Sunday, June 24, 2007

Yesterday the EPRDF executive committee approved Meles' deal with CUD leaders. We had known all along that it was a one-man party, and the committee would rubber stamp the deal.


Anonymous said...

EZ,It has been clear that Meles is just every thing in EPRDF.That is atually why things are getting worse by each day.

I can only say let God save this country and its nation!!!!

Anonymous said...

Re...God save this country...
Please keep on believing on your self to achieve your goals including liberate yourself from the tyrany. If you think The Almighty has to look after you, you will remain under Meles for the rest of your life. We all are created free and shall fight those who try to steal it from us.

Anonymous said...

Fill in the blank using the alphabets A, B, C and D

The Judge and the prosecutor in CUDP case in Ethiopia were:____________

A: EPRDF executive committee and the TPLF politburo

B: Judge Adil Ahmed and Shimelis kemal

C: Meles Guchmawi

D: A and C

Anonymous said...

EZ, the role you played in this struggle is prominent.

Keep it up in the next phase of negotiating the 8 points CUD leaders put forward for entering parliament. That is why they went to jail for and that is what the people of Ethiopia voted for in May, 2005. Meles will put all kinds of road blocks to diminish, if not eliminate, their political participation.

The tyrants saw the gathering forces and resolutions from Eu parliament and US Congress to move in this direction. No one should assume it is because of any change of heart, because dictators don't have hearts to begin with.

So, lets all intensify the struggle in the next phase before Meles and Co. do more permanent damage to the country.

Anonymous said...

It is true. Our goal is democracy for all including for meles and co.

Anonymous said...

i don't know how we will go on if we don't have ppl like you in ethiopia to inform us day by day minute by minute keep it up brother you are the best informer.

Anonymous said...

Apartheid and friends didn't provide mercy to Mandela and ANC at all so as EPRDF for CUD. It is the fruit of the struggle reached the whole thing where we are today.And should continue forward. Human right and democracy to the oppresor as well as for opressed people is our goal.

Anonymous said...

he is not informer. He is information provider.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hagos,
You today forwarded much better logic than yesterday. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Let us be all winners

No doubt the news of their imminent release is good. We still do not know the detail of the agreement. I think the most difficult task is ahead of us.
I hope to god both sides will take lessons from the South Africa’s reconciliation process and
take the country to the new millennium in peace. In such process there are no losers.

Anonymous said...

Thank you EZ. If not for you we would be in the dark by now.
It seems the mud starts to settle down. Today almost everyone has more positive attitude towards the political development in Ethiopia. I hope our optimistic attitude will solidify in the coming days. So that, all of us will contribute our shares for our country's growth and its people peace and prosperity.

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By the way,the reporter news paper reservedly put the
news and said "the prisnors will be set free following
some ammendments on the doc.". Naturally, the process
may need to be ratified through an official meeting of
the higher officials. The reserved news from the
reporter seems to say, "...Listen guys, higher
officials need to say something on this (so as to say,
...We all the stackholders need to have a say....".

Anonymous said...

this Hagos and The original Hagos? are they different? The really should be. One is Peace mongering and the other is war and hate mongering? please clarify me

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows Ethiopia is controlled under one man's thumb, and that man is Meles. But I have a question for everyone, am I the only one here or everyone feels the same? If you look at Meles' face Three of his senses are very close to each other and the forth one is at far distance. If you look at his face, his nose, closer to both his eyes and he cannot close his mouth at all times. He may be to some extent deformed. I am not saying he is totally down syndrom, but nature has made close landing on that department. Only people with down syndrom have their eyes closer to their nose and mouth, at the same time they do have problem of controling their lower lip muscle. Therfore, by law people who have a certain deblitating deformation should not be in control of such huge power. His temperment is questionable and competence in his decision making is a huge issue, considering he has been jumping from one end to another without considering its ramifications.

I think it is time to discuss the removal of Meles and bring back a competent and normal Ethiopian to power. It is only a suggesion.

Anonymous said...

Dear Original Hagos,
First be my greetings and love to you! Regarding your above comments the truth as we observed is:
1. CUD did not compromise to enter the parliament. It was just denied.
2.It did not refuse to administer Addis. It was just denied.
3. It did not refuse to unite. To the contrary it attempted hard to unite. It was just denied.
4.It did not cause the loss of life. It just struggled to avoid it.
4. It did not want to visit prison and go out. It was just forced to.

That is the truth all Ethiopians know with out any adjectives. Do not we?
May god help you think much better, my friend!
Bono/ Haku

Anonymous said...

Dear Bono. you said it all. That is the truth analysis behind the situation. However hard liner EPRDFs and TPLFs doesn't think in democratical politics. OUR way but no other way is their principle. I have lost a dear friend because of that mentality....
The original Hagos

Anonymous said...

TPLF/eprdf is an Ethnic hegemony and it has no chance in real democracy as is in Ethiopia. TEGERES only acount for 5% of total Ethiopian population and they would rather vote their own ethnic accordingly than vote for a minority that abuses power. So don't talk about democracy, just talk about the removal of TPLF from power.

Anonymous said...

What a mockery and travesty of an already flawed justice!!!

What are the Americans going to say now they witnessed how the so called justice in Ethiopia is at the whims of a dictator, their chosen man.

How are they going to explain? Didn't the Americans tell us that we had a constitution to abide with?

Now the shame is on you, America.

Anonymous said...

Good Original Hagos!
You may lose a friend but you have the majority of other Ethiopians as friends, even more importantly peace to yourself! Keep on being fair for the sake of Ethiopia as a nation!
God bless you, my friend!

Anonymous said...

