Thursday, July 12, 2007

Siye, The Healer

I heard Siye Abraha's passionate defense of the importance and value of the rule of law in Ethiopia. That says a lot about where the man stands. But more importantly, his articulation that he now understands the fears, aspirations and hopes of both the pro-democracy group and EPRDF supporters is remarkable. One of the contributors to this blog once wrote that we had to take Siye seriously. I say as a person who has experienced the injustice millions of Ethiopians go through everyday, but at the same time as a person who has large following in the EPRDF, Siye can act as a healer of the national wound.


Anonymous said...

Well said. I agree!!

Anonymous said...

i support this idea from many perspective.To get this man on the pro democracy front is a pivotal move.
take care EZ

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that experiencing injustice makes one to fight for justice??? Leave alone Siye as a single person, didn't the whole nation of Tigrai experience the injustice under DERG and even yet they are doing the same thing on Oromos??

Shortly is not what Meles and his Tegaru supporter are now doing on Oromos the same thing they fought against??? Let Siye take the position of Meles, then almost all Oromos, Eritreans, Amharas and pro Meles Tegarus will be entitled to experience, what he went through in Qallitty!!!!

Anonymous said...

EZ the great!

How dare you say such good thing about the man who contributed for the demise of Ethiopia enormously?

What is wrong with you?

I sometimes do not understand you when you say healing, reconcilation on both sides! There is only one side of the party who said NO to everything the people of Ethiopia have asked. That is the TPLF.

Time and again we said - Zenawi will be willing to talk and step down from his power enclave only by force.

If Siyie started an armed struggle behalf of the Ethiopian people to topple Zenawi - then we may consider him serious. But first he has to appologize for what he did to Ethiopia behalf of Eritrea.

Anonymous said...

What made Siye a quatable man is the power he assumed through rebellion which ended up putting Ethiopia where she is now. He was dancing around when TPLF scribbled its 'constitution'...
I don't want to measure him by what he is saying and doing after he lost power. What did he do when he had the power? I don't see how he can be a healer or otherwise... Where has that 'large follower' been when was langushing in jail?

Anonymous said...


This man you call Siye is a criminal who became a multi-millionaire in 5-years time. When he came to Ethiopia with the rest of TPLF organization he was empty handed, but only one rifle. Today he is the owner of many companies with millions in his offshore bank account. How do you think this money came to be his? He got rich because he belongs to the Tegrai ethnic group ruling Ethiopia today. Have you ever seen an Ethiopian who has no education no, heriditary wealth, no experinece in life suddenly got multi-millionaire? We are talking about over $250,000,000 asset. For someone to get so rich so fast has to be part of the repressive regime.

Just because we are against Meles doesn't automatically force us to sympathise to Siye. He too is a corrupt criminal who is responsible to many innocent Ethiopians lives, like his boss Meles and must be viewed as a criminal. I wish he was killed in the process, unfortunately it is not my wish that makes him live or die, if it was he would have been six-feets under by now.

I am sensing the editor of EZ may be linked to Tegerai ethnic by blood, I feel somehow the editor is trying to soften our hearts for a criminal by exploiting our common hate for the Crime Monster. A criminal is a Criminal no matter what! Meles is a Criminal so is Siye.

Anonymous said...

I can't understand what EZ is talking about Siye. Go sk Ethiopian Airlines Employees what he did to them when he was chairman of the Board of Governors. He is no different than Meles the difference is he is powerless no. It is like choosing the better of two devils. I think EZ is obsessed with Siye.

Anonymous said...

This is not the time to start building a personality cult. Siye and his Cigar dunking comments, remember them? The hubris of those days and the callous remarks? That was in the midst of one of the most catastrophic wars ever fought in this continent. And to many, that remains one of the most revealing moment of his character.

He is unwisely outspoken, glib and confrontational. He might be a good TPLF strategist, but not its smartest politician; that explains why he ended up in prison instead of Meles, who was about to eat the dust.

Besides, remember, he is first and foremost a TPLFite, a core member of a gang that gave us the tribal institutions and the monopolies; the group that partitioned our nation and engaged in wars against its interest, leaving us all a legacy of misery and mistrust that will continue over several generations to come.

Reject each and all TPLF member. If they confess their crimes and apologize we are tradition bound to accept their apologies, but we should never allow them to be part of the future of Ethiopia

Anonymous said...

Now I am sensing something fishy with EZ blog, he might be from the Siye group of TPLF Crime families.
What did Siye do for the unity of Ethiopia, he was fighting alongside EPLF when he was in the bush bleeding Ethiopia to death. How come his whole family become a multi-millionaire overnight.It is true that his family is engulfed in corruption , it does not mean that the Palace group is innocent either.
I don't have a little bit of concern for him and his corrupted TPLF. EZ please don't preach that this corrupted Siye is a healer, do not forget each TPLF member has contracted anti-Ethiopia virus. Now I don't have any respect for EZ since he is a pro Siye group.

Anonymous said...

I am confused. What did Siye say? And where did he day it? I haven't read or heard anything say said...

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. I am just amazed at your writing. Keep on

Anonymous said...

Please give me a break. Siye? a healer? He needs to heal himself first and then ask ETHIOPIA for forgivenes. Is he the one who knew Meles and his intention from day one? was not he the one instead of fighting for the truth went to a private stealing bussiness to become a milioner while Ethiopians are crying for bread day in day out? was Siye responsible for the destruction of ETHIOPIA?

EZ please give us a break. WE LOVE YOU eko.

Anonymous said...

right before TPLFite got into disagrement as to how to exploite , kill and torture Ethiopians...Siye was not differnet than Meles by no means. Read this headline from - Siye Abraha, a former defense minister many observers credit as the architect of the 1998-2000 War whose battle successes had brought Ethiopian forces closer to storming the Eritrean capital of Asmara, was set free on Wednesday after six years in jail. is he An archtect who tried to feed million hungry ethiopians, or an archtect who brough an idea for development or an archtect who save millions using the power that he had...... oooooooooooo who is the credit giver for none sense war between brothers for a damn reasons...Just because " Yetelate telat wedaje honena"....some ethiopians consider him as a pro ethiopian... Wake up people...siye is like any of the TPLF gangs member...he is a criminal & so do the other TPLF gangs!!!
Ethiopians will never forget him, Meles and the whole TPLFites for what they did and still doing in ethiopia.


Anonymous said...

EZ - you must be kidding ! may be you want see your blog pumped up throu the expected reaction.

Anonymous said...

Ethiopians believed then that Siye needs fair trial,however,no one is able to deduce from this he can be a healer.We need to be alert over what we read any where in this forums;lest we be taken by the wile of the devil.Ther were in the past issues of this nature raised that remain to be controversial to this days:Andargachew's selection,the action of O.L.F.,and Article about Elia's Kifle.
Finally, I was one of those who arguee in favor of Siye's fair trial;neverthless,I do not believe for a second that he will redeem Ethiopia.Ethiopia will be salvaged only by the Almighty and when her childreen say enough is enough and rise in arms.

Anonymous said...

EZ - While it is understandable what you wrote, it is too early to call Siye a democrat. I agree we should give him the benefit of doubt. I was just wondering about the wealth of TPLF members and started thinking Do you know or anyone know where they live in Addis? I imagine most live in Bole or Old Airport. Is it possible to get this info?

Anonymous said...

Seye and his all family were bleeding our country dry for 10 years. they became milioners just in 2years. Although i don't like the justice done by meles, he done one thing right i.e to lock this greedy blood suckers

Anonymous said...

I swear some of the people here are no better than Meles himself. Ohhh shush please, EZ has a good point. Preaching reconciliation but then at the slightest opportunity listing excuses don't go hand in hand.

Anonymous said...

ez...r u kidding or u r serous?how on earth u tell us a soldier turned to milionaire[siye]would be the voice of the voiceless.this is an insult to our consience

Anonymous said...

