Thursday, June 21, 2007

Not yet...Prisoners haven't signed release papers

Stephanie McCrummen of WaPo wrote today that some of the prisoners have signed Meles' proposal. Read it here. The report isn't very accurate. I think the American officials in Addis whom she quoted and EPRDF are trying to spin this even before an agreement is reached. I hope all will be resolved today. Meles has come some way in this last round. Although the terms are still short of what we expect ideally, and although negotiating under duress is unjust, I think this one can be accepted without compromising basic principles.

It is 4:50 in the afternoon here in Addis Ababa. The mediators are in Kaliti right now talking to the prisoners. Now that it it is broken, this is what has really happened so far.

Friday, 15 June

Meles sent a proposal to the prisoners outlining his intention to use his executive powers to release them. There were two main points in the proposal which differentiates in from his previous terms.
1. The terms "fault" and "guilt" were substituted by "mistake". The proposal states that the CUD leaders admit that they have committed mistakes after the election, and that they take partial responsibility to the consequences of the mistakes including the violence in October.
2. Meles says that he doesn't accept the "guilty" verdict by the court.

Caveat: The proposal is a "take it or leave it."

Monday, 18 June

Representatives of the prisoners debated about the proposal. Hailu Shawel(the chairman of the CUD) and Birtukan Mideksa(Vice chairwoman) rejected it. Dr. Yacob Hailemariam, Birhanu Nega and Muluneh Eyuel, Gizachew Shiferaw and Hailu Araya were just debating the pros and cons of the proposal without making their decision known.

Tuesday, 19 June

Hailu and Birtukan haven't changed their stance. The others said that once the two have decided, civility, solidarity and the idea of practical public reason won't allow them to sign the document unless there is a consensus among the prisoners. The legal and political debates regarding signing the proposal continued.

Wednesday, 20 June

Hailu Shawel and Birtukan haven't changed their mind, and the others weren't willing to sign the paper. Late afternoon, the talks seem faltering. With the mediators except Ephrem Isaac giving up hope.


The mediators are still there. The morning went the same as yesterday. But in the afternoon, all of the prisoners(not only the representatives) have met to debate on the issue.

Again, I believe this is an agreement our heroes can take. Meles' statement that he doesn't accept the guilty verdict of the court creates a false division between the executive and the judiciary. However, it is very valuable politically for the CUD leaders and the pro-democracy movement. This is just my opinion. It has nothing to do with the decicion of the leaders. I know they will decide what is best for the country as they usually do.

I don't like the way it is spinned by the US officials here though.
(more to come...)


Anonymous said...

My instinct tells me to simply trust you. That is why I am glued to your blog all day ...

Sendek Alama

Anonymous said...

EMF wrote "To divert public attention and to hold the people back from the call for civil disobedience, some TPLF financed media are reporting as if agreement has been reached between Meles Zenawi and Kinijit leaders. But our source reveals that only Mr. Bedru Adem has signed on the document."

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, Ethiozagol. It seems u are the only credible info blog left.

Anonymous said...

I agree Zagol. The Americans and the Tplf leaders are trying to spinn it even before any agreement is reached. It is really dangerous. Our leaders must be cautious not to let Tplf leaders become victirous out of it. I trust our leaders are mature enough not to let that happen and take back our struggle back.

Anonymous said...

ET Zegol,

So why did you write MELES IS READY TO SENTENCE CUD LEADERS Yesterday?????

Anonymous said...

Quite interesting and virtually trustable.

Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

don't believe Americans and weyanes! let us prepare to struggle them. we will defeat them if we unite against them. in such news they went only confuse us

Anonymous said...

So Hailu Shawel/Birtkuan Demkessa are the one holding out... Is there any suprise here?

Anonymous said...

Hey EZ the great,

It is you and only you can be trusted on this kind of information.

I hope and also it is my own firm belief that the CUD leaders will do what is best for our country. The tyrannt is finished and I just don't want him to breath with this rescue operation.

They shouldn't take any responsibility (partial or full) on the death of 200 innocent civilians. Who are killed by a bullet on the head and the heart. The shooter fired the bullets by order from Zenawi purposely to kill.

Also, he may release them for now but Zenawi may come back armed with the above mentioned two phrases and arrest them.

No! No! Please do not sign anything.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the info. Your info is valuable my dear. The Post’s and some Woynne sites report have been confusing the Diaspora since yesterday evening. Thank you for clearing the cloud.

Since I know little about the details and I am not at their feet, I can’t disagree with your statement. However, I hope any decision will be made will not leave ShiBire and 100s alike in vain.