“Yesterday the EPRDF executive committee approved Meles' deal with CUD leaders. We had known all along that it was a one-man party, and the committee would rubber stamp the deal.”
What do you want ethio-Zagol?
Do you want the executive committee not to approve the deal so that you can say it is not one-man party system? Do you like these old people rotten in jail and the country also severe as the result? Do you like the deal or no? Well you and your likes may try to import democracy from Ana-gomez of Europe, US or just get them some where from dead good nothing Diasporas. You fail to appreciate that but you are no better than Meles in every sense. Indeed Ethiopia is filled with so many Meleses’, Mengstuites’ Esayes and all kind of dictators; regime changes hardly brought any significant change. Just look what your defunct Kinijt people doing in Diaspora. At this moment they are devouring each other to the point of crushing their bones. It may be easy to insult and blame ato Meles for the misdeeds of this country going all the way to many centuries. So far I failed to see no person from the past or present take responsibility of any kind for the on going crises of this country. We can keep blaming Meles and others for eternity and suck in endless violence and destruction or make amends and move on.
I think this is the way forward. Like it or not this deal no matter how flawed it is, it represent the first ever agreement of any kind in this scale in the history of this country. The most important question one need to ask is weather this deal advance and benefits the interest of Ethiopia above and beyond everything else? If we agree it is a good deal then it is irrelevant if it is done by Meles or some body else. If the deal is good for Ethiopia it is good for Kinijt and good for Mels and you and me also. Mind you, the government, the oppositions, constitutions and all kind of institutions are there to protect and advance the interest of the country. Therefore, if this deal as we say is good for the country and help to protect and advance the interest of the country, the constitution and every other institutions should come to speedy implementation of this deal. I hope this deal will lead to more dialogue, reconciliations, peace making and national unity among all Ethiopians. I sincerely thank everyone for bringing this ordeal to a peaceful end. I honestly believe Ethiopia is a winner and congratulations for everyone.

Anonymous said...

To tha Anon at 12:18

The horrible person Meles is does not justify to have all Tigres associated with him. The majority of Tigreans are absolute Ethiopians who does not like what is hapening to their country in their name. We all need to be carful and not fall for any generalization that could bring harm to our country. What you said here may somehow help you alleviate your anger but it does not have anything to do with the truth. Please remeber there are sections of Addis dominated by people from Tigre, but they overwhelmingly voted for CUD. Things are turning around now, at least there is a resemblance of that and it have the potential to be another unique opportunity for our country that comes once evry 17 years, let us get together as a united force and bring the needed change our Ethiopia has been yearning for long now. We missed it in 1974, we missed it in 1991, let us not miss it again.

Anonymous said...

The goal is liberty and not democracy!

Democracy is a way of deliberation and not the end itself. The ultimate end is freedom of each and individual person to make informed decision regarding matters of life including politics. Democracy provides a system of deliberating on where to compromise when we do not agree. We agree to settle a case by the rule of the majority. When the most people want something, we settle for it. That is why most people fight over democracy and tend to hide and paint the ultimate destiny with a picture of their own creation. If they can, most just do not want to talk about freedom. Worse, some reverse the roles and make freedom the mechanism of deliberation (as in the free and fair election) and make us believe that the ultimate is democracy.

The ultimate we want to achieve is the absolute freedom of the individual person. That is why we have series of dictators in our history... the Imperial system... the Military Dergue... the Revolutionary Woyane. All talk about new 'Ethiopia' and new day in Ethiopia. Each never recognized the freedom of the individual person.

You see that we have an ideological gap with the rulers of the land? Yes, the difference we have is an ideological one!

Whom to imprison and how to release them is not provided for by the law... The law has no power... The same fate is shared by the economy. It is always politics that dominates the face of our lives in Ethiopia. That is where our political ideology conflicts with the contemporary rulers that are utilizes the powers and influences of this world.

Freedom cannot be imposed. Freedom is a disposition. Freedom can only be recognized and left for blooming and shining. Freedom allows for temporary concession and compromise as long as we are all on the way to the best for all.

That is why we needed to decide in a very clear terms what the Government can do and cannot do. You know what some nations do... they state: Parliament shall not make any law ... How beautiful it reads if we someday draft and implement ... Parliament shall not make any law to limit the freedom of the individual person and the free expression thereof on whatsoever ground.

It is freedom that brings about accountability... and therefore, say and do whatever you stand for and be responsible for it in the court of law...

Personally, I do not care who takes the historic opportunity to facilitate transition to freedom and liberty. I can even put up with Meles as long as the end is liberty even when I know beyond doubt that Meles is appointed by international power and influence of the day. My hope for the CUD and its varied form of support is to push us forward the way things are... liberty of the individual person ... rule of law... secured private property ... and limited Government.

Liberty... the hope of human potential... may God bless Ethiopia!


Anonymous said...

Please don't try to forecast Meles. Who knows what he does after the next dose of 'khat'??

Anonymous said...

hey guys let's stage a DOS attack to aigaforum. that site really pisses me off.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ethio Zagol for ur hard work.U are doing great job. I don't have words to express my apriciation about dedication.

God bless you.

Anonymous said...

38 Ethiopian opponents claim responsibility for post-poll violence

Monday 25 June 2007

June 24, 2007 (ADDIS ABABA) — 38 Ethiopian opposition activists convicted after violent protests in the wake of contested 2005 elections have admitted their "mistakes", their lawyer said Sunday.

"All the convicted 38 have agreed and signed a document accepting responsibility over the post-election violence. They have acknowledged to have made mistakes at that time," lawyer Wondawuk Ayele told AFP.

"The court had previously asked them to do so but they had refused. This is a new development and could finalize their release."

Ethiopia put more than 100 opposition figures on trial, accused of plotting a coup after disputed 2005 elections which the opposition claims were rigged.

The spokesman for Prime Minister Meles Zenawi on Sunday denied that a deal had been struck for the activists' release.

"So far there hasn't been any proposal from the government, nor has there been any mediation involving any other country," Bereket Simon said.

"I'm not aware of any developments regarding their release."

Earlier this year, the Ethiopian parliament approved a report which said 193 civilians and six policemen died during post-election violence in 2005 in one of the darkest chapters in the country's recent past.

The violence in Addis Ababa and other cities in June and November 2005 amid protests over the May 15 polls "occured due to infancy of the democratic system of the country", the report said.

The figures compiled by the inquiry were three times higher than the government's official death toll of 54 which prompted howls of protest from Western donors.

