Thursday, June 28, 2007

It is sometimes unfathomable how some people are willing to act as utterly stupid to defend the act of others. Take, for example, Aigaforum's consistent and persistent use of the term "Plea Bargain" to describe the agreement signed by CUD leaders in prison. One doesn't have to be a lawyer to know some of the steps in a criminal trial.
-Plea Bargain is a prosecutorial instrument, and the deal is made between the prosecutor and the defendant.
-In principle, plea bargain must take place before the trial unless there is good cause for delay. Plea bargain, however, doesn't take place after conviction.
-In civil law countries like Ethiopia, plea bargain can only take place in very, very limited circumstances.
The agreement the CUD leaders signed was made after their conviction. It has nothing to do with plea bargain.


Anonymous said...

I think it is a lack of the language proficency. "plea Bargain" means (DRIDIR) for aigaforum. ATIFREDUBACHEW. Don't count on them because they wont say we don't know.

Anonymous said...

Dear EZ,
Teach this Aigaforum people how to convey meaning in a more civilized and correct way. They are simply writing some thing stupid and unsubstantiated in Tigregna English which at times is difficult to comprehend.

Anyways, they need to be guided and taught how to address the public in general and elites of the net in particular.


Anonymous said...

Dear EZ,
AIGA FORUM is another govt. site dedicated to refelect the views of few narrow nationalists. AIGAFORUM, The Reporter, Walta, & ENA are established to mis-inform everyone including few foreigners. The first two are working under the cover of independent media but we all know they are part and parcel of WOYANE. I belive we shouldn't spend more time discussing their rubbish bits & pieces.
Ethiopia will prevail,

Anonymous said...


I am afraid that there is no word on the release of the prisoners from the government. On top of that, the prisoners should have been released by today. If you have followed the PM's report today and the related questions, things do not seem okay. Please elaborate on that....I know I can trust you, as time and again you've shown us that you're reliable.


Anonymous said...

During WW2 (SECOND WORLD WAR)the invasion of Italy in Ethiopia was managed and handled within 5 years of agony and mysery.

Our Grand Fathers and Grand Mothers, Great Aunt and Uncle, etc... have championed these victory with their premitive knowledge but using their unbreakable unity and spirit as a weapon to dismantle Musolini and his well equiped state of the art army out of their beloved mother land.
Now true sons and daughters of Ethiopia need to retract and learn to and aquire their determination and spirit to get Ethiopia out of the current bondage she is in and restore her diginity and love and unity to the one and only one Ethiopia.

We are being ruled not goverened.

Stand up and do what you can individually because your are the blessed children of Ethiopia that have a lot to contribut to your Mother Land Ethiopia and God knows She needs your help.

Then we can Free our leaders.

Anonymous said...

Ethiopians must do guide line.

for starters do not go to Ethiopia for the milinium.

Avoid Commercial transactions with countries that helps the current regime.
I am talking about countries that are training their current military; administration ; police and propaganda and Investment in the current set up system.

Avoid product from unless necessary countries like

1. China (big investor and desroy of our infrastracture.)
2. German ( supports police federal education and equipment.

Do your home work and find out the colaborators and pass them on to us so we dont have to faten up their pockets.

Anonymous said...

AIGA MIS-INFORMTION CENTER IS THERE TO MIS-INFORM, they are doing what they are supposed to be doing. Every once a while they do get inside information. That can be attributed to their associetion to the ruling TPLF-CC members. I am not surprised they are part of the mis-information propanganda for their safety depends on the safety of the ruling party, which is diminishing day after day.