From New York

Anonymous said...

It will be funny if the CUD leaders shares the blame of killings and arrests. How do they share? They (CUD leaders)called up on the people for the "house stay strike" and Ageazi soldiers killed on the streets of AA and other parts of the country by their dogs.
I know staying in Kalit prison is bitter but it is only physically.
I don't fully agree the CUD leaders to sign the proposal. But I leave the wise descion for them as usual.

Anonymous said...

thanks EZ!

it will be really funny. America and meles try to make our lieders responsible for melese's killing act. we ethiopians will not forget who shoot our children on the street.
secondly what about other 10000 prisoners of kinijit supporters they are not even mentioned in this negotiation. there are so many parents who don't know where about of their children

i hate Meles. i wish i get him and kill him.

Anonymous said...

Dear CUD leaders,

My appreciation for you is beyond expression. I love you all! Whatever you decide, I am always with you and it would be the best way forward as far as I am concerned. My only doubt is that it may not be a good faith negotiation by the side of EPRDF. And my wish is for them to come to their senses and engage in honest negotiation. If that could happen, viva Ethiopia, peace and reconciliation once and for all. Forget the past and move forward. No zero-sum game, win win. I dream for that day to come and then the millenium will truly be for a new, strong and united Ethiopia. All of us will join hands and move our motherland towards lasting peace and prosperity. The future is in our hands only. May the spirit of our Holy Father be upon all of us!

Long live Ethiopia!


Anonymous said...


The bottom line of the issue is why sign a document that says "COMMITTED MISTAKE" there is no such phrase ion the Amharic language that brings 'committed' and 'mistake,' they do not go together unless Meles and his American friends are re-inventing the Amharic language to fit their wicked plans. We know that Amharic language has been Ethiopian official language since 1536 E.C. We have never heard of a phrase that resembles the mentioned words, as if it was not enough to accustom the new word Meles invented to fit his grand plan of arresting the youth, "ADEGEGNA BOZENE." Now they come up with "committed mistakes," I am not sure if my Amharic is rusting or I have been in a comma for the last 16-years. Whatever the reason may be I smell fish here, it stinks!

We know who did what. The CUDP leaders won the election and TPLF WOYANNIE AGAZI SECURITY VANGUARD SHOT AND KILLED 200 INNOCENT YOUTH PROTESTING AGAINST RIGGING THE ELECTION SO DEMOCRACY CAN BE RESTORED. Then TPLF WOYANNIE unleashed a barrage of arrests to anyone and everyone the regime saw as a threat. In that arrest, the regime held well over 50,000 innocent Ethiopians who do not know why they were held in a concentration camp with snakes and wild animals in the camp. They were only given one meal a day while TPLF AGAZI SECURITY FORCES were eating 3-4 meals a day. Upto 7% of the 50,000 suspected prisoners would die and burried in a mass grave. Farmers who cried out of such unorthodox practices would also disappear from their homes likely shot to death and burried in the mass grave on their farm plots. No one speaks of this henious crimes, even the Americans (democracy lovers) have become oblivious to this fact.

What did the CUDP Leaders have lost? their chance to govern the country as voted by the people of Ethiopia! Instead they are forced to sign a document that would implicate them as GUILTY while the same document exonerates the culprit of doing anything wrong. This will go in histry as the most horrible incident in the Ethiopian contemporary history. The sad part is the CUDP leaders have to be incarcerated for 2-years for crimes they have no knowledge of and further some of them are to be hanged untill dead if they refuse to accept for responsibility for the dead and maimed by the bullets fired by TPLF VANGUARDS. This is comical and the Americans are painting their hands with bloods that to appease the culprit.


Anonymous said...

I think you are doing a superb job, no doubt. You have now made yourself indispensable to us all.

But there is something bothering me. What would be the ramification of accepting a partial "mistake"? Would that mean Meles would be absolved of his sole responsibility in the masacres of Addis Ababa and elsewhere? Would CUD be held partially responsible for the death of these same people?

And above all would CUD be allowed to function as a free and independent opposition party, immunity and parlametary seats restored, (including the mayor's office), free to organize and recruit members? And would freedom of expression be restored to the muzzled millions and the leaders? Would the next election be free?

If the answer to all these questions is affirmative, what guarntees we have that Meles, a shifty and scrupleless tyrant would keep his words? What if we end up back to square one few weeks or months down the road?

All these and more are details we don't know about. But unless all the issues are addressed, signing any form of agreement will only serve to absolve Meles from criminal responsibility and help the Americans continue their farce of democracy.

