Monday, July 16, 2007

Breaking news: Court sentences CUD leaders to life imprisonment

The Federal High Court today sentenced all CUD leaders who were convicted of outrage against the constitution to life imprisonment. The other nine who weren't in CUD leadership got sentences ranging form 1 year and six months to 18 years imprisonment.

The court also decided to take away the political rights of CUD leaders to elect and be elected. It decided that the judicial interdiction is absolute. It means the interdiction is applicable throughout their life time.


Anonymous said...

Nothing unexpected from Weyanne Kangroo Court. May God be with their family.

Anonymous said...

It was expected from the Kangaroo court!!!
The CUD leaders face the injustice and won.
THhy are the winners!!Ethiopia and Ethiopians are too


Anonymous said...

Let us rise up, Folks. There is no rule of law in the country so let us make Meles Pay for it. NO Millineum, Tell the people to stay t home and all that starting from coming Monday

Anonymous said...

This Ugly stone head coward showed us once again how stupid he is.

what he doesn't know is, this is the end of EPRDF and The Ferenji. Belive me they will not survive a year from now.

CUD leaders will get out of the jail soon with out his knowlede and will.

The Ethiopian People Will gettheir Freedoms soon.

Anonymous said...

Nothing was Expected from a kangaroo court that ordered by a minority tribal junta and Erterian government that controls and colonizes the Ethiopian People

May God be with My Heroine and Heros Leaders and Give strength to their Families.

Anonymous said...

Typical of Weyane!
Meles is very predictable indeed.
The death sentence recommended by the prosecutor was meant to prepare the public mentally and psychologically before this shocking life sentence was handed over to CUD leaders! Guess what, the CUD leaders will be pardoned after serving 6-10 years. Meles and co. think by then the leaders will be demoralized and the party and/or the struggle for freedom will phase out.Make no mistake, public anger and the constantly growing insurgency by OLF and ONLF will engulf Ethiopia and consume Weyane in the process before Weyane knows it.

Anonymous said...

Nothing less was expected from 'the independent court'.now it is the right time for action.
Meles speech on last parliament was tailored to terrorize the people at home only.He knew his ke anget belay fukera dont bring anything in his diplomatic relation.but that speech was calculated to terrorize and then frustrate the Ethiopian people at home.
The bottom line is TPLF is at the verge of demise.His survival continues as long as it manage to terrorize the Ethiopian people.
Time for "Action".Action

Anonymous said...

This was expected.Melese wishes also to end the political lives of our leaders.Life sentence and prohibitin of political rights do not make sense.If you are in prision all your life what political rights is Melese talking about.
From now on the decision is ours.All means should be applied to ouset the enemy.

Kinijit- The Way of Peace said...

I think this court drama has shown and exposed in a very clear and certain term that there is NO LAW in Ethiopia.

As Ato Siye said :" Where the Law does not rule, there is no peace".

As to our great leaders who were sentenced life inprisonment , I say "CONGRATULATION". You will surely be out from prison soon with your honor, prestige and the tremendous LOVE from the people.

There are reports that Meles and his cadres may release them and portray themselves as mercifull and compassionate. This way by blaming the court they can place themselves as the "good guys". Since the case is now out of the court, we may see some movement along this line.

Let us hope and pray for the good news. Otherwise, failure to release prisoners, will certainly lead to a devastating end of the regime.

I say to TPLF leaders:


Girma Kassa
Already Kinijit leaders HAVE WON.

Anonymous said...

F*** OFF!

Anonymous said...

Today, 16.July 2007 (Hemle 9.1999)is a historical day for the Ethiopian People and for these CUD leaders.We are going to celebrate as Victory day form Weyane thugs. As we know, their charge was based on fabricated lies from the father of lie. Our elected leaders are sentenced to life imprisonment and the court also decided to take away their political rights .This is according to Kangaroo court???????
Our leaders have done their homework, it is our chose to do something, something that is for our feedom and democracy, something that is for human dignity and eqaulity, something that is for the rule of law and human rights.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how life imprisonment goes with taking away one's political rights to elect and be elected? Hhhh? Is it possible for a person in prison to be elected?

Anonymous said...

Meles will release the most respected and true Ethiopian leaders very soon at least before the so called millennium celebration. The trick he is going to use is making these resource full political leaders out of politics. This by it self is parlaying the leaders and taking away their basic human right. The is the decision that the kangaroo court made today. Only, God know who will be out of the Ethiopian politics Meles-Bereket or the CUD leader?

Anonymous said...

Yared Tibebu's "assumption" was all this will happen to our leaders. His right hand is around Woyane and his left is around the oppostion. We have to identify our enemies within if we want to go for real struggle for freedom. Our Kinjit leaders have won at last!! There is no doubt about it. Let the Almighty God bless Ethiopian and its God loving people.

