Wednesday, February 07, 2007

More arrests and tortures at Mae'kelawi

A man identified by this blogger's police sources as Dr. Lakew Alemu was arrested and taken to Mae'kelawi two days ago. He was returning home from work. According to the sources, the man was arrested in connection to his activism for Kinijit. Preliminary accounts indicate that he works at the Economic Commission for Africa.

Meanwhile, further names of Kinijit prisoners who have been jailed and tortured at Maekelawi has been obtained by this blogger.

The following is the list with their addresses and employment
Temesgen Shemere.......(Awasa, CUD election candidate, Tortured)
Wolde Dana... (Wolayita Sodo... CUD election candidate, Tortured)
Ashebir Gebre....(Awasa, Policeman, Tortured)
Lij Alem Takele... (Dila, Tortured))
Addis Aman... (Sodo Zuriya, private employee, Tortured)
Tilahun Ayalew....(West Gojam, Teacher, Tortured))
Abebe Shumye... (Gonder, works at Dashen Beer, Tortured)
Zekiyos Ashebo. ... (Awasa, Works at Justice Bureau, Tortured)
Shimeles Capitone.... (Addis Ababa, works at Lufthansa, Tortured)
Tsegaye Ayele... (Gonder, X-ray technician, Torture status not known)
Anteneh Getnet Mulatu... (Addis Ababa, Teacher, Tortured)
Binyam Melaku... (Awassa, Student, Tortured)
Belay Kefyalew....(Gonder, Trader, Tortured)

More information to come.... All have been held at the Maekelawi since Mid-December 2006.


Anonymous said...

ethio-zagol, your google seach doesn't work!

Anonymous said...

Zogle: If “one man army” describes any one it would be you. You are precious for our struggle for democratic Ethiopia. Keep it up, but most of all be safe. No one can afford to miss you. The unnerved TPLFtis/EPDRFits scare of light more than GUN because it peels away the fa├žade and show the world for who they are: Blood sucking crooked- dehumanizers with a suit.

Anonymous said...

It is true, the search doesn't come with results. I just verified.

Good job, Zagol.

Anonymous said...

Zagol, you are the best

These paranoid minority sons of bi****S are harassing our people while everyone is watching standing with their arms fold. I say this is not supposed to be, we have to do something about this. Something, anything we can to make them stop what they are doing, or make twice before they do anything.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for continually exposing such crimes--the world needs more courageous people like yourself!

Anonymous said...

Why is the BBC reporter in Ethiopia, Amber Henshaw, silent about this allegations? Why is Tsegaye Tadesse's Rueters silent about these crimes agianst humanity? Are they planted in Ethiopia to make image for the regime? it is baffeling.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We need the entire nation pray about the situatin in our land Inspiteof ,the sellout,controvercy,sinicter plan that is being implimeted Ethiopia will still preavel.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being on the front line of the information war(EZ.).It is sad to see what is happining to our people ,and I noticed that going through the name list, the vicitmes clearly reflect the cross section of our socity.It is also clear why they are being singled out.The Eriterian faction who is now rulling Ethiopia have been for ,some time ,terrified by the events followed the election and its unresolved crisis.Instead of attempting to solve the problem peacefully it was bussy purging the rank of the military and the civil sector.When the International outcry grows louder,it made last resort frantic move to keep U.S its allie.Through forged document and unsubstantiated evidence, it volentird to do mercenery errand in Somalia there by sealing its friendship ,at least for now,with that country.Aloutgh the war is volentird by Melese ,the fact that both Melese and Isays were contending there as real foes may not be taken in its face value. It is probably true securing friendship with U.S is one motieve.However,it is plausible to suggest also other sinicter hidden motive might have also led Melese to this quagmire.For all we know about him we are only able to see his vield motive after his act.Who knows if he has preparation to vacate power,as it has been suggest in some circles,with an intent to subdue the errosion of public support in his home state and attempte to impose some kind of regional rule there.If this is admitted opeaning up a new front east of Ethiopia might be the best stratgy frome his point of view.In any case as dibolical as he is ,he has been free to move from one crisis to another for lack of principle code of conduct.In this sense he is simply un predictable.Neverathless, his unpredictiblity is not so much a mark of special emminece on his part,rather, a result of morale embclity that can be traced to his faulty conistitution.Now and in between the war "the gang of four " have been intensifing its repression upon Ethiopians.What of us (the people) are we doing any thing at all about it?We as a nation need to come in to terms with this vital issue.and respond collectively to this sincter plan against our joul:the countrie's youth.Let every one of us remember this the struggle to unshakle our people from the group of fife man led Eritrian agents ,who are at the helm of power just enterd a different phase. Every Ethiopian need to know the truth :the truth both about our selves as well as the enemy.Who is Ethiopia's enemy? The none Ethiopian hand full hard core faction who is rulling the nation now.Just Ethiopian in the past have been helpless over the behavior of Mengistu we must assume the same about Tigrian Ethiopians.All Ethiopians need to know this it cannot be other wise.I may not know where each individual ETHO-TIGRIAN stands on this issue.As so many Ethiopians are autraged ,confused disillusind ,and bewilderd by the heinious crime comitted against our country the overwhelming majority of Tigrians must also feel this way.Hence, it is vitally important that Ethiopian Tigrians not only distance themselves from this regim,but actually join their Ethiopian brothers to unseat this governmont and build together a peacefull Ethiopia.

Anonymous said...

Thanks EZ for exposing the crime commited against peacful unarmed opposition memebers for the world community. Specially, for the US tax payers and exposing their governments crime partenership with the ruthless facist Meles & TPlF government. Keep the good work! god bless and protect you!

