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The Tigray issue and
Two days before the great may 7 rally, Birhanu Nega and lidetu Ayalew appeared on ETV and mustered the most dazzling political peformance ever wittnessed on an Ethiopian media. They were churning out positive after positive political message. When the show was over I called my TPLF friend and asked him "So what?".. . "What can I say," he replied. Birhanu was particularly amazing when he dealt with the Tigray issue. "Kinijit would be happy if Tigray was developing as some claimed. The reality was it wasn't. " Or so Dr. Nega said. subtly, he underscored that what he and Kinijit stood for was against the gangster, unpatriotic capitalism of TPLF, not against the down-trodden Ethiopia-loving people of Tigray and Tigrians.
Thus, I say, some of the opposition members and supporters who try to bad-mouth and blame the problem of our beloved nation on Tigrains are working and acting against the kinijit spirit and philosophy that Birhanu so admiringly articulated. He and fellow kinijit leaders are langushing in prison for advancing that spirit.
A website,, is at the moment posting comments and poems that trounce the spirit of Kinijit. Before the damage is done to our ideals, let's tell the host that this views are divisive and can't be tolerated. Thanks for Abreha Belai for removing the link to the site from


Anonymous said...

What is the point of this Article?
I don't see any importance to this Article as long as "ethiolion" site has not claimed to be official outlet for CUD-kinjit party.
I wonder what the Author will say when in near future internet gets spread in ethiopia and every one is going creat his a website.
Is the author going to accuse CUD-KINJIT for every stuff posted on internet which expose the crime of Tigrea ?

Anonymous said...

Your comment about Ethiolion.Com is unfounded and EthioLion has not posted any comment with the exception of a poem that bases the issue of all Ethiopian’s concern. The poem is great and its intent is to explain what the regimes brutal Army and its collaborators are doing to the people and that it is unacceptable and he calls them a “Dog” which is a great name that fits them since they are biting us ruthlessly. The second poem is calling the Tigrians to combine forces with the rest of the opposing group which they gave a deaf ear to for so long; I do not see anything upsetting in its content. The whole issue they are displeased with is the name Hagosse if it was named Meles or Abebe no one will dare to comment on it. Ethiomedia removing EthioLion from its link has strengthened my suspicion on Ethiomedia; he is so petty to do that, we all know that Ethiolion.Com Published a funny poem entitled the "Dog of Mr. Hagos" and "The Mother of Mr. Hagos" and everybody seemed to enjoy it, except the editor of, who responded by deleting from its list of links. The editor of Ethiomedia is one of the crowds who defected from the Tigria thug’s camp when the "FREE SEYE BANDWAGON" was sent to where it belongs for eternity.

Anonymous said...

My birth place is Tigray but if anyone ask me where I am from then my answer will be Ethiopia. Well we all know we tigrians have contributed a lot for Ethiopian freedom since we go as far back as yohanes,minilik and even befor. Every Ethiopian has to know and recognize how much we contributed for Adwa victory over the Italians. It is true that few individuals were bandas that sold out and give support to enemy directly and indirectly during the invasion. It is true that there were lots of power strugle among the Amhara and the Tigrai Feudals but it never got to a point where one looks at the other as enemy. We have worked together we go to church together and our mohters regardless of their languge diffrences invited each other for coffee. All these issues was supposed to get better. Snf most of all we know and apriciate the support we got from the rest of Ethiopian children during the Bademe war. There was supposed to be peace harmony and equlaity. there was supposed to be Democracy and power sharing when we were in the desert fighting. That is what we were told as a regular solder and there were those who actualy belived what they were saying. Pride and ego gets the best of us. I remember 4 month after we controled Addis some arround 400 TPLF solders were getting organized to demonistrate with a slogan that says " WE didn't fight for Ertirian Independance" but the govenment was not to see that kind of truth come out so they were rounnded up at arround 5 in the mornning and taken to a palce no one knows. Many how were getting critisized by the local people about being "ASGENTAY" were also asking their supirors questions why they were being called Asgentay by the local people. Sinece they did not like the way things are turnning out most of these genuine Tigraian solders werer sent back to Tigray with few cash and were told that they were better off being farmers. there are still those who oppose the Meles and few strategy to capitalize wealth by designing ethnic conflicts. There are those who stands for unity of Ethiopa. there are those who support kinijit. people have to understandt that tigraians are not Ethiopians enemy at all. people have to weak up and see what the govenment is doing just to make sure the tigraians get isolated form this strugle to win Democracy. In tigray there are more than 5000 EPRDF cadres and over 10000 solders ready to shoot an anyone.
Tigray is isolated from the rest of Ethiopia by a very systematic way just so they don't get awerness of what is going on. The people have been pumped with EPRDF propoganda. let me put it this way, anyone is chaseing you to kill you and you get cornerd the only chance you have to save your life is fight with what you have. But in this case there should not be chaseing people by accusing them and calling them names it is only natural they will fight back. mind you meles is acting like a diffender of tigray and it's people just to stay in power. Because we all know is never did protected tigray at all. As the matter of fact lets remember he was the one who didn't want to act on the Eritirian invesion. If it wasn't for the pressure of the people under him that war woulden't have taken place at all. And at the end here it is he wasted 70000 life of ethiopians not nothing. So people of tigray have a great hate for thsi guy and his fellow Ertirians under him but in this new political showdown he has the uper hand to terorize the people of tigray and use them for his own interest. So lets all wake up and see things in diffrent angle. lets work together. let kinijit come out with geniuine tigrian figures holding hands. let Ethiopian loveing tigrians come out and support kinijit. Trust me that is the major defeat to meles in every way.

nolawi said...

^ such a smart guy

Anonymous said...

Never mind ano,

These two poems entitled with names "Yato Hagos Woshoch" and "Yato Hagos Enat" are very nice and they speak the reality what the @gazi's are doing right now on our brothers and sisters

Thank you the Editor of these two poems

Anonymous said...

The second commenter has explained it largely. The poem speaks behalf of all Ethiopians and there is nothing out of the ordinary in that poem, it is not bigot in any way shape or form, the truth of the matter is people who did not like the name Hagoss because the name Hagoss is particularly given to Tigrians speaking people. So what? Are we denying the reality, the Tigirians ruling party and the Tigirians Agazi and their “wesha’s” are killing our people. Wake up and smell the coffee people. Any person displeased with this poem is narrow minded like Ethiomedia editor. This guy is the one who tried to comment in the name of anonymous “My birth place is Tigray but if anyone asks me where I am from then my answer will be Ethiopia.” As it explained on the second commentator he is one of ““FREE SEYE BANDWAGON” thugs. He may fool some but not all of us, this editor has never linked to other web sites even if he does he does it in rare cases this time he tried to twist arms by linking “Ethio-Zagol writes” to he usually publishes anything he scavenges on his personal site, this time he links “Ethio-Zagol writes” it to this Blogger for the reason that he indirectly wants people to read his comment even though he did not declare his name in it. Why doesn’t he comment on that poem on his site? He already removed Ethiolion from his link and people are displeased on that and gave their commentary on public about it. “Yezegeyal enji man yehezb wegen man tsere hezeb endehone yeleyal” we adore the “Hagoss wesha and the Hagoss enat” poem keep up the good work poet.

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