Siye has a surprise up his sleeve for you: he will rejoin the meles group and tries to survive. Meles of course knows his (Siye's) make up and will adopt a 'leave and let live' approach insofar as siye has lost his venom. Is that the sort of scenario you have in mind where siye be the 'love angel'? Who will listen to him after all, not Meles definitely. I know Meles is, in a way, pragmatism when he wants and may let him come back to the party to solidify his 'Tigrean' camp. If it is according to my wish for the unfortunate people of Ethiopia, I love to see peace achieved in any way. But rushing to hug him with "The healer" written all ove our face could be an irreversible mistake. Let's his act convince us - actions speak louder than words /rethoric/. I hope siye would not be put off by our suspicion! Wait, does he have the right to be pissed off with us now? No! so far it has been our turn!

Anonymous said...

I do not buy the notion. He may do two things.One, he may be silent to salvage what he has stolen. and become a busy and legitimate business man. Or else, he may RALLY behind Gebru Asrat & Co.and play the card again. In both situation he is a loser.
Hence, leave him alone. And for that matter leave us alone. Our hearts are with these in prison-our would be Healers .

Anonymous said...

EZ..The only time this other woyane thug(Siye) was free of crimes was during his prison times in the last six years. Infact Meles & Company have unkowngly did him a favor by putting him in jail;cause they kept him uninvolved in their crimes during the last six years.

The main conflict b/n Siye's group and Meles' group was building Tigrai first(Siye) versus building Eritrea first(Meles). Ethiopia had never been & will never be an issue for both.

Siye's comment on the absence of the rule of law reminded me of Ex-President Negaso's comment once on the absence of free press in Ethiopia. Negaso used to be a Minster of Information before he became the "president" and Siye used to be a polit bureau of TPLF in addition to his post in the Minstry of Defence. The big question is why did not they try to correct it while they could. Why did they have to wait unitl the absence of the rule of law applied on their personal life??

Trying to name Siye,a healer, is adding an insult to injury to the Ethiopian public and also insulting our intelegence.

The fact that an amoeba's willingness to eat a tape worm does not make the amoeba good. They are both bad for humanity.

Anonymous said...

I think EZ has got a very good point. Siyee's interview was a good one andwell versed at that. We should be looking forward in to tommorow not backward in to yesterday.
What happened in the past has happened and we can't change that only learn from it. Siyee, and all of us for that matter, have got stuff in our closets. The magnitude of the 'skeleton' may vary, but all of Ethiopia's elite in one way or other have participated in the ongoing and deteriorating and troubling situation we find our country in.

We need to see and attempt to understand what Siyee has learned while in jail. Lets give him the benefit of the doubt that he has indeed learned some.
We need to learn from his situation. All TPLFite will now understand that Meles' democracy didn't even protect a person of high stature like Siyee.
Read Berhanu Nega's Book. The book is dedicated among others to SIYEE.
The reason should be obvious to all.

Anonymous said...

No, He is not a healer.

He may be a lot of other things, but healer? ...

That guy is a monster, who lost a game that he shouldn't have. Now he is a wounded animal.

The TPLF animal is vindictive. Siye will live or die trying to vindicate his disgrace. He will lie low and bid his time, while his heart burns with desire for sweet revenge. His eyes will always remain trained at one object, and that is the person of Meles, not Ethiopia.

He will no doubt fail again. He doesn't have the faculty for intricacies to out maneuver a vigilant enemy who holds all the cards.

For him it will be all about a family feud, not about Ethiopia. He might pretend, but it will never be his calling. Let him leave his dream - a Tribal hero.

Anonymous said...

some of these anon posters may well be weyanee cadres. Weyane cadres leave no stone unturned to create rift between Siye and the pro-democracy group because they know Siye has a big support group in Tigray. Tigray is the home base for TPLF and they (TPLF) cant afford to lose that support. Kinijit is all about democracy and reconcilation. And I think just like EZ said, Siye can play an important role.

Anonymous said...

The last anonymous has an excellent point. All this shirgud and hameta is about creating a rift between Siye and the pro-democracy movement. Let us see what he does. There is room for him to play a positive role.

Anonymous said...

EZ...Al Amoudin was a puzzle to Ethiopians until he exposed himself by wearing a woyane T-shirt during the failed "election". Everybody was saying WHO is this guy? Why is he doing what he is doing? He himself solved the puzzle for us by willingly exposing himself as being one of the TPLFites.

You were a puzzle to us until now. I was always wondering, how come the woyanes who blocked all the pro democracy bloggers and web sites residing abroad, alow EZ bloging from Ethiopia unless he/she is one of them or they use him/her as a means of disinformation, as proved on your last blog on our elected leaders in prison.

You solved our puzzle by exposing yourself as Al Amoudin exposed himslef last time. A real Ethiopian who is aware of the history of the TPLFs from day one would never name Siye a Healer. Healer my a**.

I think everyone remembers the old saying by a fox " Men will only be trusted after they are dead"
But when it comes to an Ethiopian issue even the dead bodies of ex or present woyanes should not be trusted let alone the live ones. The term "was" does not apply to a woyane. Born shifta dies as shifta and even his body remains shifta. Unlike the fox's old saying even their dead bodies should not be trusted. WE HAVE ENOUGH OF HIS LIKES. GIVE A WAY FOR A FRESH BLOOD.

Anonymous said...

I don't add more than the preceding poster. EZ is slowly and timely revealing its true skin-TPLF.
How on earth can a blogger say Siye a healer.
There are telltale signs that EZ is a TPLFite like Amare Aregawi of the REPORTER. They do have better inside information, and when all opposition bloggers are blocked they were the only blogs dancing on the streets. Siye is soaked with Ethiopian blood. Going to prison for corruption dosn't make him a hero. Siye had a problem with the Palace group is not because he was fighting for Ethiopia. The source of the split is in sharing the loot. All TPLF members (both Siye and Meles Group), they don't have Ethiopia at heart they have the Greater Tigray at heart. How can the whole Siye family can be a multi-millionaire overnight in a very very p o o r country like Ethiopia.
I can say that EZ is like Kihdetu he is rally a mole created by TPLF.

Long live Ethiopia

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit cynical about Siye. First of all Siye is the other part of the coin in Woyane's figure.

He was sent to jail due to power struggle not because he was supporting the Ethiopian people!

I'm afraid, the public will be deceived again by woyane scheme putting Siye as opposing figure of the government which he is not. We don't even know what behind-door- deal has been made to release Siye. We better not jump into conclusion. Lidetu was once popular among our news makers where as he was the other side of woyAne. Let's be patient and time will reveal who Siye will be and is.

Anonymous said...

Why is that hard for many of us to move forward for the betterment of the mass? I can see that many of the comments posted here are coming from Hama’s and ANSBA’S pretending to be Ethiopians. Siye has stood for the sovereignty of Ethiopia and one of the case for his imprisonment was because he differed from the prim minister. He did his level best and his military knowledge to reverse the Shabia aggressors which did not go well with the Shabia sympathizers now in power ( Meles and Sibhat). Siye may not be shrewd politician but he speaks from his heart and he uses his brain the first being the most important for all Ethiopians at the moment. We don’t have many who use their heart for compassion, tolerance, unity and reconciliation. What we have now on both sides of the camp is arrogance, contempt to one another, hate mongering, divisive attitude and pretending one is more important and nationalist than the other, which is why we are having major problems and political crisis all the time. It is hard to sit down and discuss issue with someone you dont respect at all. If Siye has done something wrong, which i don’t believe he has done anything wrong, he has paid his dues to society. So let’s move on and let him play a constructive role in the system. Let’s give him a chance to see which direction he will be going. Let’s not rush to judge him now or ever.

Anonymous said...

Meles Zenawi cadres in this forum are so angry by the popularity of Seeye and depressed by the possibility of him joining Pro-Ethiopian forces that they are pretending to be kinijit supporters and at the same time attack Seeye. EZ is too smart not to be fooled by these low life woyane cadres. We welcome Seeye to the pro-democracy and pro-ethoipia forces with open arms.

