Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Kinijit leaders reaffirm their commitment to the eight principles

Incarcerated CUD leaders will make enforcement of the eight points they stipulated as pre-conditions to joining parliament their priority if and when they are released from prison, Kaliti sources informed EZ Post. The party set the eight preconditions as fundamental principles underpinning democracy in Ethiopia. "These are our mantra. In or out, they are the guiding principles of our struggle," one prisoner was quoted as saying.

The leaders are, however, concerned that Meles Zenawi's recent propaganda may be affecting their work by sewing confusion among the Ethiopian people. According to Kaliti sources, the state media here is showing part of a deal that is signed by the leaders. Meles Zenawi's denouncement of the court decision, his avowal to open political space, and his promise to release them before sentencing and other commitments haven't appeared in the document being displayed by the media. The leaders have asked the Ethiopian people to wait patiently until they provide what they say is "the true spirit of the deal."
Breaking news: The president of Ethiopia will announce the release of the prisoners today.


Anonymous said...

when are they coming out. The news here in the US is that they will be out Thursday.

gherumu said...

Whatever was the deal let us not forget for a moment that it was made under duress.
We can't wait to welcome them.
Let's worry about the so called deal, and what documents were made public by the Eprdf, or what other document was cut and pasted for propaganda purposes later.

Anonymous said...

The regime might keep doing the dirty propaganda,but what it hasn't yet relaized is how discreated its PR machine is. Nothing what it comes out of it will ever have creadblity. We are waiting for our leaders to come out so that to know the full story. Let God be with us.

Anonymous said...

EZ, thanks.

The people in Kaliti jail are born leaders and will always be our leaders. It is a matter of time before they come out. We don't need to worry!

EPRDF has no option. Who is Meles(EPRDF) to decide on the lives of these precious Ethiopians? He is nobody and he is going to open the door of that jail before someone else does.


Anonymous said...

In or out, KINIJIT or any party else, the preconditions are the premises, not for this generation may be for the coming and that is why we believe in our true leaders as they are visionary. We really really urge all who joined the puppet parliament to decline taking their seats in the next years session and bring the tyrant regime to a round table discussion in a form of national reconciliation. Courageous decisions are awaited from the so-called Kinijit-parliament group, the few who tried to put themselves as president of a part which in reality was liquidated like Lidetu, all uedf sister parties including the prominent Prof. Merara and Prof. Beyene, such new virbrant parties headed by Ato Bulcha Demekssa, come on, see what people are sacrificing for the same nation of 80 million people, wake up, the call is not to save the mother land and the key is in your hands ....... boycott the parliament, boycot the millenium and bring the woyane regime to a round table discussion without any preconditions as hands are long awaiting from AFD.

Anonymous said...

...... sorry I meant
.... the call is to save the motherland ....

Anonymous said...

Awakew beza bezech hager. Let them go out of jail and see what happens. A true deal is a deal made between two free people. These people are hijacked long time ago. They have shown to the world that the court is dysfuctional. If EPRDF is ready to accomodate the 8 questions then good. If not we will have to wait and see these people's leading the peaceful struggle. WE DONT WANT THE DIASPORA PHILOSOPHY. Even the prominent people like Dr Taye, Andargachew and Berhanu couldnot agree as what to do with a death penality hanging over. Please stop it EZ too. Let them talk. Give them a break. They are under big pressure from EPRDF, The people, the diaspora, USA, EC etc. " Were atefetfetu" Yefetuna wetetu yetaye.. Weyane indehone bekelalu we democray yemelesal malet zebet new. It needs a long and sustainable struggle not were mefetfet.

Anonymous said...

EZ are you trying to keep the spirit high? or what is this saga about joining parliament. I wish what you are saying true, but the bitter fact is they have no political fate as far as the woyane legal system exists. Remember the court has stripped off their civil rights � joining parliament is a jock � this guys are not even supposed to vote in the next election. I don�t know if it helps to speak what we like instead of what it is.

Anonymous said...

All Ethiopians know these chosen leaders including even the ruling thug with its associates. We know them and they know them that they are committed to their principles and to the mission they set for themselves. We know them and they know them that they are honest and peace loving. Whatever the deal may be and how it is or may be presented by the only media holder, secret police, military and so-called courts full controller, they will not be discredited and humiliated. We praise them, we trust them and we appreciate them. They made history only with their mind, with their soul and with their heart. We say long live to them - the first chosen leaders of Ethiopia in jail - for what they accomplished until now and for all sacrifices they have paid.

