Thursday, August 10, 2006

Girma Bekele and his cynical lie

A man called Girma Bekele, a Kinijit chapter leader at San Jose california is circulating a letter which casts doubt on the authenticity of Birhanu Nega's great book from prison. This is one of those letters.
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Alike you I have a guarded pesimism about the authenticity of the author. It is not that Dr. Berhanu is incapable of writing the book, however, the condition in the prison is such that every visitor who wants to talk him and others are watched carefully and passing hand written materials are unthinkable. The question that begs an answer, therefore, is how was it possible to sumuggle the manuscript from his prison cell and pass it to others for publishing. A while ago there was a letter allegedly written by Birtukan Demeksa from Kalti prison but later on that story was widely dismissed as false and author of the letter was someone in the outside. In today's political atmosphere there are many actors and make over artists who cash in our desire to know the condition of the prisoners and their thinking. I am afraid this could be the work of such actors. If not, well and good and kudos to Dr. Berhanu, but we can never b e sure of anything.

It is wise to be mindful of Woyane's 51 page directive that aims at dividing the opposition through disinformation and blackmail campaigns. We should be careful not to accept every news being circulated at its face value. If there is one person who can give us a gilmpse of what is like to be in Woyane inhumane prison condition, I expect Prof. Mesfin, a prolofic and resourcesful writer, to have written something like this.


I don't know who Girma Bekele is. From the letter, I can understand that he is a cynical lier and a pathetic person who has no respect for the man who is paying an unbelievable sacrifice to the cause of Kinijit in Ethiopia, his family, his friend and the thousands of Ethiopians who are reading the book and keeping it like a bible. A "woyane" or any person other than Birhanu Nega can't write about his private conversations with the wife of the great man, DR. Nardos, Hailu Shawel, DR. merera, Tim Clark, Aureila Brazil, Chris Smith. The book is full of such private and sometimes intimate converstaions with various people. A woyane can't write what prof. Mesfin and Birhanu talked privately in their cells. A woyane can't write Brihanu's family life. Mr Girma, when Ethiopians in San Jose and NA who looked up to you as a leader get hold of the book and read it, they will know the kind of leader you are. They will know that you are a lier ; they will know you don't belong to a party built by such honest persons as Hailu shawel and Birhanu Nega.
In an attempt to cast doubt to Birhanu's book, you called Birtukan Midekisa's letter fake. That is disrespectful to people who put their life and liberty in jeopardy and try to rekindle the Kinijit cause from prison. They are not a kind of people who sit at a comfortable home in San Jose and peddle false information. Both Birhanu and Birtukan will be out sooner than latter. Then you will tell them right on their face that they didn't write them. In his book, Birhanu called this a "cynical intellectual culture." Kinijit got popularity fighting your kind of people, Ato Girma.


Anonymous said...

what is sad is that he probably got supports in Kinijit NA. They don't even know the names our leaders (called her Birtukan Demeksa). This people including Engineer Moges are as bad and hodam any Woyane.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ethio zagol. Tell it like it is for the people like engineer moges of La, Girma bekele, shaleka from DC and there is one in Dallas too. Thes are the people who are trying to kill the spirit of CUD for the sake their sicken ego.

Keep up the good work and stay safe

Anonymous said...

selam EZ;
no one really paid any attention to this guy, until you started mantioning his name. i dont think this stupid alligation was worth an entire article from on this blog!!!

Anonymous said...

I think that the "guarded pessemism" of Mr. Bekele is justified here, while the accusations and insults of Seminawork that Mr. Bekele is a liar are baseless and unnecesarily hostile. As for anonymous's comment that Eng Moges is as bad as hodam Woyane, I know Mr. Moges personally and what anonymous is saying is rubish. The book and the letter are probably authentic, but Mr. Bekele is right in telling us not to believe everything we hear.

Anonymous said...

EZ, mnew wendim alem? This guy is just asking questions; nothing further. I do not know how good or bad the guy is but the question he asked isn't really that illegitimate to need your fury like that. Comeon man, how do you expect people not to have questions of how this happened - how the manuscript got smuggled out - when, on the other hand, that we are told every day how repressive this government is, which I know for sure it is.

BTW, cynical might apply but lier?

Anonymous said...

i see that Zagol respect no diffrence. the accusation of this guy is uncalled for. his comments do not warrant such a rubbish commment. let people decide what to make of it. don't force it on people.

ethio-Zagol said...

to Minew wendim alem anonymous:
I am furious because I know the kind of repression in this the country and what it takes to write the book in prison, to smuggle it out to a foreign land, get it printed and then distribute it. When people who haven't read the content of the book and make judgements as to its authenticity, it tells a lot about them. I called Girma Bekele a lier because he said Birtukan's letter was widely dissiminated as false and written by the man in the outside. That is a lie, a lie, a lie.