Anonymous said...

The war has started between who made a decision and us(unkonwn group).You may think you have eternal life and that is why you made this decision.It is not far you will learn a good leason from life.Finally we want to say some thing for the "so called donor countries", we have seen your involvement about this inernal politics.we have abled to know who is who?
Freedom fighter.

Anonymous said...

W H A T    A    S A D    D A Y !

M a y   G O D   h e l p   u s !

t t

Anonymous said...

they desrve 2B locked ! and You idiots can`t do Nothing but cry -like a baby! i do have sympaty 4 the families who thinks this Idiot dispora politician maight help In releasing the Former CUD leaders

So LONG hailushawol-with UR silly & arrogant politics -look where it gets YOU !!!

Wari said...

This should help us to intensify our struggle for freedom , equality and liberty for all - not for tigre , not for amhara, not for Oromo , etcccc.. BUT FOR ALL ETHIOPIANS. the corner stone for our fight shall be individual right. The smallest intity in a society is an individual and, if his rights are respected , everybobodys right will be respected.

The minority dictators , are using divide and rule exactly like giraziani ,by creating fear , division and suspision among ethnicites and religious groups. By design or coincidence , the judges now are majority muslims just like during graziani.

The current ruthless dictators seem to stop thinking. They put the leaders in jail for life .... and also took their right to vote --- nonsense (or foolish )- vote in prison?? where will meles and co live??? a day will come , when they will face justice!! I can only hope the ethiopian people will not be as harsh on them as they are now.

We cannot rest , we cannot falter untill this goons are evicted from the peoples palace. we should strengtehn our economic boycott both at home and abroad , on any business with connection to the mafia rulers shall be boycotted , among other things.

Although , tedious and heart breaking to extreme the time of waiting is , at the end truth and justice will win. policies based on fabricated and false premises are bound to be defeated.
Ethiopians shall prevail!!

Death to ruthless tyrants!

Anonymous said...

What else can be expected from a coward and greedy person like Meles Zenawi?


Abdu said...

Geta hoye lemen tewken. Lenezehe awrewoche yeferdeh ken zegeye.

Merewochachin mengezeme abrenachehu nene.

Anonymous said...

Bad news. Not because of the life imprisonment they got, but rather because their political rights have been robed in a bright day light. If there would be any group who should be banned of his basic right of participating in Ethiopian politics, it would only be Meles and his Juntas who never worked for the interest of Ethiopia even for a single day in their 16 years of reign.

Selam said...

This is a very sad day for all Ethiopians.

MY massage for all Ethiopians, please less rise up against Meles TPLF regime.

So we all can be free from this brutal regime.

May God help us.

iSoloda said...


Anonymous said...

What a sad day. We knew there is no respect for the rule of law in Ethiopia.We Ethiopians in Diaspora can't sleep until justis is done.Meles and his cronies will pay big time for what they have done and what they are doing.Weyanes must know there is no place in the world you can run and hide we will hunt you and take you to court for justis.

Anonymous said...

"I don't understand how life imprisonment goes with taking away one's political rights to elect and be elected? Hhhh? Is it possible for a person in prison to be elected?"


What the courts probably mean is that if the government pardons the CUD leaders, they cannot return to politics.

Anonymous said...

This is a court drama that we least expected But these are good news that will strengthen us to be more united than ever under one motto. The silent majority in the Diaspora must think twice where to camp now. We are all the sons and daughters of that Country and everybody must be at least concerned. Look what a 72 year old Hailu Shawel and Prof. Mesfin are doing. Are they not burning like a candle to enlighten us and put an end to our slavery? Are we not Ethiopians like them? Let us break our silence and unite. Look what our enemy the TPLF does. As enemies they disintegrated our country and yet they are still our rulers. They divided us into ethnic lines, govern us like the fascist Italians, and yet they know not our leaders. They are our masters now. And we are their in -born slaveries herded like a cattle. Is that not a disgrace? Even our masters are laughing at us in their heart of hearts. Who will come to break our yoke? If we are silent on this question you guys are increasing your languishing years. If we leave our leaders in prison who will dare to follow their suit. Is it not a mockery of the Ethiopian History? What will our forefathers would think of our generation. An enemy in the palace and a country disintegrated and the people disunited. Let everybody be determined what to do on his part. We have to unite in common stand with our imprisoned leaders.
Don’t think it is high time that we organize our selves and decide what to do next: Let us momentarily do the under listed:
1. Boycott all celebration of the Millennium and call our relatives at Home to follow suit;
2. Boycott all TPLF products and that of TPLF Supporters[ the Sheik consortium] and cripple establishments, even the EAL, that became a source of revenue to the regime;
3. Conduct a town hall meetings and create a strong international CUD leadership;
4. Conduct civic commotions and unrest in the country;

Anonymous said...