Wolloyew said...

On of the fundamental characteristics of a bleeding heart CUDist is his loyalty to his Kaliti leaders; FULL STOP!

Anonymous said...

Dear EZ,

Please convey the following message to our leaders through your contact in Kality:

Whatever undertakings they have made to guarantee their release does not matter at this point in time.

The entire people of Ethiopia and the world know that they were made to sign any undertaking under duress, so our leaders should not have the slightest doubt about what the Ethiopian people will think of them.

They have been our heroes since 2005 and they will remain our heroes forever and they will go down the history of Ethiopia as such, period.

No present or future government of Ethiopia will take away their hard won reputation as modern Ethiopia's freedom fighters from them.

They are the Mandela's of Ethiopia.
Viva to our leaders in Kality.

In or out of prison their value is the same!!!!!.

Anonymous said...

I like the following comment !

All Ethiopians know these chosen leaders including even the ruling thug with its associates. We know them and they know them that they are committed to their principles and to the mission they set for themselves. We know them and they know them that they are honest and peace loving. Whatever the deal may be and how it is or may be presented by the only media holder, secret police, military and so-called courts full controller, they will not be discredited and humiliated. We praise them, we trust them and we appreciate them. They made history only with their mind, with their soul and with their heart. We say long live to them - the first chosen leaders of Ethiopia in jail - for what they accomplished until now and for all sacrifices they have paid.

12:47 AM

Anonymous said...

They made history only with their mind, with their soul and with their heart.

Anonymous said...

It was so clear from the onset, when the prime minister acted on the bunch of moron parliament members regarding the "ketema wore", that he was brainwashing others to fall in his calculated move he gonna made. and that is obvisouly taking out his promise and admittance from the proposal and posting their compromise as if they are sorry for the "guilt" they committed.
Even if they signed, these leaders are hold at gun points, we don't change our heart, whatever woyane brags!!!.
we will win

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to take my marching order from our leaders,the true sons and daughters of Ethiopia.
La lutta continua!

Anonymous said...

EZ back on duty?.
....on the go with a calming effect********.
“Breaking news: The president of Ethiopia will announce the release of the prisoners today.”
This shall be a suspense filled day and hopefully fulfill your’s and our expectation. Eyes and ears on SeminaWork’s Ethio Zagol and President Girma Woldegiorgis.

Anonymous said...

On the top of what is written to all, I would like to add the many grattruide i hear from frineds ti EZ i can not wait to see you in Free Ethiopia to thank you in person and exalt your name with that of our leaders
Many many thanks, you kept and keep us all informed in the darkest day of Ethiopia. The demise of this regime which has started in 2005 is contiuning, we can and will only have a brigter time from now.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see how our beloved leaders are greeted affectionately by milloions of Ethiopians all over the world.

Melese & co are stupid enough to learn what a true leader means to the pple. No one, even their cadres, dare to call them 'My beloved leader'. Ahyoch

Anonymous said...

Woyane is using a win-win tactic...
1. to be a good government in the eyes of outside world for releasing opposition members and 2. avoid the hurdles facing the millenium celebration, which they don't want see visitors to be scared away from coming and spend billions of dollars. For now, releasing the opposition is to the best advantage of woyane to ease the tension temporarily. We don't know what woyane has in mind after the millenium celebration & cowing billions of dollars directly to their account/pocket. Watch and see!

Anonymous said...

Lidetu really he should commit suicide. Poor his family what would you do if God gives you a child like this? He is a curse. God Help CUD leaders and Save Ethiopia from all this hatred and Mess we just can’t afford loosing the light of our lives.

Anonymous said...

Woyane Prpoganda alert!!!

According to reliable sources, Woyane has managed to lure a few CUD members perhaps a couple of them) that are due for a release among the 30 plus prisoners to come out to the public/to the media and to "confess" how mistaken they were by following CUD and trying to overthrow the Government through unconstitutional means using Negede Gobeze's manual, etc.

Those people who agreed for such self incrimination and help TPLF in its prpoganda against CUD are promised some benefits. Alert!!!

Anonymous said...

Regardless of what happens next..., whether they signed a document that bars them from standing for a political office..., the Ethiopian people should never forget that these people made a huge sacrifice that most of us are only willing to critic from afar. To my mind they are our true heroes!

Anonymous said...