Anonymous said...

The main difference between Meles now and Meles 35 years ago is that Meles 35 years ago, as a young person, had the dream and the ambition to disintegrate Ethiopia. Today's Meles has already realized his dream; he doesn't dream anymore because there isn't much evil left to dream for. The jailing, the killing, and his recent hard-to-come-back journey to Somalia are not new dreams; they are all the spillover effects of his original dream

Anonymous said...


Tigres are happy Mels is in power. He gave them the key to loot, and that is the reason they are parting every night. He organized a banck for them (WoGAGEN Bank) he organized so many companies for only Tigres can be employed in. He organized all the security messures for every Tigre do not pay tax under the title TAGAY (freedome fighter) Why would Tigres complain?

They have the best looking car, many of them are millionaires, and many of them live the most laxuries lives they have ever gotten. All US dollar printed in NEW YORK to stimulate American economy is coming to Egypt and Ethiopia. What more do you want? They have become American capitalists in Ethiopia. why would they not help? AGAZI is only TIGRE FORCE taht is entrusted with the most sensitive security assignments I heard they get paid each twice as much as the regular Ethiopian army personnel who is non-Tigre. They also are allowed to progress fast in the ranks.

Only Tigres also receive bonus every month in the middle of the month (others call it another salary), so will all that in hand why would they not help this regime stay in power a little longer?

Most UN NGO workers are Tigres, they are given priority to be hired. As soon as the NGO anounces they need a certain number of workers TPLF presents the number specified, where do you think they bring them from? From Tigrai, now that every Tigre in the city are taken care of they are bringing new Tigres from the farms and the countryside into the city. Surprisingly, they cannot even communicate in the Ethiopian official language (Amharic) let alone to speak English. They require an interprator, and they get that interprator from the other ethnic educated Ethiopians. It would have been easier to give the job to the other ethnic Educated Ethiopian but the position pays a lot (4,800/month) so TPLF is not foolish to give that position to other Ethnic educated Ethiopian. For a mask they have few Amhara and Oromo names to fronting, but the real deal comes into the pockets of Tigres.

Remember why Azeb Meles' wife has the highst fund to distribute to the country, and she only hires if you are Tigre. One Tigre once said, "if TPLF regime falls many Tigres are going to hang themselves." It shows how involved the Tigres are in sucking Ethiopian economy. By the way did I tell you how much a doctor makes in Ethiopia? he makes only 1,500/month. So most an educated Tigres that require two interpretors one to the official Ethiopian language and another to English makes (4,800/month) IMAGINE! I leave the analysis to every Ethiopian, a doctor who spent life time educating and reading himself makes less than half of the money uneducated Tigre who requires two interpretor to do his job. IMAGINE HWAT THE WORLD HAS COME TO!!!

There are also companies TPLF created these companies are by far the most controling the ethiopian economy. In every sector TPLF has company that sucks so much, only left over is available for the rest of Ethiopian to fight for. I have listed how many companies TPLF created in its recent existence. No need to repeate it. But that is the senario we are talking about.

So let all Ethiopians have the understanding that TPLF/TIGRE is killing Ethiopia for temorary benefits. They are converting their money to dollar and Euro and ship it into other countries. Meles has hundreds of millions of dollars saved for him and his family to live-off once Ethiopia is reduced to nothing. I heard that the reason for the pricy commodities in Ethiopia is that they are in the process of converting their assets into Dollar that is why Ethiopian economy is at the bottom of the floor and inflation is rising by the day.

If we do not save Ethiopia soon, she will be nothing to save in two years time.

Anonymous said...


Classic Weyane!

People who support democracy in Ethiopia have no reason to be Zeregna. People who write such things are most probably weyanes who want to later go, quote themselves, and accuse the diaspora of zeregnanet and discourage the spirit of freedom.

Anonymous said...

To the above anonymous

Yes! I am Zeregna because I expose TIGRE ZEREGNA way of LOOTING MY COUNTRY WHILE KILLING THE HIGHLY INFORMED REAL-ETHIOPIANS. If they don't kill the Real-Ethiopian physically, they kill him/her spiritually and osychologically by imprisoning them and starving their families. We should have known this was coming when they deported some of the hard working and rich Eritreans and make sure their families are starved to death. We should have said something in the name of the law, but we were follish back then we did NOT know this was coming to us. We thought it was a fight between two Tigres and we need NOT to get ourselves involved. Now we understand the policy of TPLF is NOT only to kill Eritreans and hard working Ethiopians but it is to kill the whole Ethiopia! in the process they are eliminating our best and brightest.


You are the TPLF who is assigned to this wesite to divert our attention.

Anonymous said...

EZ - you sound very desperate. You are throwing seemingly wild accusations - hoping one will stick. If you believe you have some truth to tell, please do not add any single lie in your reporting of events. If you believe in integrity of journalism, then please allow the reader to judge the facts on his/her own.
Now, in this report of yours, you gave us a name of a person, a name of a city, and you also add the word, 'Tortured'.
If you don't have any integrity in your reporting, you are bound to damage your own cause.

For Kinjit to come out of darkness , I suggest Kinjit supporters to struggle for a better Ethiopia with deeds of Good Will by Good Action.
Some Suggestions:
1. help the poor
2. plant trees
3. know who is for and against Ethiopia's national interest (align yourself with friends of Ethiopia; eg. Shabia(EPLF)is no friend of Ethiopia; OLF is not for one Ethiopia)

Don't just stand on the sideline and criticize.