Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Siye Abraha released

(by Ethio-Zagol)
The Federal Supreme Court today sentenced former defense minister Siye Abraha to five years imprisonment on charges of corruption. Since Siye has already been in jail for more than five years, he will be released. Siye, who many suspect, was jailed by the Meles administration because of his serious differences with the Prime Minister on the issues of Ethiopian sovereignty, looked happy when the decision was read by the court.
The court sentenced the other defendants on the case, Fitsumzeab Asgedom, Beshah Azmete, Assefa Abaha and Tamrat Layne to five years, eight years, nine years, and three months imprisonment respectively. It means Fitsumzeab will also be released.

EZ's verdict:
I am still unconvinced that Siye deserves the five years sentence. But expecting justice in Ethiopia at the moment is a joke. So I am glad that he is out.


Anonymous said...

They are all the same! who cares whethe he is out or not.
Bytheway who is sentenced 9 years? I think zagol made some english mistake in the report. I don't think tamrat layne is senteced for 3 months. would u correct it please?

Anonymous said...

Are you sure there are no more charges left. they will put him back again. Anyway he was part of the system although he dont deserve to go to jail. Meles wants to reconcile with TPLF since pressure is mounting from every angle. That is his way of surviving. When people expect the relase of CUD he relases to please TPLF , ex TPLF officer. What an irony.

Unknown said...

It is a very interesting news....I dont think the man deserved jail. Yet We can analyse the reasons why meles and his fake judiciary system is doing this NOW....Was there a deal....How is it linked to the CUD leaders situation? We should remember that The division amongst tplf rats was strong at the time....Does it have to do with the preparation to wage war against eritrea....All in all, i dont think it is a smart move for meles....unless....unless through his ethnic visions, he is trying to gather behind him all factions of tplf...which seems ludicrous by now....

Anonymous said...


Did you ever care for Oromo prisoners that have been treated in the most inhumane way in Ethiopia? Can you show anywhere where you tried to cover court cases or injustice perpertrated to the Oromo people? The purposeful silence or omission should warn fair minded people that there are several Ethiopias one of which is usually covered by EZ.

Anonymous said...

Who cares for those thieves fighting for the shares,
How many of you know that Sheik Alamoudin of midroc's mother is a tigraian from Axum. Actaully, she belong to the minority moslems in Axum and was forced to migrate to Woldia (Amhara) region. Alamoudin & his family were welcomed by the Amharas and have all comfort of equality among various ethnic groups and religions. However as he (Alamoudin) is originated in the curse land he has gone back to his origin to support TPLF so that together they can suck every resource the country has got. Meles & co. are committed in a long term investment to develop Tigray at the cost of the rest of Ethiopia. They will do what ever possible to remain in power at least for the next 50 years or until Ethiopians woke up from their sleep or else....

Anonymous said...

Beleive it or not in a long term the struggle will be between the dominant Abeshas (Amharas, Tegarus and Eritreans being together) and the subjugated Kush (Oromos, Somalis, Sidamas, Afars..etc).

The quarell between the three Abesha groups is on the looting of Oromia and other regions of Kushland!!!! So don't expect Abeshas to cry for Oromos. As many Oromos as possible can decay in Abesha prisons so long we Oromos take care of our selves!!!

Anonymous said...

read it as follows: long we Oromos don't care of our selves!!!!

Anonymous said...

all i can say is "idiots" to those who defile the good name the Oromo people with these sensless comments about other Ethiopians. its because of people like you that the Oromo people suffer

Anonymous said...

Is it bitter to face the fact that more than 20,000 Oromos suffer in your prison and the whole world cry only about the less than 200 Abeshas like CUD people and Siye group?? What makes you keep quite concerning Oromo prisoners??!!!

Anonymous said...

will he be realy released??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? i don't think so.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 5:51

Ofcourse all Ethiopians are concerned for all Ethiopians (not just Oromos) who are langushing in Woyane jail. But right everyones focus is on CUD leaders because they represent all Ethiopians (As they were elected by many). Come on guys let's not loose truck ....

