Monday, February 12, 2007

Lawyer released by court after a year in detention

Berhane Mogese, the lawyer who was accused of trying to overthrow the government through unconstitutional means, was released by court today after a year of detention. Berhane was arrested in March 2006. (See My first article on this blog entitled State Terrorism As A way Of Life)

The court decided that the evidence presented by the public prosecutor against him did not prove that he committed the crime. The judges reduced the charge to illegal possession of weapons and released the defendant against a bail of five thousand birr. The prosecutor produced "seditious" articles printed from the internet and the case files related to the CUD prisoners in Kaliti. The court

argued that neither the internet articles nor the files indicated his intention to commit the crime as charged by the prosecutor. "The papers found in his possession are his client's, not his," the court said. Berhane Mogesse was the attorney for Hailu Shawel, Kinijit's chairman.

Three other people accused of the same crime were acquitted and thirteen others including Tadios Tantu and Shaleka Argaw, both members of CUD, were told to defend themselves.


Shimeles Kemal, the prosecutor in charge of the trial of CUD leaders, has left to Ottawa in a government mission. According to sources, he is scheduled to return to Addis Ababa just before the trial of the leaders resume on February 19. He is accompanied by the State Minister of Justice, Dr. Hashim Mohammed. Read Shimeles kemal's role in the witch hunt of democracy activists in Ethiopia here.


Paul Vallely wrote in the independent what one might only describe as "A-why-was-it-written-article". I was neither a news nor a news analysis. It doesn't have characters of a feature article or a commentary. It seems one of Meles Zenawi's best friends has enough of the media's bashing of the Prime Minister and decided for a call to arms in defense of his friend. Paul Vallely co-wrote the report of the now defunct Commission for Africa with Meles Zenawi. It was a nice, comprehensive report... but among the first breakers of the report's recommendations was Meles himself.
Vallely's friendship with Meles dates back to the 1980s. Yet for a man who has advocated justice for the third world all his life, it is morally repugnant to defend a murderer and torturer whether he is a friend or not. The article was more than a case of bad
Samaritanism Mr Vallely...It was advocacy to the devil.


Anonymous said...

The release of Brehane Moges, the lawyer of the CUDP leaders, is a reflection of one of the games of Woyane. When Woyane thinks that “it will be beyond someone’s capacity to do any thing harmful to it” and when it feels that “its action will be seen as an example of the independence of the judiciary by the ‘ferenjis’”, it releases any person whom it may even want to kill. Brehane Moges could have defended the CUDP leaders very well. But, now, due to the finalization of the trial against our leaders, Woyane thinks that Brehane will not do any thing meaningful at all. In addition to this, his release will be taken by the ‘ferenjis’ as an example of the independence of the judiciary. That is why it released him. Do not think that the judgment of the court is purely written by the judges themselves. It is written in accordance with the telephone instruction given by Meles, Addisu, Sebehat, and Berket in light of its political implication. Thus, do not fool yourself by believing that the court in this case has, independently, done a good thing with good intent, and thus should be applauded.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what TPLF does, we have our aim to kick it out of our country one way or another. Their verdict will be to release the prisoners and ban them from politics. That is their aim, but we do not accept that as a favorable outcome to our cause. Our objective is clear: TPLF hand-in power to the legitimately elected party, CUDP!

Once we assume power according to our people's choice, then we will deal with TPLF and her MURDERE AGAZI FORCES. We will make sure they are sundued, and no longer have the energy to bark or cause harm to our people. We will bring them MURDERERS including the midget leader to court and will be sentensed according to the crimes against humanity. The recent life imprisonement of Mengistu Hailemariam will not sway us from allowing the court to hand-in DEATH SENTENCES to TPLF criminals and their Crime Minister.

Anonymous said...

Zagolye yegna jegna, we all trust your news source and you are our hero. I got a special request to you, do you have any comment or can you put your effort towards sensitizing our people in implementing the urgent call from KINIJIT.
GOD bless you and our nation.

Anonymous said...

This is a cotinuation of the past.Previously, I pointed out the need to know our enemy and the need for some kind of allies to work together with Ethiopias-of Tigrian origin.

