Saturday, May 27, 2006

And Finally...
Ethiomedia is the latest website to be blocked. There is no pretension now. Almost all pro-democracy sites are shut down. yesterday was a turn for


Anonymous said...

Zagolachin,we are addicted of you blog.I'm Addis residing fan of your blog.
Keep up the good job.
Ye Etiopia Amlak Yitebikih!
As usual eprdf denies its act on blocking webstes(blogspot)and silencing the press in Ethiopia.
eprdf is toiling in vain to shut the everyother democratic voices.
This high tech war,though assisted by chines tech,can't be managed by woyanes outdated 'qoreta'.They are fighting the war without having the skill and the full picture.
This gives the war the win-win scenario for thoes laptop saavy professinals with the skill and full picture. Zagol watch the moves of this tech moron woyanes and expose them.
Democratic voices always and always will be heard for we are in 21st Centuary.
Dictators like meles won't make it in the years to come wagging their tail in the war they don't have a clue.
There is no place for dictators like meles in this new era of tech.
We,Ethiopeans,should fight dictators like meles by ever other means.Be it by the one language they speak i.e armed struggle or by the foreign territory for meles i.e tech war.
We should knock doors and shout to expose the beastly nature of eprdf.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zagol,

I am sure you have heared already. Ato tesfaye biru and his deputies have been sacked. I just got the news from Addis Ababa. I am sure it is related to the recent Internet disputes. Please more information why and how.


zegabi said...

Hi Zagol,

What is the deal with the walta news piece about EPRDF wanting to solve problems with negotiations...does this have something to do with the releasing of aid, or is it just the usual propaganda - where he will sit and talk with Beyene? What is the word in addis?

Anonymous said...

Yea, EZ sup with woyane wanting to come to the table now?

Is Meles peeing in his pants over
all these ethio alliances mushrooming all over Europe.

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