Tuesday, October 02, 2007

No Need to Pamper the Eritrean Dictator

Here is a bewildering report by a respected journalist about Isayas Afeworki and Eritrea. By all accounts, the phrase "petty and cruel dictator" used by Columbia University President to attack Ahmadinjead should have been reserved for Mr. Afeworki. Mr. Gettleman would have done justice to his story had he had tried to uncover the most ruthless human rights abuses in Eritrea, the rapid economic decline and the onslaught on the country's traditional institutions like the Orthodox Church.
The Ethiopian pro-democracy movement should be very careful about the man north of our border. As we crave for the respect of rights and democracy in our country, we should also remember that Eritreans are equally entitled to the same values. That doesn't mean that the business of fighting for freedom in Eritrea is ours. But we shouldn't align ourselves with a dictator who threats his people like trash for narrow strategic reasons. Aligning ourselves with Isayas is taking the concept of " Yetelate Telat Wodaje New" too far. A political struggle which is based on values uses strategies which don't tamper those values. Plus, a democratic Ethiopia - an ideal we are fighting for -can only remain democratic and stable if its cousin is also democratic and stable. With a pampered Isayas at the helm, there is no possibility of that happening.    


Anonymous said...

I think KINIJIT leaders should acknowledge, by having a special ceremony either in Washington DC or London, the work of Ato Frehiwot Samuel (he is a junior of Birtukan Midiksa at the Law School of AAU), Ato Woldemichael Meshesha (as a judge, he was the professional colleague of Birtukan), Ato Brihanu Tsigu (he is a junior of Birtukan at the Law School of the AAU), Ms. Ana Gomes, Prof. Al Mariam and similar other persons who testify before the US Congress and the EU Parliament, and who were at the fore front of the struggle. Some of these persons have paid dearly for the struggle. For instance, despite a threat from Meles Zenawi himself, Ato Frehiwot Samuel is the person that lets, as a President of the Inquiry Commission, the International Community know about the truth. Besides, he was pursuing his Masters degree, with a full family scholarship, in Germany when he was called to testify before the US Congress. The �Woyane dehininets� in Germany threatened him that they would kill him if he testifies. Even if he lets the appropriate German government agency know about the situation, he was not sure whether they would give him a proper protection or not. So he forfeits his scholarship in Germany in order to testify before the US congress. Similar and, may be, more sacrifices are paid by some of the above-mentioned and similar other persons. I think these brave persons deserve special acknowledgment from the KINIJIT leaders.

Anonymous said...


On one hand you support AFD and on the other you demolish their base! You smell more and more like Woyane agent!!

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with anon @5:01 AM (above) about EZ being more like a woyane agent than being part of the opposition.

EZ, the partisan groupie of the Andargachew/Berhanu allaince, you are the scam of the earth. Your cover is revealed for all the world to see. Try no more hired gun.

Here is what a friend sent me about this so-called independent blogger, turned partisan cyber cadre.

"I know this blogger very well. I will announce it soon, unless he comes out clean first. Whether this lowlife blogging as EZ is the real one or a clone is really immaterial. The analysis put forth so far, are for the most part, basic and simplistic bordering hearsay, and devoid of any journalistic principles. If you ask me, it is the usual cadre work that was prevalent in the old days of party politics.

The bad news is we are wasting our time here, as if this idiot nows any better than the simple woyanne cadre. The good news is all his attempts are in vain and his mission is foiled."

Anonymous said...

EZ take it easy man. There is no need for us to interfere in the internal affairs of Eritrea. Why? It is up to Eritreans to fight for thier right. Let alone Eritrea we are having a problem fighting the dictatorship supported by supper power America in Menelik palace. I think Isaias is right when he said why double standard on dictatorship. Why should America villifay Afwerki but prop up and promote cruel dictators like Melles, Hosni Mubarak et al?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Gettleman said: Eritrea, ... was colonized by the Italians, occupied by the British and then handed over to the Ethiopians, who ruled it brutally for 30 years...
I want to ask him: Where/what was Eritrea before it was colonized by the Italians? Why not start from the state before the colony? And, were Ethiopian rulers more merciful to the people of any other part of the country?
Enezih anget yelelachew nechachiboch ahunem alleqequnem!

