Friday, October 05, 2007

The Aigaites have come up with an ingenious strategy to fight the coalition of unitarist chauvinists and demogogues; otherwise known as the CUD. How does establishing the union of intellectual supporters of  the EPRDF sound
The union's major objective, I guess, is to defend the killings of Ogaden and Merkato. What could these intellectuals add that EPRDF apologists from Samuel Gebru to Samuel Assefa haven't raised so far?
The perils of the four Geneva conventions? How it is wrong to accept fundamental human rights principles as Jus Cogens? How democracy and fighting the war on terror are incompatible? 


Anonymous said...

They are truly bery very... crazy. What else can we say? Even the thousends of $$$ they spent to corrupt the american HR did not work. Let them walow in the inosent blood of the people who were killed by these gangestrs not fit to lead such a grate nation.

Anonymous said...

We know what red terror is, but what do they mean by white terror?
Does it mean American Congress terrorizing Ethiopian people? These bunch of idiots are very stupid indeed! Or perhaps the terror Weyane is unleashing on the Ethiopian people - like killing of 193 innocent ppl, genocide in Gambela, Ogaden, Oromia etc... HELP from aigaforum is needed here.

Anonymous said...

Aigaites need to visit Amanuel Hospital in Addis.

King Fu said...


I don't think articles being posted on this tribalist site deserve your comments. They all are trashes and rubbish.

The people there sometimes wanted our attention through lies and provocations.

Please ignore them!

King Fu from NL

Anonymous said...


Don't you have some thing to write? Why are you talking about the trash aiga. They cannot think. Forget them! If you see the letter, they have their common poision, race. They are still thinking with their blood.


Anonymous said...

Hi, EZ ... to tell the truth i visit aigaites only when i need to be relaxed ... if i need something which brings me laughing .. i probably visit websites like aigaites and ethiolionites . :-) both are good for nothing ... i m really surprised that tplf doesnt have and adviser who can think logical when i were tplfst i would make distance from aigaists ...they are really good for nothing kkk

Anonymous said...

Pardoned Kinijit convicts in action and ready to strike again

From the beginning, most people including myself had doubts about any meaningful positive effect on democracy and promoting tolerance in pardoning the convicted CUD officials. Their release might have helped create a little more festive atmosphere in Addis during the millennium celebration, but that doesn’t mean it was good for democracy, justice and promoting tolerance. Unless one believes they were political prisoners in the first place, promoting tolerance (mechachal) cannot be one of the objectives of their release. Crime is punished not tolerated.

How ever, regardless of personal opinions as to whether they shouldn’t have been pardoned or not, almost everybody has accepted it after the fact for different reasons. One obvious reason is that the true nature of this hate-driven organization has come out and that we are witnessing its disintegration as a result. Even though it started in the prison cells, we wouldn’t be able to see this coup d’etat in action if they were still locked up in Kaliti. Of course, it’s good to have a strong and loyal opposition, not only for the country but also for EPRDF as a party, but not Kinijit or one that smells like it.

Yes, we all know by their own signatures they admitted guilt and asked for mercy. But, the gov’t should have done more. It should have requested that they read what they were signing and air it on TV for the public to see.

The Berhanu Nega group, which has managed to come on top after the unofficial coup d’etat in the organization, after causing all the havoc, destruction and death in Addis in 2005, it is striking again. This time, not in Addis but just like his title, Diaspora Mayor-elect, it is in the Diaspora, even though the intended target is in Addis.

Except for Dr. Hailu Araya, Berhanu and Co. are telling their supporters and testifying in front of the US congress, that they were released not because they admitted guilt and asked for mercy, but due to international pressure on the Ethiopian gov’t.

Berhanu Nega’s testimony on the house floor during the passage of HR 2003 is now a public document available for everybody to see. Looking at what Berhanu said during the testimony regarding the situation in Ogaden, having an ONLF representative on his side was redundant. ONLF, the terrorist organization, was more represented by Berhanu Nega. Even though this is for the prosecutor to follow up, it seems very apparent to a lay- man that he is in breach of the contract he signed in the Kaliti prison.