But opposition groups dismissed the report as "baseless", arguing that it failed to hold the State accountable for the bloody crackdown.


Anonymous said...

As a herdsman is to the herd, Meles is to EPRDF. The herdsman decides where to take the the herd for grazing and when and where to take them for water. The party is not a party of brains, but a party of a single evil mind, who hates his own people and trusts no one, but himself - typical of a coward. The situation we find ourselves in is similar to the case of the donkey that grabs the hyena on the neck is afraid of releasing the beast. The moment Meles leaves the party, the group crumbles like a paper house. That time is very near. EPRDF will soon be history and Ethiopia shall triumph over the evil plots of the thugs.

Anonymous said...

please let us have a patience for any comment which can have negative impact to this negotiation. in Government sides still no sign which approve the negotiation. Berekt said what we don't expect.
EZ with love and respect my Brother the last comment of you about meles and the party will not help.

Anonymous said...

Now that we all reading information from the horses mouth, let us brace and expect the worst and hope for the best. I have a feeling what comes next will engulf WOYANE and all the financiers. This is the end of the beginning, as of now we are in a serious situation that requires our full and undivided attention. Save your's and your families' ass is the name of the game. They are not releasing our leaders taken hostages, then we have the self defence right of taking their ciotizens hostages. If we get a TPLF CC it has an added value, but any TEGEREA can do. Every Real-Ethiopian need to focus on the TEGERES in your neigborhoods and protect your selves.

Anonymous said...

What's the point of staying in jail for this long if they ended up incriminating themselves by signing this agreement? It looks to me that they’ve given up the fight and accept Meles’s ultimatum.

Anonymous said...

You said,

"What's the point of staying in jail for this long if they ended up incriminating themselves by signing this agreement?"

Have you seen the detail of the agreement? Why should people be quick to judge? Why not we have the patience to wait and see. After all, were they not the ones who initiated the struggle and got the peoples voice? They are strong, knowledgeable and experienced and dedicated people and can see all the pros and cons in any agreement they make.


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Anonymous said...

There are two groups of respondants,in this forum I want to replay:the one group says it is the gathering cloud of the E.U and U.S.A that ,some how, forced Melese to decide the release of the prisioners,after they agree:on what is called partial responsiblity for lose of life.On the other, hand there are those who ask what are the Americans to say now they witnessed how the justice system in Ethiopia is?
To the first group I think we can agree that,there is some level of difference,between E.U and U.S how they go about,and what they would have us to belive:prompote democracy and peace through out the world.Neverthless,facts suggest,promoting democracy is not the primary principle of this powers.
Therefore,for us to continue to believe that democracy will give birth as good will gesture of these giant power brokers can not be any more sustainable idea.The current push by both Europe ,and Washington is to bring their long awaited plan of one world order.
Viewed from this point,Melese's role as regional pawn is not an accedent ,but a well thought out scheem excuted by the international aspirants as one of the bloggers rightly pointed out:"the goal is not democracy but freedom".This explains why under the plan of the new world order demolition of national boundary is one of the goal;and the surrender of Ethiopians national soverneighty under this rigme is ,the result Melese's place in the hands of this powers,as the man of the hour.
Finally, we need to set a side ,the mis-conseption, the western powers are promoters of democracy;we need facts when we make this claims.We will be well advised to rely on our unity to fight our commen enemies than to continue to expect empty hope witch will not be there.

I leave you with this book and some sits to visit:
1-"Rule by secrecy"
by Jim Marrrs.
Harper Collines publisher

1- Info
2- Prison

Anonymous said...

I'm really puzzled how the meles gang is playing the game. A few days ago the rumor started about the HEROS out of Qaliti by Thursday. It all started when the Washington Post reported about it and since then it's been the major topic among any Ethiopian. On the other hand the so called right hand of Meles Zenawi who is Bereket S denied the rumor about the LEADERS being set free and also any deal struck between the fake Ethiopian govn't and the LEADERS at Qaliti. Now we all know from past situations that Bereket Simon seems to be giving interviews specially when things make the headlines and what the guy says won't be repeated by Meles. They both will have completely different stories such as the Ethiopian troopsnot being in Somalia but after a day or so Meles would admit of the Ethiopian troops being deployed to Somalia. It's also Bereket that opens his mouth about anything and then Meles would come with a contrary story. What kind of game is this? I'm sure it's not childish but I think it's some type of game that is working for them in some way. But which way? These people are not stupids or fools but smart and at the same time rude and ....

Anonymous said...

Conflict in Ethiopia: Is the US an honest broker?

Tuesday 26 June 2007

June 25, 21007 — Rumors are all over about the imminent release of the leaders of Ethiopia's pro-democracy party, the Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD). Whether the prisoners are released at all and under what terms is totally dependent upon secret deals being struck between the United States and Prime Minister Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia.

A campaign to divide and conquer the prisoners also appears to be underway.

The prisoners are essentially hostages of Meles Zenawi. They are being forced to "negotiate" with guns to their heads. The American Embassy in Addis Ababa has been applying tremendous pressure on the opposition leaders to admit "guilt" in order to gain their freedom from Zenawi’s dungeons.

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the European Parliament have declared the CUD leaders prisoners of conscience.

The Bush Administration too knows full well that these people are innocent. But instead of calling for the unconditional release of those who stood for democracy and won at the polls, the US is leaning on the prisoners and their families to admit guilt. Why? Because the administration and the Pentagon hold the shortsighted view that a repressive Zenawi is their best bet given the so-called war on terror.

This is the scenario: A top US allies rounds up political opponents who beat him at the polls and throws them in jail. He orders his troops to shoot those demonstrating against the stealing of elections. Government soldiers shoot and kill over 193 civilians and wound some 763. The government also arrests upwards of 30,000. According to Georgette Gagne of Human Rights watch, the actions of Prime Minister Zenawi "may amount to crimes against humanity."

The initial response of the Bush administration was to look the other way. This was followed by attempts at dividing and dismantling the legitimate opposition.

