Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Remembering Addis massacre Day
Sene 1 is a week away. It was on Sene 1 last year that 42 people were murdered by EPRDF's Agazi forces. That day changed my life too. It was the day that forced me to abandon the benefit of doubt I used to give for EPRDF. It was this day that woke me, a lethargic civil servant, to dedicate my life to the pro-democracy movement. There may be democratic and nationalistic elements in EPRDF. Yet as a party, Sene 1(as plenty of dates afterwards) was a testament to the fact that the party lacked a cause for its existence and a purpose for the nation. EPRDF killed almost the same number of people in riots four years ago. What made Sene 1 different were the manner of the killing and the profile of the dead. Young and old who were bread winners for their family were shot on their head and throat by well-trained snipers. Unlike the riot four years ago, there was no looting, no destruction of property on Sene 1. The protestors were armed with a single question; and their focus was the government, not banks and shops.
In the next seven days, I will remember the fallen heroes of Addis Ababa. I will write the profile of some of the dead and the tragic stories of that day. One year after Sene 1, "how are the families coping with the loss of loved ones?" I ask.
If you have stories on Sene 1, please e-mail me.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ethio Zagol,

What a wonderful idea and initiatives. You know wotane can't deny what it did to the Ethiopian people on Sene 1 and also in November. Thanks to Internet all the day by day stories and suffering of the ethiopian people are documented. I was in Addis during that time, and I witnesed how woyane go home to home late in the night to harass the addis ababa population. Meles and his cronies will face the their fate when that day comes. For me that will be the day where the deads will be remebered. I am sure with the help of the ethiopian people will build a monument for pro democracy fallen comrades. We can say more, these people were our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers. Meles will pay the price and I will not regrey if I die the same day seeing TPLF officals get their verdict.

Your reader
Addis Ababa

Anonymous said...


May 2005 has changed my life profoundly. I was dormant at that point and like everybody I was giving woyane the benefit of the doubt. Since June & November masacar, my outlook for woyane, Ethiopia and life in general changed. I am a fighter now. I am fighting at whatever means available to me to free my country and my beloved people. We will get salvation soon and we will pay homage for the fallen. Until then inberta. Ye Ethiopia Amlak yirdan. Amen!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

yeminega lelit

dear freedom lovers....
we will not forget those who died for freedom for liberty....mother who lost two of her son girl lost her mom families lost thier only can we forget all those unhappy episodes let us unite our self and be second to none for our people
May the help of GOD with us

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