I agree with the above comment made by anonymous. This is what he/she said:

"some of these anon posters may well be weyanee cadres. Weyane cadres leave no stone unturned to create rift between Siye and the pro-democracy group because they know Siye has a big support group in Tigray. Tigray is the home base for TPLF and they (TPLF) cant afford to lose that support. Kinijit is all about democracy and reconcilation. And I think just like EZ said, Siye can play an important role. "

Anonymous said...

Ain't it funny? Finding a savior in Siye Abraha, the man who boasted that TPLF can create and win wars? I wonder why Ethiopians enjoy embracing people who fall from grace.

Anonymous said...

Based on the interview Siye gave to VOA, he deserves our benefit of doubt. Siye seems to learn in his six years imprisonment. We need to give Siye a chance to redeam himself. Let's judge the guy on his present and future political stands instead of digging his past like the TPLF cadres.

Anonymous said...


I don't know about siye being a "healer" however, he did see the light and he may be able to undo what is benig done in the name of Ethiopian tegre. moreover, the healing will start with the immdeate and uncondtional release of the Kinijet leaders. may God protect wobit Ethiopia forever.

Anonymous said...

It is only fair to put things in historical perispective. Siye is the product and was the architect of the most barbaric , anti-intellectual, anti-progress , marred with hate , vengeful ideology towards other ethnic groups percieved to be "lukier".All TPLFites are followers of the utopian greater tigrai illusion . Ethiopia or Ethiopianism was , and still is their enemy. I will cite few examples of his past.

1. On the infamous june conference - siye and tamrat threatened the martyr profeessor Asrat Woldeyes when he opposed the eritrean independence. They harassed him both in the hall ( where ironically meles intervened and stopped them ) and also during break- they went to him and told him quote "the cornerstone of our strugglle is the independence of Eitrea , said siye, if you oppose that we cannot even discuss any thing together...."

2. During the OLF debacle , when olf quit parliament - siye was minister of defese and siad on public TV - " we not only know how to fight , we can also create war...." On this prof Mesfin W/mariam commented on an interview and said " siye is too smart to say that....." will leave the interpretation for the reader. And many more.

But , forgiveness and repentance are for civilised people. We should forgive him and move forward for the common good , liberty , justice and equallity for all- without regard to race, religion or political affiliation. we are all destined to live together and the only way to do in peace is to break away from our past , and determine our future on wich we have full control. Siye has been on both sides , forwhatever reason and is assumed to bridge the the virulent hatred gap between the tribal dictators and the opposition.

Anonymous said...


I don't understand how siyee, the member of the gang,became a democrat and a healer. I do agree we should give him a chance to repent and apologize. Once he done that then we should give him a benefit of the doubt and see what he can offer for the betterment of our country

Anonymous said...

Why not re deem himself. Some people are not ready for any reconcilation or discussion. I am sure if some of you get a chance you are worse than TPLF and Derg. Some people appreciate derg than TPLF. Come on guys, most of diaspora was running from derg and followed by TPLF regime. They are the same (even derg worse) when it comes about justice. Siye is saying justice is denied and he admired Judge Bertukan for her courage. IS that not clear enough that he has a feeling of CUD. Rule of law.
What this country needs is true reconcilation , not revenge. Please please please we had enough of hate politics.

Anonymous said...

Time will tell whether Siye is cured from his ethno-cultural politics and his position about Eritrea! Until he proved himself to be innocent, he is still guilty in the eyes of the Ethiopian people!

Anonymous said...

EZ you got so many things WRONG in the past few weeks! You got it WRONG when you tried to tell us Donal Yamamoto was pro-Ethiopia, he was found to be Pro-TPLF MURDERER REGIME. You also got it WRONG when you tried to tell us Prof. Ephrem Isaac's intentions, you thought he was a peace maker, but we all know now that he is a TPLF regime MURDER facilitator, he lied to our leaders to sign the confession letter to get them in deeper shit! You are also getting Siye Abraha WRONG!


What makes you think we trust someone who alwways get things wrong? Personally, I do not trust someone who gets things wrong once let alone getting things wrong several times. If you say you did not know about those lies listed above in advance then I say you are stupid, however if you were part of the scam deceiving Ethiopians then you are a dangerous mis-informer. Either way it has to take me sometime before I give you the benefits of doubt again.

Forgive me to say this but I am suspecious now, just because we have some anger with Meles doesn't mean we have to embrace a criminal who would kill millions of Ethiopians when he gets the chance. If you are trying to make us believe Siye is a healer, then you must be an Idiot. Siye is a bad man, he took economic advantage of poor Ethiopians while dying of hunger, and he will not hesitate to do it again if he finds the opportunity.

p.s. we do not mind using his military experties when we begin removing TPLF from Ethiopia.


Anonymous said...

EZ, nice comment.

Although I would rather wait a bit to call Siye a "healer", I agree completely on giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Siye at this moment can be a wild card who can disrupt the whole TPLF game,provided the democratic forces and the opposition accept him as partner in the struggle against the tribalist regime.Those anonymouses(most of them Woyanne's parrots)want us to talk about yesterdays Siye.No we want to talk about todays Siye.We want to talk about tomorrows Siye.A victim of a system built by him self,he is better situated to fight it than many of us.PATIENCE AND SPACE to maneuver is required from US.

Anonymous said...

To Shibo-Gebi,

You are another idiot. Siye is a Tegrai what makes you think he will fight with his own people to benefit you and I? He was made by TPLF ETHNOCENTRIC regime, NOT only that he is also corrupt, his family owns Hundreds of millions. Stop being simple minded, I dislike very much simple minded people, please simple minded people should not be allowed to comment. EZ has proven itself to be a jumper, he jumped to conclusion several times in the past.

Anonymous said...

EZ is not saying Siye is a healer ... please hear the interview. Siye said that he is in a unique position to bring about healing - thus the title for the post. EZ deserves our biggest gratitude, but there are those on this forum whose job is to create disinformation by making it look like there is a CUD supporter base that is extreme. That is not the case. We know this to be the work of TPLF. Siye should be given a chance to play a positive role. Even Meles can play a positive role. That is what EZ and a majority of the CUD supporters are asking for. That a reformation takes place, that Ethiopia be a land where anyone can think what they wish, vote for who ever they wish and have the freedom to do as they wish.

Unknown said...

I heared that siye saing he will struggle being with the other Ethiopians. When Siye recognize being Ethiopian?, did he forget that he is the main killer of Professor Asrat? did he forget that he give order for kilings in Gondar, in Ambo and other oromia regions when he was ministry of defence?
Yewoga biresa yetwega airesam!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we should give Siye a second chance. Now it is up to him to show to us that he is really changed. Because, before jail, he was shooting at us from the other side for the same issues we are struggling today against his old buddies. As they say, a bird in a nest is the one to sing sweetly. I presume he is more Ethiopian than Meles will ever be - so was Mengestu Hailemariam, but look what he did to us. What I am saying is that Siye is on the ropes now and he talked about the rule of law only - about the powers to be that send him to jail. I haven't heard any comment on democracy, freedom of the press, the jailed democracy advocates, etc.

So, lets not be too desperate to give 'accolades' to those that have been fighting against our interest. Remember, enemies of our enemies are not necessarily our friends.

I am okay with giving him a second chance to prove himself worthy of being a 'healer'.

Anonymous said...

I fully support your notion about Siye!!NO ONE IS PERFECT !! If Siye apologizes for what he did and wants to learn from his mistakes and we should give him a cahnce. Anybody who listen his interview on VOA can not deny him a second chance. I recommend anybody to listen this interview and I hope he will give more interviews in the future.
I do not agree with some of the comments written above. I know some of them are woyanne cadres who tries to make division as much as they can. They do not like the union of Ethiopians!! Some of them are also Tigre haters who dose not (or want) to differntiate between TPLf and the people of Tigray.

To defeat the facist regime, the serial killer meles Zenawi..... we have to use every opportunity!! Le us unite!! Let us learn from our past mistake! Let us be magnanimous!!!

Anonymous said...

I think Ato Siye will have a positive role in the near future in the political landscape of Ethiopia. We should give him a chance to play that role. I like his honest, genuine and cristal clear remarks about the crucial role of rule of law in our country. Lets be patient and see his next move. I am happy that Ato Siye is free at last. God bless Ethiopia.

