Sunday, November 12, 2006

Getachew Jigi sheds crocodile's tears

Getachew Jigi, former member of OPDO and an MP who fled to the US, asked for the opposition to Meles's regime to work in unison. It is a bit rich coming from a person who created so much chaos within his party, the OFDM, and chastised Kinijit on November 4 last year; just three days after hundreds were killed and thousands were put in a concentration camps for supporting the party. Sorry Getachew, you don't have the moral authority to make such a call even from America.


Neb said...

I remember the mess this man created and the interview he gave to the VOA in November 2005. His representation of the entire situation was so disgusting, for which he was criticized by everyone outside the TPLF clique.

Nevertheless, if his latest message is an honest self criticism, if he admitted his mistakes fully, I think we should leave his past for where it belongs. There are many in the TPLF system who were fooled once, but are looking for an escape, once they realized the damage they brought to their own people.

Even the judges who served tyranny all the way, abandoned it when they could not bear it anymore. So, let's see the defection of this man as well in a proper context.

Anonymous said...

Dear EZ,

I agree with your observation. One wonders what it means to be a Ph.D. holder or professorship. Professionalism and intellectual integrity is lost.

Nevertheless we need to welcome this man’s slow learning and walkup to realities. Better late than never. His action justifies the political correctness of Kinijit leader Kaliti.

Anonymous said...

Who else do not like to live in America??

The country becomes such a mess that even an MP fled in search of a better life.

He do not need to flee as his life is not in danger and he could fight in the Parliament at least for a couple of years. But so weak he is as we know him, he cease the opportunity to seek political asylum fearing that he may not come to America again.

I bet all the unknown figures before the election who became an MP will do the same as their lust for power and greed will dump them as the ignoble of the time.

Anonymous said...


I can actually see a good sign out of it. This guy is surely part of the clique, a parasite living of the government's paycheck. His move to the US is to be interpreted as the ship is indeed sinking and the rats are fleeing away.

Anonymous said...

Hello guys,You are wrong.If you notice those who are leaving Ethiopia for good,most of them are oromos who were fooled by OLF.Another reason why they are leaving Ethiopia is the fact that they are involved in corruption and they don`t have the confidence that they will pass the performance evaluation process.So,don`t be surprised if you see a couple of idiots leaving Ethiopia.
Thomas H

Gooch said...


Exactly - well said!

EZ, I like your reminder of what Ato Getachew did. But it is a waste to use it simply to chastise. This has no constructive purpose.

We are in the business of building relationships and making friends, of taking the high ground, and of gaining credibility through good publicity among the international community. (Hence the horrific damage resulting from the Kinijit NA conflict.) Public displays of holding grudges do not help in this regard.

Rather, you could have used the reminder of Ato Getachew's ill-advised position last November to illustrate how current conditions have alienated even those who were so lenient towards the government.

Ato Getachew can be of great use to the democracy lobby in the diaspora. And he doesn't have to be part of the lobby to help - he doesn't even have to want to help!! He has simply given us another prominent name to add to our list of defectors and dissenters. That's big in itself!!

Anyway, great work EZ. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

This is a shining proof that the leaders of Kinijit had very good assessment of the realities when they took that political course last year.

We will see many more Getachew Jigi's soon as people's judgement and courage differs. Some can forsee unfolding realities before hand, others understand same after one year of their occurrence. Nevertheless, many others are simply opportunists. I don't know where Ato Getachew stands. His 11/2005 interview with the VOA was very much disgusting, though.

Anonymous said...

It is beter to be in jail as the KINIJIT leaders are doing and let the people fight for their freedom than sitting in the woyane rubber stamp parilament and make the people of Ethiopian disappointed with Its leaders.

May God be always with you our heroine and horo leaders of KINIJIT

Anonymous said...


I have a mixed feeling. Dr Getachew's defection is a good sign for those oportunist like him, that the D day is coming. It is never too late to wake up from your mistake and join the struggle. The other thing is, those who thinks they can make a difference in the rubber stamp parlament should wake up and do the same. They don't have to fled, they can just resign. At the end EPRDF will be left alone with Lidetu, Beyene and Co

Thanks Ez,
From Addis

Anonymous said...

he is quite behind than an average citizen.he woke up very late.

Anonymous said...