Anonymous said...

So funny...some of you had been traying to convince us that you were really interested in telling us that siye's case was unjustice.
You(Amhara "poleticians") is using a strategy which is known not only by smart ethiopians but also by gebere amhara.
But what we had already know is becoming true. Let God bless Ethiopia.

Anonymous said...

"they represent all Ethiopians (As they were elected by many)"...Who is Ethiopian after all? Do you believe Abeshas (Amharas, Tegarus and Eritreans being together)are the only Ethiopians? As to me CUD leaders are more fouvered than any other ethiopian. We have leaders which are in jail with out seen in courts.

Anonymous said...

What happened to my Oromo brothers?
Here is a scenario that is so decisive for for the present situation. The Oromo brothers are suffering and linguishing among with all otherethiopian under this tyranny. You are not exception. Don't be divisive and try to twist to your undefined political purpose. Make no mistake. if you don't count yourself as an ethiopian, don't even bother to come to this blog. Separatism will fall in the pit of hell. Don't make yourself vonurable for Woyane's ethnocentric devide and destroy agenda.

Wake up Oromo brothers,

Peace to the children of Ethiopia


Anonymous said...

I seconed EZ account that Melles and Siye's difference is "serious differences with the Prime Minister on the issues of Ethiopian sovereignty". I think we are fooling ourselves here.

First of all the difference between Siye Abraha and Melles Zenawi is not Ethiopian sovereignty but a pure tribal power politics within the TPLF. All the Tplf dissidents who were not jailed such as Gebru Asrat, Aregash, Alemseged, Tewelde etc were asked to join CUD before the election directly or indirectly but they refused to do so.

I don't understand on what ground we are expecting them to attack the Melles group. When it comes to Ethiopia and its interest, they re one and th same.

Anonymous said...

the courts seem busy with political prisoners. So may be relase some and hold the rest. 1, Siye etal 2, Alemayehu fantu etal 3, Shawel et al 4. Mengistu hailemariam et al etc. too many to follow sometimes. They are busy for nothing.
What is the rush? may be pardon/clemency before millenium? Dont you think so?
May be the next court will be Meles et al

Anonymous said...

This is the latest attempt by the Melles group to strenghten the power base for the eventual "independent Tigray" dream. Melles wants to appease all section of his power base in Tigray.

Those of us who think Siye Abraha and Co. have different view on Ethiopian interest are plain wrong. We only need to go back and read recent history books on Tplf.

Anonymous said...

Those who speak on behalf of the great Oromo pepole are not Oromos themselves. They are TPLF cadres trying to play the outdated 'divide and rule' game.
We Ethiopians of Oromo, Afar, Amhara,...will fight back those agressive torturers, mother shooters, baby killers, ..., etc together.

Anonymous said...

Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and the "Politics of Naming"

By Stephen Gowans

Global Research, July 9, 2007

When Africa scholar Mahmoud Mandani looks at the slaughter and displacement of civilians in Darfur he notices something odd. The mass death of civilians in Darfur has been called a genocide, but slaughters of civilians of similar magnitude in Iraq and on a larger scale in Congo have not.

According to the World Food Program, about 200,000 civilians have died in Darfur, 80 percent from starvation and disease, and 20 percent from violence. Close to 700,000 have been displaced(1). This, the US government, calls a genocide.

But 600,000 Iraqis have died since 2003 as a result of violence related to the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq (2) and 3.7 million have either fled to neighboring countries or are internally displaced (3).

“I read about all sorts of violence against civilians,” says Mamdani, “and there are two places that I read about – one is Iraq, and one is Darfur … And I’m struck by the fact that the largest political movement against mass violence on US campuses is on Darfur and not on Iraq.” (4)

If Darfur is modest in comparison to Iraq, both are pipsqueeks compared to Congo. There, some four million civilians have been slaughtered over several years, largely as a result of intervention by US proxies, Uganda and Rwanda.