So, for Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia, the current situation raises questions of principle, fairness and trust.

Can a big power that has a stake in keeping the current regime in power be an impartial mediator in Ethiopia's domestic politics?

Past US mediation in Ethiopia was not always in the best interest of the country. The 1991 London peace conference, under the oversight of Herman Cohen, former Assistant Secretary of State for African affairs, brought the current unrepresentative regime to power. In the years leading to the London conference, the US had secret dealings with the Tigrai Liberation Front (TPLF) and Meles Zenawi. So the London negotiations reflected US interests and the interests of some regional powers and not those of the people of Ethiopia.

For the last 16 years, the US has continued to back the same unrepresentative minority regime in spite of systematic and egregious human rights violations.

The Bush administration has invested a lot in Zenawi and it feels duty-bound to prop him up at any cost. After all, Zenawi was the paragon African subcontractor who carried out the Somali invasion on the cheap. But history tells us that American support too has its limits. It had its limits for the likes of the Shah of Iran and Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire.

We should watch the current negotiations with a great deal of care; especially making sure they are not used as a ploy to divide the opposition leaders and to break the will of the resistance. Justice demands that the CUD leaders be released without any preconditions.

Any effort to gain the release of the prisoners is most welcome. They and their families have suffered immensely. The nation too has been traumatized by the post-election reign of terror. But justice has to prevail for the healing to start. There can be no justice if the victims are called upon to atone for the crimes of their tormentors.

What is at stake is the freedom of 78 million Ethiopians. Let's not forget the tens of thousand of other Ethiopians political prisoners. For any healing to begin, we need first and foremost, a full accounting of all those jailed, tortured and killed under Zenawi. Those responsible must be brought to justice.

An impartial, independent international investigation is a good place to start the reconciliation process for a much-tormented nation.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is there any update EZ. The propagandas from pro TPLF sites are too much to bear sometimes

Anonymous said...

What's up EZ? we are waiting for your blog!

Thank you for all your effort to inform us.

Anonymous said...

Any true information. Woyane is all over the internet.

Thanks EZ!

Anonymous said...

Some say, this negotiation is Woyane's premeditated trap on the
prisnors. Did you hear any thing
like that. I doubt it. But any thing is possible.


Anonymous said...

are Were TTefa

Anonymous said...

Hi Zagol,

Can you update us the mediation staus of CUD leaders? I have seen "US lawmakers were stunned on Monday when Prime Minister Meles Zenawi warned that he would not set free the opposition leaders if the US Congress went ahead and marked up an Ethiopia Human Rights Bill on Tuesday.", from Ethiomedia.

On the other hand, the common lier Bereket Simon denied the mediation. It is by far impossible to belive WYANE in all their actions !!!

Can you inform us the status of the mediating in realtion to the Human Rights Bill and the so called "Breket"'s lie.

Waiting for your information,


Anonymous said...

I am hearing that the CUDP leadership has been released! The in formation just came in about 15 minutes ago.

Anonymous said...


What is Ur source of info???

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

it is not on be more specific please


Anonymous said...

brother it is not a 'fair jock'. i think we have to waite until their court appearance by tomorrow. so far they are still in prison

Anonymous said...

where are you ethio-zagolllllllllll?????????

Anonymous said...

"Woyane is all over the internet. "

Well, they might spary a shade of worry in some poeple, but this propaganda of white lies can not and will not change the hard facts on the ground. Our leaders will sooner or later be released and continue thier strugle untill the poeple's voice wins. Have no doubt in this and be strong.


Anonymous said...

EZ!!! EZ!!!

Where are you?

I heard the leaders are already freed? Some guys who called home just said - Hailu Shawel leading the group has just emerged from the prison gate.

Is it some kind of Woyannie joke?

EZ - we need you to get back on track. Please update!

I believe they will hold a press conference right after the release.

Anonymous said...

This is all lie TPLF continue to supply to confuse Real-Ethiopian. Just sit tight and wait for the people to come home. There is conflicting news coming out, one says they have been already freed. While other news says after they agreed to discuss a possible near future resolution with American cia+embassy they are in hospital getting checked to be released, other news says they are told not to discuss anything with the public and they are staying in undisclosed location with limitted visitation from family members (the location is said to be American detention center of "Somali-terrorists").

There is another funny stuff I heard, they are having drinks with Meles and other senior TPLF CC members after having a state lunch.


Anonymous said...

Zenawi Threatens Committee

"Mark-up H.R. 2003 and the Kality Prisoners Will Not Be Released!"

HR 2003 (June 26, 2007) -- The Coalition for HR 2003 has just learned that Zenawi, through his lobbyists and intermediaries, has communicated to House Africa Subcommittee Chairman Donald Payne and House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Tom Lantos that if the Foreign Affairs Committee goes forward with the mark-up of H.R. 2003, he will NOT release the Kality political prisoners.

On the eve of the mark-up date, a steady stream of State Department officials, lobbyists and others visited Capitol Hill or called to tell Chairmen Payne and Lantos that the fate of the Kaliti prisoners depends on the committee's decision to mark-up H.R. 2003.

State Department officials have sought to persuade the two committee chairmen and other members that Zenawi is in the final stages of releasing the Kality prisoners, and that marking up the bill at this time would cause him unspeakable embarrassment. Members were told that by marking-up the bill at this critical time, Zenawi will "lose face" among his people and the international community. To help him "save face", members were asked to delay the mark-up for at least two weeks.

A Zenawi intermediary who has been recently shuttling messages between Zenawi and the political prisoners reportedly called particular members of Congress several times yesterday to assure them that this time around Zenawi will surely release the prisoners. Members were further assured that Zenawi was not up to his usual delaying tactics or tricks.

Zenawi's threats to take the Kaliti prisoners hostage has caused considerable concern and consternation among the two chairmen and other members of the Foreign Affairs committee.

The members are particularly concerned that they do not want to be responsible for the continued and needless suffering of the Kaliti prisoners by going forward with the mark-up of the bill at this time. They want to make sure that the Kaliti prisoners and all other political prisoners are set free and allowed to join their families. They were willing to delay the mark-up for a few weeks if that will help in getting them released.