Anonymous said...

Why is everybody forgetting what TPLF is made of?Meles did the same thing to Tamrat Lyne,after having him to admit on the national Tele Vision he put him to jail for life.When he began talking about the activities he was part with -EFFORT- Tegerea private economic milking company that is expted from paying tax and uses government trasnportation system.What do they do when he refuses to shut his mouth?they put poison in his food,he was so sick even the doctors wcouldn't understand what the poison was,they know it was a poison,but they could not tell.

The same will happen to the CUDP leaders if they admit and sign the paper.They did not force the agazi police to fire and kill,why are they being jailed and made to pay for the criminal activity of Meles and his TPLF organization?

Anonymous said...

The cure is worse than the disease.

Anonymous said...

I hope our leaders will decide what is BEST for their country, their people. We ALL agree that they are smarter than the entire Woyane put together. LONG LIVE CUD!

Anonymous said...

Please let the decision to them....
It is them who our people choose to decide what is good and bad to our country....

God bless you all my dear heroine

Anonymous said...

Thanks EZ. The so called opposition sites have alot to learn from you. Today's big news from Kinijit International is a good-for-nothing comment by a smart singer with lose or no connection to the party.... I hope the leaders of kinijit will be free and they will realize their dream of building a great Ethiopia.

Anonymous said...

Thanks EZ for the info.

As the annonynous above, the first thing the news reminds me was about Tamrat Layne. They put him in jail using his own words to the public. I am not arguing here that Tamrat was innocent. "After I visited northern Ethiopia where Tamrat and et al were living to fight the Derge regim and realizing how bad the lives of the people and his travel to Asmara to appologize to the Eritreans on behalf of the Amhara people, I realized that no matter how hard people fight to overthrow Derg, they are may or may not be the best people to represent the people they said they are representing. I was hoping he was representing the millions poor Amahras, not the few feudls".

If our leaders (CUD)signed the agreement, they will be trapped by their own words. This will make them handicapped to make any effort in any democratic activities in the future. We all know Mr. Meles, he is not foolish. He has seen the election results of 2005 and the support from the people. If he decides to release them, he wants to make sure that these people will not get a chance to talk to their people the way they did in the 2005 election campaign. And he will use this when ever he thinks that these braves outsmart him and failed to get the support of the people to continue ruling the country.

So, I love to see our leaders released like every body. But if we missed this chance to continue the fight for democracy, it will take us another 10-15 years to get in the present momentum for change. I want these CUD leaders will be able to lead us in the struggle for democracy. If the agreement will not limit them from exercising their activities to bring change in Ethiopia, I love to see them released signing the paper because we all know the truth.

Anonymous said...

I do NOT think signing the paper is a good idea. Why would you sign a paper crafted by people who know what trap they are setting for you. This is the most henious crime against human rights. How is it possible for a criminal to force the innocent to sign for a paper to absolve his own criminal conduct? These leaders have been in jaile for the past two years and having to spend another two months should not be a problem. THEY SHOULD ALL REFUSE SIGNING THE PAPER, FOR THEY ARE NOT GUILTY OF THE CRIMES THEY ARE ACCUSED OF.

Signing is not only a problem for them to accept responsibility, but it would give the legitimate for the TPLF to continue its hold onto power. It does not only absolve TPLF's crime, but it will legitimize its hold on to power. After they sign the papers they will be useless, but now they are our beacon to push for democracy. If they sign the document crafted by TPLF and AMERICANS it would mean another 15 years COLONIZATION by TPLF. It would mean death to the country, and it would also mean death to the leaders who represent our asspiration for total democracy. I will change my support if they signed the document. We want them to be patiant for another two months draging the issue, so we will reward their patience at the end of the day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million to EZ for this news. I am, as everybody, torn apart. I just don't want to utter a word in one or other direction. I just pray to God so that he endows them with appropriate dose of wisdom to decide the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Confession in to the crime they never committed is not a guaranty for their release. It had proved before when Tamerat Layne confessed into admitting the charge that brought against him in exchange of his immediate release. Unfortunately, he is still in prison regardless of the confession he made and there is no reason that it will not happen again as Meles is a master of mischievous acts.
Meles is playing the same old game to regain and consolidate his uncertain political life at the expense of innocent leaders by changing the political crises he caused in to the crime perpetrated by the opposition leaders and other members of the society regardless of any shred of evidences. He wants the innocents to shoulder the criminal liability for the mess he caused himself and come out of it as a blameless man.
Fortunately, we have the seasoned politicians who understood the motives behind any deal that they are encouraged to sign. Whatever they do, they have a blessing of their electorate and will come out of Kality prison with yet another magnificent victory.