In Somalia, 460,000 civilians have been displaced by fighting sparked by a US-backed and assisted invasion by Ethiopia (5). That invasion was aimed at ousting the popularly-backed Islamic Courts Union, which had brought a measure of stability to Somalia. “In the six months the Islamic courts (governed Somalia), less than 20 people lost their lives through violence. Now, that many die in 10 minutes,” observes Hussein Adow, a Mogadishu businessman (6).

Why is there is a Save Darfur Campaign, but no Save Congo Campaign and no Save Somalia Campaign?

Mamdani says that people in the West don’t react to the mass slaughter of civilians but to the labels their governments and media attach to them.

“Genocide is being instrumentalized by … the United States,” he explains. “It is being instrumentalized in a way that mass slaughters which implicate its adversaries are being named as genocide and those which implicate its friends or its proxies are not being named as genocide.”

Mandani calls this “the politics of naming.”

The politics of naming isn’t limited to the question of which slaughters are named genocide and which aren’t. It applies too to the question of which regimes are called dictatorial, repressive and brutal (and so must be changed), and which are not (and so should be left in peace.)

Take the case of Ethiopia and Zimbabwe. Tons of printer’s ink have been consumed by Western newspapers denouncing Zimbabwe’s president, Robert Mugabe. According to the Western narrative, he is as a dictator who steals elections, represses the opposition and cracks heads to stay in power.

But Mugabe’s government, in view of concerted efforts from outside and within to overthrow it, is remarkably restrained. Archbishop Pious Ncube, one of the government’s most vociferous critics, recently called on Zimbabwe’s former colonial master, Britain, to remove Mugabe through military means. “We should do it ourselves,” he added, “but there’s too much fear. I’m ready to lead the people, guns blazing, but the people are not ready.” (7) (Imagine Noam Chomsky calling for a coalition of Russia, China, Venezuela, Iran and north Korea to invade the US to force Washington to end its occupation of Iraq. “I’m ready to lead the people, guns blazing,” he might say, “but the people are not ready.” How long would it be before Chomsky was hustled off to jail?)

Ncube isn’t the first government opponent to threaten a campaign of violence to oust Mugabe. And yet Ncube and others remain at liberty to call for sanctions, outside military intervention and insurrection to depose the


Ethiopia, on the other hand, is a cipher. It receives little coverage from the Western media, and even less attention from people who routinely denounce the Sudanese and Zimbabwean governments from the left.

That’s odd, for the Ethiopian government has all the flaws the Zimbabwean government is said to have that arouse so much moral indignation.

Ethiopia “jails it citizens without reason or trial, tortures many of them, and habitually violates its own laws.

“The government was … severely criticized for a 2005 crackdown in which tens of thousands of opposition members were jailed and nearly 200 people killed after elections in which the opposition made major gains.

“Ethiopian officials … have expelled many foreign journalists and representatives of human rights groups such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.” (9)

Disputed elections, crackdowns on the opposition, expulsion of journalists: this resembles the charge sheet against Mugabe. So why isn’t Melawi as thoroughly excoriated as Mugabe is?

A July 9th Reuters’ report says, “Ethiopian prosecutors demanded the death penalty for 38 opposition officials convicted of trying to overthrow the government, treason and inciting violence.

“The officials were convicted last month of charges relating to violent protests over disputed elections in 2005 that the opposition says were rigged.

“Nearly 200 people were killed in clashes between protestors and security forces over the vote.

“Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said he regretted the post-poll violence, but blamed it on opportunistic rioters and an opposition conspiracy to topple him by force.”

I read the Reuters’ article to a friend, but replaced Ethiopia with Zimbabwe and Zenawi with Mugabe. There seemed nothing out of the ordinary to her. And indeed, it’s likely that most people in the West would not have detected the deception. It meshes with the Western narrative on Zimbabwe. If you’ve been reading Western press accounts, you would expect Mugabe to round up the

opposition (whose leaders have long threatened the violent overthrow of the government), charge them with treason, and seek their execution. But hehasn’t.

