Saturday, October 20, 2007

What does the EPRDF's Beyonce mania tell you about the state of the party?  This is a party which governs a poor country with countless problems and at the brink of yet another war. And yet all the state media and party's outlets are talking  is about the sensational singer. Shameless!  


Geda said...

Dear EZ
EPRDF doesn't want to face the real issues in ethiopia. They want to divert the attention to some useless things like party with Beyounce .


Anonymous said...

Dear EZ,
For me this shows two things: first, the tplfites love it if we develop a short memory and forget all their sinister deeds and second they are detached from the reality. They shamelessly try to convince us that life is normal and tplf is as nationalist a party as any other. Our answer to them is we are not as stupid as you are!!!

WE CONDEMN ANOTHER ROUND OF SENSELESS WAR IN THE NORTHERN FRONT because the nation is already on the brink of collapse speaking of the day to day life situation of ordinary people. 'Hodam' cadres are serving themselves to the max.


Woyaneas should realize that war with Eritrea will not make us stop our quest for democracy and freedom in Ethiopia!!! It makes us even more determined because time has run out for irresponsible and evil advocates of dictatorship in Ethiopia!!!
Come on freedom loving Ethiopians speak out against another mass massacre about to happen.
(source from Tigray inform me that the preparation for war is very visible)

Anonymous said...

what is wrong with her going? Let the people who can afford pay and see her.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it is oky to enjoy. I do understand your concern, but hay Meshewawede always exist.

Anonymous said...

It truly is a shame for the President to waste a time for hip-hop singer as if that's what's lacking in Ethiopians life.It's shameful opposition leaders including the leader are infighting about personal issues.

yonas said...

easy now zagol ... what you got against beyonce?

Anonymous said...

The Tplf party is damaged beyond repair and all what they do now doesn't make sense at all. It resembels the last period of Haileselassie and Mengistu regimes. Mengistu celebrated the 10th year revolutionary party when millions of Ethiopians perished from famine and Hilesselassie did the same thing. The Tplf regime has lost all the legitmacy and living in a borrowed time due to western assistance which is changing nowadays. Let them celebrate as the end of the regime's era is approaching fast.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree!
We are tired of Beyonce here in the US already.
Arrogance blinds people and that is the begining of their downfall.

Anonymous said...


It seems all you wish for your country is bad news. With or with out CUD, life in Ethiopia will go on. Get over it! Are you suggesting that singing, dancing & partying must be stopped, because the country is on the verge of war?

Anonymous said...


Thomas H

Anonymous said...

The EPDRF is compromised of political prostitutes who have the lust for power.
These political prostitutes would do any thing that satisfies their need at the expense of the poor.
I don't comprehend bringing Byonce Knowels to Addis when the majority of the population lives in absolute poverty.

Anonymous said...

Shemels let me tell you somting this is not about EPRDF. This is a rech man making money while he intertaing his people, showing posetive image about Ethiopia to the world. all this is credited to sheke Mohamed Alamudin. God may bless him. One thing that i dont understan is when people say. how a country this poor is paying $1 million or when people is starving how they throgh a party all this is Bull.
Reson number one: All this expence is cover by Alamudin
Reson number two: Alamudin is making money which is making a profit from the concert.
Reson number three: this is a buesness just like Sheraton Addis, or any other kind of buesness.

N.B if you ask a question just like this i might be supportive. Did some of the money which they make of milluneum goes to the poor Ethiopian people?

Anonymous said...

A man of your calibre should not go into such low level. This party has nothing to do with EPRDF and leave them alone. If AlAmoudi is EPRDF then it makes sense but what you are crying about does not hold any water. The Ethiopian media though controled by EPRDF government, is doing this (reporting about Boyance) on its own. People (specially the younger generation) admire her. The reality in Ethiopia now is that there are so many rich individual who live a western life and these people want to talk about Boyance rather than the division between Birhanu and Hailu.
Please , please , please be real and let's tackle the real issue here. Let's not be haters with empty goal but to defame others!

Anonymous said...

Well, it is an event that is happening in our country and is not uncommon to make that big news. It is better than hearing EPRDF's propaganda and the boring government TV/Radio channels. Don't see a problem with that.


Anonymous said...

you get the best singer in the world to entertain the very few while your most people are starving to death and weeping every day to make the next day possible? I was really doubter until recently about the idiocy of Mr. Meles and co. He is too foolish to try to change the image of a country with American singer. Al moudi would open a rest room somewhere around the place. I have seen people urinating and defecating just below the palace. You cannot walk out side the palace fence without covering your nose and mouth. Well, it seems insult or humiliating the government, but is a reality and a bitter pill to swallow.
What a cursed generation, what a vocal generation. is " Ya Tiwold" Yeteregeme Tewold!!! TPLF, EPRDF… all that generation, legions of talkative…bear no fruit…. Forgive me Kegn azimach, Girazimach, Bitwoded, Agafari …. Etc. You were upto your words for good and bad

Anonymous said...