Except for the few architects of HR 2003 like Al Mariam, the naïve hate-driven supporters of Kinijit do not know anything about the hurdles it has to go through to become a law, let alone about its negligible effect even if it becomes a law. For now, before they get in a depression mode soon after reality sinks in and find out that it is not good enough to remove the EPRDF from power as they were told, their supporters along with the armed wing of Kinijit, Shaebia, are celebrating as if they have captured a town on the battle front. Speaking of Shaebia, whose hidden hand is behind HR 2003, the threat to terminate, the already practically non-existent Algiers’ agreement, on the Ethiopian side should not be left open-ended with out any dead line.

Finally, I would like to express my disappointment at the silence of the gov’t media, Walta and others regarding the pardoned Kinijit leaders and the recent developments. Not even the raw news regarding the Kinijit leaders’ actions in the Diaspora has been reported on ETV, ENA and Walta yet. Those who elected these traitors in 2005 deserve to know the true nature of these people. Every private citizen in the Diaspora, let alone the gov’t with all its intelligence, knows about everything they do and say, but why wait to make “ a movie based on a true story” instead of reporting the raw news to the public at the right time?

While still celebrating the millennium and keeping the good spirit in the entire country, the EPRDF and the gov’t media should keep the public informed about the good and expose the bad in a timely manner while it’s relevant.

Zenebe Nega

Oct 4, 2007

Anonymous said...

anno @ 4:57 aka Zenebe Nega

Do you know this Arab saying…..

THE DOG BARKS, but the Caravan [HR-2003] moves on!!

Anonymous said...



what do you really expect from alga forum, where "intellectuals" of our time are teaming up to salvage their "beloved" country from the destruction their 'democratic leaders" have caused the last 17 years. They did an extensive research work on the sacrifices they made during the 17 years they were branded as bandits. The research result they posted on their internationally acclaimed alga forum reveals that they lost 40000 comrades in arms which includes donkeys and other saddle animals which were very decisive in the armed struggle against derg. They even outlined a mathematical equation which as a theorem was proven to be correct by the dedebit acadamic council that for every 1000 comrades lost lives they are entitled to a one year woyane rule. Therefore, according to the dedebit strategic planners, woyane is entitled for another 24 years in power during which time non woyanes have to remain being subordinate to the woyanes rule of law.Their dream of creating The state of Greater Tigray will be accomplished in the first 10 years from now, according to alga forum's scholars. The land of Abysinia will be in the history books when smaller states will fragment and stay in wars among themselves for supremacy and annexation. The state of Greater Tigray will continue to be a flourishing , peaceful country under the eternal leadership of the woyane. The research by alga's scholars continue to outline Greater Tigrays nuclear capacity and its continued threat to world peace , North Korean style. The Great leader Meles continues the uncotestable leader for life. The spiritual leader,The Ayatolah Sebhat will continue to be the central figure to whom sons and daughters of the WOYANE revolution attach allegiance. Ofcourse , all establishments - churches, mosques, schools , hospitals , government and busines office will hang the spiritual and great leaders picture
on their walls and start days and nights with prayers for the health of the two. Alga scholars will soon post the content of "the prayer" each individual would say and mean time I say good bye by saying "mot le ethiopia hizb telatoch"

Anonymous said...

What about this? Aiga is the biggest trash can with a lot of filth in it. What the hell do you do look for in there?

Anonymous said...

The Tplf elites never stop to amaze me. On one hand Tplf mouthpiece newspaper "reporter" told us two weeks ago that they have started negotiations with OLF through the "shimagele" Ephrem Isac and on the other hand they are accusing Kinijit and Dr. Berhanu for condemening human rights violations all over Ethiopia including the most serious one in Ogaden. What kind of people are the Aigaiets? According to Tplf it is OK for them to talk to OLF and ONLF but not OK for Kinijit to talk peace with any kind of Ethiopian organization. Is there any tomorrow in Tplf land? don't they have any shame? Tplf supporters became not only desperate but also foolish.