Anonymous said...

No surprises from EEDN - may be a stupidity requirement to be a member - now Kinigit chapter leader in San Jose? - guy seems to have no clue what that means or it actually means nothing - appears no connection to Ethiopia or to "Kinigit" what so ever - so its just "Kinigit in San Jose" it is a different org with different principals completely

Anonymous said...


Good for you! Give'em hell!Nothing
is sacred to some people anymore.

minew wendim alem,
Have you heard of the saying necessity is the mother of all invention. It is the likes of Berhanu Nega,Hailu Shawel who created the one and only original that we all adore, Kinijit. They made things happen. They did not sit in front of their computer screens and philosophize.

Why don't you idiots get a grip of yourself. To the lazies in the diaspora nothing is attainable.
Ye'all wallow in your misery and leave Zagol alone.

Just look at this blog. In a short
time it has become THE MUST READ BLOG. Yichalal is the mantra of our Berhanus, Bertukans, Zagols and many many bravehearts.

Long live Kinijit!
Long live the heroes/heroines of the May 15th peaceful revolution

Anonymous said...

Dear EZ

I had always been skeptical of postings on ER. Yet, ER's editor has now scored a clear point when we see in our own eyes that this so called girma bekele from CA is the real renegade in NA kinjit.

Yes, Zagol, these are the kind of people we all have to fight even more resolutely than the woyanes.


Anonymous said...

It looks that you got an opportunity to attack a person you do not like. No doubt, Ato Girma has made a very silly and childish comment. He should have known better. He should publicly apologize for attempting to undermine the intellectual capacity of the jailed leaders. Particularily, to Burtukan Mideksa, a heroin of Ethiopia, since he undermine her capacity and disseminate unsubstantiated information.

But, you Zagol, we understand that your motive is different from what you wrote. Your motive can be deduced from the first two consecutive anonymous posts. You are more along those line and out there to put your buddies (that I won't name now) on top of the leadership, for wahtever reason.

Anonymous said...

Ethio Zagol,,

You are right we still have such stupid persons which are very far from the century that we are now. They didnot know and understand the various ways of struggle unless it comes directly to their eyes as tehir food with dish.

Look, they are living in free world and at a top position to lead the diaspora,, but much behind the struggle. They have the time, energy and money but are unable to write to an article let alone a book as the hero ones,Like Dr. Berhanu

They are fast, may be faster than the speed of light, to bash our great leader, Dr. Brerhanu's book..

They are useless. I am wondering how such stupid persons like Girma Bekele took that postion to lead us.

Good Bless Ethiopia and our Great leaders

Anonymous said...

Cool Z - I must say you are out of a line a little bit. The paranoia of Ato Girma is understandable. Maybe you should've emailed him first and let him know that he was wrong. Let us not help to the cause of increasing the number of our enemies.

However, good job on your work.

Anonymous said...

I understand the stressful situation in Ethiopia, but it's best to remain civil and charitable.

As last anon said, the paranoia is not only understandable, but quite normal. I would humbly suggest you make it clear to Ato Girma, as you have to us, that content of the text points clearly to Dr. Berhanu being the author, and perhaps apologize to Ato Girma for going overboard.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

There is no need for appology; Ethio-Zagol said what needs to be said.

People like Girma Bekele need to be exposed and held accountable. They have already made too much damage to the progress of Kinijit.

It is clear now who fought hard against the esablishment of Kinijit International Leadership. There is also no wonder why we haven't seen any significant achievement from diaspora Kinijit in the last 12 months.

Most of the leaders in NA support group are intelectually lazy, unimaginative and lack leadership skill. These guys need to stop derailing the movement and let other dedicated and capable Ethiopians lead the struggle.

The coming General Assembly needs to set its house in order. This is the third, ann maybe the last, chance to put diaspora Knijit on the right track.

Ethiounited Moderator said...

Imagine who we are dealing with in North America....Strange People who live with suspicion.
In short, I only advice you to express whatever you think of the idiots and stupids.
It feels great to see you punch them on the face.I want to see those Bandas scratching their face and bleeding with your words.
Del Le'Ethiopia ena Hizbua!!!

Anonymous said...