The news media of the world said
Many Ethiopians are kept alive by the world's generosity. But addiction to food aid has also virtually wiped out any semblance of self-reliance in the country. Much of the economy relies on foreign aid, and the government sees no reason to change things.

Yet despite the growing poverty and repeated food shortages, the government has done absolutely nothing about low crop yields. And why should it? After all, with a well-oiled aid machine routinely offsetting the country's food deficits, there is little in the way of incentive. The United Nations World Food Program (WFP), which administers international aid to Ethiopia, likewise has shown little interest in breaking the aid cycle in Ethiopia. After all, by doing so it would be making itself superfluous.

Prime Minister Zenawi's Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) has no interest in upsetting this bizarre trade imbalance. Shipping companies, after all -- all of which are owned by the EPRDF in Ethiopia -- collect $40-50 per ton in shipping charges. Furthermore, Addis Ababa is home to more than 300 aid organizations, from Arat Kilo Child Care to ZOA Refugee Care, and their combined staff number in the thousands. More than a hundred of these agencies are involved exclusively in food distribution.

In other words, once a country gets placed on the list of the world's neediest, it has trouble weaning itself from foreign assistance. As if to underscore the notion that the ubiquity of charity destroys all initiative, nomads in the south now follow aid convoys the way they once followed rain clouds.

But less than a quarter of aid shipments actually reach those segments of the population where they are most urgently needed, because the government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) don't take the trouble to analyze recipients on the basis of need. As a result, food aid ends up in places where infrastructure allows it, but not in the country's poorest regions -- especially in remote mountain areas plagued by a lack of roads and poor administration."

Anonymous said...

When you have so many problems in front of you, a little distraction is a welcome breath of fresh air. Beyonce seem to have deceived the on lookers for a moment and that is fine by TPLF and its serogate financiers. After all, what they need right at this moment is a little distraction, just enough to make them forget the state they are in. Beyonce and Ludacris cost TPLF millions, but it is okay. Their finaciers give them the money and they are returning the favor by empoying black stars. The poor and hungry in Ethiopia will at least see the singer on TV if they are lucky or perhaps don't care about a superstar because they are busy getting hungry.

Anonymous said...

When you have so many problems in front of you, a little distraction is a welcome breath of fresh air. Beyonce seem to have deceived the on lookers for a moment and that is fine by TPLF and its serogate financiers. After all, what they need right at this moment is a little distraction, just enough to make them forget the state they are in. Beyonce and Ludacris cost TPLF millions, but it is okay. Their finaciers give them the money and they are returning the favor by empoying black stars. The poor and hungry in Ethiopia will at least see the singer on TV if they are lucky or perhaps don't care about a superstar because they are busy getting hungry.

Tazabi said...

Hi EZ the great!
It indeed is very charitable of you to call this outrageous scandal shameless. The TPLF-Beyonce extravaganza, when our people are starving and grappling with so many political and socioeconomic problems, with a full blown genocide in Harague and a war looming in the north is indeed shameful. But, this is the type of irresponsible behavior that we have come to expect from this heinous regime and unfortunately not disappointed.

What I would like to know is; who are the people that can afford to go to this type of concert in Ethiopia today. I am not talking about people who can afford to pay a year’s living wage of a family of four for a single concert, but the emotional and inhuman detachment these people have to the unfolding misery around them. That is what bothers me most, like I was bothered by the Millennium Traveler who was hell bent on having his/her share of good times at the expense of Ethiopians living in Ethiopia today. I hope someone will videotape this blasphemy so that social scientists could study these inhuman specimens and find a cure for these types of social diseases.

Anonymous said...

I do not understand the relationship of the woyanne patriac (Abune Paulos or the play boy) has anything to do with her visit in Ethiopia? Where is the famus womanizer pervirt Al-A mudi? I am sure that was his request to have sexy singer to come to Ethiopia. Again my question is why aba paulos as so called religion leader has received the sexy singer Beyonce?

Anonymous said...

Are you running out of complaint? I am sure there are many issues to raise.

Anonymous said...

R u running out of complaints? I am sure there are many issues to raise.

Anonymous said...

Oh Shut up! You are so jealous of the succsseful Millinium Celbration, Meskele and Eid. So you just want to complain constantly. They might feed you about Beoyonce but they are doing their homework behind the scenes unlike your incomptent CUD leaders that can't even lead themselves.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was paid by shiek mohamed al-amudin. but if it was paid by the government it really is shameless.

Anonymous said...