Anonymous said...


Correct me if I'm wrong, but the document contains provisions that whatever is in it cannot be used against the parties, in future legal proceedings, etc. So whatever responsibility they accept is only moral responsibility, not legal.

Whatever the EPRDF wants to do extrajudicially it can do with or without this agreement. If they want to kill the prisoners, ship them off to another jail, charge them again, etc., they don't need the excuse that the prisoners 'admitted' to something. They can do it anyway.

Everyone in Ethiopia knows the prisoners are innocent and supports them in their fight for democracy. The people aren't that foolish so as to stop their support because of this agreement.

Finally, these prisoners are some of the few people in Ethiopia who have shown themselves willing to sacrifice their lives for freedom. They are doing what most of us are too weak to do, this weakness leading the EPRDF to view us with deep contempt. How far the prisoners wish to extend their sacrifice is up to them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks EZ.
You are the only dependable source to us!!we were in confusion when the mighty news outlet are trying to disinform us.
i cant say anything on the news.but i pray their signature will not be a "nuzaze" for our beloved.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Zagol, who's the spin for? As far as I know, the prisoners don't read the news, so they can't feel the pressure.

Anonymous said...

Its a good news. We all want these innocent people to be freed. It seems like there is a catch in this news. It is clearly American government involvement in the issue that the talk about releasing the innocent people from prison arise. Who "committed mistake" here? I suggest the current Ethiopian government should sign the paper instead beacuse those are the once who "committed crime", and apologise to the people of Ethiopia. I believe our innocent brothers and sisters in prison are good decision makers. They know whats best for their country, their family and the people of Ethiopia. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

I hope this will settle at least their release. All this diplomatic effort would have been better had it been for democratization instead of release of the prisoners. I have been against the CUD leader Hailu Shawel from the very begnning. He is proving that he is the most stuborn person that Ethiopia saw. What is he upto?

Anonymous said...

I think it will be a big mistake on the opposition group if they miss this opportunity. As "leaders" of the opposing group, they made mistakes of not crime and they will continue make mistakes. No one is perfect. The government is offering peace that could lead to reconciliation. The group should size this opportunity and reunite with their family to celebrate the nations Millennium. If we have to move forward, we need to compromise, clear the obstacles and make ourselves for a round table discussion. After all the country is big enough for all of it and us is ours to protect, cherish and be proud to be part of it.

Anonymous said...

This WHOLE NEGOTIATION is based on YAGER BET SHEMAGLOCHE (Elders) effort that has been taken for the last 8 month or so. The role of international is very minmum. This is a solution by Ethiopians for Ethiopians!

Anonymous said...

EU resolution - Today 21.06.2007

release political prisoners

Following up on previous resolutions on Ethiopia, MEPs take another look at the unstable situation that has persisted in that country since the 2005 elections. Opposition leaders who led protests at the outcome of the elections have been convicted in court and may now face the death penalty. While calling on the Ethiopian authorities to respect fundamental rights, MEPs also believe the EU institutions could be doing more and indeed that the EU bears some responsibility since it persuaded Ethiopians not to boycott the elections.

In the wake of the May 2005 elections, whose results are widely held to have been falsified by the government, opposition demonstrations were met with violence from the authorities, resulting in 193 civilian deaths and 763 injured, according to a Commission of Inquiry set up by the Ethiopian Parliament. Members of the Commission were later "forced to flee following pressure by the government to reverse the Commission's findings".

Ethiopia urged to release political prisoners and review court verdicts

Now, on 11 June 2007 an Ethiopian court has found 38 senior opposition figures guilty of charges "ranging from ‘outrage against the constitution’ to aggravated high treason". Sentencing is expected next month and most of the accused could face the death penalty.

Among a range of demands on the Ethiopian authorities in their resolution, MEPs call on the government "to release immediately and unconditionally all political prisoners, including elected members of parliament, CUD leaders, human rights activists, journalists, teachers, students, trade union activists and ordinary citizens".

The EP also "urges the Ethiopian judicial authorities to reconsider their verdict, and calls on the Ethiopian Government to repeal possible death and/or prison sentences". In addition, it "calls for the establishment of an international independent Inquiry Commission".

