Thursday, May 25, 2006

Some friends who have connection with the diaspora told me today that there is some effort in North America kinijit chapters to reject the kinijit international leadership delegated by imprisoned leaders. I wish my information is false. If it is true, it is quite sad. In Ethiopia, people keep their allegiance to the incacerated leaders even when that is dangerous to them. Even prison security personnel here risk their lives and security to communicate the messages of the prisoners to the outside world.
I think the struggle is here at home; not in North America. Respecting the will of the leaders in prison should be our threshold. Those(if there are any) who are trying to derail the efforts of the leaders to delgate power should know the reality at home.


Anonymous said...

This resistance is fueled by recent AFD formation. Hope things will be clarified soon. I just saw a flyer in Kinijit website that Kinijit and OLF will hold a TOWN HALL meeting in May 28. This is a wise move taken by Kinijit and OLF. The basis of the new alliance should be clarified for all friends and foes so that citizens eliminate unfounded speculation about the alliance. Obviously, there are some groups that are not happy about the alliance formation. Any hole for speculation should be filled by quick response. Good job Kinijit!!

Anonymous said...

I also hear from someone close to some of the NA support committe members. His argument was there is no way the authontic leaders able to meet and make this decision in prison. I was greatly disappointed from such development. Whatelse can be done to verify and confirm the leadership is indeed the wish of the leaders in prison.

selamawi said...

Asking for clarification, sure... but respect the decision by the leaders. The thought of rejecting the decision is ridiculous.

What is the point of having a leaders if we reject their decision whenever we disagree? Are we only respect leaders with AK-47?

As Zagol said, if anyone out there have the thought of this... I would say, there is a reason why s/he is not chosen as a leader, so find something else to do.

Anonymous said...

You said the struggle is at home not in north America. That is exactly why the leadership role should remain in Ethiopia. There is no leadership placed in two places. The Diaspora role should remain as support for the homeland struggle. It has been that way and has worked effectively to date.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zagol and All,

No one is rejecting the leaders request, the issue was discussed at the Conference initially and what was asked by the members was that verification by the leadership in NA of this request. Since the information did not come from usual known sources.

Selamawi in order to respect the decison one has to clarify if the decison was made and is the "appointment" as stated or not. I would advise you to read the Press Release first and make the judgement.

As you Zagol stated the stuggle is ant home and not in North America, so why exile the leadership? Just think about it. We want the Leadership to stay were it is most beneficial inside the country with the Leaders. The Diaspora is the fuel and support but the stuggle is at home were the grassroot is.

Anonymous said...

Hold your horses ye'all! First and
foremost NOBODY has the moral authority to question our heroic
Leaders in Kaliti. Whatever they
say stands, no ifs, buts, and ands
about. If anyone in the Support
Group has any problem with that
they can go swim in the lake.

Moreover, the Kinijit Leadership
is intact, but since the entire
Leadership is incarcerated, they cannot fulfill their duties, hence
they have given the international
leadership a "POWER OF ATTORNEY"
or "ENDERASSENET" nothing more
nothing less. All those wagging their tails about Kinijit going
into exile just stop it.
Kinjit was born in Ethiopia and will remain in Ethiopia come hell
or high water.

Ethio-Zagol, my brother, I assure
you any exile who even thinks about
defying the Leadership will commit instant political suicide.

Long live the heroes of Ethiopian

Anonymous said...

Too much bravado and uncouthness in the last comment, though I like the spirit. Grow up, dood!

Anonymous said...

Furious anonymous

No one is questioning the decison of the Leadership, but read the print.... verifying the source is very important. The people chosen other than two are in the existing leadership so the issue is mute, Why NOW is the question? and my dear questioning is necessary and part of the process of Democracy.

Anonymous said...

I don't see the point of a public discussion on this topic. Kinjit and its support group structure surely can deal with this purely internal matter.
It actually has a negative consequence on supporters morale and above all it lends to 'open' a gap for Weyane counter propaganda. so, please Zagol - weigh up your topic's contribution vis a vis the overall struggle.
And guys, cool off the rehtoric. Neverthless, my view is to have no doubt at all on decisions of Kinijit leadership or the deligation of imrisoned leaders.

Witness Protection said...

Dear Zagol,

May I suggest for next time that you keep unverified rumors to yourself until you get more substantiated news? As the previous anonymous pointed out, rumors are destructive and tend to steal the fire out of the struggle by weakening supporters' morale.