Dear all,
Why Oromos always think only of Oromia, why not fight for the whole of ethiopia. It clearly shows that they are sesetionists. They want to divide oromia from other parts of the country. If Gigi is enemy to Kinigit he is number one enemy of Ethiopia. I do not think Oromos are ethiopians. After crime minister Meles fall, the Oromos are the ones who creat problems. There will not be peace in Ethiopia for ever. Down with all sessetionists.

Anonymous said...


I have been reading your blog for a while. I thought you were a seasoned poltical observer until now. You seem to suggest that CUD is a panacea for all problems in Ethiopia. Let me tell you. Ethiopia has a more complex serious problem than what CUD supporters would like us believe. Oromo issue is a serious problem and we wanted to approach it in a somber manner. Hot headed people who side with CUD alone cannot see the effect beyond their rhetoric. You have disappointed me and many Oromos. It is not enough to cry about Ethiopia and Ethiopians alone with out realizing equality and justice. TPLF is crying the same every day even though we know what it means to be a Woyane. So long.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above:
What has the post anything to do with the Oromo question, equality and justice. It is sad that you take things out of proportion and try to link individual crediblity problems with the question of equality.

Anonymous said...

I am intrigued by your chauvinist invectives toward dr. Jiggii! I have not see you utter similar indignation when Amhara sycophants of the Woyanee regime elopes to the "promise land"/the West, after colaborating for a long time with the thugs!

Be fair, or you will lose your credibility!


Gooch said...

Last anonymous,

Nowhere in his post does Zagol talk about CUD being Ethiopia's panacea or the Oromo issue in Ethiopia.

All Zagol did was express his frustration at what Ato Getachew said last November.

Rationally, Zagol's statement cannot be taken as diminishing the importance of the Oromo issue.

I ask you to empathize with Zagol as you are asking others to empathize with you. Zagol does not pull any punches with anyone.


Here we have a typical example, in the Ethiopian context, of poor communication resulting in a 'communication gap' or error. By not framing your criticism of Ato Getachew in a constructive manner, you have left yourself open to misunderstandings of the type shown by the last commentator.

Please understand you audience. Put yourself in their shoes and ask: 'How would I react to such a statement?' Ask yourself, in all honesty, how you think the various parts of your audience will react. How will this reaction take away from the message you wish to send?

Typically in our culture, we view a criticism of our leaders as a criticism of us and/or our entire wegen/party/ethnic group/philosophy. so, if I (legitimately) criticize Hailu Shawel, I have to ensure that I frame my comments in a constructive and clear fashion, to prevent AEUP supporters from misinterpreting my comments and thus rendering my communication ineffective. And so on.

Oh, I see there are more people misinterpreting your comments! We're all learning.

Anonymous said...


If you are going to condemn Getachew for participating in the Meles regime, shouldn't you use the same yardstick on Andargachew and Berhane mewa?
Andargachew was a member of TPLF's ruling elite and his relatives (Tefera Walewa) are still big beneficiaries of the regime.
Berhane benefited economically because of his marriage to an Eritrean. I hope everybody remembers how EPLF and TPLF members got rich overnight in Addis.
Now, these two guys comeout and tell us that they were selected by the prisoners in Qaliti?

Comeon EZ, let's use the same yardstick...

Anonymous said...


come of it! if you people are reading what is not written in black and white that is your
problem not Zagol's.

why are you people so damn stupid?
do you have to goddamn whine about
every thing on this earth? we are
lucky Zagol is giving us all this info.

last anon,

if any sycophant opened his mouth
like getachew to make his asylum paper look good Zagol will tell the truth. save your sorry ass
histrionics for someone else.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why we need to work for the passage of 5680. The bill, among other things, will deny visas to those who condone human rights violations and skip town when the going gets tough.This guy is a good example!!

You can ran but you can't hide.

Ethiopia will prevail

Anonymous said...

I am angry at EZ because of his disagreemnt with what Dr. Getachew has allegedly said and implicitly abhored his opinion. That is what makes his article suspect. It comes as an article advancing his poltical view. We can take all what the Amhara extremists have said and are uttering even today and advance our view (Oromos view) in that light. In short, appearance of impartiality is questionable at this stage of Ethiopian politics. Why is it that many Amharas jump to a negative conclusion about an Oromos political act and expect humility from Oromos when we read in the biases?It is a mind boggling phenomenon. At the end we are all doomed to fail. Don't fool yourself, guys. Amhara extremists are as dangerous as any other and they will breed even more hatred amongst us.

