Friday, May 26, 2006

New blogs, network blogging and mass e-mail service
When I started blogging on seminawork, my intention was to deal with matters relating to ethiopian politics, culture, life and arts. I have teamed up with two new bloggers, EthioLaureate and AddisTraveller to do that.On kinetibeb blog.EthioLaureate will introduce you with the works of up and coming Ethiopian novelists, writers and artists. I know ET Wonqette doesn't want to miss Beeweketu Siyoum's humour and wisdom. AddisTraveller is on Yaradalij wondering in our beloved capital like stray dog, observing the lives of Addis Ababans. You will read his conversations with sex workers, night taxi drivers, homosexuals... He will be visiting bars and night clubs of Addis. And more. I will continue delivering political news and information on this blog. Seminawork, yaradlij and kinetibeb will form a network of blogs. Welcome to Ethiopian Weblogs Inc.
We will also start sending breaking news and information (ours and ours only!) via e-mail to those who are interested in reading them before they are posted on our blogs. You can forward your e-mail to if you are interested to get this service.We will launch the new blogs and the e-mail service next Tuseday. Exciting time ahead.


Anonymous said...

Oh God, is homosexual an issue?

Anonymous said...

spare us the homo news...before you know it, it will become main stream.

Anonymous said...

Come on,please stop sexworkers,homo,...story .
What has happened to you these days?
Keep what you have been doing in the past.

tom said...

As of now, there is no blog called kinetibeb or yaradalij.The links you pasted simply take you to a page which says there is no such blog. I did a web search and nada!
Are you going to make the blogs your self and call the network Ethiopian Weblogs Inc or what?

On a more serious note, I liked the idea of emails. With the govt blocking blogs, may be mass emails will help.

Anonymous said...


nobody wants to read trash and
stay out of unholy alliances.
mimi sebhatu can report about the
prostitution and all the abomination in woyane's Ethiopia.

Please keep your nose clean and
do what you do best!

Anonymous said...

Ow common, don't pretend to be "I am holier than the Pope" crap by opposing free speech. I, for one, am not a homosexual. But, I would like to know if homosexuality is indeed widespread in the country and how big is the sex profession in the country. When I was in Ethiopia many years ago I don't think I ever met any homosexual -- man or woman.

Please you should go beyond your prejudice about these topics. If the sex work profession has increased in the capital or in the country, don't you think it has got something to do with politics? May be we can learn something and try to discuss the solution to such social problesms.

Don't pressure the bloggers not to write this or that.

Leave the censoring to Woyanes.

Anonymous said...

Please continue on real issues than unnecessary,untimely issue like clubs,parties,etc put that as a homework to the weyane propoganda mill station -mimy sebatu.
internet is slowing down please think about the future for us in addis.

Anonymous said...

hay you are getting screwed up....even like others you are drifting into business...making the first hand info accessable to those who can cash and dump it on ...wrong man have just began to get respect...from your they not be ahead of business no drama news...keep what you arre doing and what you have built reputation for.. free blog of politics...that is it ...Blog is free..stop the crap of email info...bla bla ...bla

Why don't you guys learn from Adis Ferenji or Whichigud...stick to the objective...drfiters...wake uop.

Anonymous said...

Look forward to reading about Ethiopian novelists, writers, artists, stray dog woderings and, of course, your interesting take on Ethiopian politics.

Good luck with the effort.

Anonymous said...

dont let the sabre rattlers tell you what to write about and what not to. So much for advocating free speech, thought, and enterprise. there is an aweful lot of losers in the diaspora i tell you.

Good luck exploring all the hush hush stuff about abeshas. our insecure sensibilities can't handle straight talk. better develop those legs now for us to do well in the complex world.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your various report. PLEASE do not let these few comments distract you from your reporting. Focusing in the essential and ANGEBGABI ye ageratchin huneta should be primordial, but we also need to know other realities and facts. For those who wish not to read, simply avoid those sites. Information should not be censored. How lucky are we to have this blogger from the heart of our beloved Addis.

Keep up the good work.

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