a committee that answers to the collective leadership of Kinijit in Ethiopia. It states that the democratic rules of procedure of Kinijit Ethiopia which gives no veto power to an individual leader should be applicable to the KIL. "All decisions by the committee must be reached through democratically acceptable procedures," the message says.
The most interesting part of the message is the one which denies the existence of a special letter written to Shaleka Yosef from Kaliti. "There are reports that there was a letter written to Shaeka Yosef by Engineer Hailu Shawel. Neither in content nor format was the letter that of the (chairman's)," it states. The message expresses its grave concern as how such a document that is not approved by Kinijit leadership and is not communicated through the normal channel has ended up in the public realm with all sorts of harmful implication to Kinijit as organization and its collective leadership. It promises to look into the whole matter and will announce its finding soon. "If any message send to and received from Kaliti isn't made through the appropriate channel, it isn't acceptable," the message concludes.
Seminawork doesn't have a partisan interest in the affairs of Kinijit Diaspora. The loyalty of the blog is to the elected leaders of Kinijit who are languishing in jail. Their will is the bond of the blog. This news was written to make the intention of the Kaliti leaders about KIL clear as there are different conflicting rumors and reports about the matter.


Anonymous said...

Zagol the Great!

betam, betam selam.sooooooooooo good to hear from you.

yep! the diaspora wannabee dictators are at it again.
many many thanks for the clarification!God bless you and our great patriots in Qaliti.

Anonymous said...

ethio-zagol it will be wise to stay out of this being involved will not help...but may serve to diminish your image........stay above the fray...

Anonymous said...

Keep your stupid advice for yourself. He has to tell the truth, nothing but......

It matters very much to many Kinijitites. If you ain't one of us you just would not understand.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your posting, We need to get things cleared from the new dicators that is emerging in diaspora.

kuchiye said...

the shaleqa and his group have track record of lies, lies and more lies. I am not surprised they came up with such a low life hat trick. shame on them

Hi said...

Hello Ethio-Zagol,

Have you come in to the game?

You just made me to laugh; do you expect me to believe your “message” because it is written on a website run from Ethiopia?!?!?!? ………Funny


Our problem is the inability of not knowing the real message from Qaliti prison not the “real message” from Ethiopia like as it is written in your website. It is not hard to get a real message from Ethiopia outside of the Qaliti prison.

I am saying in short, I DON’T BELIEVE WHAT YOU WROTE. Writing a “message from Qaliti prison” in your website does not indicate any credibility!

You had better be away from this kind of topic in order to continuously have credibility like your past. Did some one gave you money or someone systematically controlled your mind?

I personally believe the Shaleqa Yosef group is the real representative of Kinijit Ethiopia. The so called KIL is illegal, I think.

Generally, even by common sense, nobody will expect the Qaliti prison kinijit leaders to assign by naming individuals for KIL.

Read the following, compare and think critically!

Anonymous said...

Ethio Zagol,

Thank you, thank you. The very thing we are fighting against, we now have to deal with from within us. The more that Shaleqa and friends use these type of tactics, the more they will be alienated from the public and be hated.

We have known the destructive behaviors these individuals have been engaging in for awhile now; infact, this is a blessing in disguise. It is an opportunity to completely restructure the the diaspora Kinijit in general, and the KNA in particular.

The commentor above (Hi) had said: "I personally believe the Shaleqa Yosef group is the real representative of Kinijit Ethiopia. The so called KIL is illegal, I think."

I don't know if you are really familiar with the Kinijit movement; I suggest you read Dr Berhanu's book. You will learn that Kinijit is democracy and not tyranny; Kinijit is majority rule and not dictatorship; Kinijit is modern, progressive, smart and conscious politics, not backward, feudal, prejudice and hate politics, so I suggest that u do not fool yourself since you can not fool us.

Anonymous said...

machinations of this kind are every day happenings in political affairs.

I just wonder why everybody has such easy access to these prisoners. Now even Zagol has access to them. If it is so damn easy, why don't we send in the BBC or the VOA and let them announce what the wishes of the prisoners are.

Anonymous said...

You use the terms "appropriate channel"and "normal channel". What is an "appropriate channel" or "normal channel" for obtaining sensitive decisions taken collectively by a group of imprisoned Kinijit leaders who are under a 24-hour strict surveillance?

Anonymous said...

hi and above anonymous,
do you want to expose the system to woyane or are you woyane yourself? Kinijit website does not represent Kinijit it is owned by few individuals. Eeither you are so stupid or want to think that we are stupid

Anonymous said...

cool Z : it is about time you said something about this issue. Thank you for the news Zagol. Ethiomedia was fed up with the shaleka and gang also. It has showed its solidarity to the struggle and KIL.


ethioinfo said...

Everyone please do your part in exposing TPLF and their teletafis by contributing stories, Bio's, and pictures of these people.
Please visit
and importantly
to contribute. The Flickr site is primarily for picutres and the Blog site will be where the pictures and the stories will be told (will be updated based in input from people who have the info) and the ethioaffairs site will be to the main place to give info.
United we can expose TPLF for what they are.

ethio-Zagol said...