Greater involvement and pressure from the international community

MEPs strongly believe the international community should play a bigger role. They ask the EU, the African Union and the UN "to encourage and support an all-inclusive inter-Ethiopian dialogue, with the participation of political parties and civil society, in order to work out a lasting solution to the current political crisis".

MEPs call on the UN "to appoint a ‘special rapporteur’ to conduct an investigation in Ethiopia into judicial independence and arbitrary detentions, the human rights situation, including minority rights, post-election violence and killings, and charges of treason and outrage against the constitutional order directed at opposition leaders, journalists and civil-society activists".

In addition, the EU Commission and Council should "pursue a coherent post-electoral policy in Ethiopia" and "consider the application of targeted sanctions against senior government officials". The EP points out that "development cooperation programmes under the Cotonou Agreement should depend on respect for human rights and good governance". It hence calls on the Commission and Council to "take a coordinated stance" consistent with Article 96 of the agreement.

Anonymous said...

EU is the onlriend Ethiopia has. EU representatives stood with Ethiopian majority while the Americans stood with the guilty party to oppress Ethiopian majority. This is wrong and they will be made to pay for their unconditional support to TPLF in murdering Ethiopian youths.

The CUD leaders shoud stand their ground, if TPLF wants mediation we ask the mediation to go to the source of the problem not only on the killing of the Innocent Youths but the reason for the Youths to hold the peaceful demonstration. We need to mediate on power transfer to the winner.

Anonymous said...

Hi EZ,

The above anon - 12:48pm.

Your comment: "the government is offering peace that leads to reconcillation. The group should seize this opportunity to celebrate the Millennium."

You have a wrong opinion or have no clue about what is going on. This is hardly a peace offer. They are asked to sign a paper admitting guilt. This is not a reconcilation offer instead it is a "rescue me from my crime offer".

Yes it would be good for them to be released and celebrate the New Year with family - but for the CUD leaders it is the nation & the people that come first.

It will take us another 10 years to get back where we are now if our leaders sign a dubious and suspecious letter which has the hall mark of TPLF all over it.

Anonymous said...


1. Have Zero Public Support

2. Would like to celebrate the coming millnium under the ptertention that all is right

3. Pressure from the International Community

4. A possible fracture within TPLF. Sebhat Nega Vs. Meles Zenawi


1. Have lost momentum

2. Vacant Leadership

3. Divided Diaspora supporters

4. Physically inacrcerated

The above are the realities which plays against both negotiating parties. That means the paeceful agreement means a lot to both. If Kinijiters sign the agreement they might as well sit for their own funeral. If Meles lets them go, it will be the beginnening of the end ( if it is not already). I think it will be a win win, if they both agree to share responsibilities for the time being and agree on forming a comission ( members of which will be from both sides and independentERS)to dig the details, and as a result Meles set them free. Then after Kinijiters can persue with their eight point proposals for forming democratic institutions and have their eye on 2010.

Anonymous said...

What we need is to agree on power transfer! The rest will take care itself. EPRDF transfers the power to the winning party and then call for independent commission to sort thngs out and those sebior TPLF leaders should be offered to go to the US for health issue and remain there. The rest will continue with life of democratizing Ethiopia. It is a win-win for everyone, the minority get to go to the US and take their money from their foreign banks to live off, and the CUDP leaders will be busy administering the country. That way no one gets killed or else stay put and risk of receiving mob justice.

Anonymous said...

EZ, thanks for the summary of the events of recent negotiations.

taking partial or whatever fraction of responsibility on the killings of innocent civilians wouldn't bring a significant agreement. If the do sign, meles would definitely release them with possibly two calculated agendas: Meles would inchs up again his aid money, more support from the international community; then concerning the opposition leaders, he lets them out and, with track records of anything they may sign now, they will be made revisit the perison. This time it would be one by one. As such, the struggle of the people won't be as strong as this time (when they are main focus of all ethiopians and a handful foreign friends). If they go to a prison one by one, the collective cry will not be strong .

Even the prisoners will not save themselves if they sign anything that makes them responsible while they are not responsible. And the very important thing is that the struggle would be dragged thousand years back.

While they are in kaliti, they are suffering physically more than any other prisoners in the world. But mentally they are very free and happy. If they are going to compromise their firm stand with this calculated and malicious agenda of meles and the american embassy in addis, I think they may get relief from physical sufferings but mentally they will be sick till the end of their life (because singing something they haven't comitted at all, just to save meles and to kill ethiopians struggle, and their firm stand they have kept so far wouldn't give them mental rest).

I believe that the leaders have demonstrated at many occasions how matured and talented they are. I hope they would do the right thing that I haven't thought so far.

