Monday, May 22, 2006

Breaking News: CUDP, OLF form alliance for democracy
The two biggest political parties in Ethiopia, Kinijit and OLF signed a memorandum of alliance for democracy. According to sources, the alliance was signed on Thursday. Other parties were invited to join the alliance after the two made the agreement. The discussions held in the Netherlands during the weekend was a result of the invitation.

More on details and reactions at home later


Anonymous said...

Correction is warranted here. How can you state OLF is one of the biggest political parties in Ethiopia? Based on what empirical data or even far fetched reasoning is that statement based on? And for the life of me I cannot see how the OLF and CUDP/UEDF can work together. Their fundamental political underpinings are different. OLF and the TPLF share more things in common. CUD/UEDF and OLF see Ethiopia from opposite ends of a spectrum. Even the symobols they use are totally different.

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you how the OLF is the biggest political force in Ethiopian Empire. Simply it represents the vanguard organization for the struggle of 45% of the population. It had enjoyed an paralleled support unlike any other organization. It has a clear purpose. The Oromo people responsd when OLF speaks from far away places.

Hope you will get it.

Anonymous said...


Okey personally i am very worried about this news about CUDP and OLF forming an alliance.One is what the earlier person pointed out i can not for the life of me see how these two parties can work together,and true enough OLF probably shares more with TPLF than CUDP.OLF may represent the interests of most Oromos but lets not make the mistake of assuming that it represents the interest of all.Call it cultural genocide or whatever,but some oromos consider themselves Ethiopians first and Oromos second if at all it is important.I am very sceptical about parties that are based on ethnicity or tribalism.They are bad news and should be prohibited.But it is also important to realise that not all parties that preach unity are necessarily clean from ethnic considerations.Unity under whose terms?Anyway it is really a whole debate that thanks the the EPRDF and its ethnic based policies,we Ethiopians have to confront and deal with as a nation before we can ever hope to go forward.But i guess at the end of the day what all Ethiopians want is the unity of their country and if the CUDP thinks that forming an alliance with the OLF will assist in its move towards that objective,so be it.Lets us all just pray,hold our breaths and hope that the Lord will now more than ever be with Ethiopia.

Anonymous said...

Am i the only one who feels that this whole thing seems to be headed in the wrong direction ?Am i alone in thinking that Ethiopia stands a real chance of experiencing what Rwanda had in 1994?I pray that i am wrong.God help us all.

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