Anonymous said...

EZagol. I don't name of TPLF cover as it doesn't sound to me that you are in that line. But you fast and shallow judgements that you throw once in a while is surprising us some how.

Like someone (above) said, the real National Healing is possible if the unjustly imprisoned opposition leaders, journalists and civic members are released without any precondition, and the interrupted democratic process continues to set free our people.

That's how national healing and reconciliation is possible.

Anonymous said...


This a piece full of hasty generalizations and myopic judgements. I would take it back if I were you.

We know Siye probably as much as you do although that is not the issue at all. Why don't you ask yourself why releasing Siye of all times now? Meles must be cooking something evil for Ethiopia.

Anonymous said...

Let us assume to give Siye a chance. Two situations are certain to occur. On the one hand, he cannot play as a vanguard and join the political arena of the democratic forces for two things; one, He has his in-born wounds again us as we have against him. Secondly, as a ex-con of 5 years, he has lost, by operation of the law , his legal right to enter into politics. (He cannot elect or be elected). BUT, on the other hand, he may rally , which he will do, behind anti-Meles Tigrian elite. Here, he may help us bridge the rift between us and the rest of them. Hence, allow him. It is not hurtful, to award him the benefit of the doubt.Let him go on.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry to read most of the above posted comments. For how long are we keeping crying and barking at past some body's wrong did which was done yesterday and passed. I think EZ point sounds good. Siyee's interview was also commendable. We should be looking forward in to tommorow as we can not change yesterday.

Siye had a committed a serious mistake agaist Ethiopia as part of the system,(Ethinocenteric military junta gangs) in the past that can not be changed, but those of you who are crying agaist his yesterday's mistakes are repeating his wrong deeds by perptuating hate politics. Siye might have regretted from his past wrong deeds and learn from his mistakes so as to play a positive role in his future career. Why dont we give him a chance considering the benefit of doubte? Some one who does not commit mistakes in his duties and learn from his wrong deeds is an idiot for that matter.

Does this polarized extreme comment be helpfull to heal the present serious would of Ethiopia?
Why those who might have no any contribution to the betterment of Ethiopia keep on crying and barking at an individual? It seems that you are trying to creat a gap wetwwen this individual and prodemocracy group. I hope most of the posters may well be weyanee cadres. Weyane cadres leave no stone unturned to create rift between Siye and the pro-democracy group because they know Siye has a big support group in Tigray. Tigray is the home base for TPLF and they (TPLF) cant afford to lose that support. Kinijit is all about democracy and reconcilation.

Let's give him a chance if he learns from his mistakes and contributes his share in the struggle for rule of law,democracy and freedom of Ethiopia while keeping an eagle eye on him and his supporters

Anonymous said...

Before the election Siye and his friends like Gebru Asrat et al were asked directly and indirectly to join Kinijit but they all rejected the idea. I think the difference between Siye and Melles is not Ethiopian interest but power politics within the party. Also they might have some differences on how to handel the Eritrean issue. Thier division is good for Ethiopia but to take Siye as a healer is just way out of touch and detached from reality.

Anonymous said...

Siye is practically crippled. He is convicted of a crime and he can not participate on politics anymore. If he does, Melles will immidietly put him back to jail. So we are hoping on nothing.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Ethiopia will be healed when the Tplf regime stops its ethnocntric policies once and for all. The way Tplf's zeregna policy is going, we will not stand together forever. Here is how the Tplf runs our country:

Pre-race chaos in Ethiopia camp


The Ethiopian camp almost erupted after the senior men�s team threatened to boycott the championships in protest over a selection row. The technical team dropped Mestawet Tufa, who was second in the Ethiopian trials, when the final women�s team was announced .

Instead, they picked Athaza Kiros who was fifth at the trials. The rest of the team would not hear this, which reminded Kenyans of a similar mutiny in the Kenyan team in 2000. Tufa grabbed one of the coaches by the neck and a hot arguement ensued at the Mombasa Beach Hotel before the watchful eyes of Kenyan police.

The coaches had no alternative but to give in to the demands of the senior team led by Kenenisa Bekele. Kiros was eventually dropped in what was a ground breaking achievement for the Ethiopians who are ruled by an iron fist by their governing body.

Anonymous said...

I hope opposition leaders who give direction & guidance to the struggle would have the wisdom or atleast the political shrewdness needed to wrest power from evil & street smart Legesse Zenawi. TPLF did not come to power by asking the Dergue Generals who had grievances with Mengistu & WPE cadres to become overnight converts of the ideology TPLF follows. Nor it had tried to humiliate them by asking them to kneel down & ask forgiveness. They were shrewd enough to embrace every General who defected from Mengistu Camp for any reason defector and send them back to fight Mengistu & his Cadres. They knew for every General who was embraced (atleast not humiliated) there would be other generals who would follow and perhaps with all their followers. That was how they had created 'Free Officers' Movement' led by General Gemoraw et al. which was one of the fighting forces who defeated Mengistu's followers and marched to Addis in victory.
If our opposition politicians were shrewd enough politically they would not have missed opportunities after opprtunities which arose when one time TPLF fighters, one-time leaders broke up from Legesse Zenawi and make use of such opportunities to embolden their camp or if possible to pull the rug under the tyrant. That is how you win political struggles not by insistent shrill by idle-time politicos like the bunch of fools here in this forum to ask the likes of Seye, Gebru Asrat that they should kneel down and aforgiveness for their sin. Don't take me wrong, I am aware of their arrogance & narrow mindedness when they were at the helm of power. Do i doubt that I they are Tigrean nationalists? Not at all. But my quarell with bunch of fools who wanted to be asked forgiveness everytime a defector defected from Meles's camp or a once TPLFite broke up with Legesse Zenawi is that such a demand would complicate the struggle & prolong the V-day over Legesse's tyranny instead of shortening it. Put yourself on their shoes. Even if you are so remorseful of what you have done in the past, would you see yourself to be paraded infront of every gathering of Ethiopians and ask for their forgiveness? How practical is that. This is what we are demanding from these people. My observation of the rcecent history opposition politics is that, atleast in the beginning, when the defectors or the once TPLFites still have the power to make damages to the enemy camp, we shun them or do not welcome them by our insistent shrill for admission of sins & aologies from them. But, once their grip on their political constituencies have waned and they have become poltically weakened then we are ready to embrace them by default. I pray God would bestow the wisdom needed for the struggle to our leaders.

Anonymous said...

I like comments made by YENENEH, EMESEB, and PATRIOT.

These True-Ethiopians have honest opinion, so honest that it is not popular with TPLF MURDEROUS JUNTA followers. They tell the truth, they analyze EZ editor's motive behind his/her decision. That is called TRUE-PATRIOTISM, defending our country from all cornors including discussing EZ's past record and real-motives behind in promoting a Criminal named Siye Abraha. EZ has been making flawed comments several times and getting away with it. It is time to tell it like it is, EZ is a hidden TPLF supporter who likes TPLF to stay in power by making small consessions to TRUE-PATRIOTIC Ethiopians. This is not acceptable, EZ must take a side now so we can understand where s/he stands on Real-Ethiopian issues.


Anonymous said...

Leave Siye to flourish.The enemy of our enemy is our friend. Let him enjoy what he has looted. We will exploit him to hypnotize the Agazi junta against Meles. And then time will crash them and they will vanish into thin air.

Anonymous said...

Oh gash!!!what is all this that you are writing. The Junky are not allowed on EZ. "Sera Fet Hulu- chenkelate choma". By the way do not touch our EZ. It is a genuine website. Go to your Garbage Head Quarters. Enjoy your AIGA or Hager Fiker and leave EZ. Understood!! Who are you to question the integrity of EZ after all. Chicken heads. You have to read between the lines of EZ.'s comment before you tamper to raise your heels against EZ. This is our corner and do not spoil us. Go there to your level.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to EZ and his opinion, I think the process of healing is, to use a tired cliche, a two way street. It works better when both parties recognise and respect the other's point of view. However, what we have in Meles is a shrewed malicious person whose ultimate interest lies, not on the well being of the country and the people, but the preservation of his own personal power. You can't begin a healing process when one side has all the power at his/her disposal and can kill the process any time he wants by falsly accusing the other side of treason. To even beging this healing process, it is essential that Meles admit wrong doing on his and his administration part. Do you honestly believe he is prepared to do that? The minute he feels threatened by the "healer" what is there to stop him from throwing Siye back to jail, like a tija?

