Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Mystery of Vicki Huddlestone
Gossips as to the whereabouts of Vicki huddlestone were being thrown around the corridors of American embassy here in Addis.The controversial diplomat was unusually abscent from the Embassy this past week. One had it that she was to be replaced by an ambassador. An unlucky tall lady who was seen in and around the embassy was, for this gossipers, the obvious replacement. It must not be a coincidence that this lady was to hang around the compound when the other one left without trace. Alas, the other group provided a completly different rationale(and a more plausible one) for Vicki's abscence. This group said it had a confirmation that the fiery old woman was having a great vacation in the illustious Italian city of Venice. Who to pay for the lavish vacation of this retired government employee was anyone's guess. Al-amoudi's name was constantly mentioned.
Zagol wondered whether this was a time for vacationing. The charge d'affaires broke so much that she needed a borrowed time to fix what she broke.


Anonymous said...

Why would an american need Al-amoudi's money for a vacation in Venice?!!!

This is my first visit here, and if this is the type of garbage that you publish as news then you need to rename your blog. Seminawork? No, more like 'ye areqe bet were'.

ethio-Zagol said...

I think you have to get a lecture on journalism to differentiate between gossip and news.

Anonymous said...

I think you better prove it to anonymous intead of attacking him/her. anonymous was right. How come an american official vacationing in Venice Italy sponcered by al-amoudi? If you are the host of this blog, please don't act cheap.

Anonymous said...

Many a Congressman and Senator fall from office has been taking perks from special interest, so it is nothing new, so why the shock or disbelif. She has proven that the word integrity is not part of her resume, whether in Haiti, Nicaragua or now in Ethiopia. As to Al-moudi if anyone does not want to believe he is on mission of one kind or another. Keep lying to yourself. Most Ethiopians
know now that he is not to be trusted.

Besides Zagol qualified his blog by stating that the information or gossip is coming from within the embassy.

Remember she is the woman who saw no problem with forged signatures,
so why would she not accept a little perk, besides we have been told for years that American officals in the Embassy have gotten in the habit of demanding perks for issuing visas. Vicky has done a major job and a small vacation paid by the Sheik would not be any different.

Anonymous said...

90% of what Zagol wrote so far was right on the money. You weynae buchiloch are mad because he is exposing your treachrous evil deeds.

BTW zagol, your piece is being posted on several ethiopian forums like others.

Zagol keep giving them hell!!!

The true Ethiopians are with you.

Anonymous said...

Garbage! Garbage! Garbage!

Being anti-woyane does not absolve all this garbage!

Gooch said...

How about some civility, folks?!

Ethio-Zagol, though you've clearly labeled your entry as 'gossip', I think it still downgrades the status of your blog.

In my humble opinion, posts such as these and the one on Mimi Sebhatu are all cost and little benefit. We know Mimi runs a pro-EPRDF radio station. We know Zerihun runs a pro-EPRDF newspaper. We don't need to know what happened to her as she was sitting at a cafe - that's Hollywood stuff, and that's giving people like her too much attention at the expense of more important matters. Again, just my humble opinion.

It takes a long time to build a reputation of reliability and seriousness but only a short time to tear it down.

Otherwise, keep up the good work!

TesfaAlem said...

I want to comment gooch. Ethio-Zagol you should listen to this great advice. You are doing a great job but try to avoid posts which question your credibility.

Anonymous said...

"Gossips as to the whereabouts of Vicki huddlestone were being thrown around the corridors of American embassy here in Addis."

You ain't no blogger from Addis. That embassy is like a fortress and every move and every sound is detected by ultra sofisticated electronics.

You ran out of issues and now you are on character assasination trip. You are losing it fast man! I have no more respect for you or for the trash you write.

ethio-Zagol said...