Anonymous said...

EZ please do not lose your focus. Sometimes you amaze me. It is a fact that America supports dictators whenever it suites her interest and Afwerki is saying why attacking me only? why do we ignore the fact that Zenawi is pampered and showered with money while he is killing, jailing, raping and burning villages at the moment? Zenawi signed a final and binding agreement and balked away when he countered internal resistance but the US looked the other way. That is what Afwerki is complaining (rightly so) and this is not pampering from the Times side. Mr. Gettleman is telling it like it is. Also it is not our business to worry about democracy in Eritrea. Do we have the luxury for that while we are burning in our own country?

Anonymous said...

"EZ, the partisan groupie of the Andargachew/Berhanu allaince, you are the scam of the earth. Your cover is revealed for all the world to see. Try no more hired gun. "
Says a certain drug-addict lumpen. I was going to ask: why then bother to come to this blog. It is pointless. A decent and coherent answer cannot come from a lumpen.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the Anon above (6:50). Why bring Eritrea now? Why attack Gettleman now? You seem to be out of focus, EZ.
Whether we or some journalist consider the Eritrean state democratic or autocratic has no relevance to our cause at this moment. The issue of working or allying with an autocratic regime has not been raised in earnest among the opposition. Why scuffle or stife the discussion even before it is tabled within the organizations?

Better to stick to the current issues under discussion.
Lex, KY

Anonymous said...

Ez/anon @7:45

You scum of the earth, I know I have touched a nerve, when I told you who you are. You are exposed now... and no where to run. Don't blame me for telling you who you are. You think writing hearsay and rubbish here on cyber is going to make a difference on what is unfolding in Ethiopia and/or in the Diaspora?

If there is any "lumpen" here, it got to be you. For all we know, you probably have no decent job or life, but a person who lives 'prostituting' yourself as a groupie of deranged power-hungry conspirators. Your only hope is probably landing on that 'decent' job you never had... with these power-hungry demagogues, if they ever get to that power the easy way ... by intrigue and manipulation.

If you want a decent job, you have to do your homework very well and work for it hard, where it counts ... on the 'ground'. There is no other short cut. I know, that should scare the hell out of freeloaders like you.

Anonymous said...

The askaris are running amok!

Calm down our former colonies! EZ is just trying to help you have a decent Singapoor!

You always fail to distinguish what is beneficial for you. Just try this time to come out of the box and see the free world or spirit that drives people around you to achieve true freedom.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

EZ leave the Eritreans alone. They are doing fine without us and we are okay with out them. If they extend help to the democractic movement going on in Ethiopia, we will welcome their assistance. However, if they are watching standing with their arms folded, I do not blame them. They have their own interest, they have to keep Weyane's force at bay. We, on the other hand can ask them to help us remove the already tired Weyane force. They have the strongest force sitting close by and they can liberate us at once, but we have to convince them that we will fulfill their wishes once we remove the Weyane force.

They have helped bring us together under one powerful force to deal with Weyane, AFD was crafted with the help of the Eritrean's open and good office. Kinjit was back tracking when AFD military wing was scoring major vitories. Today, Kinjit does not have military wing, but hopes to get power from TPLF that is a pipe dream. It is better to have both the carrot and stick go hand in hand, we offer political setllement to Weyane, at the same time we put pressure thru military wing to force them accept the political settlement. That way not only we liberate the Ethiopian people, but we get our country faster and in one peice. The way things are going, it seems we are losing on both side. We do not have military wing, and we are not going to get power from TPLF thru peaceful means.

We have an old saying, "Kale metteyek Dejazmachement Yikeral" (due to false pride, you forego opportunity to advance). The Eritreans are doing well without us, we are not doing good let alone to do well. In Ethiopia all prices have gone 10 fold since Weyane came to power. The gap between rich and poor has gone 10,000X. Weyane's are playing with millions and billions, while many of the Ethiopians are still hungry.