Anonymous said...

last anon,
get a grip of yourself! if Getachew was a wolayita or adere it wouldn't make any difference.

why are you so brazenly defensive?and who cares if you are angry at EZ. You were probably born angry!

chill boy! EZ only told you who and what getachew did. ebela belo geba alehonem now he is crying foul!

Anonymous said...

bravo! EZ. Is Getachew a medical doctor or a professor? if he is not, should not be addressed as Dr, just Mr. Ethiopians call all ph.d holders as doctors, a very confusing manner. Ato?Getachew and likes should not get green card.Should be held accountable for their just deeds.Expose him to immigratio and naturalzation office.

Anonymous said...

I have been able to expose you all. That is it. I do not know if Dr. Getachew is a nmedical doctor or not. If we were to be consistent have,'t we been calling people as Professors even when they did not have an academic professorship? It is easy to uplift the self and degrade the nonself. That has been the story of Ethiopia and a sickness that does not appear to go away. Enjoy your dreams, you fools.

Anonymous said...

last anon,

who cares what this guy's title is?
why are you jumping from one topic
to another. first it was his ethnicity you were throwing fits about, now it is his credential..
why so much inferiority complex???

Anonymous said...

when any one from Amhara origin defects it's alright but why you all against Oromo defectors?Why?For how long you think you are doing to the Oromo false accusation?Please EZ be fair to all.Being BIAS does gain you anything at all.Can't you see that DR.Jigi can't even visit his home town?

Anonymous said...


would you just chill out? you are really becoming a stupid nuisance right now. EZ only told us what this guy did in Nov 2005 when the fascist woyane was imprisoning the Kinijit Leaders and other Ethiopians. Are you trying to tell us that because he defected now that he is untouchable? you are sounding like a very defensive primitive woyane lap dog. Go away!!!!!!!!!!

buna tetu said...

Back to basic gossips: The talk of the town of is that they may have blown the carefully constructed cover of Andrew Heavens of

According to the moderator Les neuhaus is actually Andrew Heavens. And what is making this so hot is, lately, Andrew has been agressively promoting his work (and himself), by making sure no one confuses him for someone else, in effect by forcing his pictures in to our eyes. Having said that, no body I know of saw the picture of Les Neuhaus. You may google if you please, but - none. For all the Ethiopian news he has been feeding AP(associated press), no picture of Les Neuhaus is publicly available. And why is Andrew so eager to identify himself?

May be zagol can take this task upon himself and tell us who Les Neuhaus is and what is Andrew up to.

Anonymous said...

hulachehum keshim nachu

Anonymous said...
Ez is kinjit's AZZ licker.He only post about kinjit and Nefexenyass only.keep up licking you stupid bastard until i come and get you.Elma hadharayee.Godhamma.Hudukee rasasani afufu turre.Elma sarree.

Anonymous said...

Lidetu Ayalew,
Ez you seem your fight is only for kinijit and only for diehard nefxenyas.nefexenyas are dead do trying to them to alive? dream on buddy.You for get other ethinc groups struggle means you are too dead.

Anonymous said...

Dear EZ and Readers:
I encourage all to be civil in your comments about others. Ethiopia needs all sectors of our society. We need understanding of each others viewpoints and respect for all ethnic groups. I encourage all to be sensitive to others. Let's build our future Ethiopia based on mutual respect and understanding. God bless Ethiopia.

Anonymous said...

zare new ende yegebachu. i know EZ. he is an agent of neftegnas.

Anonymous said...

Shame that many of us generalize the critics of one person into ethnic group. This is pure ethnocentrism. Why are my Oromo brothers so sensitive to EZ comment? Should Oromos be not criticized? Why do we fail to take the comment at an individual level?

Zagol has the right to criticize anyone irrespective of his or her ethnic group. And Zagol is not even a Neftegna for that matter.

Sad that all you have been doing for the last 50 years is telling how bad Amharas are. If that is what is politics for you, it is a shame.

Some of you seem to believe that Amharas will have no hand to defend themselves if things get worse. It is unity and common interest that has to bring us together. No ethnic group is inferior to another when it comes to self defence. If you think that Amharas are coward people who are there for the taking, you are very wrong. You better try to see the larger picture.

Anonymous said...

dear EZ

late is better than never! you can't call the guy's act sheding of crocodile tear.

Anonymous said...