I don't think Mimi Sebhatu and co are as light weight decision makers as you wanted me to believe. In Chere sefer and mimi sebhatu I wanted to show who made policies in this country, how it is made and how people react. Meles Zenawi is no longer involving his party in decision making. He is surrounded by advisors(mostly former opposition activists like Zerihun) who are giving him "inside information" and hate-based advice. You don't know how much sleazy this government is. I have contacts and friends up and down and I have to reveal my info. to the public.
Anonymous above:
I am fade up with people like you don't really know what is happening here and yet say "How come gossips are thrown around fortress US embassy?" "How come letters from fortress prisons are sneaked out?" "It must be false?" bla bla... Ethiopia is a changed place. In your fortresses there are people who risk their lives, liberity and financial security to do these things. You must appreciate that. Even Meles Zenawi's prison authorities are clueless as to how they can control this free spirit enveloped in pretensious silence.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous immediate above,

You must be an idiot to interprate the phrase "corridor in the US embassy" literally. There are Ethiopians who work in the embassy but lives off the compound. Zagol doesn't have to be physically at the embassy. He can call them at home or meet them in person to get the information.

Anonymous said...

Temper, temper, temper!!!

Hi Zagol, Hot air in the head does not go along with clear thinking.

It must be an ego thing because you and I are not risking any thing hiding behind a pen names.

What is the matter - you don't like it when someone tells you that your blog stinks?

Well! if you can't take the heat then get out of the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zagol

Do what you have to do as your heart tells you to do it. That is where truth resides and ignore the paid antagonizers who are on every website. You have started a great blog and you have a big following, just ignore the detractors. Do not respond to them and they will wither away responding to them makes them important. They are noise Meles paid band.

Please keep the great work and keep us informed, at the same time be careful, these are desperate people and desperate people do desperate things.

Best regards from your readers, Keep the faith brother we shall overcome.

Gooch said...

Thanks for your response, Ethio-Zagol.

What evidence do you have that Meles is no longer involving his party in decision making? What are the implications of this on the TPLF/EPRDF? Does it signal an upcoming crisis, or is the TPLF/EPRDF stronger than ever?

What are the implications on the likelihood of the freeing of the CUD leadership and other prisoners of conscience?

Gooch said...

Oh, and yes, if you can, please moderate the comments to keep the junk out or just ignore it.

Anonymous said...

zagol - you rock !!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Zagol,

You are one of the VERY few who are providing us these valuable inside info!! Whether it is hearsay or fact. You are doing a great job and service to all of us. No need to justify.

Keep up the great work and don't be distracted by them.

Ke kebere selamta gar,
A faithful reader.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zagol,

Why these distracters visit your blog??? Simply because they love your blog but the don't want to swallow anything that gives a negative impression to their allies!

Forget them and keep up on your great work

ethio-Zagol said...

My analysis of the TPLF/EPRDF is that it has become a one man show. For various reasons, the others are following what meles does. I hear that from close contacts of disgruntled TPLF people. And meles is being hugely influenced by external advisors. The new addis ababa adminstration(which took over from the old this afternoon) is, forexample, formed with the advise of genenew assefa and Zerihun teshome. This guys even go to the extent of suggesting who to prosecute or not. My sources told me that some of the names of the diaspora ethiopians who were charged of outrage against the constitutional order were suggested by this group. The prosecutors also working closely with them.
I am afraid the involvement of these guys have made political solution more difficult. Some very moderate elements within the party aren't being heard.

Anonymous said...

The strong reaction/responses from the other side makes me think there is something going on. And if u have so many Woyane-supporter readers, very good! Woyane will soon ran out of the budget that it allocated for full time Woyane commentator cadres on the Net since there are now a lot more Ethiopian blogs they've to comment on and won't be able to handle. What we Ethiopians should do is strech them out thin.

What is wrong with Gooch BTW?.

tewenji said...

Well..............99.9999 percent of Americans are poorer than Alamoudi. He is billionaire Alamoudi can even invite Bush. What is the problem? U know the annual salary Of bush!

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