Saturday, June 23, 2007

There are unconfirmed reports that the CUD leaders will be released from prison this afternoon. I will try to get more information about it as the day goes.


Anonymous said...

yes yesssssss once again. They have to be free. Am staying tuned EZ.

Unknown said...

Dear ET Zagol,

thanks for the update.
we have to prepare for welcome party for the great heros !!!

They truly showed their leadership quality by love,discipline and commitement

Anonymous said...

Indead, it is possible to fight an afican dictator like melese peacefully. The aggresive demonstration at the DC embassy was the begining that the crime minister cann't forbid. Whatever is signed by our leader, we know what the are living for.
1. Bei any condition they have to come out.
2. The stolen elction must the next issue.

Anonymous said...

God bless Ethiopia

I start to see a light....
Oh I'm feeling soooo happy and cry...

EZ please I can't sleep today untill you mention somthing...
Atleast something about the release....

I want to come for New-Year with Love and Hope inside me....
Celebrate the Love and Hope with my people back home

Bless the Kaliti heroine....
There is nothing that can pay your sacrify for me and the like of me

Bless Ethiopia

EZ... tell me to sleep if there is no new development on your side

In between
We owe you a lot....
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Finally woyanne knelt down only after commiting so many crimes.
Stuborn peolple usually try to correct crime by repeating It. now meles and Co are on the point of No return.From the damn inflation in the country to the war crime in somalia all these crimes are the consequences of incarceration these Innocent Leaders.
I congratulate the Ethiopians at home and diaspora for their struggle is bearing its fruit.
The struggle should continue until the eight preconditions are fulfilled ( i mean seven preconditions because the last preconditions are already done by the inquiry commission already: the investigation of the june and october massacre.)

Anonymous said...

Let me get our respected green, yellow, and red banner. I am gonna celebrate the whole week. Our leaders have been outstanding and brave for so long.

God Bless Them All!

The struggle continues!


Anonymous said...

still some of you Couldn`t learn from the mistake???? leave this ppl alone ?? you can`t push them again & again to go againest the Countries legal system!!!becouse of YOUR silly & foolishness they suffer in prison, now again U want them to Go in prison For your silly Question !!! if you dare go and fight yourself, this ppl wont gone fight your fight! that`s a done deal

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your information. Please keep it up as a reliable source

Anonymous said...

Dear EZ
I'm still waiting .... can't sleep

I know it is 5pm in Ethiopia....

Any development please

We Owe you a lot

INSHALAH one day we will pay you

Respect and Love to you

God protect you


Anonymous said...

With guilt in my heart, I must admit that if the prisoners accepted resposnibility, that is a wrong move. Yes, I am a free man living in the West demanding sacrifice from these heroes; but I still think there is validity in my point.

Meles is finding it difficult to face many enemies; Somalis in the South, Issayas in the North and no friends elsewhere. He is weaker than anyone can imagine. If they wait for a few months, he would have released them with no condition.

I sense that the Engineer will not sign. Perhaps Dr. Berhanu also.


Anonymous said...

Above anonym: You are a true Ethiopian. Always intoxicated in some delusional world of self-importance. Always intoxicated in the imaginary weakness of your opponent. The feudal-centered Ethiopian psyche views any sign of compromise as a weakness. But what do the facts say: The Ethiopian govrnment is stronger today than it was before the election. The economy is growing, as stated by ALL international organizations. The CUD is defunct and defective. The Shaleqa v. the Brihane Mewa, the inside praliament v. the outside, I mean you are one big mess. What is there to fear? This is an effort on the part of a wise leader to give his immature kids(Hailu Shawel et al) a chance for a new beginning. How will all this play out: They have signed a document accepting responsibility. Most Ethiopians in the diaspora will not accept that. More division within the CUD will occur. Many will seek exile and yell at the top of their lungs about this or that. All Ethiopians will go on with their lives under the leadership of the P.M. As always, the feudalistic largely Amhara, will scream and yell, but sooner or later, he will realize that he nothing but a foot note in the march to make History by the EPRDF. HAGOS.

Anonymous said...

To Girma,
You are being very honest and seems you have come to terms as to where you stand in putting it as it is.