It is long over due that all of us be awekend from the state of stupor we are in ,and collectively respond to the most flagrant human right offender regime,that has increaseingly become a manece for our very survival.Time is ticking away and the hand of Melese has been streached long.He has snached our people and there is no sign of an end to his bully.If the situation is bad in the day light of Addis, how grim will it be in the twilight of far off places? Those of us who are here this is what I think we must be,busy,doing.
Leave the notion that the U.S,under the present circumstance ,will be peace broker between the people and the government.The U.S government is busy implimenting the new American century blue print funneld to it by the globalist elite and its pariah the councile of foreign relations.That is why the world is rampant with regmes that grossly violate the rights of their citizines.While it is posible ,in many cases ,for this nations to have been signatory of the Geneva convention,often they go unchecked.In some cases they are even invited to join the most favord nation status-trade partnership with the U.S.Coming to our concern, well meaning of our own people (for a year and a half) have been taking the streets and to the White House Lawn hoping to see peacful solution to our problem.Personally I see no way out this way in the horizon.It is far better we prostrate our selves ,for the sake of our people,before THE HEAVENLY KING than to do the same to the creaturs of our own equal only to find out that they share not our pain,and at the end of the day we go home dsappointed and hurt because our expectations have not been met.Has not been this our common experience?We have endured patiantly for long to have peace its chance,and sincerly hoped that negotation is the solution.In this regard we will continue to hope and see the outcome of this upcomming trial.It is every one's hope that their realse and only their freedom will relieve our uncertainity , anxiety and heal our wounds because many Ethiopians believe that there is room to peacefully work out our problem.Having sayed this depending which way the dice may fall,we need to be prepared for the alternative.Thus far the few men who sway absolute power show no clue of a rational approach to the problem they have originated in the first place.The longer we sit by and watch,as far off spectators ,and continue to hope still believing some how down the road there will be a change of mind inside the secret circle of this men(a settled attitude in the disperssion well known and positively read by this clique. We might as well accept their free reign to have its course an abated.This simply is sucidal.So,after this upcoming event what will be our excuse ,unless we are content to use patience as a front.Some concerned citizens in the past through their writings in the past have shade some light about what is now commenly reffered as "the greatest controvercy" that took shape inside E.P.L.F-T.P.L.F prior to their seizure of power.If this was not alarming enough,one still wonders whether there is not a cotrovercy this time surrounding the present attitude.It appers that when some one make mention of standing up,there will be a barrage of counter arguments concerning this case-certainly from the enemy coump.The one thing we need to know is this:Our people can not continue to be held hostage in their own neck of the wood .We have to open our eyes to see this.When our patient runs out we must stand as fortified wall and say thus-far and no more.This was with our for- fathers why would it be other wise now?Specially, when we know the path we followed this far proudeced no meaning full result.Only when we put aside our indifference and assume a posture of active resistance we will begin to see marked rwsults both in attitude and in the score board.We have to tread through this path to see any tangible outcome.Then, when we start to move collectively through this path there will be the obvious:some obstacles to overcome ahead ,some loss there, and a moment of victory here.We must not shred by the mere mention of this things that are necessarily associated with the nature of resistance.Before long,we will discover that the ruling faction is but an isolated and desiped entity that is rived with anxiety whose preoccuption lately has been no less than shuffling and restructuring its personnel.Its public relations an all time low,the economic disparity worsening by the day,it simply has no solution to the pressing pletical,economic,and social problems of the nation.Undoubtedly,we will be flanked by the majourity of our people.Down this road eventually we will begin to gain meaning full gains:a bargaing chip in our disposal,which we can claim in our court. We have to do this no one eles will do it for us.Then,and only then we can ,reasonably,expect the U.S to let go off its tie with this regime and cut a deal to negotiate directly with the people.

Other factors that will contribute to the resistance-
First, some people raised a question about E.P.P.F.'s attachement with that malignant state .This is a ligitmate in house concern that deserves clossed door session of mending.One hopes through this process common sense will prevail and the matter be resolved in favor of self relience.It is important that we move this direction so that all will be in the same page for it to enjoy full suport.If some are alarmed that the prospect of severing ties will
lead in to endangerment,take heart.The much needed material and other support can easily be secured from that other state that most Ethiopians are familiar with.
Second,we can persuade take center stage.Here,I want to point out this.This organization needs to be broad to embrace the many existing groops.For instance,Tigrians of Ethiopian origin who have been instrumental in exposing the current regime and seem to show inclination to build Ethiopia in the lins of its founders need to be included.We can push through build a national army so that we can stand up for the challenges of our time.It can be done if we put public interest above any other.In the age of glovalization,many of the leading industrial nations are forming regional market alliences for control of resources ,and are even in the process of discussing the possible removal of intra- border barriers to expedite this under taking.We in Africa ,it is heart aching, seem to be regressing to our bush. Bear in mind no one is pushing us to go this direction,we seem doing it on our accord.As one expert puts it bluntly, " many clouds upon our vision are our making: social and cultural biases,psychological prefernces,and mential limitations(universal mode of thought, not just human stupidity".Gold,S.J
It must be this existing conditions that continue to allow the enemy to roam free and the people to suffer great loss.Public opion heavely weigh on this :that our problem among us be solved through diolouge and negotation.

I have no taste to that usual epithet which often comes from those that are against the people in the form of "you are not in harms way you just want others to do it for you."