To forum participants who supoort the Shaleka:
First: I haven't passed a judgment on the Shaleka. I follow about him and others on the internet. Neither did I weigh in the controversy loaded with opinion. I hope things will be solved in a more civilized manner in Kinijit. The only thing I did was to post a news(after a lot of reflection on the subject). Just like I wrote about Brehanu's book when it was published; Hailu Shawel's health in prison; Vicki Huddlestone's visits, I got the information which I thought was credible and posted it. If a reader didn't believe it and questioned my crediblity, he could stop reaing the blog. Could this blog be a trusted source when it comes to news about EPRDF and not about Kinijit? If that is so, I believe the reader who passes that judgment is believing what he likes to read. It no longer will be a question of veracity and crediblity, it will be a question of personal loyalty and ideology.
Second: Please stop calling a decent individual who defines his life in terms of the struggle to freedom in Ethiopia(and in Ethiopia) corrupt.Believing my news is a right. Above that; when one opens his mouth to talk about the personality of the blogger one doesn't know, It tells you a lot about one and degrades the message. There are better places to be corrupt that fighting for kinijit's value in Ethiopia. After all, aren't we the ones who critisize the Etiopian political sysytem for creating corrupt men and women who get rich quickly because they are close to EPRDF?
Third: This blog is against EPRDF because of the nature of the system of governance the built. They are our brothers and sisters too and if their mistake is committed by brothers within Kinijit, why should I seal my lips? What is there for me in the fight for democracy and freedom?

Anonymous said...

Thanks EZ!

I believe your blog is still a credible source no matter how fiercely some people reacted to your recent posting about kinijit. I encourage you to continue inform and update us on situations of the people's fight for freedom. Don't get discouraged at all! To your surprise there is this group of people who said are kinijit supporters and at the same time bent to questioning the jailed leaders' authority.

EZ, again,thanks for being a reliable source !!!

Tazabi said...

Great job EZ!

You are the voice for the voiceless and our most credible source of news from Ethiopia. I also believe you are a very credible individual with unblemished personal integrity. May God keep you safe!

Ibrahim said...

hi ethiozagol,
Thank God you are back. I was too worried about your silence for the last few days. I have been praying for you every morning and night. and when i saw your post today,it was a big relief for me.
Back to the comments, I can imagine how you would feel for being called corrupt and all. I don't know how one can have the moral to accuse people like you who fight the "Big Brother" form with in. It is better to remind them talking politics in starbucks coffee shops and websits doesn't give one the right to criticize the couragous men and women who risks thier life to contribute for the struggle.
People, it is one thing to support one group or the other, but it is completley embarassing to smear ethiozagol.
we love you ethiozagol, and we understand the tremendous risk you are taking to keep us informed. please keep on doing the great job you are doing.Ignore these bunch winers.
Ibrahim from California

Anonymous said...

There needs to be an election for the leadership in all the support chapters. Those leaders should then elect KIL. That would end all this nonsense. I think we should all push our respective support chapters for this.

Anonymous said...


Don't pay attention to these denkoros around Shalaqa and his lieutenants. They do not have one iota of credibility left in them. What they are trying to do is drag you into their cesspool! You are a class act to stoop to their level.No Kinijitite worth his salt wants to have anything to do with these despicable morons. They have become an embarrasment to everyone.

Shalaqa Yosef has the makings of Colonel Mengistu!

Anonymous said...


Stop whining. If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.
When you chose to host this blpg you let the world come in/on to you. That is the nature of blogging. If you don;t like comments then stop blogging.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zagol,

I am proud of you as an Ethiopian. Please keep this modern way of doing politics.


Anonymous said...

Ethio zagol - Well done for staying true for what you believe in. Very well done for communicating the information you have with us too. You confirmed what many of Kinijit members knew or suspected for so long. My fear is that such letters like the one claimed by Shaleka to have originated from Kaliti, may infact be from Kaliti, but rather than from our jailed leaders, it could be from the jailers/Woyane cadres themselves be it with the help of the likes of Ayele Chamiso. Gullible individuals could easliy fall for it.Good Job.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zagol,

There are lots of things that you do best and there few that are mediocre. Please stick to the former and some of us are and will be with you both in thoughts and DEEDS. I doubt if you have sufficient knowledge of the diaspora politicking.


Anonymous said...

We have to look very cerfuly, what Andergachew,Berhne and there group is up to? It is unexcusable that they are working with Elias Kefle (ER), who is still stand beside "keditu's" betrayal way.
I believe Elias and co has played a big role for the situtation which is kinjit is found to be right now. It was on ER we read for the first time personal accusation about stlling kinjits money.
No body should come and tell us he/she is kinjit's representativ. First of all, we have to get a chanse to chose the representative from each support group.
Andnett hayl new!!!

Anonymous said...

I believe you have a partisan interest in it up to your nose. You don't have to deny it. You are, I believe the originator of the August 14 Email that suggested the formation of KIL with six names as members, and then the second Email. You’ve even gone to the extent of giving us biographies of names of individuals embellished with idolatry words and phrases in your subsequent postings .You also have deliberately made sure that certain other important individuals of Kinijit –Qualiti are left ignored. You've done all you could to sell this KIL invention of yours along with the people you chose to be in it to us in the Diaspora. So, do you deny then that you are our kingmaker blogger hiding behind your column?? One brotherly advice I can give you is: please stop it!!

Anonymous said...