I understand and respect the well meant intention of EZ and Siye, but I'm sorry, I don't thik it will work with this dicatator. I hate to sound like a pessimist, but Siye, and God bless him for trying to bring re-conciliation to the country if he is genuine, is risking another improsinment by even thinking about dealing with the devil.

Anonymous said...

I heard Siye's Interview on ETv while he was a Defence Minister. He boastly said, " TPLF CAN CREATE AND WIN A WAR".In effect, what toppled the Derg is not only TPLF. Siye knows that.But he had the dutch courage to take the credit and boasted on. These who heard the Interview were surprised. So do you still want History to repeat itself. When are you going to stop embracing the garbages and our in-born arch enemies. When they came in to Addis 16 years ago we trusted them that they will bring change to the Country. And yet even now do we still want us to trust them. We do not have that gut now. Our heart is torn apart and we have no room let alone think Seye would be a Healer to mend our difference. Gone are the wind. Gonna are the days. Enough is Enough. A spade is a spade. Give Siye a corner and leave him in silence to consume what he has looted. Do not worry about him we have many of them in Addis. He is no exception.

Anonymous said...

Siye is an Ethiopian hero whether you like it or not.

Siye is the most popular Tigrean and also happens to be anti-Meles.

Siye is admired by Dr. Berhanu Nega, Professor Mesfin W/Mariam and Dr. Taye Woldesemyat as unique and brave Ethiopian politician.

Siye is the only TPLF official who stood up for Emiye Ethiopia.

These are facts and there is nothing you could about it.

Anonymous said...

Is there a reason why Dr. Berhanu Nega dedicated his book to Siye Abraha and his brother Assefa Abraha?

Is there a reason why Dr. Taye cried out loud when he said goodbye to Siye in Kalitti?

There must be something about Siye that we don't know.

Anonymous said...

Siye was a TPLF Commander when they came in 16 years ago. This same commander fought with Sebate et al. for the independence of Eritrea.This same Commander handled the Bademe war and we had to sustain a lot of casualities. Ethiomedia is telling us that he was jailed over his ideological difference with Sebet et al vis a vis the handling of the Bademe war. Let us not discuss what we do not know. What we know is that there was a palace coup and he was purged like the rest of his friends. Again, now EZ. is telling us far beyond than that-a would-be healer for our differences in between. Well here comes the danger. Do you think we do not know the TPLF and Seye by now. They quarrel and it takes them no time to mingle in between themselves. It takes them an overnight. Meles is a strategist. We do not know why he released him now. TPLF will never split or appear under a different umbrella. If they do they have already refused to ally with CUD. That shows their stand. So do not worry about them. We know our enemies.They are not even second to the Fascists that engraved us under divide and rule ethnic governance.Time is the essence.

Anonymous said...

Just to let those Eritrean foxes who are here in sheep skin know that we know you want us live in perpetual termoil, not heal and make peace amongst us.

Moreover, it is clear time and again you hate more Siye than Meles. After all Siye, all other things aside, is at least fully Ethiopian by blood- hence a nationalist when it comes to national interest- albeit his TPLF background or the corruption allegation.

Thus, this is a kind reminder for my innocent fellow Ethiopians to be a little cautious when reading some of the most eloquent views hereinabove against Siye's personality and EZ's fair suggestion as siezing Sieye and his dual experience as possible opportunity to forge reconcilation and to start a healing process.

Anonymous said...

I have read all the comments to the latest post by EZ. It seems the majority of readers (at least those who dare to share with us their reaction) are opposed to the characterization of Ato Sisye as a "healer".

Well, though I understand why many are opposing such characterization, I strongly agree with EZ.

I think what wehave been missing is "real politics". Opposing the Meles regime by itself is not solution. Cursing them day and night will not hinje them a bit.

IF we want to see change we need to erode their power base. Meles has two power bases: the Bish administration and rank and file TPLF members.

The congressional effort and the intensive lobbying that is being done in the US (HR2003) is one way to pressure policy makers in the US.

Looring those TPLF members so that they can come to us is a smart politics.The more we get more TPLF members on our side, the deeper will be the crack of tthe regime and the smoother and faster will our victory.

From my sources, a good number of strong TPLF members (even from the leaders ) have been opposing the incarceration of Kinijit leaders as well as the way they have been treated since then. There are many good elements within the TPLF.

Ato Siye can rally these elements and be their leader. Now, those unseen and hidden grass root opponents in Tigray and within TPLF can be mobilize under the leadership of Ato Siye.

Yes Ato Siye may have said some bad stuff in the past. I think what matters are the views he has now.

Take the OLF, didn't its members massacred millions ? Some of its leaders like Negassa Dilbo and Lencho LEtta..weren't they criminals ? Is it not the OLF currently working with Shabia and supported the cessation of Eritrea back in 1991? If we are accepting them with their old views intact, and formed an alliance with them (AFD) why would we not accept Siye Abraham who has since moderated his views ?

As far as I am concerned KINIJIT is a politics of civility and ethiopiawinet. Kinijit believes that all no ethiopian is an enemy and all have to be part of the solution.

Yes, as long as he believes in the rule of law and democracy, as long as he recognized that the status quo is unacceptable, and should he chooce to play a major role to bring peace and reconciliation in Ethiopia, ATO SIYE SHOULD BE WELCOME AND SHALL INDEED BE SUPPORTED (NOT ONLY BY TIGRYANS BUT ALL ETHIOPIANS).

Therefore I say good point EZ.


Anonymous said...

Siye is a Criminal and he must be dealt like a criminal he is. He must be allowed to participate during the slaughtering of TPLF, because he knows where the TPLF organs are located. We put him back to jail where he bielongs, he has looted Ethiopians and he should be allowed to finsh what he has looted from jailhouse. However, Meles, Sebhat, and Seyoum should not be allowed to live.

Anonymous said...

The word is not even "healing".

You start healing when the wounding stops. While the stubbing is going on the victim will net heal. First you stop the stubbing, before healing can begin.

By the way those of you commenters who simply slap the term woyane to any one who oppose your point of views shouldn't be commenting at all.

This blog has become a magnet to many opposing views, and that should be commended. Just learn to express yourself with out name calling.

Anonymous said...

It would certainly not be wrong to argue boldly that the current Ethiopian Diaspora resistance has been made more and more complicated, or even entangled to the point that it has become for most of us difficult, if not impossible, to explain as effectively as possible -– and in a fashion that are acceptable and palatable to the majority of the Ethiopian community –- what exactly went wrong with us. It would also not be wrong to insist that it is of little or no use, and can even be senseless, to discuss or debate about who have been and are still partly or fully responsible for the dashing of our hopes – hopes that most of us had expected would soon be flourishing in our minds and hearts, and hopes that if realized could have led to an increasing role and contribution for us in the political stabilization and democratization process, including the cultivation and development of democratic institutions and the improvement of living conditions for our people at home. This is especially true since the Ethiopian Diaspora community lacks the organizational and accommodative tools, legal mechanisms and rights to punish or even question those who might possibly have been responsible for clouding the path of the Ethiopian resistance. It is also undeniably true that due to the exceptional growth in divisions and animosities and the persistent sectarianism and parochialism among opposing groups, particularly among their disorganized supporters who engage so incoherently and so aimlessly in daily incriminations and counter-incriminations against each other, confusion and chaos have continued to dominate and disgust the entire Ethiopian Diaspora community.