Zenawi's Hostage-taking Strategy

Zenawi's threat to take the Kality prisoners hostage is a transparent strategy calculated to delay and ultimately thwart legislative action on H.R. 2003. His strategy is based on one or more of the following:

- By releasing the Kality prisoners in the next few days, he expects his monstrous crimes will be overlooked or forgotten by Ethiopians and the international community excited over the release of the political prisoners.

- By releasing the political prisoners and delaying mark-up action, Zenawi expects that Congressional interest in H.R. 2003 will wane and decline because members of Congress will be satisfied by the release of the prisoners and not insist on passage of H.R. 2003 or other sanctions;

- By delaying the mark-up of H.R. 2003 until the Congressional summer recess, Zenawi hopes opposition in Congress and in the Diaspora will weaken, and the bill will not see floor action.

- By delaying the mark-up of H.R. 2003 Zenawi hopes that he could trick the two chairmen and other committee members that the bill is not necessary because he is doing whatever Congress wishes to achieve in the bill.

- By releasing the prisoners and delaying the mark-up, Zenawi hopes to hoodwink the Diaspora into believing that he is a is really a good guy.

- By delaying action on H.R. 2003, Zenawi thinks his old trick of DELAY, DELAY, DELAY will get him through another Congressional session!

The Truth About H.R. 2003 or What Zenawi should Know About H.R. 2003

Zenawi appears to believe that H.R. 2003 is exclusively about the release of the Kality prisoners. IT IS NOT. The Kality prisoners issue is a paramount issue, but only one of many other issues. If Zenawi is not aware of the objectives of H.R. 2003 in Ethiopia, here is a short primer for him:

H.R. 2003 is about:

- gaining the unconditional release of ALL political prisoners of conscience.
- instituting democratic reform and accountability.
- restoration of the democratic rights of the people.
- strengthening human rights and civic society organizations.
- establishing permanent human rights monitoring and reporting processes.
- increasing the independence of the judiciary.
- creating and supporting a judicial monitoring process, with special focus on unwarranted government intervention in strictly judicial matters.
- arresting and prosecuting human rights abusers, torturers and murderers, and bringing to justice the killers of 193 innocent men, women and children and wounding of 763 others.
- improving election procedures and insuring fraud free elections, and restoration of the CUD leaders to their elected positions.
- removing press censorship and full freedom of the press.
- repealing restrictive press laws.
- establishing a program to strengthen private media in Ethiopia.
- training programs for democratic participation.
- limitations of the use of U.S. security assistance to peacekeeping and counter-terrorism and NOT against the civilian population.
- fostering stability, democracy and economic development in the region.
- establishing a program to provide legal support for political prisoners and prisoners of conscience
- providing assistance to strengthen local, regional, and national parliaments and governments, political parties, and civil society groups;
- strengthening training for political parties such as organization building and campaign management;
- providing training for civil society groups in election monitoring in Ethiopia; and
- professionalizing the National Election Board in order to address issues such as delimitation of constituencies, voter registration, political party registration and candidate registration, and it is quintessentially about
- accountability for crimes against humanity.

Next Steps: The Final Battle for Ethiopia Human Rights in the U.S. Congress

We expect the House Foreign Affairs Committee will postpone mark-up action on H.R. 2003 on June 26, 2007 for at least two weeks. The bill will be brought back on calendar for mark-up in a few weeks.

We must now ORGANIZE, MOBILIZE and ENERGIZE! We must work day and night to inform our members of Congress that H.R. 2003 must be marked-up and promptly sent to the House floor for a final vote.

We must never surrender to Zenawi's blackmail, extortion or hostage taking. We must be single-minded in our desire to pass H.R. 2003. We must use our democratic rights as American citizens to the maximum to hold Zenawi accountable.

Zenawi is on the run!

Coalition for H.R. 2003 Will Launch A Campaign to Mark-up H.R. 2003

In the next few days, the Coalition for H.R. 2003 will launch a national campaign to Mark-up H.R. 2003, pass it in committee and send it to the House floor for final action. Stay Tuned!!!

Post Script: Zenawi’s Kangaroo Kourt Konvictions

In a real judicial system, after a defendant is found guilty, the following action is sentencing. Indeed, the so-called court had set July 9, 2007 as a sentencing date for the Kality prisoners of conscience. In Zenawi’s Kangaroo Kourt, judicial process means nothing. Zenawi is now negotiating for the release of the prisoners. But why? If the Kality prisoners are indeed guilty, they should at least be sentenced, and Zenawi can then exercise executive clemency (pardon).

But Zenawi has backed himself into a corner: The Kality prisoners were charged with bogus crimes, and they were never guilty of anything except winning the hearts and minds of 77 million people. For that "crime", all 77 million Ethiopians will testify for them.

Let us ALL join hands in writing the last chapter of a dying regime in the U.S. Congress!

Anonymous said...

Hopes for the release of CUD leaders

Following the rumor on the release of CUD leaders, some family members of the detained and people close to the issue, who request anonymity told capital that the ongoing closed discussion between the government and the detained may conclude next week on Wednesday June 27, 2007 by releasing the detainees.

According to close families of the jailed CUD leaders, the two parties have come up to a point in which they agreed and added that they expect their families to join them in the next couple of days.

Zemedkun Tekle spokesman for the Ministry of Information, said that the government does not know anything about the agreement.

Shimelis Kemal government prosecutor told Capital that the prosecutor office would present its suggestion for the ruling on Wednesday.

The Federal High Court convicted 38 individuals and three printing presses on charges of treason after they had forgone their rights to defend their cases in spite of repeated rulings calling on them to submit their defense evidence.

In their refusal of repeated rulings, the court said they even claimed to do without saying "we shall not have to defend; the court does not have the authority to sit in judgment on our cases".

According to the Washington Post, some of the CUD/Kinijit opposition leaders, earlier found guilty, have now signed a document accepting partial responsibility for the violence in exchange for their release.