We are all proud of you Shelaka and Co are in desprate move to kill everything that is coming in there way to the point that they are spreading the news that his blog is run by Yared Tibebu, Berhane Mewa and Andargachew. They are becoming just like Meles in a vacume. Well I look forward to see some more jokes from them.

Anonymous said...

you may have some good sources in addis...but when it comes to the diaspora.......EZ stay out of dont have all the information

Anonymous said...

"Seminawork doesn't have a partisan interest in the affairs of Kinijit Diaspora. The loyalty of the blog is to the elected leaders of Kinijit who are languishing in jail. Their will is the bond of the blog. This news was written to make the intention of the Kaliti leaders about KIL clear as there are different conflicting rumors and reports about the matter."
Please analyze your contradictory statements and let me know what you were trying to mean? How can you be loyal to the leaders of a party, but not to the party itself? Don’t you know a party by all account is greater than its leaders? A party is a continuous entity that can transcend generations, leaders are snap shots that come and go. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be loyal to leaders, but when you express your loyalty you should emphasize your party loyalty. The will of the party leaders is the will of the party and the will of the party is the will of the people it stands for. Our ultimate loyalty is for the will of the people. In fact, our party or leadership locality should always be examined. Look where the Republican Party and BUSH loyalty has taken the United States! The following is an excerpt from the message that you tried to propagate.
“Jailed Kinijit leaders in kaliti are the latest in the host of groups and people to attempt to solve the crisis in the Diaspora Kinijit. A message from Kaliti obtained by this blogger today warns kinijit leaders in Diaspora that they should adhere to the rules of procedure within Kinijit International Leadership”
Your disclaimer says “Seminawork doesn't have a partisan interest in the affairs of Kinijit Diaspora” But the leaders that you are loyal to have a much bigger interest in KIL and their message from Kaliti says that leaders in Diaspora should adhere to the rules of procedure within Kinijit International Leadership”.

I am not Kinjit member, but I do have stakes in the party. Any problem, affair, disagreement of Kinjit is a problem to me and it really concerns me, I just can’t pass it as an internal affair. Don’t you?

Anonymous said...

As far as my knowledge is concerned, money embezzelment aside, “Shaleqa and Co.” were not inside Ethiopia during the campaigning and, the heinous massacre as well as imprisonment done by “woyane”, like Birhane and Andargachew. As a result, they have not passed the real test of political leadership like the latter. Thus, no ordinary person in Ethiopia (like “Emmama Askalech” of “Shero Meda”) does know them like Birhane and Andargachew. Consequently, “Shaleqa and co.” do not command the respect of the people in Ethiopia. Hence, they do not pass the “litmus paper” of political leadership; unlike Birhane and Andargachew, they are not in the “hearts and minds” of ordinary persons in Ethiopia. Personally, I know the respect that Brihane and Andargachew command from the people in Ethiopia in general and “Our Leaders in Kaliti” in particular. As far as I am concerned, the spirit of the letter posted by EZ is consistent with these facts.

A Lawyer who came to the States only 10 days ago.

Angagaw said...

Please please please both sides think about the big picture. Above all we have to be united and strong to reach our goal. I believe individuals should not obsess about their power, the group or consensus should rule. Please let's not give a chance to our/our country enemy!!!

Anonymous said...

How many Woyanes are involved in this issue. The Woyane government does not want KIL to succeed. Hence they are busy fanning propaganda some times masquarading as supporters of Shaleka.

Gooch said...


If you were here in the diaspora, you would see that there is extreme antipathy among Kinijit support leadership.

There is absolutely no mutual trust, respect, and understanding.

Given this, the messages coming from Kaliti are reduced to meaning nothing. If the message receivers do not trust each other, then they will dispute the authenticity of the message. Given the circumstances, 100% verification of the messages is, of course, impossible.

Even if it were possible, then because of their mutual mistrust, they would not agree on the meaning of the message. And we have seen this repeatedly.

The root of the problem is lack of mutual trust and empathetic understanding, not a misunderstanding about what the imprisoned leaders want.

Today, the spark that lit the conflict is KIL delegation issue. Tomorrow, there could be another similar minor issue that could start another internal war. We in the diaspora have a decades-long history of infighting in various contexts.

So, the issue is not KIL. The issue is not Shaleka or Andargachew. It is much bigger than these.

The issue that needs to be addressed immediately is how do we eliminate the chronic suspicion, mistrust, and lack of empathetic understanding that pervades our society. How do we improve our communication skills? How do we reduce conflict and introduce and encourage behaviours conducive to conflict resolution?

Anonymous said...

Thank you EZ. We all know the problem is in the US and among individuals - nothing to do with the Kinigit we know and fight for. These individuals are at best a distruction and just a group of incapable Ethiopians hiding behind the word "kinigit" so they have no power or ability to break anything. They were never leaders and will never be.

tarfonin said...

It's just absurd for you to come out of the blue moon and claim you have heard it all from the horse's mouth. Just look how outrageously ridiculous you sounded when you claimed you were above partisian politics. You are not, and your previous entries and the present one argue to the contrary. And, what made you think your rumours are more credible than the other ones that we have been hearing about for sometimes?

As a neutral blogger, your loyalty is neither to the jailed leaders nor to the factions in Kinijit, but your READERS. The fast way to end up in blog sink hole is to start rapping to your own beat.

Anonymous said...

