Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Here is Professor Mesfin's interview on the VOA. I was unsure about some of his comments, and his way out of the mess we are in (More on  that to come from myself and Meqdela). The truth is the great professor has put some big challenges for Kinijit supporters and all of us who belong to the pro-democracy camp. Are we ready for those challenges? 


Anonymous said...

The great professor with great vision and idea put the facts boldly!! Ethiopia needs such a person who speaks the truth for sake of Ethiopia and its people. I hope both sides listen him and bring Emama Ethiopia before any thing else.
I wish a succesfuly treatment and good health to our father. May God be with him, amen.

Anonymous said...

what is a bettter option now?
1. Hailu and Berhanu have to leave the party and show the ethiopian people that they are not power mongers and dictators!!! Specially Hailu has failed to rule the party this time. He has to simply treat his sickeness and let things run smoothly. He had done great job for the ethiopian people, opening big road that allow everyone to go through and test liberity! why we always want Meles to resign?? Hailu has to resign with diginity and show the etiopian people that you are not power monger unlike Meles and his circle frinds, period!!!

2. Let Bertukan take over the leadrship and Lead the party! She must and is able to do. Let we all help her to make our dreams come true!!!

3. Bedru, Tigist and thier likes are just failed individulas.Jalous and good for nothing.The old woman has gone wild. Listen her talks and judge it by yourselves!! These people really do not know that POLITICS IS AN ART!! Ligiye tamooo, birrrrr, shilemateeee ..... birukan shelemowateeee... what does it mean ..... just jalous!!

4. Ez, ER, Voa, E Media and the likes shall keep on doing the great job but with profession!!

5. Ezan's and his freinds paltak room shall be immediately clsed. The participants there are just woyanes!!! This is just a fact. Join the room for a while and check it out by yourself. You will find a group of zero knowlege gangs insulting people and making messes. I have checked it quite several times. The admins are zero knowlege crazy guys. Their aim is one and only one, destroy CUDP, period!!! On the other hand ethiopian current affairs paltalk room seems better. This room shall keep on working hard with civility. Admins must give zero tolerance for insulting any one!!!

6.Mewa, Tsigye, the uneducated Yoseph (and all those guangs around him) should immediately stop working against cudp. They all had done enough. Please it is time for you all to do some thing different. People are tired of you!!

7. Ato Taye, just wortheless animal. He had gone far wild. Leave politics to politicans and join your academics!! please just leave it. you were our hero. Now you sound like a broken record and making grave mistakes to this unfortunate country. Do not forget that thoery go beyond facts!!!!!!!!!
8. Prof Mesfim, too late to reavel the case (when death roars around you, you could have done this two years ago so that all these messes would have been averted!!). You are great. We love you for speaking out the truth all the times even against your son Berhanu. Hailu has been trying to save his corrupted friend Yoseph. Just look the difference between Hailu and Mesfin. we need millions and millions of Mesfins for this country.

9. Prof. Al, true ethiopian son!! keep on doing the great job though those animals out will accuse you soon or later only becuase they do not want to see a democratized ethiopia!! We need millions of Al for Ethiopia!!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Bre, please speak up! You have to because your name has now been raised officially. Please, please, please, I can't wait to hear from you. Whoever speaks, I will remain unbiased and rational.


Anonymous said...

I have got some questions to ask
1. Why did he keep silent for long and reveal it now? According to him, It is because death roars around him!! ena kemotku serdo aybekel..

2. I think the proffesor has some presonal problems with dr. Nega. Do not you think so?

Anonymous said...

Dear EZ,

I like the interview of Professor Mesfin W/Mariam. I think it should be understood in its broader sense than hairsplitting. It is typical his way of pressurizing both groups to come to their senses and possibely work together. His whole comments should be seen as a positive criticim from an archtect of Kinjit & conscience of a nation. I have a great hope that Kinjit leaders will take his criticism as an advise from an elder citizen who devoted his entire life for the good of Ethiopa and its people. Our father and teacher Professor Mesfin W/mariam Egizabiher Yimarewot!!! God Bless Professor Mesfin W/mariam!!!

Anonymous said...

The whole interview is more of frustration, compromising (putting all in one basket as empress put it) instead of substance to the whole fiasco. The professor is just trying to be neutral by lumping the engineer and the doctor may be after his long effort in trying to mediate the two.