"with guilt in my heart, I must admit that if the prisoners accepted resposnibility, that is a wrong move. Yes, I am a free man living in the West demanding sacrifice from these heroes; but I still think there is validity in my pointis."

May the conviction of the truth in their heart, the fear of God, and the flexiblity of compromise in human delemma and whatever else and above all God helps this mediation as they seat on their own cases as their own jury.

Politicaly, it may not be a right move. It is up to the psyche of Ethiopians in the country how they interpret the partial responsiblity. The terms and condition will also have an effect on how they will renter politics. Well for get all that. Truth is sanity and if they know the truth and take responsiblity be it and their exit from Kality is very important that will still affect thousands of Ethiopians positively, and specially their family members and supporters. Who knows about tomorrow?.

From a member of the general public

Anonymous said...

You are one huge pile of shit. You try to appear intelligent by using big-words and bathing in controversial perspectives. Everybody knows that corrupt, inhuman and inefficient leaders also have some supporters. So it is not a surprise to me when you come out here and spit. But I just want you to know that nobody cares about what you have to say.

Anonymous said...

I am very much happy for thier release. But I am very eager to find out the terms of the release. Nobody can disregard the terms. There is a lot ata stake.

Anonymous said...

I am sure both government's supporters and the extremes in the diaspora will spin this development. I like to say that, if this report is indeed true, it is the best news Ethiopia has had lately. It is a big WIN for Ethiopia as a country. It allows all sides to extricate themselves from the mess they are in. It silences (at least for now) those who are siding with Ethiopia's enemies in the name fighting the oppressive regime. It will enable foes and friends alike to think about the real problems facing the country and common areas of interest.

This is indeed a great news!!!!

Anonymous said...

This pleases Hagos and alike more than anyone here, even more than the families of those released. Because, this gives them a chance to wash their criminal act and cover by hash-hash release the prisoners and extend your life span by a year or two. I bet you many of the posts on this blog is coming from TPLF Cadre camapaigners. No one is talking about the crimes MELES AND HIS TPLF ORGANIZATION COMMITTED, EVERY ON HERE IS SAYING "THEY ARE HAPPY TO HAVE THEIR LEADERS RELEASED." The real issue is Meles has gotten away scathes free, once again. This is a crime by itself and anyone associated in the agreement is a criminal, anyone endorsing such a flawed and erroneous agreement is supporting criminal act, therefore they too are CRIMINALS! That includes many of the people here pretending to be a Real-Ethiopians, which they are NOT. We know many of the people expressing happiness on this blog are associeted to TPLF party in some capacity. They are not happy in sense that the illegally incarcerated CUDP leaders are released, but they are happy this political drama will give TPLF a life extension. But don't worry, we the Real-Ethiopians fighting in the jungles of Ethiopia will save her at the end of the day, for those of you who are expressing a fabricated sigh should not rush it, because we are coming and we will free the country from TPLF TYRANNY!


Anonymous said...

The terms of the agreement cannot be any different than favorable to TPLF. After all they were dictating the terms and say no to things they want to say no to, and say yes to things they want to say yes to. As far as it has been reported by EZ, Meles was dictating the terms. Do you all remembers that just before TPLF invaded Somalia the prisoners were about to be released and as soon as a "good news" came from the Somalia front Meles changed his mind and changed the agreement. That is TEGEREANS specialty always pedaling back after making agreements. The same goes with the border issue with the Eritreans they signed the final and bindng agreement and they changed their mind. It seems that they have no agenda, they just go with the flaw.

Anonymous said...

To Hagos:
Do you know what you are saying?????

" All Ethiopians will go on with their lives under the leadership of the P.M. As always, the feudalistic largely Amhara, will scream and yell, but sooner or later"

You have the right to say every thing but not to insult a specific ethnic group. Why you insult the Amhara people? You named as Hagos, a name from Tigray, a name of many kind and rational people. you did it intentionally to trigger an insult against our bro and sis. No! Beleive me no one will insult Tigreans except those who have spoiled mind like you. The current wave will pass, the current politics and its leaders will also pass, but the people of Amhar, Tigray,Oromo,Guragie, and all Ethiopians will never pass. Ethiopia and its people will exist for ever.
May God bless our country, Amen

Anonymous said...