Could it be that the problem is not Girma Bekele, Haile Selassie, Mengistu Halemariam, or Meles Zenawi. Maybe the problem is the Ethiopian him or herself. The way we deal with each other. How quick we are to judge. Quick to love to death and quick to hate till death. Quich to accept the extreme and condemn the middle ground. Quick "lemekeyeme" but slow to forgive. Quick to condemn but reluctant to uplift. Dare I say we are the problem. May God Help Us All.

Geja said...

I know I do not have any monopoly on the blog name "geja", but for those who know me, I am not the "geja" of the previous postings on this and other related sites who wrote the above comment under the same name. Also this may not be a big deal and I am not going to waste my time doing research on who owns what, so from now on I will let this new person own this blog name "geja" and I will be using something else.

ethio-Zagol said...

The frustration is changing to a lot of excitement in Ethiopia with the recent happenings including Birhanu's book. People are reading it creating a discussion groups.This is because the Kinijit movement over here is not built on paranoia, lie and cynicism.As to your last suggestion, In fact I believe Ato Girma should apologize for Birhanu and the people who were through the process of the publication of the book.Commenting on a book without reading it is absolutely a crime.
To the anonymosy who questioned my motive:
Again read Brehanu's book and how motive questioning impeded the democratic development in Ethiopia. My buddies are democarcy and freedom, not human beings. while I cherish people who fight for the same cause, I will fight others who try to frustrate the struggle.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ethio Zagol,

As to this person called Girma Bekele, I really do not know him. But I can say he was not part of the struggle for a long time. I have read the 41-page synopsis of his book. Most of the presentations are exactly the same as the delebrations he made to the public before and after the election. I can guarantee that more than 100% that the book was absolutely written by one and only one Birhanu - Dr. Birhanu Nega - the renowned Economist of that poor country - Emaye Ethiopia.

Down with cynical intellectualism!
Good job Ethio Zagol!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how some of you people can sit there and claim that the book, or the letter, or any other correspondence that comes from Kaliti is authentic. You cannot be sure that it is authentic. Girma's letter should not create an uproar on Seminawork.
Anyways, the pathetic level to which this comment board has sunk is embarassing. This is the type of stuff that makes you understand why the US supports Weyane. I am also starting to think that Zagol is a Weyane Spy. Stop poisioning the movement. The orignal leaders are in prison they can't lobby in Washington from Kaliti. Now it is people like Bekele who are making things happen. They are building on what Berhanu Nega and Hailu Shawel did. Again, people like Zagol are intentionally or unintentionally doing the work of Weyane.

Anonymous said...

Ethio Zagol

EEDN is a disscusion fourm were people discuss question and discourse on many and vairying issues. It was a free fourm were ideas point of views are hashed out at. So for you to take a questioning stance of an individual who has been in the struggle for many years and trying to blow it out of proportion does not help the cause of Kinijit but fractures it. The right to question should never be muzzeled.
We are where we are because we were
never allowed to question we are always expected to accept dictates so I think you should be careful.

I personally am happy the book is out, and feel it should also be translated into English so that it could get more readership to expand our struggle and expose it to the outside world. The message is what is important not the messenger. So lets stop this personal undermining of some and the glorification of others. The struggle and the survival of Ethiopia depends on each and everyone and the contribution of each and everyone no one individual holds the key to change.

Name calling and veilifying individuals or groups is not going to get us anywhere, and for the people who questioned who Ato Girma is says alot about you and proves your are Johonny come lately since Ato Girma has been in the struggle contributing since the Derge era, I might not always agree with him but he has been consistent and has sacrificed and contributed to the struggle for a long time, the same goes to Eng. Mogess who has contributed more than his fair share for the struggle so judge not so you may not be judged.

As Dr. Berhanu said Kinijit is made up of many with different point of views it bringing all the differences together that is Kinijit's strength. It is time to chill out and work our diffrences to come to a consensuse, no one has all the truth.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ethiozagol that there are some intellectual who are still advancing race card in KINIGIT Unless some one from Amharas or their party they don't support even good initatives. If U take KINIGIT's web page they only post articles or news which feet their Ideology of Rulling only with AMHARA's. I hope oneday all Ethiopians understand we should fight dictotership not only from the Government but inside the oppositions

Anonymous said...

Ethio Zagol:
Your relationship with Kinijit International is puzzling to me. The individuals you were trying to promote them in your blog are under immense suspicion because of what they secretly did to assert the formation of Kinijit International. You have been instrumental in promoting this entity and hell went loose since then. The struggle is derailed because of the organizational and structural problems since this entity became into existence. You are responsible for that.


Anonymous said...


Third last anon, you're exactly right - "Name calling and veilifying individuals or groups is not going to get us anywhere..."

