Monday, February 26, 2007

Forum rules... Again!

As usual some EPRDF rogue agents and violent and intolerant opposition elements are over flooding the comment section of my blog with random hate messages.
I have repeatedly tried to use the comment moderator to filter out these worst members of our society. I haven't used it continually though because I have qualms acting as a policeman in the forum and suppress free speech. After all, one of the reasons for my loudest criticism against EPRDF is its closure of all public space.
Yet some posters are using that to completely derail civil debate on seminawork. I will start to use the comment moderator again. This time only registered users can post. Those who are able and willing to engage in civilized discourse shouldn't feel discouraged to post their comments. This is a free market of ideas. The only non-saleable item is poison.
To comment on this forum, first, get a google account here.

The two core rules of this forum:

-Seminawork doesn't tolerate negative ethno-analysis. No Ethnic, religious or cultural group may be defamed, slurred or verbally attacked here.
-Apology for murder, torture and other forms of human rights abuses is prohibited in this forum.


Ethiounited Moderator said...

Thank You, Thank You, and Thank you.

Belachew M Fikre said...

This was what I exactly felt yesterday and had started typing almost similar message for you. I really, really appreciate what you have said. I do hope that we will reach at a time where persons like you fill-in the critical mass.

Thank you again!!!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...


Please don’t feel you are limiting the free speech by excluding the racist and rude posters on your site. They have other sites to go to, if they want to post their rude and divisive opinions. Please keep your Blog clean and productive as always.

Thank you.