You do not have any names associated with your information,...therefore another forged letter just like the first forged letter with names. We clearily remember that you were advocating for the forged letter from the begining of KIL. Unfortunately, this one is too late as Brhane Mewa was sure that it came from Kaliti...showed the letter to radio host show. He didnot deny it that he got it from Kaliti. We will see how he is going to spin that and come in line with your fabricated suggetion. Too bad, people will be too inquistive this time though, it won't be easy as you thought.

Anonymous said...

No wonder why URAEL be cautious about your information source.

Anonymous said...

The underlining problem between the two so called kinjit blocks in the diaspora is manifested because of the undemocratic nature of the organizations formation and the weak organizational plan that was layed out to drive it.

Kinijit has been made less democratic because the appointment of the kIL leaders has not been tranparent. The way in which the appointment was made leaves a lot of room for infiltrators to make a legitimate, but weak, case that the appointment was fake. The appointment of KIL by our leaders in Kaliti makes the Kinijit overseas inherently vulnerable to breaks in the chain of command

The leaders should have nominated candidates and should have let paying party member of CUD vote for KIL.

Organizationally, Kinjit is weak because it breaks two fundamental characteristics that makes an organization functional. They are clear accountability and feedback. Presently, it is not clear to whom the NIL is accountable too. A lot of people say KIL is accountable to its leaders in prison. But that is not, practically speaking, sensible. Although the role of our kaliti leaders should not be underestimated, the organization will be dynamic and robust if it is accountable to its immediate stakeholders i.e paying members, the larger Ethiopian diaspora, and Kinijit's charter. The role of our leaders in kaliti, whether we accept it or not, will be minimal and should be minimal if we are going to get anything done. They are in prison and communicating and getting directions from them will create organization inefficiency that will unnecessary kill our momentum.

As far as feedback is concerned...since the organization has not realisitically defined to whom it's catering to beneficiaroies of KIL have not been able to inform the leaders if what is they are doing is right, wrong, adequate, or inadequate. Making it impossible for KIL to know if what its doing is working or not.

This being my humble opinion, in a way I am glad this disagreement is in the open. It is testament to the organizations democratic tendencies.

Anonymous said...

re: ethio-zagol - "Could this blog be a trusted source when it comes to news about EPRDF and not about Kinijit? If that is so, I believe the reader who passes that judgment is believing what he likes to read. It no longer will be a question of veracity and crediblity, it will be a question of personal loyalty and ideology."

my sentiments exactly. i think most would agree that e-z has time and again proven to be a most reliable source of information for those of us outside of the country. how absurd it is that those of you who criticise do so now out of sheer personal interest - where was any of this suspicion prior?

DJ said...

I am mostly observer not a writer, and I am sure by now some of you might know me. I was the one who reconfirmed the story about Alemayehu and corrected EZ about Alex’s business title. Even though EZ exaggerated the story, and I truly believe he did it for good cause, his stories were true. He was the first to report about Yalemzewd Bekele When she was released from jail (reference: “Ylemzewd Bekele is released twenty minutes ago on police bail from Woreda 8”), he was the first to report about Brihanu’s book (Reference: Birhanu Nega Writes a book; a book that rekindles the kinijit spirit). Indeed it does rekindle the kinijit spirit. EZ was the first to report when honorable Brihanu was in hospital, he was the first to report when honorable Hailu shawel was in hospital, how about a story about TPLF man: “TPLF man kills a tyre repair owner and walks free…”, a letter by Mullunesh and her release, and the comedy inside the courtroom and parliament.

And the one that became so true that no one could dispute was the news EZ wrote on Friday September 8 2006: “Breaking News: Defections, defections, defections: Inquiry commission decides that the government used excessive force against demonstrators…and two commission members leave to Germany with the report”, and the last but not least: EZ wrote a must read report “From May to May – Ethiopia leads the world in muzzling free speech”. By now we all should agree, whether we are against this blogger or not, he/she has credibility. Yes I would have advise him/her not to exaggerate if he/she was independent writer, but the fact is he/she is in Ethiopia, cares about the people who are jailed for freedom and democracy in our beloved country, and has a reliable source. These are the facts we can’t deny. Those of you to accuse EZ otherwise should leave this forum and find your own resources and forum. You have however the right to discuss on the issues and have your own opinion about the issues only. But to accuse the blogger of being someone else will show us that you’re “asmesay”, and works for EPRDF. If you truly believe you’re fighting for a permanent democracy for our beloved country and you have a different strategy than Kinijit movement, or you support EPRDF strategy for democracy, then let us discuss it openly by telling us who you are instead of hiding. The blogger introduced him/her self as EZ, I did as DJ, and others did the way they wanted. So to those of you who write “anonymous” and tries to destroy our forum should wake up and smell the struggle. That is, you will not break us or bend us, and there is no going back. I and others believe the true struggle is in Ethiopia, and those who struggle for freedom are either in jail or hiding in Ethiopia, and there are a few oppositions in parliament who struggle for freedom. The rest of us who are out side of the country (including my self in America) are living a comfortable life and check our country news on-line or other means while we work, or during our lunch break, or at night before we sleep, or in the morning while eating breakfast and drinking our tea/coffee/milk, and in nutshell while living a good life. Therefore, no one now has the right to accuse EZ for his/her credibility. I and others will some day will get the opportunity to thank you for great job you and others in Ethiopia doing. Stay strong and you will one day see the light.