If Dr.Jigi critised kinijit in the past that is his opinion and experssed his view on kinijit.That his opinion doesn't make him anti-ethiopia.But yours comment on Dr.Jigi is purely bias and you are pushing divisive agend.I know you are clearly tring to bring back amharas to power by any means possibile.Good luck with that if that is possibile for you.

Anonymous said...

Bravo EZ

Forget those who vomit here! They are not obliged to visit the blog! Amharaphobi is in the DNA of TPLF and OLF cadres!

yemun said...

Dear all Dekike miniliks,
EZ and the like , plz think of the real Ethioia ,not the SHoan ,undemocratic ,oppressive Ethiopia.don't repeat history.plz every one cooldown,ask ur consciense (not ur emotion), try to understand the real(bad) history of Ethioia (not the biases ,propoganda..) ,listen the heart beat of all Ethioians(Nationalities) ,Don't consider the reality in Addis represents that of ETHiopia.March to to make a new history or realize that with the trend u r doing and the other side react,like it or not,Mother Ethiopia is gona be not only somalia but worse.
.in the name of unity u r preaching war against all non-Shoan Ethns,in practice u r doing against mother Ethiopia,
.in the name of Ethiopia u r preaching assimilation of all to the "AMara identity" w/c was interupted in the first 1990's violently . hence ,nothing new u r reapeating that,
.in the name of unity and oneness u r widening ethnic division,...

in short u r dreaming to bring back the former regimes once and again.Hence ,in search of peace ,Unity and democracy ,in consequence of ur ideas ,doings ,preachings and struggle:there'll be instability, insecurity ,warfare,hunger ,external defeat, ethnic conflict...

plz if u r a real unity dreamer ,bring us an alternative and healthy politics.

no more undemocratic & assimilative Unity !

Debeleta said...

We know u r not only anti Dr. Getachew but all oromos.IT IS U who is Zeregna morethan anyone but u artificially dress and carry the name Ethiopia and UNITY.
You The Amhara chauvinists,neftegnas ,and shameles to the oromo ,to make him ur servant ,exploit his wealthy resourse , Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....!

Time will reverse it 'll not be long time. Yilleyelnal!!!

Thanks to the Tigrians (TPLF) b/s unconciously,for the sake of their power,they have prevented u from the force and attack of oromo.

Changing ur names u r afterall the shoan amharas.

VIctory to the oromo people!
collaption to the Amhara and the socalled false Ethiopia!!

Anonymous said...

It's naive to condemn people who betray Woyane. Of course, we are advising people to stop and cut their relation with Woyane. Are you saying that Woyane should fight us till they stop their breathing? It's ridiculous! Be advised to contact people who know about politics before posting such disastrous idea. I would repeat the essence of the peaceful democracy is an ability of making people to stop and cut their relation. Whether the tears are crocodile or not, it has to be welcome for the sake of others who are not yet decided to betray Woyane. Wake up Sir!

Anonymous said...


Dr.Jigi represent his oromo constitiance of OFDM party not kinijit.So he has the right to critisize any party who are against his party.We all knew what was going during the last year election regarding the so called kinjit.Kinijit is/was anti oromo party.We've been there we've seen it.Ez if you are trying to defame oromo partys and oromo part leaders i think you are digging your own grave.Don't ever try again.Because you don't like the out come.I'm advising you to focus on the #1 enemy of the people of at large.

Anonymous said...

half ormo/amhara
so getachew, one person, represents olf and all oromos!? this is fanned by tplf'sts and few olf'ists. getachew was lambasting the victim kinigit while he was in addis now he calls opositons to stand against meles, what took him so long? imagine a member of party of 11 seats being vocal aginst an oposition party that brought all shame and banckrupcy to the regime.

The problem with few olf'ists is they just read everything based on their preconceived ideas not with open mind to understand the writers message!few tplf'ist write as oromos blaming kinigit as usual.

Tazabi said...

This is a very astute observation EZ. Like many said above; this adds another feather to the opposition’s cap. The argument that there is no democracy in Ethiopia and that the rubber stamp parliament is just that has been proven time and again by such high profile defections and lamentations of many in the so called opposition that have chosen to work with this atrocious government.

One thing though, what happened to the promise of making SeminaWorq a ‘TPLF Free Zone’? I see TPLF operatives morphing themselves into ‘Oromo Separatists’ to spit their venom of discord and hatred on this post. They are coming like a ton of bricks on you this time. This leads me to believe that you must be hitting the Woyanes very hard by exposing the truth, for them to lash out like this.