Have a watch ETV news about the deal on Ethio Media Forum. It is a very softy softy approach from the government news media. Have a watch..the tone and all that seems positive..

Anonymous said...

Dear the above Anom
where can I get ETV news buddy?

Anonymous said...

I applaud your senses and greatness.You are a real human being with out hate in your mind. That is the type of Ethiopiawenet we would like to promote and would like to live in. Hope Hagos will learn from his mistake and follow the path of goodness and human values.
In different subject, from the IP adress I am getting I can tell you exactly which city of the world does Hagos lives and exact adress. Guys, technology has goon far, because we know how to browse the internet as well as writing for blogs and web pages, we shouldn't expect to stay as annoymous as we would like. Read some literature on the net about the subject and you will find out what I am talking about. God bless as all and Ethiopians.

Anonymous said...

for the people who would like to view the ETV news, please follow it through this link...It is very interesting


Anonymous said...

Kudos EZ for the good news!!

You are one of the new brand of Ethiopian heroes. We need more people like you who belive that the pen is migtier than the sword. We don't know your face yet, but I guess Ethiopians at home will one day recognize your tireless effort to report about Ethiopia.

Am happy about the release of these great leaders--i think it is a huge stride in the way of democratization in the country. I also appreciate PM Meles for his tolerance and compromise; to take this purely as a victory for the opposition and the people is unfair. We need the partnership of the EPRDF to build democracy in Ethiopia. God bless Ethiopia!!!

Finally, it is not EPRDF or the Opposition, but the Ethiopian people that are the real winners of this whole game.

Unknown said...

Patriot... I didn't know that they have internet in the "jungles". :)

I think you are not thinking you are just feeling, bro/sis. Just relax and start thinking. No matter how hard it may be for you and your likes that were desperate to take this poor country to another civil war to comprehend, OUR LEADERS ARE GOING TO BE RELEASED and Yeah, peaceful struggle is the way to go.

Why are we all talking about CUD leaders and not Meles? Dude, we have been shouting out loud to expose the tyranny of Meles and his regime for quite a while now. And that has brought up a very pleasant ending- the release of our leaders. So, why spoil our day by talking about Meles? You don't recall the death of your mother and cry on your sisters wedding.

Does that mean we are going to forget about Meles? Hell no. Nope! But this time, no matter how bitter it is for you and your likes to swallow, we are going to chase him with an organized and well thought of leadership from our leaders, PEACEFULLY!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


My fello brother. our difference is our ideas.So, hate is not the answer. Let us love and see the difference. We love you Hagos. Look at other famous tigrian brothers of ours, like Abraha Belay of Ethio Media and Dawit Kebede of EMF..

LOVE LOVe ..that the only answer for our problem

Anonymous said...

38 Ethiopian opponents claim responsibility for post-poll violence

Monday 25 June 2007

June 24, 2007 (ADDIS ABABA) — 38 Ethiopian opposition activists convicted after violent protests in the wake of contested 2005 elections have admitted their "mistakes", their lawyer said Sunday.

"All the convicted 38 have agreed and signed a document accepting responsibility over the post-election violence. They have acknowledged to have made mistakes at that time," lawyer Wondawuk Ayele told AFP.

"The court had previously asked them to do so but they had refused. This is a new development and could finalize their release."

Ethiopia put more than 100 opposition figures on trial, accused of plotting a coup after disputed 2005 elections which the opposition claims were rigged.

The spokesman for Prime Minister Meles Zenawi on Sunday denied that a deal had been struck for the activists' release.

"So far there hasn't been any proposal from the government, nor has there been any mediation involving any other country," Bereket Simon said.

"I'm not aware of any developments regarding their release."

Earlier this year, the Ethiopian parliament approved a report which said 193 civilians and six policemen died during post-election violence in 2005 in one of the darkest chapters in the country's recent past.

The violence in Addis Ababa and other cities in June and November 2005 amid protests over the May 15 polls "occured due to infancy of the democratic system of the country", the report said.

The figures compiled by the inquiry were three times higher than the government's official death toll of 54 which prompted howls of protest from Western donors.

But opposition groups dismissed the report as "baseless", arguing that it failed to hold the State accountable for the bloody crackdown.