I will end my opinion with the comment made by one anonymous who said it all:

“I don't know if you are really familiar with the Kinijit movement; I suggest you read Dr Birhanu's book. You will learn that Kinijit is democracy and not tyranny; Kinijit is majority rule and not dictatorship; Kinijit is modern, progressive, smart and conscious politics, not backward, feudal, prejudice and hate politics, so I suggest that u do not fool yourself since you can not fool us. You are the voice for the voiceless and our most credible source of news from Ethiopia. I also believe you are a very credible individual with unblemished personal integrity. May God keep you safe!”


Anonymous said...


Thanks for your credible info.

The crissis between KIL & KNA is hard to stomach.

It is even harder for those of us who don't know the facts, but caught in the line of fire between the leaders of the 2 warring factions.

But where is commons sense? How can Yoseph as a chair man of KIL & KNA decides alone with out any discusssion with the commitee memebers to suspend an organization and executive memebers? Where is his leadership reponsibilities in resolving the crissis before it gets out of control?

And what is shameful is he has blind followers who did not dare to question his handling of the crissis.

Just look at the editorial on posted yesterday - Yoseph is painted as a saint or a supereme leader. What kind of culture are we promoting?

Anonymous said...

Those who oppose Yoseph have spent their time painting him as evil. The article actully elaborated the sequence of evnets succintly and clearily. What you need to do is challenge the article based on facts and logics if there is any. The time for empty propaganda by repeatedly saying Yoseph is a dictator just because he takes precautionary action is not satisfactory to convince observers. As things stands now, the KIL actions is illegal and way off from the democratic process. If rules and regulations are violated by single or group of people doesn't make any difference. The action taken by KIL is illegal since it has violated any commonly known organizational meeting procedures. The fact that they are eight when making the decision doesn't make any difference. The article by KNA editorial convincingly relayed that to the public.

Anonymous said...

"...For those of us who do not want to be partisian between the factions, this is the kind of articles we want to evaluate..."
I know you are parisan, very partisan. All the same, let us talk about the so called article. Here are a few quotes:
“…Dr. Mogus may claim an "ewqinna" from Colonel Goshu..”
“…Ato Berhane Mewa had voluntarily relinquished…”
“…A group of Ethiopians in the Diaspora may claim to be Kinijit support chapters when they have been given the "ewqinna" through Shaleqa Yoseph…”
“..The finance and management committee (FMC) that was assigned by the August Extraordinary General Assembly … after Shaleqa had suspended the KIL. …the work of the Finance and Management Committee was declared null and void.”
“…only Shaleqa Yoseph, has the undisputed "ewqinna"”.
Mind you, these are all directly copied from the said “article” (a better way to describe it would be a telltale) and pasted.
Our Shaleqa is emulating Napoleon, when he said I am the State. Or closer to home, Mengistu Hailemariam when he declared himself to be the center of all political activities in Ethiopia and the center (“Maekel”) of the Party. Is this how you understand working through institutions, adhering to the statues of an organisation, the rule of law? If this is what we are fighting for, our fight is pointless, because we already have it long ago. Even our elders in the villages have a much better understanding of the concept of democracy. They, for example, know for sure that it is not in the prerogative the chairman of an “Idir” to dismiss other committee members. In fact the whole episode may turn out to be a blessing in disguise.The Shaleqa and his clique stripped themselves naked and showed their true colour; they are simply a version of Woyane or Dergue, just like Lidetu (aka Khidetu) was. Ethiopians are now perfectly capable of seeing through this kind of treachery packaged as a political difference. Treachery because the actions of this clique is clearly aimed at splitting Kinjit into its former constituent parts and weakening the struggle against Woyane by introducing ethnicity. The Shaleqa and his cohorts, I think, have a very short time to mend their ways and join the struggle of the Ethiopian people. If they insist on dividing Kinjit, they will miserably fail like Lidetu. Probably they will manage to keep the money, if it makes them happy.

Anonymous said...

Now EZ is trying to get into the act by claiming that he has authentic information from the Kinijit leaders in Kaliti. EZ’s timing is perfect since he is trying to preempt the KNA meeting called for Nov. 4-5 to clarify all the deception that has been going on for some time. Have we not heard this sort of fake information since the May 14 letter, claiming to be from Kaliti, which was first posted on ER before any of the Kinijit NA committee members (except Berhane Mewa) had received it? One can write to a friend in Addis and ask that friend to copy the letter and send it back. Of course there would not be a signature. There is no rocket science in this for anyone to work it out. We in the diaspora have been following the events carefully since then. If memory serves me well at around that time EZ has again preempted their forged appointment to KIL and posted eulogies on him and Andargachew Tsige. EZ writes: Seminawork doesn't have a partisan interest in the affairs of Kinijit Diaspora. The loyalty of the blog is to the elected leaders of Kinijit who are languishing in jail. Their will is the bond of the blog. This news was written to make the intention of the Kaliti leaders about KIL clear as there are different conflicting rumors and reports about the matter.
We have confidence in EZ to give us up to date information on concrete events in Ethiopia, but people are human and have their personal interests and opinions when allegiance to personalities is concerned. The conspiracy by Angargachew and Berhane to manipulate and split Kinijit supporters, by falsely claiming that they have been appointed by the leaders in Kaliti and are only directly answerable to them, is a ruse to usurp the Kinijit movement and start their own Party to fulfill their power thirst. We, the supporters of Kinijit in the diaspora want the truth to come out for the sake of the long-suffering Ethiopian people and our leaders in Kaliti and, as a community to get back to work to have them released.