May they have continued strength and the Divine presence of God in their spirit, the compassion and support of Ethiopians and the international community.

The post sentencing mood also could bring a dark cloud for the millennium, as security could be threatened, rage triggered and the potential for danger and more loss of lives.

If there was a mediation started, hopefully it will be expedited.

Anonymous said...

The best justice Ethiopia desrves at the moment is nothing but an armed struggle to free all 80 millions Ethiopians including the political prisoners. Miscarriage of justice at Meles's kangaroo court will spark the uprising and there by throwing the dictator by real force not the fictitious uprising he attempt to blame the CUD learers, journalists, ...etc
Guys this is an insult by few ehnocrats defying the call for a peaceful solution.
We knew Woyane is a dumbo-jumbo parasitic organisation created while Ethiopia is was weakened by Derg.
But time has moved and we will free our country sooner than later from all types of Parasites leading to a free and democratic state.

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...

This decision facilitates the complition of the era of TPLF.
Meles & crew will never get a convinient choice as provided by the elected leaders of kinijit.
The whole world is laughing at the kangroo court in Addis Ababa,Shame on Meles & Co!

Anonymous said...

Meles Zenawi looks very desperate! Of course he has done everything possible that would end him to get Saddam's fate! Only months or years will tell!Mark my words!

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
What are we waiting for? We are always complaining about Woyane misdeeds, what did we do to reverse their action? Now the CUD leaders have no rights whatever to participate in Ethiopian politics. And yet the confused diaspora is going to Ethiopia to celebrate the so called milliunum with the enemy. It is time for action if you don't act shut up. Do not try to be computer fokari. I am sick to my stomach we say we love our country and care about our people but if we are asked even to contribute a penny we give a lot of excuse. It is due to our stupidity a minority Tigres ( less than 5% of the population is riding more than 70 million people for more than 16 years and counting.

We can not work together always infighting giving preference to our ego not towards fighting our enemy Yetigre Bandawoch. See what is going on among Kinigit diaspora it is frustrating.

Shame on us how can 70 million people is ruled , oppressed, exploited, impisoned, harassed, subjugated, mistreated by a minority non-Ethiopian Woyane/Eritrean for nearly 2 decades against our will and during this information age. Writing a paper, giving a talk, sitting in front of foreign embassies don't make change. It has to come from within don't ever depend by writing letter to US, EU will save Ethiopia. Meles is ahead on this game by playing the war on terror card. Rise up and be willing to pay sacrifices or else shut up and be willing to live in your country as a nth citizen. Shame on Ethioipia, shame on us. Do not ever expect cooperation from the Crime family like Siye. All Tigryans are beneficiaries of this criminal Tigray regime. I have to call a spade a spade. I do not want to be politically correct.

Death to the Criminal Gangs of Woyane Gang

Anonymous said...

Rasselase ,
what a game!! Meles will release the Ethiopian Elected Leaders soon but he is trying to avoide the question of " election fraud,killings , politically motivated arrests and further political involvement of any of these true leaders.....Any of you going to celebrate ZE SO Called mellinium with Woyane Gangs..shame on you...shall we consider you as ethiopians don't think so...may be traitors like those who allied themselves with Fascist Italy & facilitate the killings of so many ethiopinas.
Rasselase Nigusee

Anonymous said...

"The salary of sin is..." This is not enough for the criminals. But there was not a need to punish Hailu Shawel becouse God him self punished him.

Anonymous said...

This a very calculated drama orchrested by lobiests. Melese has not that kind of brain. It is designed to achieve the follwing:
- To release the CUD leaders on the so called millennium celebration.
- To get EUU's aid
- off international pressure
- off CUD's leadership out of politics
- off public pressure
We know.

Anonymous said...

Calm Down Supporters

Is it sad that they were sentenced to rigorous terms? Yes it is sad. We need to learn to be calm, collected, reflective in our discourse. The hoho and the useless shout on the internet where millions Ethiopians don't even read it does not push anything an inch.

Despite the empty shout, the court has made a decision. It is now time for the pardon process to move along. In a few days and weeks, that process will bear fruit.

Anonymous said...

Huhuh, I am so sorry for Leguesse (Meles) Zenawi, whose ego was badly damaged in May 2005. He is still suffering from the trauma and so continues acting so foolishly.

The people of Ethiopia have chosen their leaders in May 2005. There is no going back.

As America has not been the same since 9/11 Ethiopia is not and will not be the same after May 2005.

Let Leguesse try to walk on the streets of Addis or anywhere else in the country without bodyguards and convoys like some elected leaders in other parts of the world and test the guts of Ethiopians!!

He is a coward dwarf. He can only bluff us because he is armed to the teeth.