Anonymous said...

well, I didn't see nothing on the kinjit website about the new appointed leadership either, while the news was all over pro Ethiopia websites, so -------

Anonymous said...

thank you the above anonymous. I always wonder why it is not posted on neither no statement negating it.
hard to swallow even harder to negate? whoever is behind this, grow up.
The authentication is a very good question (my question too) but hey, the leaders are not in their office to send their message. But for our information, the imediate families of the prisoners gave us a statement backing up the message from prison and I am hundred and one percent sure they wouldn't do so had they not made sure it came from their beloved ones. And yes, as Zagol put it right the struggle is at home (to rephrase - started at home and shall remain at home). There's no way NA "support" group to deny and go against what our leaders told us how we should move with OUR STRUGGLE!!
A tip for whoever is against this, let me remind you the leaders are not going to last in prison forever and you shall think where to put your ass (excuse my french) when that happens. You know they say, the good thing about bad thing is it ends.

Anonymous said...

Supporters and members of Kinijit in North America are behind the new Kinijit International Leadership and those living in Ethiopia do not have to worry about our commitment to follow the imprisoned CUDP leaders.They have to infact expose and isolate the traitors like Lidetu Ayalew and Ayele Chembiso.
Long live CUDP.

Anonymous said...

We Love you all but Plz don´t confuss the People with rumers.
Go ahead
Long live Ethiopia
Del Le Ethiopia Hezeb

Anonymous said...

Ethiopians are much smarter than some people think. People no more easily confused with rumors and inuendos. That is what protects the struggle and Kinijit. Hard facts are needed here, not the so called "relatives" testimony. They have said it out clear that the message source is questionable. People should trust the support group leaders since they are doing extraordinary job to date. For those who think pulling OLF in to the struggle is easy should have to check who OLF is only six months ago. Politcs is not a child game!! It should be left to the wise.

Anonymous said...

One of the problem is there is no radio that can pull and guide
all who voted for the popular party from the top command center.
Second hand stories sometimes dangerous.

Zagol ,I love what you do.
God is great.

jj said...

Zagol...thank you for reporting this rumors!

IF infact someone was trying to do what you said....i am sure the responce they are getting from the people here will discourage them!

Anonymous said...

Ethio Zagol,

Please post this on your blog. You can get all the info from

Dr. Berhanu Nega receives the 2006 New School for Social Research Distinguished Alumunus Award.

Way to go Dr. Berhanu, our knight in shining armor, and

Anonymous said...

I am also against publishing rumours as far as Kinijit is concerned. However, since the matter is already in several websites, there is no choice but to discuss it. First and foremost, there is no question that those incarcerated are the elected leaders of Kinijit and no one can take that away from them. However, the Kinijit in NA had a meeting on how better to organize itself in order to fulfill Kinijit's goals. The problem arose when many people became suspicious of the letter of appointment in the NA office, especially the use of the names of our leaders. The problem arose not with the names of the new appointees, but that a few names of the former members of the NA team, who have contributed to the cause, have been eliminated. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to get a confirmation from our leaders if that is their decision. You Zagol, are in a better position to see for yourself the difficulty in communicating with the political prisoners. My suggestion is to await the confirmation of the decision.

tachew23 said...

Dear all and Zagol and specifically those concerned individuals( I do not know, but who ever feels so, may be the KNAB)
People like me are getting confused of what is being said about the leadership of Kinijit.I my self, when I first see the news of those 6 I was happy because I see the names of at least the 2 individuals, Birihane and Andargachew. As well, I understood at that time that this leadership is not totally replacing the well known and jailed leadrership either permanently or temporarily.
But When people talk about their worries I joined them. Today I saw in the Kinijit website somebody wrote about this matter under a title " a call for assertive action" which means that even the individuals who are editing the kinijit website are confused.
Zagol, you on the other hand seem to be confident of the news of the deligation.
Please for God sake, and for the sake of the 70 Million Ethiopian people make this matter clear, oK?
Let us not creat a number of points of unnecessary concerns which will divert our attention. We are still bleeding and need to stop that and we are still wounded and need a way to heal that by continuing our struggle in a clear and goal directed way.
Thank you,
God bless Ethiopia!!!

Anonymous said...

Zagol, is the official website of Kinijit? who is running it? I always have problem in the content and format and general conduct of posting as I have been viewing it for long since its launching. My latest confusion is that they even did not dear to post the great news of Berhanu Nega's Alumnus Award by New School for Social Research which has been posted by all other websites on Ethiopia except Kinijit. If you allow me I can reflect on the previous mis conduct of the website as well.

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