Sunday, June 10, 2007

Crack down in Addis Ababa

At least sixty young supporters of CUD have fallen victims to the latest crackdown in Addis Ababa. According to police sources, most of them were teenagers. Police accused them of accumulating guns to destabilize the millenium celebrations in the country. Twenty of them were caught from the Rufael area of Addis Ababa where Tesfaye Tadesse, 25, and opposition supporter was beaten to death by security forces in January.


Anonymous said...

Woyane is just worming up, the nightmare will continue as long as they are in power. I just wonder how far the international community allow them to go. I just read a new blog, it is shocking.

Anonymous said...

Dear SW,

Here is an interesting article posted at this site:

Anonymous said...

EZ good to hear you.I'm relived now.txs for the update.
Muse B.

Anonymous said...

The Anon,What do you mean the international community how long?I call all the provincial Ethiopian's to rise up and demand this so called self appointed political leaders-either lead or get out of the way,there is too much at stake here to let go business as usuall? Mr Melese told you oppenly ,long ago, he will not share power.He told you that if you want power you have to fight for it.There fore, before we make any statments,we need to make sure,it is true to our heart. Look every day goes by, Ethiopians are being cornered,imprisond,killed.Weyanee is about to carve fertile lands from Gonder and Wello for her dream of Greater Tigray.How many times we called this leaders and are unreachable?No one should be where he is for self,you have been told this many times;You fail to prove yourself to be a competent leader. I dont want any one to lecture me about any thing:You have been called BORCHAM ,WERANAGH AMHARA.This are true of the diaspora leaders and some of their followers.There is problem in the midest of us.I have not come here to devide ,but to move you to immidate action.People are tired of the callousness of the behavior of some.Either we decide in unison to fight this government:or else we will go the provincial way:This towen ship politics is just that talk divorced from action you can have that with your own partner:I dont want to be lectured about Red sea,asab ,and Badame.Please don't remove this message.

Anonymous said...

WOYANNIE is doing what it is doing because the people of Ethiopia do not want to get together to fight back. Ask yourselves, what can you contribute???

Some of our kids have died on the streets protesting, seeking for democratic government, asking for accountability. What is the Diaspora Ethiopians do? they go home for millennium to celebrate the death of our kids, 200 Real-Ethiopian youth gave their lives believing that their people are behind their action, but they failed to realize that we in the Diaspora are greedy and self indulgent, we do not care how many youth died in Ethiopia fighting to make the country a better country. Instead, what do we do? we cannot even agree with each other as to what should be done next. TEGEREANS are building their homes and making sure their matresses and pillows are filled with US DOLLAR at the expense of Real-Ethiopians blood, what do the Diaspora Ethiopians do? NOTHING!

We are sick of the differences and we have to get together and fight for freedom and democracy, TEGEREANS ARE only 5% and out the 5% most of them are hooked on donation wheat, 41% of their babies stopped growing. There are only few of TPLF-WOYANNIES controlling 70,000,000 Ethiopians. Like Ghandi once said to the English minority rulers, only our urine can be flood enough to take the English into the Idian sea.

Today I am saying the same only our urine can take the TEGEREANS out of Ethiopia. All we have to do is blow air from our mouth in the same direction and we can send the TEGEREANS out of Ethiopia.

Anonymous said...

Gebru from AWASA

Please STOP begging the so called the International Community. Because there is none. It is a rule of gun. That is what the international community is. If you understand what I am saying. Speaking of the melinium madness, It is to late to STOP the revolution that is pending for te new year. The people of Ethiopia will surprise the world with their determination against Meles sponsored teror. wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Thank God you are back!!!!

above all, i was very concerned about your safty, and am glad to learn that you are safe. secondly, thank you for the news!!!

May God save you from all your enemies and any posible danger!!!

your brither

Anonymous said...

thnks EZ you are a brave warrior
is there anyway some one can take a video shot of these thugs and place it on the web for all to see. it is sickening what they are doing.
Our people are dying

Anonymous said...

Welcome EZ we missed you alot we fight and we fight till we get our freedom no one else will give us we have to earn it. millenium with freedom!! and it is possible it is feasible no freedom no millenium .

Death to Woyanes !!
Long live Ethiopia
Arbengoech from s.east.A front

Anonymous said...

The fight against Meles by us young Ethiopians will intensify!!!