Had he, a storm of indignation would have swept the Western world. Yet Zenawi does the same, and no politician works himself up into high moral dudgeon, no calls are made for sanctions or Western military intervention, and no emergency meeting of the UN Security Council is convoked. Just a

solitary Reuters’ dispatch. Why?

The answer is that Ethiopia is fully within Washington’s orbit, acting as a reliable proxy enforcing US geopolitical interests in the resource-rich Horn of Africa. Zimbabwe, by contrast, pursues the opposite tact, implementing policies that seek to free itself from Western domination and to frustrate US imperial designs on the continent.

Zimbabwe indigenizes its agriculture and economy; Ethiopia intervenes militarily in Somalia at the behest of Washington, to restore a US-puppet government.

Weeks before Ethiopia invaded Somalia, US General John P. Abizaid flew to Addis Ababa to arrange for Zenawi to unleash the US-trained Ethiopian military on Somalia. Washington even went so far as to shelter Ethiopia, whose military relies on equipment made in north Korea, from penalty for violating UN-sanctions against north Korean arms sales. Ethiopia needed to import replacement parts from north Korea if the invasion was to go ahead without a hitch. Washington, which championed the sanctions, said “go ahead.” (9)

Numberless people are being manipulated by Western governments and media, their outrage harnessed to achieve geopolitical goals that have nothing

whatever to do with human rights and democracy, and everything to do with the question of who gets to control the oil spigot, mining concessions and vast tracts of fertile land.

Mamdani calls those caught up in the Save Darfur Campaign innocents. The same could be said of those caught up in the dump Mugabe campaign.


1. UN High Commissioner for Refugees’ estimate, cited in The Guardian, June 20, 2007.
2. Johns Hopkins study, published online by The Lancet, cited in The Guardian October 12, 2006.
3. UN High Commissioner for Refugees, cited in Workers World, February 15, 2007.
4. Interview with Mahmoud Mandani, Democracy Now! June 4, 2007.
5. According to the UN High Commission for Refugees (Guardian, June 20, 2007).
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7. The Sunday Times, July 1, 2007.
8. The Globe and Mail, May 29, 2007.
9. The New York Times, April 8, 2007.


Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Centre for Research on Globalization.

Anonymous said...

You fools who talk about "the Oromos in prison being forgotten and only the CUD leaders being remembered", you should correct yourself. The CUD leaders are in prison because they sttod for freedom of all Ethiopians. Ask Birtukan Mideqsa, an Oromo; ask Bedru Adem, an Oromo; ask even Hailu Shawel, half-oromo; ask Berhanu, a Gurage; Ask Eyuel, a Kembata; ask Dr. Hailu, A Tigrean. What more evidence do you want?

Anonymous said...

What a Joke, this is crazy.

Anonymous said...

You all are silly talking about seye abraha. Seye became a multi-millionaire in five years time, his wealth was estimated $256,000,000 USD. He had several companies, his brother had several companies too. These people came to Ethiopia naked, and all of a sudden they all became Multi-millionaires. mind you all, to be multi-millionaire you have to intimidate some people who work for government. You have to take advantage of the people working for you, plus you have to deny other Ethiopians access to wealth and take all government owned businesses by force with no limitations at all. These people practically shared the assets owned by government (Ethiopian people) and took it all for themselves. How can you talk about seye abraha, he is not thinking about any Ethiopian, he is happy to get out and take more of Ethiopian wealth. He is a corrupt drug dealer to me. His death would have been welcome. Now that he is released we have many TPLF to worry about, I wish they kill each other to reduce the number so we can have our days too.

Anonymous said...

To those of you who do deny that the more than 20,000 Oromo prisoners didn't get the same attention as the less than 200 Abesha prisoners, just wake up!!!