Anonymous said...

some of these people posting as if they support Shelaqa Yoseph IMO are paid weyanes cadres... TPLF will do anything humanly possible to destroy Kinijit. So they are here posting on this blog as if they really care for Shaleqa and they stand by him. How could anyone be kinjit supporter and support Shaleqa at the same time since Kinijit is all about democracy and there is nothing what Shaleqa did is pro democracy since he made the decision to fire two KIL members without consulting the rest of KIL members. Therefore either these people who support Shaleqa do not believe in democracy to begin with or they are just Weyane cadres. I believe they are the later.

Anonymous said...

It is a pity that has posted EZ's comments. We had such high respect for his integrity. We would have wished for him to comment about the situation after gathering all the facts after the meeting to be held on Nov. 4-5.

DJ said...

Now we are finally using the forum to discuss the real issue instead of attacking EZ for his/her credibility. I don’t have any knowledge about Kinijit NA or KIL, but I like the discussion how everyone is making a point with the facts. Keep up the good Kinijit sprit!


Anonymous said...

The meeting of the renegade Shalaqa group in Denver, aka woyane land on the weekend tousands of Ethiopians are paying homage to their fallen compatriots and their unjustly incarcerated Leaders is really obscene. These have to be the worst denkoros on earth. Who knows woyane might be footing the bill through Samuel Assefa.
Yosef & Moges would have no qualms
about selling out to woyane for
some dough. The fat cats at EDU
got all the money back then and
the butlers came empty handed and
vowed never to repeat that mistake
again. The rest as they say is history!

Anonymous said...

The Nov 4-5 meeting is the shelka group not Kinijit it something else. Also they claim to have so many chapter and many of them are one person chapter such as Frezeno, even Denver is a one person chapter and may are fake kinijit fron VA and MD. they haven't done anything and won't either and that is wha the woyane in Denver want.

Anonymous said...

hi Zagol,
If we couldn't trust the "letter" send to Shaleqa, then how come you think we trust your " insider link".
What makes me lough in the statement is, the declaration that " The kaliti people will look in to the matter and announce their decision".
It is an insult to your readers. As far as I know the leaders in prison are not allowed to get to each other let alone deliberate on the issues like this.
Is it the sort of information like the mysterious e-mail from kaliti which announces the birth of KIL and the 6 trusted people.
Rather than clarifying the standstill, you become part of the problem. Whether you put your remark to distance your self from the issue, your article speaks volumes which side you are supporting.
It is not difficult to be in public eye, but it is hard to maintain it. ( learn from lidetu).

Anonymous said...

To the lawyer who come 10 days ago!!

Probably to this world as well. Berhane Mewa was out well before the conception of Kinijit.
Why he left his country is by no means associated to kinijit.

If you are a lowyer( I think you are about to request asylum) you better know who is who in kinijit.

Anonymous said...

To all those who have been deceived and have aligned themselves to the two power hungry individuals, who have mastered the art of intrigue and are bent on wrecking Kinijit, please go to site and read the authentic hand written letter from the Chairman of Kinijit in Kaliti.
This will be the real test for finding out on whose side you stand - the leaders in Kaliti or those 2 individuals.

Anonymous said...

Is a personal property?

Anonymous said...

Was simply wondering what the "exceptionally" written and sent letter would really mean after all. Dear compatriots, there is no dumb on this globe who would tell you to be ruled by an authoritarian, and KINIJIT is not about it.
Let me say few words on this letter and on what Shaleqa Co. are trying to "prove" their innocence after hurting the struggle in their old stylic group clique thinking.
* Unless there is any other letter this is a very recent letter written on 28th October. Talks about KILs decision to remove Shaleqa but not about Shaleqa's preceeding letter who removed AT and BM and to be worst suspended activities of KIL. He may only have the right to call upon the assembly to ban any executive memebers and for that matter he has no power to stop activities of KIL.
* If Engineer Hailu Shawel wrote this letter, it means for either of two reasons. Either he knows only Shaleqa very well (may be less acquaintance with the two dynamic politicians) or he has no information how these clique gangsters at KNA harmed KINIJIT's spirit after they got imprisoned in kaliti. The problem only started when some dynamic people appear and their pace of leading the struggle become faster than others, then they were excluded. This is what happened with Kihdetu and am sure Eng. Hailu wont support such event to happen to KINIJIT again.
* On his editorial, with his own words has vested evey power of "Ewuqenna ...." to Shaleqa. It just reminded me our ex. colonel whose titles were so remarkably long. There at least they couldn't deny that HE BM was one of the initial appointed, together with Shaleqa Yosef and Goshu Wolde, ....... In my ears the same leader said, "BM resigned from his KNA position because of inappropriate working environment within KNA leadership. Why on earth would it happen with the knowledge of Shaleqa (because he already knows he is appointed from kaliti and he is one of the heros who also has the "Ewuqeena"). Nothing is mentioned in name on this hand written letter in contrast to what is stated at the editorial, which is still a question to me.
The letter is all about collaboration, love, sensitizing the population on furthering the struggle. It mentioned to have some reliable people to coordinate the struggle in Europe and elsewhere. Unless there exist information gap the work done by HE AT and all others in Europe has already answered this question. KIL has beyound Europe went on globally coordinated effort, had this clique and friction in KNA not retarded its pace.
In general, we need dynamism in KINIJIT, not an inheritage of power. That is why people like Prof. Mesfin, Dr. Berhanu (even nominated as chairman of KINIJIT) gave opportunitity to the young sisters like HE Bertukan and HE Eyuel. What if these two people be given the opportunity???
Much can be said about the "letter" but dear fellow Ethiopians, if we want to save KINIJIT from the current crisis, it is not and shall not be at the expense of the very principle KINIJIT stands for .... majority decisions and LOVE. KNA disliked these two people, KNA rejected KIL decision (in all cases KNA refers to the chairman and very few who are toiling day to night to be heard as sole outlets of KINIJIT), it can never be like this.

