Friday, February 23, 2007

Team of lawyers to write decisions for judges in political trials

EPRDF's control of the judiciary has reached new heights. Well-placed sources inside the ministry of justice informed this blogger that a team of lawyers has been formed to write decisions for judges in political trials. According to the sources, this is an audacious attempt to show the international community that the decisions are well reasoned and fair.

The team wrote its first decision for the court that was in charge of the case of Shaleka Aregaw et al. Shaleka Aregaw and three other people were accused of trying to overthrow the government through unconstitutional means. The court reduced the charge of lawyer Brehane Mogesse and set him free on bail while the other three were told to defend the charge presented by the prosecutor.

The sources said that the written decision was passed to the court when it was in session and the judges read it immediately. "They didn't even know what was written before they read it in public," one source said. The decision was well-written and well-reasoned. "The factual and legal analysis was good and I was surprised that it was made by the panel of judges led by Assefa Abreha. The latter was known for his erratic and flimsy analysis," a lawyer who has seen the decision told this blogger.

The team of lawyers includes Million Assefa, a famous apologist for the Meles regime. Million is known for his wonderful legal mind.


Anonymous said...

You always amaze me on how deep you penetrate the self acclaimed "indivisible protozoa " woyane regime. My instict tells me to simply trust your info.

Berta Wogene
Sendek Alama

Anonymous said...

No smart lawyer can hide the truth. They many only prolong the shamble justice system. But the truth will eventually come out.

Anonymous said...

You know what the verdict will be 2 or 3 year imprisonment untill next election. By that time TPLF will win hearts and minds through dirty money.

Anonymous said...

Thanks EZ,

This will not change anything.

Monkey brain in human bodies.

I smiply do not consider the Woyannies as a humanbeing. How can you make such kind of mistakes?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Zagol!
But reading the minutes from the May 13th meeting with the European delegates as posted on Ethiomedia it is clear that Meles was telling the ferenjis how he was going to steal the election, how he was going to arrest the opposition and how he was going to bring the police force under his command.


Meles and the whole woyane cabal is evil incarnate. Fight the evil power!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Are our leaders to be released for the sake of millenium celeberation or for the sake of truth and democracy?

Anonymous said...

I really thank you for the update info you giving us. Regardless of the outcome of the court decision that handle the political prisons case it is not far for Ethiopian to drink the spring water of democracy than we will judge every one according to their role with no fear and favor to anyone

Anonymous said...

Mark my word and be amaized. Here is the verdict:
Prof. Mesfin - FREE (Age reason)
85 Others - FREE
Eng. Hailu Shawel - Bail (health)
Judge Birtukan - Bail

And here is what surprised me:
Dr. Yacob - 3 and 1/2 years
Dr. Birhanu - 5 years
Get this the above two and those on bail will be set free sometimes in June or July for the milinium reconcilation (pardon by the Meles). I do not want you just to believe this but wait and see exactly when it happens. From a very good good source who is currently in West Africa for Official bussiness.

Gebru from - Awassa.

Anonymous said...

Gebru from Awassa,
Are you sure you thought your comment through before posting? I am not in any way discrediting your source, but what if your info is already outdated? Circumstances determine the regime's decision. The woyanes may be dumb, but they are not dumb enough to sacrifice their pawn too early (or leak prematurely).

second, by revealing the whereabouts of your source - unless he/she already made the decision not to return - are you sure you are not endagering his/her life? Of course, I am assuming the woyanes know the identity of their employees on official business trip to west Africa.

Unless of course, you are the source of one of these dumb leaks.

Anonymous said...

oh , yea your woyane source must havea leak in his little brain.

Anonymous said...

The Weyane tactic /Zero game/,
Once upon a time there was a farmer with a very little room. He went to consult a wise man about his little room. The wise man asked the farmer if he have cows, sheep, dog, donkey and advised the farmer to put all these animals into tha little room. The farmer implemented the advise but the condition was worse. Then he returned back to the wise man. The wiseman said sorry and advised the farmer to remove all the animals. Then after some time the wise man asked the farmer about his situation. The farmer replied after removing all the animals the room is spacious and now he is happy.
Although we are happy by the release of our leaders. The strugle should continue and be intensified.