I have yet to see the crimes of Dr. Nega here. The Engineer has a very long story of dictatorial tendency, radicalism, and uncompromising behavior. The doctor as I have read the book and listen to most of his speeches, he is a logical person who seems to not be afraid of speaking his mind. I mean let’s look at what happened. The Engineer signed the paper to send the delegates to NA, he specifically selected the ad-hoc host in NA, and he was specific about the date in NA. And when for irrational unknow reason woke up someday and decided he change his mind and he wants to change everything. That is dictatorship at its best IMO. that is not just it, He dissolved the two NA factions, KIL and KIC and he sided with a group who refused to agree by his own decision. He is hanging around with them now while the other faction accepted the decision and dissolved it self. I mean, its for me crystal clear that the Engineer is out of line here.

When asked about solving the problem here before the leave for Ethiopia, Dr. Nega said in Atlanta, I paraphrase:

What’s there to solve? We are doing everything our chairman, the party has said to do. Our chairman has agreed to dissolve the KIL and KIC. I know one of them refused to do so but, I mean, what else we can do. There is nothing us here done out of either the Chairman’s or the party’s decision. Now, we just go to Ethiopia and let the ‘lailay mikir bet solve it based on the party’s rules and regulations.

For me that is nothing but logical and a truth everyone can verify.

I am not sure if I am the only person who sees this but the professor also told us, politically correct way that the party needs to move away from the Engineer by virtue of going forward with Ms. Mideksa. We all know Dr. Nega isn’t a power hungry fella. The professor knows that but like I said he is just not comfortable singling out the Engineer alone by himself and I am sure Dr. Nega aware of this. So, here is what we going to see, it’s a matter of time, Dr. Nega is going to stay away from high position and play the supporting cast and Ms Mideksa will take over and the Engineer group and its radical DC based supporters, I very much hope will go away or die out for good.

The other observation from Atlanta meeting was that one audience( happened to be one of few very few who asked short and good question) asked how can KINIJIT represent the multi ethenic nation like ethiopia, Dr. Nega replied, “ hmmm…ok, let us see, he (Dr. hailu) is tigre, myself a gurage, this young lady (Bertukan) an Oromo, the other two(Engineer Gizachew, and ??) God knows who they are “ and left the audiences with laughter.

With Dr. Yaicob, Dr. Berhanu, Dr. Hailu Araya, En. Gizachew, Bertukan, If they can manage to keep the keep the other crew in tack, things will be going good for KINIJIT, good for ETHIOPIA.

Speaking of Bertukan: tell ya’ that lady is beyond her age. I saw her testimony on the House floor, I saw her speaking live, I spoke to her in person, with the experience she got oversees and her experience in the last election, she would be just a fine leader. How she fair out in the mighty dirty game of Ethiopian politics is yet to be seen and God be with her)

Anonymous said...

I think professor Mesfin is a great man of Ethiopia who listens to his conscience, who loves humans and is very much concerned about their freedom, and above all, a God-fearing one. He has also first-hand information about the issue. I have thus no choice but to take heed of his words. I wish we all do the same and change our approach in order to be able to address the problem in an appropriate manner.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am confused about the Professor. Why does he try to little his party members. I expect him to forward think and speak clearly as an educated person and judge as a respected elderly man.
You do no try to sink the ship you are boarding. He claims kinijit is democratic so he needs to use his voting power and level the organization from within. Not attack.


Anonymous said...

Today, VOA presented a marvelous interview with the most respected figure and founder of Kineget, Prof Mesfen Welde Mariam. I got the answer what I was looking for since the split of Kineget members who are visiting US. My question was…What really is the reason that creates the rift? The answer, as clearly revealed by Prof Mesfen, was a power struggle between Dr. Birhanu and Eng. Hailu”.

The other issue which attracts my attention was the advice he gave for all Ethiopian youths, the Ethiopian living in US, and the Kineget leaders. It was a sincere advice for all of us who want our country to come out of her grief. In order Kineget to continue to be a sprit and love, we have to follow this guidance. Otherwise, we have to look for or create another party that can take us to freedom. This is the only way out…Long live! Our beloved son of Ethiopia!! Ethiopians will pray for you to come out of the surgery in a better health.