Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Shutting down OLF's website - TPLF's response to ADF
When it comes to stupidity, there is no match to the TPLF regime. Yesterday an alliance for demcracy and freedom was formed by five Ethiopian opposition groups. So how did the government respond to the news? Well, it shut down the website of Oromo Liberation Front which could have been accessed until the announcement was made.
Now that the government has discovered how to block websites, it is adding more and more to its blockage business. Yesterday, Ethiomedia Forum was shut down. Then OLF. Too late for stifling free speech on the net! In some of the intenet cafes in Addis Ababa, owners have put some proxy server addresses in their favourites catalogue and some help their confused customers to access blocked sites. TPLF next move will surely be "fed" policing internet cafes.


Anonymous said...

This guys are becoming increasingly redicoulous by the day. Soon enough the only website you can read from Addis will be

Anonymous said...

I heard 40 people attended an Ali Birra concert in Minneapolis. He made the wrong move to work with Woyane and now he is paying the price.

Hamelamal Abate is also in the same predicament when she betrayed the Ethiopian people and performed at the Woyane Anniversary just after they murdered our people. This is the event where AlaMoudie gave millions of Birr to TPLF.

Now all three of the big record companies (EthioSound, Nahom Record, ..) have refused to disabuse her CD on their label and she is forced to sell it on her own. If you don’t believe this get the CD and see for yourself and you will find it is true. Apprently all of them have told her “egezehaber yawtash”

And I heard sales of her CD is quite dismal here in D.C. and people are asking her Song to be turned of at Restaurants. I am glad the public is not letting her get away with sleeping with murders.


Anonymous said...

EPRDF is showing its true color to the world which is brutal and dictatorial every time they block a website.They know they were not picked by the majority, that's why they are acting the way they are.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Zagol. But the last two sentences were not necessary. You know what they would take it seriously and start scouting the internet cafes! You know how TPLF are! Next time, don't supply them such indications which they think as "very important information". By now, Commissioner Workineh Gebeyehu is already hatching a plan to find the cafes guilty before even investigation. So, caution Zagol. And take care of yourself, too. Don't be too complascent or careless. We want you stay there safe. Kindest regards and our hearts and minds are with you every minute. God speed!

Anonymous said...

Hey collegues,

What do you expect. The new head of Ethiopian ICT authority is a TPLF member who was Ato Kinfe's (Head of security ) deputy previously. He doesn't have any ICT background as such to manage such a big institution. I am sure he is working hand in hand with tesfaye biru, who is becoming more woyane than the real woyanes. Please ethio zagol or others more info about this two people is needed.

Satenaw ke addis

Anonymous said...

Dear EthioZagol,

You said you will come back to us regarding the position of 'hibret' (which regretable is in ? for now). We did not congratulate for the ground breaking move forward...

Let me do my bit...

I sencerely wellcome all, including the libration fronts. Great respect and appreciation to the OLF and thank you for showing us this face of the OLF.

We all are of one flesh but with various opinions, which we are all entitled to. Our ideologies are now on the table for discussion. We are ready to listen to each other (though once rejected & was intolerable) and I am sure we are finally ready to consider the views of others, however ignorant to appears to mean to us.

Zagoliye, I hope I am not offending anyone here.

Peace is given the chance, congratulations to all.

This is not just a blow to Meles. It is the remedy of all evil designs in the region.

Anonymous said...


It is me again (Satenaw ke addis). The name of this guy who run the Ethiopian ICT authority is Debresion. He was ato Kinfe's deputy as I mentioned above. Imagine he becoming the head of ICT authority in the middle best ethiopian ICT profesionals around Ethiopia.It is an insult to the profession. But for those profesionals like Ato tesfaye whom I don't have any questions about his capability, it is a shame for many of us for him to work closely with woyanes to shut the only available voices of our people. For that matter he is the one who suggested to shut down the SMS and willing to do more. For what "Ato Tesfaye"????????????????????

Satenaw ke Addis

Anonymous said...

TPLF is a party/GANG that wouldn't tolerate oppositioin web sites that could only be accessed by few privileged people in Ethiopia. Wow what a DEMOCRATIC party TPLF is. This tells its true nature. Why on earth would someone expect such a nuisance to give up power peacefully?

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