As Dr. Berhanu often says, a big reason we are where we are is because, as another anon said: ...we are to judge. Quick to love to death and quick to hate till death. Quich to accept the extreme and condemn the middle ground. Quick "lemekeyeme" but slow to forgive. Quick to condemn but reluctant to uplift.

Already on this comments thread, a few have turned the issue into Girma Bekele's friends vs. enemies! Typical wegegnenet. Instead of discussing the issue at hand, we focus on personalities, recycle old rumours and grudges, takes sides based on kinship not on ideas, and fight it out! That's why we have problems working collectively.

Kudos to those commentators who are pointing out that putting an end to these cultural vices is a necessary condition to bringing democracy.

Anonymous said...


I understand some of the comments reflect 'wegenawinet' and some commentators are using this forum to advance their interest in the power struggle inside Kinijits leadership.

However, all of us are missing the fundamental issue: Diaspora kinijit is frustratingly weak. Its leadership lacks the capacity to take advantage of the popular support Kinijit has. Instead of showing positive progress, they have started to derail the leadership being given by imprisoned leaders under impossible circumstance.

Why did Girma Bekele question the authenticity of Birtukan Medikesa’s letter? Even if she didn’t write it, I have no reason to question its authenticity, there is nothing wrong in the content of the letter and it is a useful tool for our struggle for freedom.

I could say the same thing about the controversy over the formation of Kinijit International Leadership. KIL feels a critical void and should have been given all the support it needs. I can’t see any thing wrong with the idea as well as the people nominated to lead it.

Can you tell me why one of Kinijit leaders questions the authenticity Dr. Brehanu’s book with out reading the book? What can Girma or Kinijit gains out of this? If he thinks the book doesn’t help the movement, I can understand. However, he hasn’t even read the book.

In all this, I see a damaging trend. Kinijit NA Support Group needs to open up, critically evaluate its performance and reorganize itself and invite capable Ethiopians to its leadership.


Anonymous said...

The KIL leadership are almost composed of the same people that you are claiming are weak. If the story is true, they were chosen by the leaders in Kaliti. The new added six people were chosen by the already chosen KIL leadership themselves, for good reasons. Some of them have good record on what they are doing, their accomplishment is open to general public.

Then, what weakness are you talking about? You do not believe in either the six KIL leadership, which you insunate capable, nor in the NA leadership, which you insunuate incapable. So, you are one of the cynicals that is looking for vendentta to one of the leadership and you won't rest unless you destroy that ndividual.

It is only UEDF and some power hungry individuals around Washington are fanning about the weakness of NA leadership. As the others said, it is no more objectivity it is only "wegnawinet" that matters these days.

Some who were caught off-guard with the formation of AFD are still crying fowl for the weakness of the NA leadership. For many, however, it is the strenght and wise leadership. Ethiopians do not admire oratorship anymore. That has long gone with the defunct marxist ideologue.


Anonymous said...


You are off the mark in many respects. Whether you believe it or not, I am a Kinijit supporter and share your frustration with UEDF. I also don't have any problem with AFD.

Now, if you are totally satisfied with the performance of Diaspora Kinijit, especially NA support group, good for you. However, the fact is too many Kinijit supporters, like me, are frustrated and disillusioned by the lack of strong organization and coordinated effort.

Most don't express their grievance publicly because of their love for Kinijit. In my opinion, we have been defensive and protective of the Diaspora leadership for far too long.

Private advice and criticism has not produced change. To the contrary, some of the leaders seem to be happy with lackluster performance and emboldened enough to question guidance given by our beloved, imprisoned leaders.

It is a public secret that there is a clique within the NA support group who isn’t happy with the formation of Kinijit International Leadership. They started with questioning the authenticity of the letter our leaders wrote to form KIL. When that didn’t work, they engaged in petty machination to deny support for KIL. For example, they held Kinijit’s website hostage and refused to post press releases and other pronouncements by KIL.

Instead of being defensive and believing every thing is hunky dory, supporters should closely follow developments within Kinijit and actively engage the leadership so that they don’t sleep at the wheel.

Can you tell me any significant thing they did to bring the plight our imprisoned leaders to the spot light and to show how ridiculously sham the legal case against them is? Why don’t they report on and critically analyze the daily court appearance of our leaders? Just because our leaders rightly decided not to defend themselves in a kangaroo court, does it mean we have to leave them defenseless?


Anonymous said...