I personally don't want to emphasize the difference/konflict between Abeshas and Oromos at this particular time, at this time we need to concentrate to fight the fascist Weyanes. We all Abeshas, Oromos and others should rally behind AFD and destroy the Ethiopian Nazi, aka Weyane.

But that doesn't mean that we Oromos should be fool to believe that Oromo prisoners are not discriminated!!

Those of you who want us Oromos be part of you as Ethiopian, you should feel also the pain of Oromos and learn to cry also for the respeted leaders of Machaa Tullama, who are still in prison longer than the CUD leaders are!!

Anonymous said...

Abesha friends,
just as you feel the pain of Abesha prisoners and victims like CUD people and Siye group, learn to feel the pain of Ogadeni and Oromo prisoners and victims:

Anonymous said...

That other corrupt people prosecuted this corrupt official should by no means be a vindication to his deeds. By the way, while you are wagging your tail, he has not expressed his allegiance to you or Ethiopia. His heart is still with his ethnic hub.

Zeru Hagos, JR

Anonymous said...

I am glad My Hero is finaly free.I hope he will be free enough to join his comerades in forming the new Party.

Anonymous said...

Well, why at this TIME?

When Meles pressured to release CUD leaders, Tigrean, supporter of Siye have started warn him Siye's case should be finalized before the CUD's. Is that the reason? The division b/n TPLF gangsters ...

God save Ethiopia. Remove the tribalists bandits.

Unknown said...

So, Woyanes can't affored anymore to ignore even the few Tegrians, who support Seye? It means Woyanes are now in very bad shape than we thought!!!! interesting!!!

Anonymous said...

The big question here is "What is going to happen after Siye's release? What is he going to do? Is he just going to bow down to Meles and become his followers or is he going to continue where he left off? This is really interesting.

I'm not sure how many of you were in Addis when the EPRDF was just operatin in and around Tigray. The name "Siye" was big even derg soldiers start shaking in their shoes when his name was mentioned.

He had the entire TEGADAY support behind him and he was a very goo and trusted leader. That is one of the reasons Meles sees Seye as a threat.

Now all the TEGADAY has been replaced by Agazi force.

Meles,Haylom,Tamirat and Seye never got along from the begining but they all had visions for Ethiopia. Except Meles,his vision was limited to Tigray and Sister country Eritrea.

Being on a different wave length,they were also messed up with money making deeds. Meles always got his share directly or indirectly and it does not mean he didn't know who was doing what and where. He just waited for the right time and played each one of them...

The question again is what is Seye gonna do now?

Anonymous said...

To Oromos:
From Oromo:
Subject: Why our voice is unheard?

The reason I wrote this thread is in fact we are the majority in number, but the minority to be heard even the case of Ogaden is surpassing us. Are we not smart enough to address our issues? or it is a matter of lack of commitment? Is our political ideaology is outdated? Why do we blame our weakness on others if we assume our selves the majority? Do we need help from other groups like Amharas etc. Or do we stop and revice our past strategy to free our people? Let us be frank! Emotions and pomposity have not been working so far.

Anonymous said...

"Do we need help from other groups like Amharas"Are you Oromoo? You claim to get support from historical enemies? The question of oromoos will be answered only from our sole strugle. We can stund by our selves. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Siye Abraha was the only known person to Ethiopians from all the 12? (I remember Addis Tribune, which wasn't the same after the man who created it and who was one of the greatest dreamers in his youth at AMALGAMATED passed away, sayiing that "now we know who were the people ruling us...") or so ex-TPLF that Meles purged at that time. Corrupt? yes he Siye is corrupt. Popular amongst TPLF who are not from Adwa, yes Siye is big there.

While Meles was reading from 700 or more pages about Napoleon's history that he didn't even get right to distract the Siye supporters and bore them to death, his security force was at work cooking stuff to remove Siye et al. If you remember those times, Meles did dispatch some TPLF high-level cadres with Ethiopia's money to 'quiet' Siye's group supporters all over the world. Only a few complained that Ethiopia's money shouldn't be wasted on political party program. But then again none of the parents of EPRP fighters or EDU fighters whose children died fighting Derg receive any money from gov't unlike the families or parents of TPLF fighters, so nothing new there.