Leguesse has thrown the ball to our court. Let us now show him People's Power!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bunch of useless. shouting the same nonesense for the past two years. Like it or not the so called "kangaro court" is the rule of law in Ethiopia. Otherwise you all can kill yourself, or contiue with your usuall 'ere zerafe'. Loosers.

Anonymous said...

What a shame, even at the cost of 70 million deaths, they would be free from Kaliti, the next move would be on dismantlign the ILLEGAL institutions like security, police and those bandas in the Judiciary

patriot said...


EZ was telling us pro. Ephrem Isaac is an honest broker, well what do you got to say now EZ?

The tactic is to embarrass, scare, and shock, then a few days later release them, but ban them from politics altogether. Now that he has a signature of guilt on letter, he has all the power to ban them from participating in politics. The old and haggard physic of CUDP leaders is not going to take the shame and shock so well it is the worst kind of abuse there is, they will all die soon after they are released (PARDONED). But banning them from taking part in politics is one of the benefits for Meles and TPLF from this sham trial. He escaped scathes free from killing the 200 youths. Thanks to Prof. Ephrem Isaac he has the original letter of admission accepting responsibility for the dead Ethiopian youths.

What a game that is! Meles I salute you man, you are no longer the UGLY chihuahua MIDGET you are one a classic man. You now managed to shift public attention from criminally liable leader to a forgiving leader. Many people are going to fiocus on the pardon and millennium in stead of your crimes aganist humanity. Not to mention terrorizing the elected leaders for the past two and years.

Once again, MELES "the ugly chihuahua" MIDGET managed to find a hole to get his ass out. We have a saying, smoke and brave have similar chacteristics they can get out of comletely sealed situation. Meles is THE BEST politician by African standard. Let's give him the credits where due, he is truely the best con-artist in the history of Ethiopian leaders.

Hecomes from the smallest minority group (less than 5%) and he managed to stay in power for 16-years by putting all his competitors away and removed all the responsibilities and load it on the victims and walk away scathes free. He survived two unecessary wars, one with Eritrea and one with Somalia. He managed to do all this with the help of the Americans.


Anonymous said...

The verdict was designed at Meles' kitchen table long before the kangaroo court receives the go ahead in making it look ligitimate. It was argued amongst the best minds TPLF has in store. They calculated back and forth as to how to get CUDP leadership and they found the best way to do it. Have them accept responsibility for the deaths of the 200 Ethiopians killed by TPLF AGAZI SHARPSHOOTERS from roof tops. Make sure to have their signatures and announce it to the public making them apear to be guilty, then convict them so the public can accept the verdict vis-a-vis the sentence and finally Meles come out and announce their pardon as if he has a forgiving heart so the people can say "OUR-DEAR-LEADER" like Kim Ill Su. What a game that is.

Anonymous said...

there is noting new... We said it loudly long ago,if we dont actively resist the regime we might as well quit the whole thing or be willful slave.Now,most are upset,then,asusual we will forget about it.Where are the provincials?
Where are the men of Gondar,Gojam,Wollo,Bulga and Tegulet Menze?Where are the Doughters of th e land? Truly this must be the last days where the Bible speaks"the love of many will wax cold."
No faith in God,no conviction,no patriotic sentments.We have become worshipers of idols,fame,status,richs,acheivment.In all this generation is but,hamot yelesh,bosters talkatives:that can be summed up as "Yengidelig" generation.
We demand face to face conference where people will be held to these standards:responsiblity,accountablity,and commitment.One of the reasons why many are shallow in their dealing with Ethiopian politics is because of the anonymity the internet affords.We need a unification between all groups:C.U.D,E.P.R.P, E.N.U.F, U.E.D.F, that will help us launch our struggle against the facist regime with vigor and potency:it can be done if we put nationalo interest above that of party,and personal.When we start to move this direction there will not be any room for "maferias" among us who want to live a double life; Ethiopia's cause is to be shared by all,it can't be left for certain individuals,and let us not discourage the many true sons/and doughters of the country,who are in this not so much for personal interest but for MAMA.
God want us to sand up and be counted as men/women of character;He will deliver the hand of the enemy to the people.Don't ask how,only be willing to do your part,don't be chicken just stand up,believe that God has allerdy gone before you to pave the way.
So please let us be bold in Him and start to transform our talk to action.

Anonymous said...

I have seen that every one seems puzled why it is needed to revoke ones political rights while sentencing them for life imprisonment.
Melese's game is clear. He knows that he can't keep these political leaders in prison for life. But he wants to make sure that they are out of politics for good.
He will find some way to release them. He will try to be a reasonable person by letting them free from prison. At the same time, he wants to make sure that they are out of the country's political game. Because, Meles and co. can't take any challenges in a fair in political game. What a coward !!!!!!
It is upto the people to give these juntas a lesson. So that, they can understand that they can't play with the publics feelings, rights and freedom.