This is a testing time for personalities like Girma Bekele. Wrapped in alienated consciousness, blubbering in empty space where words are not grounded on concrete political practise, nor challenged by them, cherishes gushing out words as a way of life. He is the cyber politician par excellense, who is always wont to keep distance between action and words, thus deriving his freedom to comment without any sense of medesty or sense of accountability from the emptiness he has attached himself so tenaciously. So, do not be surprised if he commits an error of judgement as to how those engaged in concrete politics like Berhanu Nega can do such wonderful things. If he is reacting by way of self preservation, noticing the melt down of the alienated world of politics in which he has been cocooned for so long, please remind him that time is only one directional.

Anonymous said...

I have known Girma Bekele for the past 14 years. He was involved in destroying the Ethiopian Register (a monthly publication of excellent repute on Ethiopian politics). At first, I thought he was one of those compatriots who were really fighting aginst the divisive Woyane politics, and I admired his tenacity. I even took some books from him to the late Asrat Woldeyes while he was in prison in Ethiopia. Then I found how he trys to get in the middle of every oposition party and creat fracture. This is one of his attempts, I guess, to do what he has been doing all along - saw seeds of suspecion and confusion among the Ethiopan diaspora who are trying to augument the struggle for democracy and justice back home.

Anonymous said...

Brave and enlightend men write books against all odds. They write in a langauge that their fellow country men and women understand, on a subject that matters to millions. Cowards and ignorant individuals, hidden behind computer screens write half a page of dribble in a langauge that they themseves do not understand. In the hands of men like Girma, the most advanced means of communication, the internet, has been reduced to a tool to disseminate rumours, gossip and distructive cynicism. As far as i am concerned Mr girma's pitiful utterance in relation to Brehanu's book is sickening. Any attempt to justify Girma's shameful deeds in the name of some sort of platitude is despicable. Mr girna you may think that you are an educated person because you have a degree or two under your pillow. But the problem is that knowledege has nothing to do with the act of appearing knowledgable. Knowlodge is a powerful instrument to change oneself into a better human being and transform society.To know is nothing else except to engage in such transformation. Imagine! from the depth of hell brehanu nega gave us light, but you Mr girma, sitting in the land of light throws darkness onto our path. Dont you think we are justified to be angry. What have you written. What have you contributed. Do you think runninig a website,eddn, that does what women do in my country around a coffee session,a great achievement. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

For most of us who knows Girma Bekle well this is not his first time to be a lier and destrcutive force on destroying Ethiopians in diaspora . Grima is a blatant lier and a closet racist-homo, who is full of hatred against the Gonderes , Tigres , Oromos and all other Ethiopians . He is with you one day the next day he is againsit you without any reason . I beleive his very close to Meles Zenawi on hating Ethiopinas any other person .

Now when millons of Ethiopians are waiting for the action of Kinjit International organiation leadership , it is very sad and ironic to have Girma Bekle in San Jose leading Kinjit . I know one thing for sure there won't be Kinjit chapter in San Jose soon .

May be Girma hates Birtukan and Berhanu becauase of their ethinc affilation . Birtukan , Hailu , Mesfin, Berhanu and others are sacrfcing thier precious life to free Ethiopians from shackle of hate , injustice , ethnocenterism and all the ills of an authortrian regime and don't derseve or allow this sickenning red neck to speak on behalf of them at any cost.

At last the proper name for person like Girma is lying tosser !

Girma berta on stealing money from absahas by creating fantasy anti-weyane radio stations and bogus made in weyane oppostion groups .

Shalu , Los Angeles

Anonymous said...

All divisive and evil individuals seek attention. All this blog and the comments above did is give 'what is his name' importance. He is an idiot who hides behind a computer screen and get some satifaction by tearing down anything good. Why do you guys give him the pleasure. Why don't you leave him alone to beat up himselef masturbate.

Anonymous said...

Girma Bekele is one of the US Kinijit branches who become a source of division between KIL and Kanijit US. He has no political vision and direction except spreading lies against KIL and any one who make an effort to restart the struggle. He is the last chauvinist dinosaur walking on the planet earth. He is know for his endless negative campaign against Dr.Berhanu Nega. Along with Elias Kifle, (Lidetu's man) he was demanding Berhanu to be thrown out of CUD as Weyane agent.

Anonymous said...

Wow man what a sad SIMA Girma do you know that Dr.Birhanu is still alive? Why don't you ask him or your master weyane can ask him? Anyways weather he writes or not but the message is true or for most of us the matter is what is written not only who writes. And also you probably don't know or heard Dr. Birhanu speech or written things but if you see his opinion even before he went to prison most of it from his book is the alike. ምን ያረጋል አንዳንድ ሰው ወሬ ይወዳል እስቲ አንተም ወረቀትህን ነግድ። ስንት ሆዳም አለ