Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Meles adminstration plans Information offensive against Amnesty International

The Ethiopian government plans to wage a campaign to discredit Amnesty International after the human rights group published names of tortured prisoners and exposed the country to some international condemnation.

The campaign will include allowing local and international journalists to access prisoners who were mentioned on Amnesty torture alert. The prisoners were moved from Maekelawi prison in the northern part of Addis Ababa to Kirkos district Addis Ababa police prison two weeks ago. Police sources said that the prisoners were warned against talking about their torture when journalists visited them. Yesterday, five prisoners were taken back to Maekelawi and videotaped by Police. Among them was Zenebe Tadesse. His name was mentioned on AI's list. The prisoners were instructed to deny the torture stories on the video. Two of them refused and claimed that they had been severely beaten and tortured for alleged crimes they never committed. Sources confirmed that the video tape was intended to be broadcast on the state TV.

EPRDF officials have been unhappy that stories relating to Ethiopia on major news outlets recently have carried the torture stories. Police sources said that the order to discredit Amnesty came from unnamed top officials. An elaborate plan of information offensive against the rights group has already been completed, according to government sources. This includes waging a smear campaign to show that Amnesty is being used as an instrument by the Ethiopian opposition in Diaspora.

This blogger will publish the complete list of tortured prisoners soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh woyane! How stupid? Meles just doesn't get it... how he's exposing himself as an outlaw.

Anonymous said...

Poor Bereket, he has even already attempted to discredit NewYork Times. Who will be next? may be Meles himself will try to do it on himself forgetting what he had said.

Anonymous said...

Bereket does not know what shame is all about. Some day, all the blunder he continues to do will have grave consequences.

Anonymous said...

I've got a new name for Bereket. From now on we should call him
"the Fabricator of fabrications"

Tazabi said...

Thanks EZ!

You are our true source of information regarding Ethiopia and Ethiopians under the disgusting Woyanie regime.

May God bless you and keep you safe, and please take care of yourself. You are as precious as our jailed leaders and we don't want anything to happen to you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Zagol,
I think the campaign to discredit Amnesty Int'l has already started though. I say this mainly because I saw several pictures of Amnesty Int'l Cafes(?!) and those of Starbucks side by side in one of Woyane financed web sites. The purpose of posting these pictures was to leave some sort of image in the minds of readers that:
both are after our coffee...
both are run for profit ...
and both are against the interest of the Ethiopian people.
I doubt that it works.

Anonymous said...

For Anonym second to last, it is not true, the international community is well aware of what is going on and would like to help. The problem is how. It is really up to the diaspora to come up with something. U WANT YOUR LEADERS FREE? Continue the fund raising, the lobying of the EU, US, ect.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the anonymous above. TPLF does not care much unless an action leads to some kind of punitive damage. Just about a year ago TPLF was on a tight rope since the international community were demanding the TPLF for its repect of human rights. The TPLF lay low and worked with the US defense department until they came with the big bang of the Somalia issue. That sealed the fate of TPLF and Meles's face started shinig and smiling since he got a boggy man.
We have learned in the last 16 years that what the TPLF fears worse than any thing else is the semblance of united opposition to its power. After the 2005 election it appeared that the Ethiopian people came together in unison to clear the Ethiopian political establishment of the TPLF and its lackeys. There was fresh air. Unfortunately the US was so scared about replacing the TPLF with a popularly elected organizations that they under mined the united opposition with all sorts of treachery until the unity of purpose faded away and the TPLF could get away with the worst kind of human rights violations known in the world today. We should have learned then that you would not let a wounded tiger lose only to return to you in fury and devour you. The solution to the current predicament is one and only one. Massive civil disobedience and a popular revolution similar to the 1973/74. The ground work has been paved for a popular revolution. The pictures are also similar. The US was not on the side of the people in that revolution, but the people stood with each other to bring down a government that they believed was not serving their interest. Although the outcome was not what the people fought for the popular action taken should be a guiding principle to uproot an entrenched mafia gang of the TPLF.
It becomes necessary that the ground work should be completed and strat shaking the government. People are always concerned about the TPLF's extreme measure of disintegrating the country as its last resort. I do not believe for a second that the Ethiopian people are ready to go separate ways and this scenario should not be used as a reason to enslave the whole nation.

Anonymous said...

Meles Stop speaking Amharic!

Anonymous said...

Meles cannot in any way hurt the reputation of the world renowned organization, Amnesty International, as his and his regime’s credibility is highly questionable world-wide – in the eyes of foreign governments, the international media and the Ethiopian people who have lived through it all for 15 years! Let me give below a couple of samples of his and his adviser’s lies in situations where they didn’t even need to lie. This should demonstrate that Meles and his cohorts are not only murders but are also psychopathic liars. Is it any wonder then that I have called Bereket Simon, the Fabricator of fabrications?! So I’ll say to Meles and his factory of lies “Go ahead, make my day!”

“Meles Zenawi, Ethiopia's prime minister, whose forces ousted Somalia's Islamic Courts Union from power over New Year, said on Tuesday that the Britons were part of an "international brigade" of hard-core foreign jihadis targeted in Monday's US air raid in southern Somalia…………………………………………………………………………”
“However, despite five days of urgent requests for further details, London has yet to be given names or passport numbers to check against Home Office and anti-terrorist- databases.
A final Foreign Office put-up-or-shut-up request on Friday had come to nothing by yesterday afternoon. It is understood that British officials, deeply anxious at the prospect of a Somali terror cell with links to Britain, also made their own inquiries via the High Commission in neighbouring Kenya and MI6, but have yet found nothing to support the claims.”
(CBS/AP) “An Ethiopian official denied Friday (Feb. 23) a report in The New York Times that U.S. troops used Ethiopia as a staging ground for attacks against al Qaeda leaders in Somalia last month.

’This is simply a total fabrication,’ Bereket Simon, special adviser to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, told The Associated Press.

The Times report, published Friday, cited unnamed American sources officials from several U.S. agencies with a hand in Somalia policy as saying the U.S. soldiers used an airstrip in Ethiopia to mount strikes against Islamic militants in Somalia.

Officials cited in the report also confirmed that members of Task Force 88, a secret Special Operations unit, were deployed in Ethiopia and Kenya, crossing the border into Somalia.”

Anonymous said...

Meles leave our land go away!

Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha, lol
oh my God!!! this one is funny!!! hahahehehe!!! ethiopianreview was already exposed posting fake pictures. now amnesty is being discredited for blindly listening to fanatic diasporas like ER and when amnesty is about to get the same shame like ER, seminawork is trying to salvage them...haaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

you guys are funny!!! you crack me up guys. nice drama from seminawork

Anonymous said...

I think your blog is being a target of a different kind of TPLF offensive. Look at the comments above, why would anyone else post something like that, that could offend and alienate their fellow country men and women from tigray?

Anonymous said...

why do all tigres looklike midgets? Every tigre I see are vertically challenged they are so close to the ground they look like rocks on the surface, watch out Ethiopians don't step on them you will trip and fall. Tigres are the worst type of virus humanity needs to deal with. Is DDT still sold in Ethiopia? You can spray them all and chase dirty tigre viruses, shue! Musqitoes!

Anonymous said...

Dear Zagol,

Can you please remove the last 5-messages from your site, they are all related and no valuable information on them. In fact, they all seem to have been written by one person, may be a TPLF who is trying to deflect our attention from focusing on our country's problem. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Solomon Kagne