Concerning Meles and his followers , how can they celebrate millenium by killing the most matured politicians Ethiopia has cultivated once in 3000 years, and think that he will have a peaceful life ?

Two years ago, when he was the judge before the judge, he had said that personally he doesn't like death penalty. So, if he is pressed like a citron and have not any other option, then like he was the judge to pass the guilt verdict, he will do the none guilt verdict at any time. That how goes the game (which is the process of this life saving negotiation for both sides).

Anonymous said...

sign the damn paper and live to fight another day. Its that simple leave your Ego behing.

Anonymous said...

I am against CUDergs release. This is like the paris hilton case we will bring them back to kaliti. They commit crime people killed and they can not be release. They must pay the price. Banch of terrorists against constitition.

Wonderful EPRDF, put them to jail they commit constitition crime they have to punish by law.

eshim eshim eshim

Anonymous said...

Let them not sign the paper, it is their choice... Kaliti food must be nice.

Anonymous said...

Sewu be injera bitcha ayinorim.

Anonymous said...

It's great to have our leader be free. But, Meles is trying to move our attention from all the peace full struggle happening now, Tegbar, the Church and KIL has called for a peace full struggle. People, don’t be cheated by Meles again, he has done this before they went to prison. LET US CONTINUE THE PEACE FULL STUGLE!!!

Anonymous said...

If CUD leaders are wise enough, they should pretend they have accepted partial responsibility and get released. Once their release is secured, they should leave the country and start/lead a struggle from abroad - militarily and politically. There is no point becoming a sitting duck in ‘parliament’. The only way Weyane succumbs power is through military might. Don't look further ONLF is a good case in point. Look how Weyane has been shaken recently since ONLF intensified its struggle. Even ego-filled senior members of the junta (Seyoum Mesfin) have started to repair every crack shown on the Weyane's pot. Trust me this is the way to go.

Anonymous said...

Hoping for the best, I can't help thinking who is actually in control in Ethiopia. I mean, Meles is seen once again to play it out for them. Lemanachewm cher'were yaseman!

Anonymous said...

What is partially responsible?

The main question we need to ask ourself is that why meles is making the proposal when he is the one who basically destroyed the nation by all accounts. So calling for peaceful demonstration and boycotting government owned business doesn’t make any one partially responsible simply because they are not a direct treat to the regime or for the woyane army in this case. Woyanes are using so much techniques now especially after they learnt the victorious kinijit was in the election, so they’ll do any thing by all means necessary to sort of dismantle the connection the leaders have with the nation. That have not work and will not work in my belief the leaders are not some sort of narrow minded who will sign what the Americans want they know American politics inside out they also know the characteristics of this government inside of they don’t need an outsider to come and inform them.

The leaders are smarter than meles by all account they are not Tameat or Iseaye? The leaders are people that are unique if not lectured most of well know universities abroad and involved in international cases as well.

For me, for meles to come up and basically make demands on demands shows how scared he is of the leaders inside. As we know based on the moral standards of the leaders they are smart by saying give us time, they already decided but now they gonna make a rewrite of the proposal for the release from the prison. Simply because the whole world is behind them.

Meles can’t be trusted at all, he has shown to the world how ignorant and blood sucker he is this was shown in Isayes trial, and other past woyane leaders as well. Meles is evil that thinks twice before giving any alternatives. I personally believe he designed some sort of strategy before he even makes any proposal. The point here being he is exposing himself once more I don’t agree with the “COURT DECITION” now he think if he expose the true nature of his judgitary system to the leaders they can’t think twice!! MELES they already know how you’re self appointed judgitary co-ordinate infact they expose that in the election. So what makes you think they will bend the parties policy it is not about their lives no more it’s about the 75 Million peoples life when they enter the prison doors.

Reconciliation can only come to Ethiopia when you and your party took all accounts of responsiblilty for the down fall of Ethiopia and it’s people from and to the present state. It is important for you to also understand that the majority of Ethiopians are by far smarter and even knows inside out how your attitude and thoughts work.

In my view GEGNA PRISONERS are smart they will look at the proposal pro and cons from every direction and before they even make decision they gonna see the majority of Ethiopians decisions inside and out of the country and will once again will make a proposal for devil himself to rethink and make decisions. In general partial or full responsibility means they are accountable if they go and sign it doesn’t make a difference what is important though now the table will turn and they will make one proposal for Meles that he can’t afford to ignore!!! Long live Ethiopia and its people.

From Perth Wrestern Australia