The eight principles are the corner stones to any democratic society. We need them and the EPRDF can also use them to ammend its tarnished image. Let the almighty God protect Ethiopia and his God loving people.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of what happens next..., whether they signed a document that bars them from standing for a political office..., the Ethiopian people should never forget that these people made a huge sacrifice that most of us are only willing to critic from afar. To my mind they are our true heroes!

Anonymous said...

'Wedo Ayisiku' yilal yagere sew. Lidetu is expecting an apology from our beloved leaders, cos they didn't betray their ppl. cos they stand firm to their priciple,even
in such dangerous situation.

Muticha, Can he see them eye to eye when they come out from jail, but with the same priciple, they languished in the jail.
Likiskis wusha,

Anonymous said...

I am hearing that the signed document, shown to Ethiopian people,
was a small portion of the entire terms of the release paper.
That is cheap on the part of the gov’t.

They run to the media to have attention of the Ethiopian people and by implication, admitting how they are unpopular they are and to get it through this process.


Anonymous said...

Thank you EZ for the upto date info and your dedication to inform us timely. we were expecting them to be released yesterday or today. Unfortunately they are not yet been released. I don’t know the reason for the delay but seems that there is some thing beyond putting the president signature on the document. I am also wondering why the EPDRF is using the word "pardon" board instead of "amnesty" board following the legal definition given by a lawyer on German radio the other day. Do you think they will agree to sign that doc to come out of jail being stripped off their right?

Anonymous said...

At any condition we want our heroes set free from the bood sucker woyane jail

Anonymous said...

It would be great to see elected and beloved leader of Ethiopia going free from the notorious prison.

The weyanes, vicious animals do not have any right to be in power or to kill our people to still browed money from foreign donors.

They must face the world court for the crimes they committed against Ethiopia and The Ethiopian people.

Those weyanes are not Ethiopians, they are foreign invaders. They have to go back where they came from, to dedebit....


Ethiopia for Ethiopians!!!

Anonymous said...

I heard Lidetu(motu) needs apology from our leaders!!!
This clearly shows how happy he was to see them incarcerated for life as was Andargachew and Mewa!This is a time to see who was paid to disintegrate the struggle inside and out of the country.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The above anon at 7:56am.
Yes I also heard it on the VOA that Lidetu said "the letter of appology by the Kaliti leaders is a proof that they made a mistake against the government and him". This guy is killing himself poltically for the second time. In poltics you can die twice.

Andargachiew also shot himself in the foot by labelling Hailu Shawel as a dictator. A man who lived 27 years of his life in London and a close friend of Zenawi accused of an elderly man who gives his life for Ethiopia as a dictator. I see no future for Andargachiew Tsigie in Ethiopian poltics.

Our heroes will come out of prison soon. We never had such a dedicated heroic figures in Ethiopia for the last 50 years. The Kaliti leaders will have their right place in history along Belay Zeleke, Alula Aba Nega, Zeray Derese and others.

Anonymous said...

When is the gummy bear (president of Ethiopia) announcing the release?


Anonymous said...

hey brother
Let us come and wait them at the door of kality.
i have been there for 15hours until know.let us make them a hero & heroin greeting.
Let us make the parade for the leaders of Ethiopia.
Come and join us.
Around Kaliti

Anonymous said...

when Girma (WEFE KOMECH ) sign the release. (CHAT ye mikim tteklay minister ina tteji yemittetta presedant.. hageritu min hager lithon new)

Anonymous said...

It is good to hear that finally the CUD leaders will be released from jail.
It is known that the EPDRF cadres will use their propaganda machine to discredit the leaders. Even the diaspora EPDRF's stuges like are playing their part to distribute the Radio Fana's propaganda that puts negative message about the leaders and their deal with the government. OH! Good God, Today the same webpage asks the government media to restrain from putting negative images of the leaders. I think he forgots that dicipline starts with himself first, or is he trying to play two cards?.
May be the Meles and co. didn't make his 'payment' on time. Ha...Ha...

Anonymous said...

Ben of ethiopiafirst is the number one misinformer in the diaspora thats why weyane didn't block it. People have to watch out for this snake in the grass.

Anonymous said...

Thank you ! much has been said about you lately,some deserving,others way out of the norm.Regardless of our differences on some hot button issues,I like to give due credit both for past service and for your continued service for the promotion of democracy,rule of law and human right respect.At times we contend tenaciously over some issues that we hold dear to us;that is being human,to this extent we also need to learn the art of working together:find commen ground to agree on issues we share and take it from there.

Anonymous said...

