Tuesday, October 09, 2007

David Blair on the Ogaden

The Telegraph's respected journalist David Blair reported this about the Ogaden crisis. As usual, it is a must read.
A government official admitted that soldiers had supplied ammunition to militiamen recruited from non-Ogaden clans.
Many aspects of the conflict in the Ogaden are resembling Darfur by the day.




Anonymous said...

dear Zagol,

What do you know about Darfur? Let's know how informed you are and we will understand the link between your obsession (more than a general humanitarian focus) and that of the western media .

Anonymous said...

As Expected no body is interested to discuss about "these sumale" ppl. all across the board (opposition or eprdf supporters. No wonder why they (the sumales) have or I rather say need some sort of ....LF

Anonymous said...

Dear Ethiopians or those who claims to be "the true Ethiopians";

As we all know, TPLF is committing war crimes and crimes against humanity against our people, the Ethiopians in the Ogaden. I know few of us really knows Somali Ethiopian Person in person. But we all know the Ethiopian map covering the Ogaden.

What is really shocking me is the complete silence of "Ethiopian" in the Diaspora when the regime known with its brutality and crime eliminates the whole of Somalis from Ethiopia through its act of genocide.

I see Ethiopians in the U.S. receiving CUD leaders in mass. But I have not seen any protest against the TPLF when this crimes are going on in public.

Not only the public? Where are those "heros" of all Ethiopian writers, the professors, and the human rights activists?

Are we talking about two human rights? Human rights of the " ethnic Amharas" for which we all cry; human rights of the rest of the Ethiopians including the Somali-Ethiopians and Oromo people, of which we don't care? Are we really all Ethiopian? What are we doing? I am asking sincer, soul searching questions? Shall we all abondon each other and all of us fight for our own ethnic group or should we fight for values--- human rights values and values of rule of law?

Our foundation as human being is shacking. Do we have a response?

Truth be told, I have not read any single article from Ethiopian writers on the crime in Ogaden by the TPLF.

What are we doing? Are we all inhuman and degenerated useless people with no sense of moral and humanism at least? Are we really human beings with human mind and spirit? Are we fighting for Democracy of some sort after our people are finished?

I think we are all thinking "it is them- the Somalis?" I can tell you today it is "them", but tomorrow it is all of us. The level of brutality of the TPLF knows no bound.

I think we have not learnt any thing from what happened in
Gambella, Addis Ababa after the election and above all Oromia where similar pattern of genocide is going on.

I am not acusing anyone, but I am appealing to all of us to call for world wide condmenation of this crime and the ultimate removal of TPLF from power.

TPLF is a criminal regime which does not deserve a day in ETHIOPIA.

Anonymous said...

The enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend, particularly when he/she intends to undermine the very platform you are standing on.

Anonymous said...

Are we going to condemn the killing of innocent 74 workers including 9 Chinese nationals or shall we ignore that too?