Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The tale of Chere sefer
Chere sefer isn't a big, big village like my place Lideta. But recently it is hosting some "big men" from TPLF consulting with a "wise" man called Genenew Assefa. As Genenew spends his evenings at Tinshua Bet, the "big men" usually visit him on day time. They ask him and his friend Zerihun Teshome, another "wise" man who frequents Tinshua bet, who to select for the leadership of Addis Ababa city government. The name Zegeye Asfaw was mentioned. The hosts thought he was a neutral figure who would attract oromos. The TPLF men carried the advise to their heart and asked Zegeye's consent. He, I heard, declined. Other names are being thrown now and then. But for the former WPE members, nobody seems interested in the job. TPLF's rule is now called by insiders as the Mimi Sibhatu government. Apart from her husband and friend(Zerihun and Genenew) being serious advisors of Meles, one of their company Shimeles, the sleazy ex-journalist, is prosecuting the prisoners. Mimi is also runnning the gov't media as a consultant and a talk show producer and host.
Keys for understanding the article:
Chere sefer: A small village near Sidist Kilo
Tinshua Bet: A bar near the Bole Medhanialem
Genenew Assefa: Former member of EPRP and genet Zewde's half-brother
Zerihun teshomw: The man who is referred to as the "Iftin Joro Tebi".


Anonymous said...

'Bemulu higewetoch bitcha sayhonu, worebeloch natchew hagerun yemiyastedadirut malet newa!'

Anonymous said...

Hi ethio-Zagol

Why do I get the feeling you are 'Yared Tibebu'?

Anonymous said...

Does it matter who he is... and if it is Yared he is doing a dame good job of informing the public, his identity is irrelavant isn't that why you are not using your name but questioning under anonymous. If it is Yared good for
you Yared and if it is not Zagol we look forward to read your peice keep the good work coming and thank you

Anonymous said...

zagol the great,

I'm addicted to your blog. Your blog so far has been 100% accurate. I read over the weekend a piece about Ethio bloggers , your's has been characterized a blog with well placed sources.

Your infrequent postings is a clue that you don't just write a story unless absolutely it's true.

keep up the good job!!!

Anonymous said...

If Yard Tibebu can write about city government, Birhane Mogesse's trial, the price of chickens in Addis Ababa and the meeting between the prisoners and the american ambassador, then he must be living in Ethiopia. Is there another Yared Tibebu?

Anonymous said...

I feel like we are all playing
into Melese hands. These cone artists,wayanas, are many steps ahead of us , in tne game whose rules not only they wrote, but also which they control through a sleight of hand and at will, per their likings or dislikngs.
))))) It is a lose lose for us, a win win for the tigres. The Birkutan drama- sitting with men/women- is an exemplary testament as to how they duped the judge,Adil, and the int'l community`s observers. The court appeared independent; which meant,as preplanned by them, "tigres won in the eyes of the white observers- the most important for the weyanas".
Conclusion: we might as well Submit to Tigre supremacy and shut up our mouths ,or create a liberation front and fight- even if takes us 17-years like it took them to be where they are now.

Anonymous said...

"Genenew Assefa: Former member of EPRP "

Please correct. This is not true or factual.

"Genenew Assefa: Former member of ECP (Ethiopian Communist Party- ECOPA in Amharic ") would be factual.


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