To the anonymous above: I agree with you that some OLF supporters see everything through the ethnic prism; however in this case they are being emulated by TPLF lackeys.

Waka said...

Ez Do not be discouraged By ethinocentrists.

Amara bashers- the most irrational, illogical and regressive thinkers have been uttering their nonsensical claim of neftegna bla bla for 15 years. It must be clear to these tribalists, need be Amaras can defend themselves, even can have their own sovergein land independently. One thing must be clear however, that All Ethiopians - Amharas, Oromos, Tigres, Gurages etc... defended this country from invaders for centuries in cooperation. The narrow tribalist are suffocated by vengeance, greed and virulent hatred towards other ethnic groups, in the hope of creating eternal warfare among ethnicities as their only means of survival.whether they like it or not, Ethiopia will be saved by her Ethiopian Sons and daughters- the likes of Gebeyehu Gora, Balcha Abanefso, Alula Abanega , Geresu Duki, etc...
the mentally retarded thinkers of tribalism, with their dogma, economic regression and endless warfare against other tribes, will soon be put in the dust bin of History.
We have witnessed in the last 15 years the remarkable resistance of the ethiopian people to the machination of division among ethnic and religious lines by the "racist dictatorial Regime" of legesse Zenawi. Ethiopians will survive the current turmoil and will live together in cooperation based on liberty to all, mutual respect, and common national interest.

Anonymous said...

Endate ayinetu mehayim hagerachinin bememulatu enem honku melaw ye Oromo yizb yasazinewal. Yante ayinetu awaki lihun bay new ye Oromon sim yemiasedib. I am 100% oromo and I am offeneded by what you said. Actually, you must be a tigre trying to bring war between amara and oromo. Arfeh tekemeT ante agame. Be Talian gize manew hagerachinin yeTebekew. Oromo, Amara, Debub hizb, Harari, Afari, Kebata, Hadiya, Gurage, Adere. Manew degmo Ayatochachinin ke Talian gara hono lemewigat yeteselefew - Tigre.

Anonymous said...

Dream on buddy!Amhara dreams never end.Why can't you stand own your own?why you need unity with others?we the oromo people tried to live with amaras peacifully but amharas power hangers never stop.Look at your self guys.What did amaras and tigres brought to the unity.Nothing.except total distructions.So stop seperatist bla blah and look for everlasting solution before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

Why when it is another person? EZ has been the prime supporter of Andargachew Tsige who was the highest official of TPLF even to lead Kinijit party. What is the difference bewteen this guy and Andargachew Tsige. Both of them have loyaly served TPLF. Andargachew is even implicated for notorious crime of imprisoning his friend in by accusing him as traitor

Anonymous said...

hey you haters up there...did u know ET Zagols is an Oromo? Zagol himself in the past in one of his blog told us he is Oromo. So the notion only non-oroms critcise Oroms is a BS.

Ez am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

Diehard amara,

Ez is with kinjit started right after the election.I have been reading all whatever he posts.Starting from day one he only know one party called dead kinjit.He too will be dead soon.

Anonymous said...

EZ, Inorder to write the truth and to stand up for the right cause one don't have to be oromo.But Ez has been bias from day one.He never write about any party and any body.He is filled with hate againist others.For example, if something happening out side of Addis he never write.When students killed in mekelle university he always ignores it.He never report if it's not about amara and kinjit.He is totally consumed by hate.Don't worry EZ we will find you.I know where you exactly spend your mercy anymore for you.

Anonymous said...

Those who are trying to paint Zagol as neftegna have not either read most of his posts or are woyanes who try to taint his image. He supported AFD from the start. He claimed he was an oromo supporter of Kinijit.

Anonymous said...

EZ never claimed as a journalist! He has the right to write whatever he wants to write. You visit his blog to get informed! He is not obliged to talk about your ethnic politics!

TPLF cadres write as if they are disappointed Oromos! Go to your AIGA forum and ask them to write about OROMO revolution!

EZ forget these tribalists (IQ < 63 kkkk) !

Anonymous said...

I want only to say idiots

If one hodama habesha defect the regime at this time you shout a lot. But Dr. Getachew is not Habesha.
So simply for that mater you should have to insult him. You are such idiots.

But believe me your distractive hate propaganda destroy you soon.

Jigsaa Diinaa From Finfinne.