When Meles made himself president, a few thousand TPLF rebels held opposition demonstration from Bishoftu all the way to Addis b/c they were disappointed that Siye Abraha didn't get that post. Meles fired them all the demonstrators but Siye continued to be defense minister very gladly. And later on Siye's speech at Ethiopian Airlines as board chairman was not very popular, to say the least. Many senior managers of the Ethiopian Airlines were fired; and I remember Captain Mohammed, the legendary ex-manager of Ethiopian Airlines, and the other one complaining about Siye's move.

Ex-TPLFs and TPLFs who didn't like Meles or who believed Meles was able to read a hundred books in a week or can get "more or better knowlege from an hour of conversation with Issayas Afeworki" than all the books on shelves of libraries, didn't like it when non-Tigre Ethiopians criticized either Siye's group or Meles's group. It was none of your business telling them either group was wrong. But the Siye group liked it when you talked nicely about Meles and trashed him for you and you had great time drinking a few bottles of Heineken with them and doing the same with Meles's group...talking about the bravery of Siye and Hailom you know nothing about.

Do you get them? Just like Abrham Yayeh was all over the place but always looked suspicious despite his ablity to talk politics to most Ethiopians and then....

How soon will we forget how OLF was used by TPLF and then 15 000 of OLF's armed forces were rounded up and done things to them? The OLF ministers left the country through Bole Airport and the honeymoon of TPLF with OLF was over. Siye Abraha wasn't a very innocent guy at that time and may be the TPLF cadres are worried about the reaction of OLF now and posting messages here pretending to be Oromo? Why sudden interest in Oromo political prisoners at this time?

The game goes on but it seems like an old tired game. OLF was stunned by the success of CUD in just six months of existance. Besides, separation while making up the biggest chunck of the nation doesn't make too much sense. And the Obo-sumale term that excludes Habeshawinet which started in the 60s by Somalia and was foolishly used by many including Kiflu Tadesse of ex-EPRP who otherwise is a good writer. The fact that most of the highly educated Oromo's won't just join OLF but are proud Ethiopians and Oromo, and then the success of Oromo Congress in Hibret and the other Oromo group which gained some spots in May 05 election forced change in thinking of OLF leadership, hence AFD I believe.

Dr. Berhanu expressed his concern about Oromo struggle in his book, though we learn now that Berhanu isn't Oromo at all but was born in Bishoftu,(for some reason I thought he was Oromo) and Hailu Shawel is half Oromo, and it was clear in the pre-election debates that CUD was aware of the multi-ethnic nature of Ethiopia and didn't see ethnic politics as a solution to Ethiopia's problems. TPLF tried to corner CUD into admitting that they were supporters of OLF but CUD won all the debates and didn't even condemn OLF in the process, not even once.

CUD reasoned that OLF was a reality to be dealt with in peace and discussions "ezich ityopia midir lay yetefetteru political partiwoch bemulu bemirchaw indisatefu infeligalen..." . TPLF wanted the CUD and Hibret to condemn OLF which it didn't get neither to do. And CUD won most of the election votes except in places where Hibret won and in Tigray where CUD didn't ran.

If the votes were counted and CUD a government today, I'm sure OLF would've to operate openly in the country and participate in the election 2010 or earlier. The constitution might have changed a bit by then and there wouldn't have been no article 39 which would allow any part of Ethiopia to separate. But OLF, as it claimes to have the support of majority of Oromos, might have a chance to make CUD the main opposition party criticizing OLF all the time in a free parliament.