KINIJIT shall prevail as a spirit of Ethiopian people.

Anonymous said...

Z, if you really have the inside track, do us all a favor and tell the good engineer and doctor to play nice in the sandbox. Maybe then we can get back to the business of building something with the blocks instead of bickering about who owns which block in what color and whatever shape.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zagol,

Kinijit has already put the letter it says it received from Engineer Hailu on is website. It is there for everyone to see. You say you have received a message from Kaliti that says there is no such letter to Shaleqa Yosef from Engineer Hailu.

If that is the case, do you mind showing us this message that disputes the existence of Ato Hailu's letter to Shaleqa Yosef?

By doing that, it will show that you are a neutral blogger as you claim.

Anonymous said...

Zagol, Glad to hear you once againn as Usual.

We know all and the Shaleka and Co. group are killing themselves. The bad thing is that their desire to kill KINIJIT before they die.

It is good that the the shaleka group exposed them sleves out. They are the main and the ones who are responssible for dragging the struggle of the Diaspora against woyane backward.

Finally,, You are doing great and keep it up our hero/heroine.

God Bless you

Anonymous said...

Dear People!

I heard & read that there is no letters from Kinijit leaders.

According to my verification from a very close relatives & visitors in Kality,Hailu Shawel has issued a letter to the shaleka Yosef Yazew.

I give a warning not to divide Kinijit as on one side the Shaleka (AEUP) & Andargachew or Birihanu (Kestedamena)on the other side.

Anonymous said...


All about the fighting is a power mongering of the young poleticians from the old poleticians.

God bless Ethiopia

Anonymous said...

Time will tell soon. There is no question you have a good connection with the ruling APARTHEID TIGREAN CLASS.You are fabricating this news -Hailu's letter to Major, just to divide kinijit supporters. Why are you silent on the recent massacares ???

Anonymous said...

The truth will come out in the open for all to see soon. And if some are fabficating, fabricating thinking that might help the struggle like the famous resistarce fighter was faking radio contacts with Haile Selasse in exile bringing thousands of well-armed resistance fighters with him to help the partiots near the Sudan border in the sturggle against Mussolini's occupation of the rest of Ethiopia three years before it happened, that could be considred well-done by a great person. Only at that time the patriots back home were sometimes divided and fighting with each other. This time it is not the Kinjit back home which is divided. Meles isn't as lucky as Mussolini. But then again Mussolini didn't have too much support from the Amerikans and the Europeans near the end.

I read the 58 postes above. The only one which disappointed me was that of EZ's on this section. Not the article itself mind you. Only the comment on the comment section. I think I've more confidence in you than you have on yourself or what 'dj' says about you. There is no need for you to waste your time bickering with the rest of us. You delivered the news risking your life. Please continue. And yes the leaders in Qaliti prison are the only KINIJIT leaders. HE Engineer Hailu promised us there was a contengency leader group to take over in case all of them leaders were jailed. There could be none at home in such circumstances. Or TPLF would've killed them by now. So, the need to organize out of the reach of Agazi and federal police.

The 26 million Ethiopians of voting age woke up as early as five in the morning to elect their leaders. The Ethiopian Diaspora wasn't allowed to vote like the eritreans were allowed to vote on 'slavery vs. separation' referendum all over the world. Or like the Iraqis outside of Iraq after Saddam.

Lying for the good of the struggle? And old ways are not always good ways. Some old ways which were considered good 'for the sake of the nation' were I thought abondened long time ago. Some of the people who are trying the old ways now were young university students who brought the old system down or fiesty junior officers at that time. Surely, we don't want to go back to any of the systems from old times. We want better days now. If someone told you that you should invent a bicycle and then a motor cycle before you can fly in a plane, what would you say to them? And what if the guys telling you that never invented anything?

I would just laugh and say to them that they should come up with a better material next time.

EZ, I have more respect for you now than before. I don't know how that can be possible. But I'm proud that there are still Ethiopians like you who still believe in Ethiopia's bright future. The Ethiopians who truly believe every Ethiopian can be whatever s/he is best at. The Ethiopians who really kept that poor but proud country together for so long but were invisible to the most part. The Ethiopians who never wanted anything back except their county's continual existence in independence and equal citizenship for all Ethiopians in their life times, or their children's or their grand children's life times at least. And the time has arrived now. There is no going back. Our fathers destroyed one of the longest dynasty b/c it was dysfunctional and couldn't respond to a disasterous famine in Wallo and Tigray. They in turn had to watch it on TV just like foreigners when it happend again ten years later b/c they had ran away from the beast of a gov't they gave the power to. And they were the lucky ones. Their friends had died in Derg's torture chambers or on the street.