When you are in politics in countries like Ethiopia, especially if you are a leader, you have to be ready to die for your principle. The leaders in Kalliti have failed us in that regard when they signed the apology request. No question they were under duress, but they should have withstood it. They should be evaluated by a higher standard. If they were not able to withstand the temptation to get their personal freedom at the expense of sacrificing their principle, how do we expect them to be our leaders at times of great difficulties? We do not expect less from leaders. As some one has said, they dead as leader. We should look for other more courageous leader before it’s too late.

Anonymous said...

Tplf's mouthpiece Tsegaye Tadesse is telling us:

Ethiopia leaning to clemency in opposition case
Thu 19 Jul 2007, 16:34 GMT

[-] Text [+] By Tsegaye Tadesse

ADDIS ABABA, July 19 (Reuters) - Ethiopia is leaning towards granting clemency to opposition members sentenced this week to life in prison, a government source said on Thursday.

The United States, a major ally, has urged Ethiopia to consider clemency after 35 opposition members were given life sentences on Monday for inciting violence, treason and trying to overthrow the government.

The charges related to violent protests over 2005 elections, in which the opposition won its biggest parliamentary showing but said it was robbed of victory by vote-rigging.

Eight other defendants received sentences of between 18 months and 18 years after a trial that rights groups and some donor governments criticised as a move by Prime Minister Meles Zenawi to cripple the opposition.

"There's a possibility they'll get clemency," the government source told Reuters.

Another Ethiopian source said: "The tendency is to give clemency to these people."

It was not immediately clear what form the clemency would take or how many defendants would benefit from it.

The constitutional powers of clemency reside with President Girma Woldegiorgise, not Meles, but the prime minister's opinion on the matter was expected to carry great weight in any pardon.

Earlier this week, Ethiopia's pardon board visited the imprisoned defendants to verify the authenticity of a letter the government said had been sent to Meles asking for mercy.

Monday's court ruling revoked the defendants' constitutional rights, including the right to stand for election, which analysts say would still apply even if they are freed.

A parliament-commissioned inquiry has found 199 civilians and police officers were killed in clashes over the 2005 vote, which was billed as the freest ever in the relatively young democracy.

The parliamentary inquiry found that more than 800 people were injured and 30,000 suspected opposition members were arrested. European Union observers listed a catalogue of irregularities including the intimidation of opponents.

Meles has said he regretted the post-election violence, but blamed it on an opposition conspiracy to topple him by force.

Anonymous said...

What is so Amazing is that the EPRDF paid youth cadres like Samuel Gebru(,Thomas H and our friends at aigaforum still believe the BS that comes out of Ethiopian media.

If they could only put their brains together they might be able to figure out that they are the only ones who got played.

eLiTe WoYiN said...

Hung In There Y'ALL!!Good News From Addis:Tsehay Sitiweta-07-20-07 They are already free!!!!

eLiTe WoYiN

Anonymous said...

Dear friends lets hope for the best and wait to hear the truth from the CUD leaders. EPDRF's propagand is deafeaning. After being in prison for 2 years, I don't think the CUD leaders will bend their principles. However, they are peace loving Ethiopians who goes extra mile for the benefit of the country. Brain dead EPDREF cadres might take it as a weakness. Let them live in their dream/night-mare.
Aigaforum and Ethiopiafirst shame on you: You are playing with millions of lives and future. You 'hodams' EPDRF won't be there forever to fill your 'hod'. But, you will live with us: the people of Ethiopia.

Anonymous said...

Selam all someone here stated that "we need better leaders as these ones have failed us". You should see a doctor for what you said. Here you are in a free country running around enjoying your freedom and stating that they should pay the price may God have mercy.

If you are calling BEN a misinformer I guess you are calling Ethiopian Review the best informer and that my dear says it all. As for the state a bunch of headless humans are just causing damages.


Anonymous said...

Meles and Musharraf will lose their power soon because their constant supplier - the USA - is sick and tired of them. Watch this as it unfolds in the coming weeks!

Anonymous said...

Please listen VOA before the closing program Alula bring live talk with Prof. Epherem. You can hear something from Prof. Epherem. Especially tomorrow they will have press conference.

May God bless you all
Selam ( from Campbel )

Anonymous said...

