Saturday, February 03, 2007

Breaking news: Tortured prisoners transferred to another jail

The federal police has moved tortured CUD supporters from Maekelawi to the Addis Ababa police prison after Amnesty International issued a statement about the torture. The new prison is found next to the Maekelawi jail.
After transferring the prisoners to another jail, the federal police told journalists in Addis Ababa that it hadn't detained them.


ethioinfo said...

Is it possible for youto post the names of the 160 or so members of the Ethiopian Millenium Commission?

smntars said...

How can they claim that the detainees were arrested for trying to overthrow by force as Cmd. Demsash said after transfering the arrested to the local Police. Since when is an attempt to overthrow the Govt by force not a federal Crime ?
EPRDF criminals, as hard as they try they, can not hide their criminal deeds as long as there are people like zagol.
Viva Zagol! Take Care of yourself

Anonymous said...

Dear Zagol moderator,

Can't you please come up with anymore good news? We have heard enough of TPLF/WOYANE abusing Ethiopians and MURDERING Ethiopians. What we need to hear is how many TPLF/AGAZI soldiers are abducted and how many were found dead. That is the kind of GOOD NEWS I want to hear.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous above:

I hear you and understand you completely, because we all are craving for the good news you mentioned. But please be aware that you have to break an egg to make an omelet. That is to say we all have to come together and unite our resources and be willing and ready to die to eradicate the Woyanie vermin from our homeland.

Anonymous said...

Responding to violence with violence is giving EPRDF a license to kill at will. We have to shame them and name them. All this killing is to provoke people in to violence. I know this doesn't make sense from where we are... but the rule of the game is fear and concur. We should never give in to our fear but shouldn't resort to violence either.


Anonymous said...


Then what? On one hand you say we shouldn't fear (meaning we should fight back) on the other hand you say we don't have to resort to violence (meaning we should submit to violence against us but not rspond in the same manner). Do you know that your message is confusing?

I say fight fire with fire, they are minority, we are majority. They have been killing our people for the last 16 years, the killing continue unabbated. I say this is time to respond in the same way as the enemy, be vicious like the enemy so the enemy will know there are people responding to its force. If we have a few more people killed we can attain freedom, but if we do what you (Lynut) suggest then we will die slowly and disappeare. That is what the enemy wants, the enemy wants to slowly and brutally scare us to submission by taking the few brave ones.

Anonymous said...

Another CUD propaganda---to learn the truth

Anonymous said...

I love EPRDF! The more I read Ethi Zegol's make-believe stories, the more I admire EPRDF. I would like to see EPRDF lead Ethiopia for another 100 years.