The support of CUD comes from all over the country and it might be a showdown between OLF and CUD at every election for generations to come. And TPLF stuck in Tigray and none of the EPRDF existing but TPLF whose leaders might have to defend lots of their own crimes committed during their reign in independent court in or outside of the country,(the law school in Ethiopia produced thousands of great law people who have yet to show their skills in practice freely) the army being outside of politics and the police only keeping the peace and outside of political party. The press totally free and lots of private TV and radio stations. Ethiopians coming home to build or investing in large groups while in exile (HAMSA LOMI LAND SEW SHEKM NEW, LAMSA SEWOCH GIN...". Lasting peace at last and nobody to blame except ourselves if we fail. And we won't fail. There are too many who love to see Ethiopia succeed and they are from all over Ethiopia. The dream is back on.

Ethiopians had such a dream in 1974. Lots of mistakes followed. Derg did release all political prisoners but Eritrean political prisoners. Mechana Tuluma was hit hard and the great general, Tadesse Biru, the resistance fighter during Musollini's occupation of Ethiopia and who might have supervised Nelson Mandela's military training in Addis Ababa before Mandela went to prison for the next 27 years, was excuted. And the pistol General Tadesse gave to Mandela to fight apartheid with was a focus of international news media a year or two years ago.

General Taddese Biru had no idea that ethnic apartheid would come to Ethiopia in 1991.

In 1975 there was a terrorist by the name of Meles Haile, officer in the army or something, who planted bombs and destroyed government buildings and hotels in Addis Ababa. There was also a freshman in medical school by the name of Legesse Zenawi who admired that terrorist Meles Haile so much so that he took the name and became Meles Zenawi.

Meles Zenawi now terrorizes at will. America is beside him until America chews him up and spits him out. Just like any other black African ex-rebel prime minister, all Meles cares about is how he can survive and loot and massacre. If releasing Siye Abraha doesn't get him anything, he will put him back in jail. When ex-TPLFs demanded Meles and his relatives to be audited first before Siye and his brothers were charged of corruption, Meles said "I'm not going to count how many pairs of pants my relatives have", you remember?

Meles's tribalism is dependant on false superiority complex and yet it has all the signs of inferiority complex when it is not within Tigrayan tribes. For most Ethiopians, the tribalism in Tigray and Eritrea is not easy to understand.

In Eritrea for example, language was the real reason of separation and all that blood. But not all people in Eritrea speak Tigrigna as mother tongue. For most Eritreans Tigrigna is their second language. For those second language Tigrigna speakers, Tigrigna and Amharic are the same thing, second languages. But most of them went along with separation and they didn't get anything out of it, not that anybody got anything out of Eritrean separation. It is just a loss to both Ethiopians.

In Tigray too, there is tribal diferences but just like the Eritreans they won't share those differences with other none Tigrayans. They would rather "burn inside" and suffer as long as other none Tigrayans are angry that all the power and all the money is held by fellow Tigrayans who are not them but as long as the other Ethiopians don't know that, their anger makes the 'burning inside" a little better. After all the other Ethiopians don't know what is happening inside Tigray, right?

Typical African tribal situation shouldn't have happened in independent Ethiopia, you might think, but all the roots of today's problems are to be found in Italy's colonization of Eritrea which EPLF is gratefull for. And which some old Tigrayans, really old Tigrayans, were jealous of but they won't cut it. Just can't get the respect that they thought they would get from the "Hamassen" who called them "Agame". Besides, Eritrea is starting to act like independent nation, for better or worse, and it is a blessing for Ethiopia in disguise. "shee amet alnorim eyetetchekachekoo...kalhone negeroo...." something something

Which explains why Legesse aka Meles Zenawi adapted the name Meles from a terrorist Meles Haile who bombed buildings in Addis.

Anonymous said...

When will be people like you speak truth.There is no time Meles Zenawi called Meles Haile but Legesse Zenawi. You can write what ever you feel but there are a lot of people who can read your artice and as a result please think about your reader cuz they evaluate your knowledge i.e. empty but excellent language ability(becouse you serve as a guard in reach 'ferenji').