I don't think some Ethiopians keep in mind how many innocent people TPLF has killed since it came to power when they discuss some issues. Life can be sometime so cheap in Ethiopia. Wasn't it just a few days ago that the list of names of the people that have been killed and shot came out? And that is only the list of people who were brave enough to report it to the inquiry comission or had relatives who were brave.

The spirit is more important. And we have leaders. We'll be free. The struggle continues even after we are freed from TPLF's brutal, treasonous and corrupt minorty rule. For the struggle is not just about KINIJIT but about Ethiopians of all religion, ethnic and gender.

Thank you EZ. May Alah protect you.

Anonymous said...


You attempted to reply to the question I asked regarding the editorial article. But, you ended up in the same old bin...inuendo that rationalizng. Your reply is full of ranting, I haven't seen a single sentence that disputed the facts and logic that article by the editorial analyzed. The process and actions taken by KIL to put itself at the top of the leadership helm is flawed and filled with intrigue and far logical even for naive minds. If the question is who is the right representative of kinijit in diaspora, according to the article, the right person is only Shaleqa no one else. That is the crust of the matter. The rest do not have any legal representation as they are claiming, since they are appointed with forged letter. This forged letter was recognized as legaly only by EZ and the appointed personalities. The article argued that the Shaleqa is only legal aponitee. The others are either mischeviously appointed or infiltrated the leadership to weaken the diaspora. Then, I leave it to you..which one to follow...appointment by EZ and the forged letter or by the real leaders. The choise is yours!!

Anonymous said...

The Kinijit International Leadership should take the leadership and lead the struggle.
When Nelson Mandela was thrown to jail, the ANC had to take the leadership overseas.
Like wise, when the Kinijit leaders are on jail, the party can not be fully functional from Ethiopia. So, the KIL need to take the helm of power.
The KIL leaders shouldn't go to Kality to give any decidion.
Shalequa and his faction are ego maniac and they are after power.
I am happy that their mischevious deed is exposed befoere it goes further.
KIL should be resurrected with new leadership on the upcomming conference that will be held in Atlanta.

Anonymous said...

You are working for the so called KIL. The jailed leaders DIDN'T APPOINT ANY ONE BY NAME. They asked the Diaspora support group to work together for a result.
KIL is the brainchild of Andargachew and Berhane Mewa. Don't insult our intelligence. Don't divide the Diaspora. The Diaspora was divided after the advent of KIL. KIL is a vehicle designed to deploy Woyane cadres. KIL is funded by both woyane and .... The who exercise of KIL is to weaken the Diaspora support by all means. The duo are playing in the Diaspora what Ayele Chamiso and Temesgen Zewde are doing at home. I appeal to the consceince of this blogger NOT to be a tool for paid agents. If you care for the vote of the Ethiopian people, if u care for the rule of law and the establishment of a democratic system, don't be fooled by KIL. KIL is the anti-thesis of democracy. The so-called official channel has caused so much misinformation and therefore, the jailed leaders are not using it anymore.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Folks, no one seems interested in resolving the crissis through reconcilation. Again who is in charge? is the root cause of the problem. Shaleq Yoseph is interested to be in charge but nothing else. If he believes on what he said: " him to be a legal leader and the rest of them appointed on a forged paper", then why he wasted all his time and resource for the last 6 months leading KIL? Something is not right. He started using as what he calls it "his absolute executive power" once he discovered the majority of memebers are dissatisfied with his leadership.

The point is we have to resolve this crissis "now" before it gets out of control.

The troika: Shaleq Yoseph, Berahne Mewa and Andargachiew Tsigie must appologize to memebers and followers and resign their post. New leaders must be elected through a democratic process and move on.

Anonymous said...


CUD to hold general assembly, elect new leaders

The Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD) party is to hold its general assembly within ten days and elect new leaders.

The current leadership, led by the party chairman Temesgen Zewdie, will be replaced by the new leadership after assembly members choose their new leaders.

The assembly will be held in the aftermath of a friction within the party's executive committee. A fortnight ago, controversy arose as the party's deputy chairman, Ayele Chamiso, called a general assembly and announced that the assembly had elected new party leaders in place of the incumbent leadership.

But the move was opposed by the current party leadership, which decided to suspend Ato Ayele and his supporters temporarily.

The National Electoral Board (NEB) also rejected the election of new leadership within CUD on the ground that proper procedure had not been observed and that consequently the new leaders elected by assembly cannot be recognized as such.

Ato Endalkachew Molla, a member of the CUD executive committee, told The Reporter that the party had not suffered a great damage as a result of the attempt at leadership change. He said that in the interest of the party, the executive committee had extended a hand of friendship to Ato Ayele and others by lifting the temporary suspension and inviting them to work together to successfully convene the general assembly with a view to electing a new leadership.

Anonymous said...

KIL is a carefully crafted tool by TPLF to dismantle the Diaspora kinijit support groups. Make no mistakes about this