It is recalled that at his recent press briefing showed his government's readiness to talk to CUD leaders for the sake of creating national consensus during the third Ethiopian Millennium celebrations if the CUD leaders approach the government.


Source: Capital

Posted by admin on Monday, June 25, 2007 (20:41:57)

Anonymous said...


The latest news we have from our reliable source in regard to Prof Efrem negotiation with jailed leaders in kailiti reads like this.

In Ethiopia prisoners are allowed to meet their families during the week end. Unlike other modern western countries where visitors are allowed in certain days and restricted hours only, the kaliti prisoners have been give unprecedented access to their families from day one. It is with that kind of access families of the jailed leaders were observed having a field day the past week end. There were no development on Saturday and Sunday in the negotiation front except families and prisoners were talking on their hopes.

Quoting source some of the open discussion among prisoners and family members read as follows:

Professor Mesfin answering a question when he will be freed... I have not agreed with the negotiators, the deal presented is a deal that does not have a future (tinsae yelelew mot nuw!)

Dr Berhanu answering about news coming from overseas about their division within... We have agreed to ask for forgiveness and move on.

Antenehe Mulugeta, answering a question as when he will be freed…I do not know? What are people saying?

Daniel Bekele…we are doomed if we signed and doomed if we don't. We are doomed to sign this agreement since it is saying we are responsible for many crimes and the State can use it in the future to put us back in jail and we are doomed if we do not sign because the court will sentence us in a weeks time.

Netsanet Demiise: The negotiators are pushing as hard; we are at a crossroad and are in deep pain what to do.

Sileshi Kena Why are people talking about our release when we do not know for sure and why has Admass newspaper published about it with out a confirmation?

Debebe Eshetu, answering a question about half of them have signed …all I know is when we are freed you will need to have four people for every one of us…We suspect he is alluding that prisoners are not in good health and may be carried away. The family member replied no problem just be free and we will have more than four people at hand!

According to our source the family visit of the last weekend was held in upbeat atmosphere so much so people went to the court at Ledeta to meet their jailed prisoner family members on Monday(6/25/07). When asked why they were there by court personnel's the family members replied they came to meet their family members and when asked who told them about such news they replied "alubaleta" and "Diaspora"

Although Aigaforum is part of the Diaspora we have tried to warn our readers and family members who read us not to set hopes high and at no time did we ever speculate about dates of release. The only date we mentioned is the next court date and that is (July 2) Ethiopian calendar!

Mean time Prof Efrem has resumed his negotiation to convince the other 36 jailed prisoners to commit to his plan. He is also working hard to convince Engineer Hailu and Bederu Adem few among the notables who are saying they won't sign today (6/25/07)

Anonymous said...


You need not go through such trouble fabricate un ugly drma roubles for simple lies, as you have NO audience at all. The truth is at the door step.

Anonymous said...


You need not go through big troubles to fabricate your ugly drama of simple lies, as you have NO audience at all. The truth is at the door step. Your lies are not strong enough even to convenience yourself.


Anonymous said...

Zagol, do you have any news about today's court and any other update from addis

Anonymous said...

Bush gave to Meles a strong critics.Bush told him that he is embarassed by meles´s act.even the escape goat Mugabe is in a dialogue with the opposition.what ever tyrant you are,atleast pretend as democrat.
gossips qouted Bush as saying "Eije sebara aderekeng".

Anonymous said...

minority as they are both in Ethiopia and in diaspora, it seems like they are tight even when there are divisions amongst themselves. the opposition has at least 20 fold more or to put it rudely, it is 2000% in volume of what TPLF is. Opposition is not yet for violent struggle and that is what TPLF wants. Why opposition wants TPLF to break down and admitt all its horrible crimes and cry for forgiveness and may be even return all the millions of dollars it looted and put in foreign banks back to Ethiopia is beyond belief.

Only in SiCK bollywood movie would you see a group of gangsters kidnapping a child from innocent family and then be celebrated for giving the child back. 'let's celebrate and put everything behind us, shall we'??

Anonymous said...

What is new and what is the secret of this negotiations.
I think it part of the terms of agreement.

Anonymous said...

Has any one notices that the old guard of EPRP took over the Shaleka's Kinigit group. Be it Dr Taye or Yared Tibebu and some of them too. EPRP back under diguise of CUD....

Anonymous said...

By Prof. Donald Levine
Regarding the political prisioners.

Sem-inna worq yiqir! Dubbi qarumman dubbatani miti!
Andenat kala agar yebarekal; Andenet kelela yaweredal.

Reports of the signing of a mediated consensus document by political prisoners at Qaliti brings a fresh blast of hope to all who care for human rights and for the future of Ethiopia. It offers a chance to get the country’s progress toward democratization and development back on track.

It makes me feel like saying Ethiopia, you are coming home! You are returning to your honorable traditions: of hig makeber, of gaaddisa nagayaa, of shemgilna, of gurabet mekebabir, of beherawi andenet. You may be saying goodby to outmoded customs such as hamet, mesedadeb, political sem-inna worq, and politik be-temenja.

The timing is of course perfect. It opens the way to a genuinely joyous celebration in Maskaram of the Ethiopian millennium. It enables all concerned to face the future instead rather than continuing to obsess over past grievances, even though a future agenda will include efforts to redress those grievances. I am delighted to learn that my good friend and great Ethiopian patriot Zeleke Gessesse, of One Love Africa, is in Ethiopia preparing a special musical celebration of this supreme moment of peaceful reconciliation.

I hope all concerned will seize this moment as an opportunity to make renewed progress toward a genuinely democratic system. This means:the return of the CUD prisoners to a full and respected place as members of one of the opposition parties in the country; the release of all Oromos, Tigrayans, and any others who are being held as political prisoners; the creation of an independent structure to manage and ensure the independence of government-controlled media; open use of electronic media; institutional capacity-building in the judicial system to ensure that it is kept free from interference from political pressures stemming from any quarter; institutional capacity-building in the Election Commission to ensure that future elections will be free and fair; and a pledge by ALL parties inside and outside Ethiopia to renounce the kind of hate propaganda and violence that flourished around the time of the May 2005 election and since, and to engage in the kinds of peaceful communication that has characterized Ethiopians at their finest.