Anonymous said...

Aigas for sure have become Desperados. From the posted Aiga article I could only sense a total desperation that Woyane's grip to political power is indeed tenuous, and the regime's supporters are scared to their bones. They are talking about non-existent intellectuals to come in defense of murderes and thugs in the Woyane government. No sane intellectual would lend his/her hand to this endeavor. If there were any intellectual that could support this woyane heinous crime, they would have come out in support of woyane long ago. Poor Aiga, they don't even realize how much woyane is isolated. A quick look at the May 2005 Election would have told them that Woyane's support won't go more than 10 percent at best in Ethiopia. But we have to intensify the attack on these woyane thugs so that they continue to bleed psychologically and eventually give in to peaceful democratic transition to those elected by the majority of the population. Desperados, Desperados.....

Anonymous said...

My friends, AIga whatever they call themselves, simply are a collection of stupids and ignorants. I came to this conclusion after visiting their website for the first time to see what people were talking about. Boy it is true! They are intellectual poors!!

Anonymous said...

Aiga is a place where Tplf tribalists hang out. We don't have any business visiting these tribalists who hate everbody except themselves. They hate Pan-Ethiopians calling us chauvinists, ONLF and OLF terrorists and Eritreans people with superiority feeling towards Tigray and the Somalis terrorists etc etc ---. They label everybody they don't agree with. Tplf is the most dangerous entitiy in the Horn of Africa and the US state department must stop pampering these desperados before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

It is time for realy check for EPRDF and aiga forum. A vito proof bill in the Senate will guarantee its passage to become the law of the land (United States).

The train is moving fast and it is not going to stop any time soon. I expect all freedom loving Ethiopians and friends like will ride with us until the end.

Why waste your time by reading aiga forum or EPRDF media outlets? They never served the whole of Ethiopia but only their narrow minded hodam supporters.

Anonymous said...

Thanks EZ for the post, but we don't have a second to spent on this kind of garbage sites.

We Ethiopian have to develop some kind of strategy to take this kind of website (like the Nazi party) which collaborated in killing innocent Ethiopian to the World court. We do have the documentation what this site stands for, their activities.

At last became to trust more Eritrea’s than Tigress. I believe most Tigrians don't like Ethiopia or Ethiopians.

Ethiopia for Ethiopians!!!

Anonymous said...

anon @ 7:59

"At last became to trust more Eritrea’s than Tigress. I believe most Tigrians don't like Ethiopia or Ethiopians."

what the hell that supposed to mean? Only ethnocentric bastards like you would say such a thing. You probably be a weyane cadre yourself trying to give a bad image to all the people who are against the current TPLF mafia group in Ethiopia. Your cheep "divide and rule" tactic is just soooooooo old come with a new game plan.

Anonymous said...

EZ, why are you obsessed with aiga? Is this an inferiority complex? They have every right as much as you do to organize themselves.
What a lunatic

Anonymous said...

Anon am I on your nerve??? I believe I was right when I said (I trust Eriteans than Tigreans). Tigreans, why did and you kill innocent Ethiopians?? why do you have to loote the Ethiopian treasure? Is any Tigrea simpetized with the Ethiopian people, the agazees killed our people.

It must be a person like u who support the killer meles Zerkawi and his gangs. you are one of the killer...or you must be Agamidoooo.

Ethiopia for Ethiopians!!

Aba Boru said...


Take out the comments of this annonymous who wants to sidetrack the discussion here by bringing unnecessary & childish trusting Eritreans vs trusing Tigreans datribe. Your forum is not for ethnic bashing and this kind of comment belong in tribalists media such as AIGA not here. We do not want to see the issues you have raised divertede to undesirable discussion.

Anonymous said...

Aiga is a bunch of triabalist. very very few from other nationalities. so no surprise! They are as stupid as nonliving