Anonymous said...

Zagol- Good work once again. Million Assefa-do you have pictures of him? I would like to post his pictures on

Anonymous said...

Gebru from Awassa,

We, Patriotic Ethiopians do not, I reapeat, DO NOT accept any outcome other than free unconditionally! We only accept the UNCONDITIONAL RELEASE of our leaders and further more power transfer, quietly and rapidly, anything less is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

We will continue our fight underneath and our leaders further incarceration will only help us intesify our struggle. We will do everything on our power to ensure the demise of the minority TPLF illegal power control.

It could be tomorrow, or next month TPLF will be demised if she refused to accept our offer of peaceful power transfer. Be it peacefully, or with punches and kicks we will beat her and her ruminants all together. I guarantee you that TPLF will not do anything that will antagonise our people by endangering the safety of our leaders. She will release them immediately, giving all kinds of gibrish reasons. Time HELD in illegal jail will be COMPENSATED.

People from Lidetu Ayalew's camp are flocking out by high number. Do you know why? because they know TPLF reign in power is up. She is there because of few dollars she managed to accumulate at the expense of Real-Ethiopians. Don't you worry, we will bring them trully ellected leaders home with their dignity intact.

Anonymous said...

This is Gebru-from Awassa

By any means I am not supporter of the current political group in Ethiopia even though I leave here in Awassa and work for the so called government. I have to work to put food on the table for my 3 small children and that should not be mistaken as working for this illegal group from Adwa. What else can some one , who is born and raised in Tigraye Region do? As a matter of fact to be fair and to the point my culture, language and custom has been under attack from the very start of these gangsters. I ashamed by the rest of the people by forgetting what sacrifice our sisters and brothers paid for our country that we all call ETHIOPIA.

Let me clarify some of the confusion my previous posting to this blog created. Anonymous above said if I thought my comment through before posting and my answer is no brother/sister because this does not need 30 seconds thinking and I will do it again and again when I have confidence on my source at any time and anywhere to expose this injustice to our sisters and brothers. I also thank you for giving me the benefits of doubt and for not discrediting my source. If my info is outdated as you suggested, people here in Ethiopia will have no problem to understand it. Our internet availability and security risk is not as comparable with the outside world so please forgive me that. You also said ‘by revealing the whereabouts of your source - unless he/she already made the decision not to return - are you sure you are not endangering his/her life? ’ you are absolutely right they already are in Europe. Actually the info was mailed to me before they left West Africa for Europe. So I don’t see them coming back.

My second response is for the above Anonymous who claimed to be from the patriotic Ethiopia group. We are with you and I hope you are right. That is what the people of Ethiopia are waiting and just because some one is from our northern region, please do not think they are unpatriotic. GOD BLESS ETHIOPIA!

Anonymous said...

What really pisses me off is that we the smart, genious and intellegent real Ethiopians from the pure Amhara ethnic group can not out-smart the dumb, monkey brains with human bodies Tigres. What does that make us? Dumber than the monkeies themselves? Zeraff

Anonymous said...

Gebru from Awassa:
Sorry to hear that from you Zeraff. You must be one of EPRDF`s cadre because no one that I know from outside EPRDF`s circle will publish some like this. I know for fact you guys are turnming every possible stone upside down to seed hatret among us and it will not work. Our enemies are not the brave citizens of our country Ethiopia from the North, our enemies are those who are stealing our poor countries resourse left and right in other words, Meles and his gang group. Please think again and let`s fight our common enemy together from the sake of our people. BE SAFE.

Karin and Dawit said...

Quote "We, Patriotic Ethiopians do not, I reapeat, DO NOT accept any outcome other than free unconditionally!"
We, patriotic Ethiopians do not care about your silly statements. Are you only expressing a wish or a fact?