These changes will take time, but I urge everyone to do what can be done to ensure that irreversible steps toward them are put in place over the next few months.

Be-zimdina’nna wodajenet

Liben Gebre Etiyopia
aka Professor Donald Levine

let us talk about him until we get anynews from EZ about the realease of politcal prisioners..
Do we trust his opinion at all...

Anonymous said...

ager bet medewel ye michil sew kale ibakachuh were ttyqu

Anonymous said...

deweye nebere telantena newe yewetute alu

Anonymous said...

dear EZ,
what is up? what is new about our
heros? we all heard that HR2003 is delayed. but is going on at all? anybody knows about the general situation in ethiopia? please try your best and inform us as soon as possiable.

Unknown said...

inem dewye neber ine gin yesemahut indalwettu new.

Anonymous said...

Wednesday, June 27
No Court Session

It is two hours before the court session was to begin. I just found out that the prisoners will not be appearing before the judges; instead, those who wished to defend are required to submit documents to the court's record office.
This is just my opinion, but things seem to be unravelling pretty fast for the EPRDF. First the finnd the prisoners guilty of charges so severe they carry a penalty of death, all the while continuing 'secret'political negotaitions. Despite the fact that the final agreement has already been reported by the international press, a court session was announced nonetheless to maintain semblance of an independent court. Suddenly, the night before they are to appear, the govnment decides to try their luck and blackmail the US State Department!! Fascinating!

Seems our dictator has become a bit dillusional and is losing sight of his rank in the global political heirarchy. Hopefully he is in for a rude awakening (I still have some faith in the United States--though they have agreed to postpone the bill for two weeks, Donald Payne has not taken kindly to these blatant bullying tactics.)
At least all of this chaos is finally revealing to the world what we knew all along: he is deceitful tyrant, willing to continually sacrifice his own people for personal gain.

From lewit blog

Anonymous said...

The only real power broker in Ethiopia, the TPLF kitchen cabinet, wants to keep us in suspension. They should have known better that we have waited long enogh, so another 2 days wouldn't kill us. I wonder, we do they get to learn to be normal, they are constantly in the state of war, hence their cruel attribute always stand out, even when they do something as releasing prisoners which could be regarded as a positive gesture. Why do they have to torture the family members of the prisoners and Ethiopians any longer if they will eventually do this? If this is done in good faith as good gesture to the people of Ethiopia, it has to be an open and immediate process. There is no way that they can salvage the fiasco that has gone down with trial. Please release them now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

Anonymous said...

where are you man say something we are dieing for the news is been almost three day since you sy any thing pls tell us what is going on thank you.

Anonymous said...

They ar out now...Halelua..i will post the picture soon

Anonymous said...

hope you telling the truth

Anonymous said...

Somali, Ethiopian defections to Eritrea?
Submitted by Bill Weinberg on Wed, 06/27/2007 - 02:52.
Eritrean state radio reports that fifty-three weyane (Ethiopian) soldiers, including officers, have defected to Eritrea over the last few months. The soldiers are said to include three lieutenants, a second lieutenant, a sergeant, four corporals and 14 lance-corporals, who all object to Ethiopia's Somalia intervention and the regime's ethnic favoritism. Eighteen of the defectors are said to be ethnic Oromo, 15 Tigrayans, 15 Amhara and the rest are from Gurage and southern Ethiopian peoples. The Ethiopian regime is dominated by members of the Tigray ethnic group. (Voice of the Broad Masses of Eritrea, Asmara, in Tigrinya, via BBC Monitoring, June 11) Ethiopian state television, in turn, reports that a small guerilla group in the pay of sha'biyyah (Eritrea's ruling party) operating in Teru District in Ethiopia's northeastern Afar Region has surrendered peacefully to government forces. (Ethiopian TV, Addis Ababa, in Amharic, via BBC Monitoring, June 21)

Meanwhile, Prof Isma'il Mahmud Hurre "Buba", education minister with Somalia's Transitional Federal Government, speaking from Nairobi, strongly denied reports that he has defected to the exile government formed by the Islamic Courts Union and dismissed Somali parliament members in Asmara, Eritrea's capital. Isma'il Buba, from a clan in northwestern Somalia, had formerly served as foreign minister in the TNG. Prime Minister Prof Ali Muhammad Gedi removed him from the ministry several months ago. (Somaliweyn, Swedish-based Somali website, via BBC Monitoring, June 20)

Anonymous said...

From Kaliti blog,

Regardless of these horrible conditions, our leaders in Kaliti prison never asked for mercy. They were approached by Meles Zenawi who is terribly worried about his already poor reputation, lack of donors’ money and increasing the isolation from the international community. As a result, he has abandoned his harsh and stubborn conditions of previous negotiations and he is in desperate need for face saving. Our leaders know the limits of dictatorship but Meles doesn’t know the limits of their endurance. Now he has given up. He has made a call for final negotiation which the prisoners have repeatedly rejected and re-negotiated.

Whatever outcomes of this negotiation, it is not done out fear for death penalty or long imprisonment. Our leaders know what is best for the democratization, peace and stability of Ethiopia, and most of all, they know what has to be done to maintain the unity of Kinijit. I know all Kinijit leaders personally because I have been privileged to work with them. I know their determination, endurance and loyalty to the Ethiopian people. It is the right time to show respect and loyalty to them. Strongly committed we should accept whatever decision they make on half of the millions that have voted for them.

Young Ethiopians have played a prominent role and some even have given their lives in the movements for peace and justice under Kinijit party. We need to support students and young workers - the two major forces in the broad alliance that is needed to deal a decisive blow to the backward ethnic politics of the current TPLF political leaders. Ethiopians at home and abroad will be standing behind their leaders united and they will keep their loyalty until the fight against TPLF dictatorship is won

Anonymous said...