This event was organsied by Mohammed Al amoudi, the Sheki can do what ever he likes with his money and the governemet has the right to use this apportunity to promot the country's image. I don't see any problem with that. Any postive news that comes out of the country upsets CUD supporters..supporting CUD is fast becoming a mental sickness rather than a politcal indeference,,IT IS SAD.


Anonymous said...

Dear friends,

I have the opportunity to watch Ethiopian Tv yesterday after a very long time, the Millenium Poster was run again and again, with a permanent display behind the News reader, I was surprised even after 40 days since we had that memorable day, ETV is boring its viwers with something which has already passed. what is all the fuss about it. Remeber all nations had their Millenium or will have it in the why are we always stuck with the past? Is this obsesion with the Past and failure to move on the route of our problem...I think so

Comrades we should move on and focus our resources to now and the future.

The past is already passed and should leave it to History. Anyone in diffrence to me?


Anonymous said...

This is a testament to woyane's acting like a mad dog that they are. They are and have been insulting the great Ethiopian's people's inteligence for long and this is no surprise. They think or would like to think that the problem they have brought to our country will be forgotten because they have brought an american rapper, what a shame?? How stupid must they think the ethiopian people are that they can easily be quieted by something so unattached and non relevant culture such as this? Are we supposed to forget that the woyane is and has been working day and night for the last 16 years to dismantle our beloved Ethiopia?? Are we supposed to forget woyanes conspirecy to dismantel Kinijit??? How stupid must they think the Ethiopian people are?? And this, empty arrogance and stupidity is what will eventually bring the woyane down. Well, we have bad news for you Woyanne, we the Ethiopina people, inside and out, will never sleep until we have brought you DOWN!!! Mark our words!! You know you are clinging to power by sheer force, the sunami of the Ethiopian people is closing in on you from every corner. NOw as a last and lost cause, you bring such meaningless, cheap, fix to our country's problem. We will let you know we are not stupid in the language you understand!!! We know you now have temporary relaxation becausse of the temprary problems created within Kinijit, but, get this, it is a problem the Ethiopina people are willing to work with our leaders and we know the problems will be solved. we will not let you sleep. When this time of regrouping and restrategising is completed kinijit will come out stronger than ever, then get ready to be burried in the grave you have all dug!! We will be happy to bury you.

Anonymous said...

EZ: What a stupid question. What is wrong with celebrating our millenium by inviting stars and introducing our country. This has nothing to do with supporting the government or not facing other serious problems facing our country.

Anonymous said...

the naive girl is used by the Woyane!
This is a typical american singers who did not finish school but be rich just like the woyane "kumta lebash".
"I think your kumta was weet"

Anonymous said...

It is so funny that you wrote this article. You are not doing better either. Acutally, you are doing worst adding gas into a fire to divide CUD. Not to mention, how you undermined our country and our millenium.

Please, before commenting nonsense, can you do better than the party you are accusing?

Anonymous said...

Frankly I do not see anything wrong with having Beyonce or other stars perform in Ethiopia. We need not associate every aspect of life with politics.

Restriction of such events will parallel the communist era and I don't think anyone want to go back there.

From what I have heard Beyonce was very impressed by the country and people of Ethiopia. To a point where she has proclaimed Ethiopia to be her home away from home.

Let us not forget we need as many friends as possible that shades positive image of Ethiopia rather than the usual negative image of our country in the mind of most westerners.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys get a life! What's wrong with people going to see a concert of Beyoncé or anyone else for that matter if they want to and can?? Americans go to concerts everyday and they're at war in Iraq ! What's the connection ??!

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with Beyonce's concert? are you saying Ethiopians doesnt deserve partying with her? everyone in diaspora go out and dance everyweekend.

Just focus on big issues that this. i didnt expect this kind of article from EZ.

If Woyanne use her performance for his advantage, why not oppositions? what keep them from doing the same?

Anonymous said...

Hi All;

For those opposing the show of Beyounce what would happen if it was in your area? wouldn't you tempted to enter the show if you have the music appetite?

What is wrong having her in Addis?

For God's sake are you there living our miseries?

What is wrong to have some brilliant school kids (some of whom may not have the chance to see the super star in his/her life time) selected from Universities and Higher institutions in Ethiopia to have this fun?

What has it to do Politics and after all Millenium celebration?

You guys do you have some sense EXCEPT THE USUAL HATRED?

What did you do to the poor people of Ethiopia? Be honest ? As we know
some of you raised a 1.2M dollar for CUD and to your surprise it become the grave digger of the CUD!!! You are snatching one another!!!!

Al Amoudi has invested AROUND 2 BILLION DOLLARS in ethiopia and yet he is trying hard to make the country a living place.

The opposite you raised 1.2 Million and it become your last!!!!


Long live Al-Amoudi!!!!
He is the real son of Ethiopia.

Down with hate mongerers and peanut heads!

Abiy from Addis!