Too much had already been said and written, mostly irrational, unsubstantiated words and statements, just intended to offend, hurt and isolate critical individuals from the Ethiopian community and from the resistance. In the process, a disproportionate number of knowledgeable and skilful Ethiopians who could have played an indispensable role in the politics of the Ethiopian Diaspora have been appalled, and have distanced themselves from the struggle. The damage inflicted upon the unity and the future of the Ethiopian Diaspora resistance by Ethiopians themselves, especially those permanent participants in Paltalk Discussion Forums who consider themselves staunch supporters of certain political activists, has been and continues to be incalculable, to a point that it will be difficult, if not impossible, to repair. It is indeed most unfortunate to witness that these resentful and most vicious individuals who spend their days and nights behind computers, tirelessly sending out strange, uncivilized and distasteful words and statements directed at many innocent Ethiopian intellectuals, are succeeding not only in clouding the path of the Ethiopian Diaspora resistance, but tragically, they have also been able to impose upon the rest of us a period of complete confusion and mistrust, to the point that the members of the community become unable to distinguish between what is fact and what is fiction. This period has been marked by illogical arguments and falsely invented charges and counter charges, which has forced a good number of Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia to be alert and suspicious about everything we hear or otherwise receive, looking with doubts and suspicious eyes at news and developments, whether transmitted through the Ethiopian Diaspora media or posted on Ethiopian web sites. Most don’t take in this information, don’t accept it as based on fact, without double checking or verifying it with the help of additional information from other media outlets.

It is also true that many of my compatriots, especially those who are permanently and incurably addicted to yelling at their own countrymen through their Paltalk rooms, appear to have little or no interest at all in logic and facts. What they require is information that fits their ideas and views. For them, it does not matter whether the information comes from a staunch enemy of Ethiopians, such as the unelected TPLF leadership, or from the Aiga Forum -– the right hand of the TPLF -– as long as Mr. Meles Zenawi and his cadres acknowledge the existence of the EPPF or AFD. This is what the patriots of the Ethiopian Current Affairs Discussion Forum, who call themselves not ignorant and parochial but “true sons of Ethiopia,” love so much to hear, not just once but repeatedly and tirelessly.

It is indeed most tragic that we are in a period in which the politics of the Ethiopian Diaspora are ruled not by the essence of reason and logic -– verifiable arguments -– but rather, by personal emotions, family and group interests and by parochialism. Yes, this is a remarkable period we are today – in which we seem to have lost our minds.

A great number of Ethiopians, including myself, bother themselves with questions such as how on earth is it possible that we find ourselves in such a remarkable period, in which we all seem to have lost our way? How can it be that while we are all convinced that we are products of our Ethiopian forefathers, we have not kept even a trace of their sense of wisdom or judiciousness? How do we explain the sources for the rapid spread of the disease of animosity within the Ethiopian Diaspora community? More importantly, given the worsening socio-political relations among us in the Ethiopian Diaspora, can we contribute to future political stability and the development of democratic institutions in Ethiopia? Isn’t the current path of the resistance, which I see as dubious and unlikely to succeed, in that it determined by a small group, without consulting the individuals concerned – the presumed backbone of the political organization to be established – partly or fully responsible for the growing feuds and hostilities among opposing groups and their supporters within the Ethiopian Diaspora community?

What about the Ethiopian Diaspora media outlets, especially those who see themselves as belonging to one or another political group and who insist on highlighting not only views critical of the unelected regime of Meles Zenawi, but also positive aspects regarding the activities of certain opposition groups -– even if these views are extremely remote from the reality on the ground? This is despite the continuous turmoil within the Diaspora community itself -– the very foundation of the Diaspora opposition groups. The question then becomes: is it really the time, is it desirable and helpful for us to entertain ourselves by considering only the so-called “positive news and positive thinking” about the activities of the opposition groups, at a time when we are confronted by a series of internal and insurmountable crises? Do we really believe this is the right track to travel? Can’t the current Ethiopian Diaspora political path be characterized not only as dubious but also as putting the cart before the horse? Don’t the Ethiopian Diaspora media outlets have a shared responsibility for the heated and deteriorating socio-political condition of the Ethiopian Diaspora community?
The Dubious Path of the Ethiopian Diaspora Resistance: Does the Ethiopian Diaspora have a Meaningful Role in Ethiopian politics?

Even though it is at present extremely difficult to put together one’s thoughts and reach a state of mind conducive to speaking or writing anything meaningful having to do with the politics of the Ethiopian Diaspora and its future roles and contributions to the process of political stabilization and the development of democratic institutions in our country, it is, however, worthwhile to attempt to briefly recapitulate some of the sources that in my view have been paramount in fashioning and disseminating the winds of socio-political turmoil and chaos within the Ethiopian Diaspora community.

Dr Maru Gubena can be reached at info@pada

Anonymous said...

You guys let me tell you some thing about the nature of tigrians.There is no floosh tigrian which will cooperate with un civilized society(Amhara) that believes 'the governers must be from those who were ruling and made to sleep for 1000 year while others working'.Siye is a hero which kiked the ass of Menge and his followers and make them run to Zimbabwe,America ,and Europe.It is true that those people which migrate feering the stick of siye are going to insult him.
I am surprising some of you hope that Siye will strugle in the battle field.It is your turn to go and srugle for your freedom becouse you loss it. But siye can not do that he is smart enough,not like Dr.Hailu Araya.
Let me tell you one hard fuct. Ethiopia is not only Amhara but a collection of somany ethnic groups. From now on ward there will not be any ethnic group which will administer by the uncivilized society. Becouse we are gone,but you are slept for the next 1000 years.Bye.

Anonymous said...

There is an eye opening article posted now at ethiomedia. There IS a thing called Eritrean TPLF camp vs Ethiopian TPLF camp. Siye belonged to the second one. These guys are hard-coded but FEEL ethiopian as opposed to the former one who are flexible and are only keen on keeping their power and FEEL dont blame me blame moma

Anonymous said...

Mercenary Democracy and the Politics of Deception in Ethiopia

Let us review events of the past three months.

And then there were three visitors.
a. Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin visits Washington to promote the idea that human rights violations in Ethiopia isn’t as bad as Ethiopian-Americans portray it; that there are regional security issues that are occupying Ethiopia at the moment, etc. Seyoum is well aware that any time you raise regional security US government listens. It just shows the Ethiopian government has better and also expensive lobbyist instructing it. The current attempt to delay HR 2003 will follow similar approach.
b. PM Meles pays a surprise visit to Somalia; Gedi later flies to Washington for a conference where he tries unsuccessfully to list achievements.
c. Party Boss Sebhat Nega goes to Washington to confer with Tigrayan intellectuals. What did they confer? [It is interesting some vocal individuals are now unusually quiet.]
Three statements and denials
d. Shortly after, Sebhat makes his “gold and dust” speech in defense of Eritrea against Ethiopia. (outcry follows)
e. Badme goes over to the Eritrean side. (more outcry)
f. Meles admits “political miscalculation” in intervening in Somalia; Jendayi Fraser talks to BBC along the same line.

Seyoum takes an unusual position of denying Gettleman’s coverage of ONLF activities in the Ogaden in

Bereket goes on VOA to “clarify” Meles’s “apology” to parliament on his (mis) adventure in Somalia. Ambassador Samuel writes to The Washington Post that McCrummen misquoted Meles. Interestingly, the Ambassador tries to correct the “misquote” by slipping in a misstatement that “the extremist forces made a military miscalculation in assuming that Ethiopia's withdrawal of roughly two-thirds of its troops would not leave a credible deterrent force.” The fact is that two-thirds of Ethiopian troops did not leave Somalia. Another interesting thing is that included Ambassador Samuel’s photo with President Bush, his academic credentials and repeated the title “US ‘Surprised’ by Ethiopia move for death penalty in coup plot” [italics mine]. I don’t see the relevance of the three items other than a promotional effort by

Meles, the Opposition, and Siye
g. I think the fake “death penalty” will be commuted. It is intended to create an outcry, build suspense and divide the Opposition. Commuting the sentence will portray Meles as a humanitarian and a statesman. He needs to register this with the international community.
h. Sean McCormack’s (State Department) “call on the Ethiopian government and High Court to take action in making a final sentencing determination which is consistent with the greater objectives of bolstering the rule of law and promoting much-needed reconciliation” is a hint that it will be dutifully followed by Meles & Co. Following their release, Opposition leaders will once again be asked to take their seats in parliament. It is all a big lie!
i. The release of Siye is being hailed as significant. Ethio-Zagol has uncharacteristically titled a recent post “Siye, The Healer.” Unsurprisingly, most of the congratulatory statements have come from Tigrayans. Whatever good qualities one may see in Siye the fact remains that he is part and parcel of the ruling minority. Why Siye is released now and not, say, Abera Yemane-Ab could be that the former is needed to cement the cracking spots within the TPLF structure.