I can see so many desperate people around... woregna hulu. Get a life.

Anonymous said...

there is notruth in politics

Anonymous said...

Dear EZ

Hope you are safe ! ! !


Anonymous said...

it takes 10 minutes to write a brief and respectful letter and 1 minute to fax it. FEDEX KINKO's ...

Washington Office
2209 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone (202) 225-3436
Fax (202) 225-4160




Anonymous said...

oh god ye zena yalehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonym 08:30

I like the message from KALITI BLOG.we must give the final blow to the staggering TPLF ETHNOCENTRIC REGIME.we have to intensify the struggle for Democracy against TPLF in everyway we can.TPLF came to Ethiopia by gun-force and they can only be forced out by GREATER gun-force.there are several militarily active organizations taking one TPLF AGAZI SECURITY APPARATUS at a time,lets help them and make the punishment two AGAZI SECURITY APPARATUS at a time.
This is the game,there should be no begging at all,for the signing of guilt can only save MELES and TPLF from total collapse and drag our struggle down.the moment for confrontation has been calling for a while,and we have to accept that moment for it is now.
ONE THING ALL ETHIOPIANS MUST THERE IS NO BLOODLESS FREEDOM even TPLF paid blood taking Ethiopia,so there is no reason for us not to pay blood to take what is rightfully ours.

Anonymous said...

I heard they are having a meeting and reception at America Embassy with Meles and Co...

Anonymous said...

Our friend from Cambridge,Massachusetts has this on his blog.
Ithought I'd share it with you guys here.

Since when do Democracy Defenders seek help fro Meles Z. Who put them there. It looks like MZ media wants to come out as a hero! Ha Ha!
His Excellency, Ato Meles Zenawi, Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is the person of the week. Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is initiating a move to use his Executive Power in the Ethiopian Government to help the leaders of the Coalition for Unity and Democracy at Kaliti Prison be free. Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is interested in seeing a permanent democratic system in place in Ethiopia and is demonstrating his desire now. May God/Allah/Yahwey Bless You Meles Zenawi!

*I hear he is only 14yo die hard EPRDF cadre so go easy on him! If you visit his page

Anonymous said...

I have urgent news to share you. I am sorry to inform you that
they have been asked to leave the country or death penalty. And all agreed to immigrate. I am really sadened about the situation

Anonymous said...


First of all learn how to spell correctly.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder if we all live on the same planet. why does reality escape you so easily. Why don't you accept the fact that the opposition is absolutely OUTCLASSED in every manner by the EPRDF. Just ask yourselves, look at where you are and EPRDF is? The CUD leaders are in jail beginning for mercy while the EPRDF leader is treated as one of the very few chosen AFrican leader. That is why he was in Germany. Even if you feel that you are morally right, you gotta see that you lost big time. You were outwitted, outclassed and outmanuvered by politicians that you felf were beneath you. And yet they RISE. The believe in the EPRDF leadership is so strong that MAJOR International Organizations are RELOCATING to ADDIS. All the chaos you wished for have truned to growth and praises of EPRDF by major International Organizations. Does that sound like defeat? Yes, only to the delusional Diaspora-CUD.

Hagos the original.

Anonymous said...

Where do you get this news? Are out of your mind ? EPRDF WILL NOT

I won't admire TPLF like you did.
There is one fact here; Meles is trying to survive from the mess.
Don't forget he has a blood of innocent civilians, which will never stop following him where ever he goes.
I have a proof for that. HISTORY!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ayite hagos:
60years ago; Ethiopia had donated blankets to Germany.
This time Meles appearance was not due to our fast growing economy .In addition if you remember there was a big protest at the meeting place.The slogan of some of the protesters was "Stop to cash the Dictators"

Anonymous said...

Haile Gebrselassie smashes Hour Run World record in Ostrava!
Haile set a new World record in the One Hour Run at the Golden Spike Grand Prix tonight, part of the IAAF World Athletics Tour 2007.

Anonymous said...

Aka Donald,
You are the regime advisor and you know everything. Please tell your friend that no matter what happened, enough is enough. Ethiopia can't go back. We can't afford more destruction from your friend, the tyrant.

The tyrant is responsible for all the killings for the last 16 years. It is not only the June and Novermber killings and don't try to tell us it takes time.

Many lives persihed to help the tyrant to stay in power. How many lives persishes from the election incident only? Their lives will bring him to face justice, not to celebrate with him. If this is alubalita, let it be. How many are mass buried? Do you know what happened to thousands of youths in concentration camps?

Everybody knows about the underground prison in Tigray. It is full of innocents. Many more thousands are prisoned in different parts of the country and you know it very well. It is not only those in Kaliti. We will celebrate when the country is fully free from the dictator and dictator supporters.

Please stand with the people, not with the child killer.

Anonymous said...

Wednesday,June 27, 2007
10:00 pm pacific time

Dear Ethio Zagol,

You have been a highly regarded and appreciated source of journalistic information specially in the initial stages of the mediation, and kept us informed about the turning points and progress through June 24. No pressure on you... I join other concerned readers of your web page to wish for your well being.

Hope to hear from you and Take care

Anonymous said...

To hagos,
If smartness is measured by the dumpiest lies you masters are fabricating everyday, by the by brutally of the iron feast rule which has prevailed in the country, by taking the 80 million people hostage in order to be invited to Germany and the like of places, by the total lack statesmanship in a running the country, you are right they have outsmarted everybody and everyone.
Be happy for that.
Cher geze yameta

Anonymous said...

here what is posted by lewit blog at around 8:00 am addis time:
I still haven't been able to confirm whether Meles was in DC yesterday or not, though I have heard from numerous sources that Professor Ephrim is there.

Either way, the PM is still scheduled to appear here in Parliament later this morning. No one seems to know what the session will be about exactly--some here are speculating that it would be the perfect time to release the prisoners 'quietly' (as all the foreign correspondents will be inside without their mible phones), but this seems just another rumor.

Anonymous said...


Please atleast let us know that you are ok, we are really worried.