Friday, August 25, 2006

Zenawi's cadres fan ethnic clash at Jimma university

TPLF henchmen in the Jimma university today lit an ethnic clash between Tigray and Oromo students. The student cadres who eye witnesses said had been intimidating and harassing other students the whole year today started the clash after they severely beat an Oromo student. Rumors then spread that the student was beaten by students from Tigray. A lot of innocent Tigrain students were caught up in the act of retaliation by some Oromo students. An identical incident happened at the Bahir Dar university a day before.
In Jimma, gun shots had been heard the whole day. The federal police which tried to enter campus late afternoon was pelted with rocks by the students.

Breaking News: Hailu Shawel's health deteriorates
CUDP's charismatic leader, Ato Hailu Shawel's, health was deteriorating, police hospital sources said. The wild fluctuation of his blood sugar level had shocked doctors. In one test the level rose from 135 to 265 in a matter of hours. "This makes his situation very unpredictable. He can't be allowed to return back to prison right now," a medical source stated. The chairman also suffers from walking problems caused while he was in the wet and cold Maekelawi cell in November. His eye problem has also recurred because of lack of medical attention.
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Anonymous said...

Everything we hear is terrible.
Yesterday(Fri-Afternoon) my friend was able to visit Eng.Hailu and told me that he is doing well.He was even seen exchanging good words with a staff after the staff asked him how he was doing.
he is accompanied by 2 men with rifles.
He writes alot as seen by patients.
May all recover soon.

Anonymous said...

TPLF WOYANE TIGRES are going to pay for all this misery they subject the Ethiopian people. I heard the incident at the Jimma University may have resulted in the killing and wounding of Oromo Students. The sruggle to freedom from TPLF WOYANE is burning under the table many of the Oromo and Amhara military personnels are expected to defect as time is approaching to see the end of TPLF WOYANE CORRUPTION.

Regarding Engineer Hailu Shawel, they are going to kill him; but they should know that by killing Eng. Hailu they will only galvanize our resolve and the desire to engage them in battle. He may die but the struggle will go on and these bastards will pay for it!!!

Anonymous said...

read ur comments and they're all sensetional.

Anonymous said...

Aug 27, 2006

Reports from Addis Ababa, the capital of the Ethiopian Autocracy, confirm the disappearance of up to eight generals. These generals have been missing for a while now and their whereabouts are unknown.

Reliable sources who requested anonymity due to the sensitivity of their role within the Ethiopian army indicate that the eight generals were linked to the defection of General Kemal Gelchi.

The same sources add that TPLF WOYANE BANDITS LEADER Meles Zenawi in Addis Ababa ordered the detention of the eight generals. The missing eight generals are ethnically from Oromo and Amhara.

It is BELIEVED but unconfirmed the generals may have been KILLED or whether they are held in detention in an unknown destination. What is known so far is that the disappearance of these generals has created a state of apprehension both within the army and the state. It is feared that an army mutiny may be possible.

Our reporters in Addis Ababa are working closely with reliable sources in order to find out the names of the eight missing generals.

Ogaden Online News


Breaking News:
Many of the western diplomates are secretely departing out of the country for fear of cuop detat is brewing under the table. There is fear of strong disagreement amongst the TPLF WOYANE CENTRAL COMMITTEE'S MILITARY JUNTA (AGAZI SECURITY FORCES) and the federal forces as to how to disolve the arrangements and retreat back to Tigrai.

Anonymous said...

EZ, where is part 2 of the review of Dr. Berhanu's book...waiting for it with anticipation...

Take care...