By Yared Kinfe (Sweden)

(ሐሙስ ሐምሌ 12’1999 ዓ.ም. / July 19’2007)፦ ዛሬ ማምሻውን አዲስ አበባ የሚገኙና ጉዳዩን እየተከታተሉ ያሉ ታማኝ ምንጮቻችን “እስረኞቹ በነገው ዕለት ሊፈቱ ይችላሉ” ሲሉ ገልፀውልናል።

በነገው ዕለት ከሰዓት በኋላ በኢትዮጵያ ሰዓት አቆጣጠር 7 ሰዓት ላይ ሸምጋዮቹ በሼራተን አዲስ ሆቴል የቦርዱን ውሳኔ በጋዜጣዊ መግለጫ ይፋ እንደሚያደርጉ እነዚሁ ታማኝ ምንጮቻችን አስረድተዋል። ሸምጋዩ ቡድን የሽምግልናው ጉዳይ የተሳካለት ከ18 ወር (ከአንድ ዓመት ከስድስት ወር) ልፋት በኋላ ሲሆን፣ ይህ የነገው ጋዜጣዊ መግለጫ የመጀመሪያው ኦፊሴላዊ (ይፋዊ) መግለጫው ነው የሚሆነው።

ጠቅላይ ሚ/ር መለስ ዜናዊም በነገው ዕለት ጋዜጣዊ መግለጫ እንደሚሰጡ ታውቋል።

ፕሬዝዳንት ግርማ ወ/ጊዮርጊስ ቦርዱ የሚያቀርብላቸው ውሳኔ ላይ ምንም ለውጥ ያደርጉ ይችላሉ ብለው እንደማያምኑ ያስረዱን ምንጮቻችን አክለውም የቦርዱ ውሳኔ የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ በጉጉት እየጠበቀ ካለው ምህረት ጋር ተመሳሳይ ሊሆን እንደሚችል ገልፀዋልናል።

የነገዎቹን ጋዜጣዊ መግለጫዎች ተከትሎ እስረኞቹ በነገው ዕለት ሊፈቱ እንደሚችሉ እነዚሁ ታማኝ ምንጮቻችን ግምታቸውን ገልፀውልናል።

በነገው ዕለት ይፈታሉ ተብለው የሚጠበቁት ስም ዝርዝር፦

1ኛ) ኢ/ር ኃይሉ ሻውል፣ 2ኛ) አቶ አባይነህ ብርሃኑ፣ 3ኛ) ሻለቃ ጌታቸው መንግሥቴ፣ 4ኛ) ኢ/ር ግዛቸው ሽፈራው፣ 5ኛ) ዶ/ር ኃይሉ አርኣያ፣ 6ኛ) አቶ ሙሉነህ እዩኤል፣ 7ኛ) አቶ ስለሺ ጠና፣ 8ኛ) ዶ/ር ብርሃኑ ነጋ፣ 9ኛ) ዶ/ር በፍቃዱ ደግፌ፣ 10ኛ) ፕ/ር መስፍን ወ/ማርያም፣ 11ኛ) ዶ/ር ያዕቆብ ኃ/ማርያም፣ 12ኛ) ወ/ት ብርትኳን ሚደቅሳ፣ 13ኛ) አቶ አስቻለው ከተማ፣ 14ኛ) ዶ/ር ታዲዮስ ቦጋለ፣ 15ኛ) አቶ ገ/ፃድቅ ገ/ማርያም፣ 16ኛ) አቶ አሰፋ ሀብተወልድ፣ 17ኛ) አቶ ብሩክ ከበደ፣ 18ኛ) አቶ ታምራት ታረቀኝ፣ 19ኛ) አቶ አንዷለም አራጌ፣ 20ኛ) ወ/ሮ ንግሥት ገ/ሕይወት፣ 21ኛ) አርቲስት ደበበ እሸቱ፣ 22ኛ) አቶ የኔነህ ሙላት፣ 23ኛ) አቶ ማሙሸት አማረ፣ 24ኛ) አቶ አንተነህ ሙሉጌታ፣ 25ኛ) አቶ መላኩ ኡንቻ፣ 26ኛ) አቶ ተስፋዬ ታሪኩ፣ 27ኛ) አቶ ዋልተንጉሥ አስናቀ፣ 28ኛ) አቶ ሙሉ ጋሹ፣ 29ኛ) አቶ መስፍን ተስፋዬ፣ 30ኛ) ጋዜጠኛ አንዷለም አየለ፤ 31ኛ) አቶ መስፍን ደቤሳ፣ 32ኛ) አቶ ብርሃኑ ዓለማየሁ፣ 33ኛ) አቶ ውድነህ ጃዲ፣ 34ኛ) አቶ መላኩ ኡንቻ፤ 35ኛ) አቶ አብዮት ዋቅጅራ፣ 36ኛ) አቶ ዳንኤል በሪሁን 37ኛ) ጋዜጠኛ ወናክሰገድ ዘለቀ 38ኛ) ጋዜጠኛ ዳዊት ፋሲል

May God bless you all
Selam ( from Campbell )

Anonymous said...