Anonymous said...

Dear EZ - I had a clue as to your standings on most issues - deceptive and otherwise. Your writings above are very revealing as to your shallow analysis and understanding of the Ethiopian political landscape. Your dislike for Isayas is all but meant to express your disapproval of AFD and hatred for ONLF and OLF among others. I believe deep in your heart, you have the "current woyane" mentality in you. You share the dislike for the Oromo and the Oromo struggle for equality and democracy!!! Don't misrepresent the facts and hide behind "Isayas" - No matter how you try to frame the propaganda, the Oromos and other oppressed nationalities will have the legitimate place in DEMOCRATIC ETHIOPIA!!! people

Anonymous said...

Ethio zagol

Now you have missed it big time.

Political parties can ally themselves to the devil himself as long as it helps them achieve their goals. Are you indirectly condemning OLF? or you hate Issayas for seceding Eritrea from its motherland? you sound like those mad diaspora politians who make business in the name of ethiopia, dar dinberachin ayiderferim, atikoretim wezete.


those who talk about shabia are woyanes and those who repeat what woyanes say at this time are woyanes themselves.

Anonymous said...

EZ - I am certain Berhanu Nega doesn't identify with the likes of you - You patronized your audience by indirectly condemning ADF - your obvious course is to put a wedge between the Oromo and Amhara - Because you and Woyanes realize that AFD meant unity of Ethiopians - defeating the dreams of you and Woyane! EZ you have more in common with Woyane than CUD.


Anonymous said...

EZ, you can not have the cake and eat it. Whether Eritrea is internally healthy or not is immaterial to the struggle going on inside Ethiopia to wipe out the scum of the earth, Weyane. Eritrea will keep on supporting OLF, other LFs and the Somalian resistance group.

Weyane has shown in clear ways/terms that it will never hand over power to a democratically elected government. Whether you like it or not, the only way to bring Weyane to its knees is through armed resistance.
Your strong opposition to ONLF-OLF and AFD for that matter will have no bearing among public opinion with the exception of Weyane die-hard supporters.

Derg would never be dismantled without the power of Shaebia... Again Weyane will never surrender power without a lethal injection from Shaebia... The sooner you get this fact the better!

Anonymous said...

Now I know why EZ is irritated by Jeffrey Gettleman's report. Isn't this journalist the same person who exposed Weyane's genocide in Ogaden? Isn't he the one who was detained and later thrown out of Ethiopia? EZ... not sure where you stand.

Anonymous said...

I believe EZ is right in this. Isayas is a frustrated Stalinist dictator ruling over a bunch of narrow nationalists of his party/front.

Eritrea such as it is is not big enough for him. Short of ruling Ethiopia which is not at present politically possible for him, he would prefer to have influence over a divided, zemene mesafint type Ethiopia or exercise decisive influence over a satellite regime that he helps put in power. Remember his wish that EPRDF/TPLF would be such a pliant partner seems to have failed in the end. I do acknowledge that some still think the two are still secret buddies.

Another unknown, known, as Rumsfield would say is that it was quite possible for Isayas to have become may be a Vice President of Ethiopia in a federation of some sort if TPLF had not gotten in the way of negotiations with the Derg as we now know. Will he be happy with such an arrangement with a future ally government in Ethiopia?

Who knows? As Winston Churchill said of Russia, this is an enigma wrapped in a riddle.

However ,do not expect him to be kind to Ethiopians or for that matter , Bahre negash (I know this term which is historically accurate, irrites some people that is why I like it) people in the process, if at all he gets his way. After all if your neighbour is a wife beater and treats his children badly , would you expect him to be helpful to you?

Anonymous said...

Correction, I referred to Isayas as Stalinist, he is actually ex-Stalinist, there are no Stalinists anymore , only Stalinist types-in method only, as they are all now free marketeers.