Earlier in the same week, reported that a new party by former TPLF members is in the offing [sic] “with a platform of sustaining the supposedly lacking real democracy to Ethiopia and protecting the sovereignty of the country. Recovering the Port of Asseb also lies at the top of its agenda.” The dilemma in Ethiopian politics over the past 17 years has been the dominance of a TPLF-Plus government. Are we being cajoled to accept a warmed up version of the old stuff—only this time we are promised the carrot of ‘democracy, protection of our sovereignty, and Asseb?’ How absurd can one get?!

It is reasonable to assume that this could be a preparation for war against Eritrea. Sebhat’s “gold and dust” speech and Badme handover are all part of a psychological mobilization for war. There has not been enough anger in Ethiopia lately to sustain a war; the Somalia campaign has shown that to be the case.

We may soon be hearing from Paul Henze. You may have observed in the past that every time the minority government is about to go to war, Paul Henze reported on his recent travels in Ethiopia and the improvements he witnessed contrary to vile spewed by Dergists in the Washington, D.C. area.

The recent favorable coverage of ONLF activities in the Ogaden region by New York Times has created a PR disaster for the ruling minority government. Since Eritrea is thought to be behind the incursions, it may well necessitate an Eritrean campaign. The time is ripe for such a campaign in that the Eritrean opposition within and outside of Eritrea is building momentum. Moreover, the ruling party in Eritrea is consistently violating international standards consequently turning itself into a pariah state.

A deal may have been reached with Eritrean opposition to return Asseb to Ethiopia for the help received to realize their political objective. The danger now is if the two sides sign additional agreement to form a confederation. That is what the US would advise. It certainly has the appearance of strategic economic and security benefits. However, it will be a great disadvantage to Ethiopian interests in the short term. A confederation or any such idea must wait at least a decade, if not two. Both nations must first put their houses in order, educate their publics (without foreign interference) and then, may be, start public debates to determine feasibility of the project.

Also observe the bribe paid to Sudan in the form of an estimated 17,000 hectares of land. This may well be an incentive that Sudan not lend support to Eritrea in the event of launching a war.

Three Lies: time will show more
j. Eritrea and Ethiopian are one and the same. Ironically, Eritreans don’t believe that. If they did, it would only be for some short-term gains—similar to the pre-2000 war conditions when they enjoyed political and economic access denied to many Ethiopians. In fact, they even exported coffee! Do we want those days back?
k. Eritreans rule Ethiopia. Really?! This is part of a psychological warfare and one designed to deflect blame from the ruling minority. The fact is that Eritreans can’t even rule Eritrea, much less Ethiopia. Blaming it on Eritrea helps garner support from the rest of the country. If Meles and Sebhat have been known to be Eritreans working for Eritrean interests, how come so-called dissenters collaborated with them for over a decade? Here is the thing: these are a tight-knit group (by ethnicity, locality, family, loyalty) to allow outside inspection. The one option left to us in this situation is to see them as they are: a group exercised in the politics of deception.
l. Tigray will secede. We keep getting this ultimatum whenever conditions are on the verge of collapsing.


Our hope is that Opposition leaders will be released soon and that they will stand united and not be had by the malicious design of the ruling minority and their handlers.

Secondly, we ask why Meles will allow formation of a new party that enlists Siye in its ranks. In other words, Meles and his wife may lose their “home base” to contenders. That, at best, is improbable. The fact that Lidetu & Co. see the formation of a new party a positive development should alert us there is more to it than meets the eye.

Thirdly, “Siye, The Healer” is indeed an interesting proposition. Just recently, we heard Sebhat state unequivocally that “gold and dust” don’t mix—meaning there will not be any resolution between his group and the Opposition outside of total acceptance of admission of guilt/apology. We also saw attempted mediation was a failure; though in the process we were able to see the participants true color. Meles needs the apology in writing because he sees trouble ahead for himself (Charles Taylor, crimes against humanity, money-laundering, etc.) in the event that he steps aside after his term expires.

The question now becomes, How will the Opposition respond to all this? The gravity of the situation is that donor democracies are not serious about democracy or human rights.

Anonymous said...

The last commetator need to be heeded as it is a reminder for thos of us who are gullibel to form our opinion without doing our homwork.Specially,we need to note his conclusion,that doners are not serious about human right,or democracy.
Well come to twenty first century international politics:the new American century,one world order.The current pardigme both in Europe and U.S is not (as the above writer indicated)humn right or democracy.In the light of this events to continue to bow down before the internationl aspirants for suppport is to pursue a failled strategy.
We need to educate our selves both on developing events at home and the dominat view of international political actors,inorder to map out workeable stratigic plan for our people. Here is some sites to check

1- Prison planet .come
2- Info war .com

Unknown said...

EZ, how dare you are to post saying that Siye will be a healer.
let me tell you comaratively, if Seyou Mesfin say I am Ethiopian and i will struggle for Ethiopian after eating the flesh and drinking the blood of inocent Ethiopians with knife of Agazi and woyane military ,you will also say the healer? we are talking the same thing.i will not comaper him with legesse zenai, bereket and sebihat nega becuase they were not and they will never be Ethiopian even for a second. that is why they are working day and night to kill Ethiopian and Ethiopia.

Anonymous said...

One of the commentators above Muzicky68 said it well as follows:
"...I think what we have been missing is "real politics". Opposing the Meles regime by itself is not solution. Cursing them day and night will not hin[g]e them a bit.

IF we want to see change we need to erode their power base. Meles has two power bases: the Bush [U.S.] administration and rank and file TPLF members."
[Please read the emphasis & the qualifiers as mine]

Thank you Mr. Muzicky! If we want the end of Legesse Zenawi's tyraanical rule, let us work toward eroding his power base. In my previous comment here, I tried to demonstrate that TPLF used same method to wrest power from Mengistu by encouraging defection of Mengistu's powerbase i.e. the military particularly the Generals in the battle front. Hence the creation of 'Free Ethiopian Officers Movement' by TPLF.
WE have tried for to convince one of the the powerbase you said Legesse Zenawi is dependent on i.e his Western backers particularly U.S. adminstration. Even though we can not say we have done so, with all our potential, we have spent enough energy & resources in the hope that the Western powers would come to their senses and dump the street-smart thug and lend their support instead to the pro-democarctic opposition. Even though the passing of H.R. 2003 will be considered as a small victory, placing our hope for salvation on this part of the equation during the last 16 years had garnered little result and is the monumental mistake we are making.
If we have made sustained efforts for 16 months let alone 16 years, to work toward eroding the other powerbase you have correctly identified, we would have changed the course of the struggle, if we have not attained outright victory over the tyrant by now.
I mean 16 months of relentless efforts to erode the powerbase Wedi-banda Zenawi had among rank & file of TPLF members or Tigrayans in general.
-16 months of exploiting the grievances the TPLF rank & file members have or Tigrayans in general have about the harassment & humilation they had to endure from Eritreans or on issues of border demarcation and separation of families. etc.
-16 months of sustained efforts to make it easy for the likes of Aregawi Berhe, Gebru Asrat, Seye etc. to do their work on the rank & file members of TPLF members or Tigrayans with the aim of pulling the rug under the thuggish tyrant's feet.
-16 months of 'real politik' work would change the fate of the struggle if not outright victory.