Sheraton Addis
7pm Ethiopian Time

The whole thing was like a game of chess for Meles. Sad thing is he has no more moves.

For the person who says Ben's page has a reliable news,Yes it does,if you are EPRDF!

Anonymous said...

Is it customery to make such official government related announcement out of Sheraton Addis Hotel?. This is specially a unique turning point and the collective psyche of Ethiopians will focus on at the moment of some history. Sheraton Hotel is the symbol of Ethiopian government or the ordeal of the last two years or represents as some Ethiopian town hall fitting the image of the country?. Some what puzzled as the occasion may not fit the place as controvercial as .....

Anonymous said...

EPRDF cadres are out in full for counter propaganda all over the web.

All of a sudden EPRDF cares about Tigray,Ha!Ha What do they let their cadres smoke bud? BWAAAAA!!

check out this link

Anonymous said...

Are CUD leaders talking about joining parliament with the eight points already?
so what was Lidetu's "crime"?
Yene tolo tolo bet- Gidgidaw senbelet.
Can we get back to the people's problem?

Anonymous said...

EZ: "Breaking news: The president of Ethiopia will announce the release of the prisoners today."

Where is the announcement?

Please EZ stop lying to us we are not bunch of kids who would be excited by deceive. We are grown men and will take bad news relatively okay. STOP LYING TO US! or tell your sources name so we will know who is telling you to feed us horse manure.

Anonymous said...

freedom of judicial system;
free media;
party free police ,army
free electoral board
free freee freeeeee freedom FREEDOM freedom freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem
freee ,free free free free..
Kinjit kinjit kinijit kinijit,kinijit,
kinijit spirit,freee free free free freedom
maranata kinjit.tolo na.kinijit

Anonymous said...

Read this excellent letter to Yamamoto:

Excellent Letter to Yamammoto

Thank you Dr. Selam Beyene

blanka said...

Ya it seems our Leaders are going to be free they are blocking roads around the palace.

Addis ppl is waiting to welcome his leaders.


blanka said...

I am just get a phone call from Kaliti Our Leaders are releases.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Blanka said...

Right now ppl thousands of addis ppl are gathering to welcome its leaders in Kaliti.

blanka said...

Our leaders are out of Kaliti and heading to sheraton addis where the "shemagiles" are supposed to give a press release.

They are free.

Anonymous said...

What a good news...our leaders are FREE at last. The happiest day for all Ethiopians back home and all over the world. The beginning of the road to Peace and Democracy. I hope Meles and Co. will learn from the past and correct their steps to the good will Ethiopians and our country will be heading towards democracy and development. God bless Ethiopia. am really happy.

patriot said...

Letter to Editor Dr. Selam Beyene (PhD)

How dare you forget the very reason you have been allowed to write what you are writing (criticising a non-black)?

American democracy was not established in 1776 as the white Americans would have you believe, American democracy may have been started in 1776, but it was confirmed and established as we know it today in 1965 after many civil right activist gave their lives for the cause so you and I have the right to education and the right to be considered as human beings under the law and have our rights protected by the constitution of the land, which was amanded because of civil rights movement activists.

As it was not enough Donald Yamamoto attempting to flaunt wrong American history in my country. You write as if criticising his conduct but endorsing it as if it is correct? You are WRONG Dr. Selam Beyene! Next time do not mention you are speaking as an Ethiopian just write as an individual who is happy under a racist rule. I read your commentary to Yamamoto and I am unhappy that you never mentioned the people who paid in life to make sure you and I get the right to be in the United States of America. For that matter even Donald Yamamoto's right can only be ensured because people like Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. made it possible.


Anonymous said...

Patriot,right on yes we need to be ancored in our root,we need to stop "Berkeka" before Uro-Americans and regroup in our Africans.I have no problem living and working with every one;however,I strongly believe,defending and promoting that which is uniqly African inparticular,Ethiopian:my friend it is un Ethiopian to continue bow down before the human "minigds".Time to drop what we have been doing thus far,and stand tall by embracing the principle of SELF RELIANCE. this message is to all Ethiopians.