I applaud the works & share the view of the host & producer of
Addis Dimts radio in Washington DC area in recognising the importance of this part of the equation for the struggle against tyrranical regime of legesse Zenawi. Unfortunately his efforts as well as the works of some ex-TPLFites or some prodemocracy activist Tigrayans have not been made easy by infantile & childish remarks of some who claim to be opposition supporters like those who are insulting Ethio-Zagol on his own forum.
Nothing concrete will be gained from outright accusations of past misdeeds & remarks with ethnic-bashing undertones.
Some have argued that calls have been made to Gebru Asrat et al to join CUD etc. The one way one make the calls matters. Instead of saying kneel down & repent or forget what you believe, become an overnight convert to my belief and join my party, giving them space for their thoughts and behaviors to evolve during the the course of the alliance or the engagement would bring upon the change we wnated to see on them than decree type commands. The way Drs. Taye & Berhanu Nega was able to win the trust & friendship of Seye.

May God save us from the fools who have nothing to offer but hate and give our leaders the wisdom to choose the path that would extricate us all from the darkness, Ethiopia's enemies have put us all in.

Anonymous said...

Truth hurts, but don't think TPLT members past or current do not have Ethiopia at heart. Rather they do have Prosperous Tigray at the expense of poor Ethiopians. I might be pessimist but the it is 100 % true. Siye was in prison not for fighting for the unity of Ethiopia but doe to the power struggle and the loot of Ethiopia. When he was asked about article 39 he was saying it is the cornerstone of the constitution. If we want our freedom we have to earn it do not ever think to get from wounded TPLF criminals from the likes of TPLF. You remember what he said about Ethiopian airlines . He said it is enough to pst a simple letter on the message board to lay off all employees. Because we are losers we don't have to depend on losers like Siye. We have to earn it. If got a chance he is worse than bandaw legesse Zenawi. All of them do carry anti-ethiopian virus. Never trust a TPLF gang member. I am sure EZ is one of the member of the crime family. See yourself the sequence of events. EZ is not blocked in Ethiopia when all opposition websites are blocked . Do you think it is by accident. He/She does have inside information like Reporter, Walta, Ethiopiafirst, Aiga, Hagerfikir, etc. My friends please brush your memory.

Long live Ethiopia

Anonymous said...

At this point, the true HEALER is the RELEASE OF PRISONERS OF CONSCIENCE. It is too soon to consider or suggest Aite Siye Abrham as "THE ?.HEALER".

This is also a week end before their sentencing, and prefer not to scatter focus.

Anonymous said...

I Agree 100% Siye and and the desenters are true alternative for Ethiopia ,infact our last hope to regain Ethiopian soverignity.Lets give Siye and his comerades one more chance.I am sure they will do better than the current opposition.

Anonymous said...

Annonymous @4:07 PM,

Can you please be more clear?.
Who are really the desenters,"his comrades" and which "current opposition"?.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ethio Zagol,

As there has been suspicion about you in relation to this subject matter and your title in endorsing Seya Abrha as the “healer”, you have also been one great link who had in the past informed your readers with different topics and specially about the prisoners of conscience. In that spirit, it could be easier to retract your over all contribution and try to make peace with you and try to trust.

As of July 15, 2007, has posted the VOA interview in Amharic print. To some people, that might be the first impression of how Seya Abrha thinks and who he was and intends to continue to be. It is a very interesting glimpse into this person. I believe it is a first interview since his release from prison, and one thought provoking comment in that interview to me was, THE PROMISE "THEY” made in Mekele and engraved on the stone of martyrs/in this case sacrifice for political struggle,
1. Not to cause oppression in Tigray.
2. Not to commit “bheddel” ( closest translation, violation of Human Right) in the rest of Ethiopia.

If you were to follow up with a message in backing Seya Abrha as a healer,
1. Who were the members of “THEY” who made that promise. Not that promises could be broken, but he seems determined to keep that promise. Did they include, the current PM Meles and company?.

2. He seems to have some balance in his out look for Democrtic Ethiopia, as much as the reputation he has maintained as a war Hero.
a. His response about brotherhood with Eritrea and his over all attitude on the subject seems to be a compromise, although he admits both Ethiopia and Eritrea have problems.
b. He has made a decisive direction for the future to be active in Ethiopian politics. After the recent official statement from Sibehat Nega, what exactly is Seya’s stand for the future in relation to Eritrea.

3. He has mentioned the practical worth of “mighbaar”(duty in action beyond words) and recounting his experience in jail seemed not to have been spent with out bitterness.

One hopes that your follow up on him will be in consideration of the above and if possible some more substantive follow up.

Congratulations to him for his release and joining his family.

Anonymous said...

Oh quit bothering with EZ, we all know now the editor of EZ is infected with TPLF BUG! Or the editor of EZ is another musked TPLF insider who has been collecting and setting us up on this forum to explode such lies in order to hit us all. After all the nature of terrorism has changed nowdays it is not only harming on physically but harming the masses verbally like EZ is doing to us right now.

Editor of EZ has gotten several things wrong, it seems to me that may be the mistake is not a genuine-mistake after all, it is a crafted mistake. EZ it is time to come out and show your true picture, we the Real-Ethiopians have been waiting with earnest to see your true identity.


Anonymous said...

It is nice to see Ato Siye's release. We hope that he was not guilty. The important thing to notice is that just a week before the sentencing of CUD leaders, the court releases Siye and Yalemzewd. Another Woyane theater staged. Just to show the world that the justice system is "free" of Meles' influence.

Second, I do not like what Siye's saying..."five people from one family imprisoned". Well it is not the number that matters, it is the crime they did. Do not get me wrong, I am not saying that they are guilty. What I am saying is that if five brothers cooperate on killing one person, all of them are guilty, not only one of them.

Third, the court will sentence CUD leaders and Meles or his puppet president will give clemency. In that way he is going to save is face and also he is going to brag about it. He is going to brag about how h saved their life. A fifth grade student can deduce this.

Fourth, I do not think Siye is not going to do anything. Personally, I do not believe them all. Just because he was in jail may be wrongly, it does not mean he has done good for Ethiopia. He is evil, may be less evil as compared to Sebhat (Choma) or Meles. All are not good for Ethiopia. Adios.

Anonymous said...

"....NOT to have been spent with out bitterness."
correction on my post @ 6:56 AM
" ..seemed to have been spent with out bitterness."
To Anonymous @10:02 AM,

To be honest, there are times that I have guessed if s/he is a Tigray, and that aside, I kind of enjoy the suspense, that s/he could be some kind of agent, the best part is in some of her/his memorable pieces on some high profile people's stories and her/his own sense and ways of journalistic skills combined with the insiders info.

What matters is responding to her/his posts if one finds a true conviction in their beliefs. Here on this blog, there seems to be a rare link to Ethiopia for free expression.
Ms.MGP (Ethiopian)

PS: I put my title as there was an awful remark from some one about role playing of Habeshas to the participants, under the title "puzzled" on Semina Work

Anonymous said...

Siye gave a balanced statment about the situation in Ethiopia. Even on the issue regarding Eritrea he gave a very balanced response. He seems to have learn from the mistake on internal Ethiopian politics and also on the nonsense war with Eritrea. Lets hope for peace.

Anonymous said...

Siye seems to regret his past mistakes. He regrets that there is no rule of law in Ethiopia. He regrets that there is no democracy in both Ethiopia and Eritrea. he seems to have a seconed tought on the detructive and nonsense war with Eritrea. He also said he hopes for peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea. It is good that his unjustified time in jail has tought him a good lesson.

Anonymous said...

A comment entitled,
"Mercenary Democracy and the Politics of Deception in Ethiopia," posted above is very perceptive and interesting. Do you know when it was posted?

Anonymous said...

Amazing A mid day robber like Seye Abrha is ellated like a hero of democracy. His bluffing is nothing else but to cover the embezzelment he did by arm twisting.He fired Ethiopian Airlines Pilots, he gave contracts for any dim wit relative of his own, he testified against tamerat Layene, he negotiaited with Haile Merkorios of Eritrea for 1 billion birr Shabia claimed, it lost as a result of Currency excahange,..etc