Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Can it go this low?

In Dergue style letter, a writer on Aigaforum demands the government to revoke the citizenship of the five Kinijit leaders currently on tour in the US. Should we laugh or cry? Some EPRDF supporters are so emboldened these days by the government's unflinching willingness to suspend the law to stifle dissent that they are now demanding the revocation of citizenship of opponents. 


Anonymous said...

Ayit bedenbit teseqalech alu!
Now you are accusing Aiga of hitting a low point?
You my friend are the one who is at the bottom. This bill even if it passes and becomes law does not do anygood to you or to Ethiopia. I know, most of you guys don't use logic in your day to day activity. The Ethiopian government will somehow survive. They will get what they want from several sources. Remember Chaina? It is the poor people who suffer and you guys never realize this. Any one who oppose you is labled as woyane and that is exactly why you never succeed in anything.
Let's calm down and think two, three steps forward and see what we can accomplish in the best case scenario and see the other worest case scenario.
This is what CUD and the diaspora are lacking.

Anonymous said...


Please forget Aiga. They never think better than a donkey! Don't you know them? They are the living dead! Forget them !!!


Anonymous said...

The beginning of the end for the butcher of addis abeba started now! Ahh yesterday at 12:48 remeber this time!!!!

Anonymous said...

Donkeys advise another donkeys a bunch of Aiga donkeys start crying
and advise their donkey friends to make worst the present situation.

Anonymous said...

My Fellow Ethiopians,
These “Zombies” have only one mission and that is at any cost to prolong the life of ruling party, specifically Meles (TPLF). They are aware that what this administration is doing is against all Ethiopians (including Tigreans). I am proud Ethiopia of Tigrean origin. Believe it or not TPLF is number one enemy of Tigray people. You may ask why?
1. When Meles says, Ethiopian History is 100 years; he is trashing the History of Tigreans. By that I mean the Axumite kingdom, the history of Alula. Anyone who denies 3000 years history of Ethiopia can’t stand for Tigreans.
2. The first victims of TPLF are Tigreans, during the 17 year of “struggle” many Tigreans are killed, tortured, disappear. Even during the famine 1984 TPLF used the hungry Tigreans to walk to SUDAN show these people to NGO and get millions of dollars and used it for TPLF’s political and military purposes. People of Tigray get nothing.
3. During Sebhat Nega’s interview: when he was asked about EFORT how it was started, he mentioned among other things that “we have large amount of dollars from our businesses, Derg was short of dollars. When we needed Birr we had un-written agreement between TPLF and Derg that we were exchanging dollar for birr”.
Of course DERG was buying all the weapons using this dollar that was provided by TPLF to bomb the civilians in Tigray. How in the earth is TPLF stand for Tigray, which is just a cover up.

4. When TPLF isolates Tigrean people from the rest of Ethiopians (by using KILIL) they are preventing Tigreans to free themselves form the worst control in Tigray. Second, Tigreans use to go anywhere in Ethiopia and work hard to make ends meet. The KILIL hurts most Tigrean.

5. If you go to Tigray there is no single rich business man/woman, there are outside of Tigray, but not in Tigray because all business are in the hands of TPLF. The biggest business in Tigray for the ordinary people is HOTEL, Bar that is it. TPLF is anti-Tigrean first and for most.

Thus, if there are Ethiopians that doubt the people of Tigreay rejected TPLF long time ago, but they are kept silence by the barrel of gun, nothing else. Of course there are people who sold their soul to feed their flesh and these kinds of people are everywhere.

The bottom line is we shouldn’t give up fight for equality, democracy, justice and unity. If Ethiopia builds a true democratic system we all Ethiopians benefit out of it. Let us fight for our right hand in hand.

We shall prevail.

Anonymous said...

It is about time somebody responds to these people who are only living for there stomach.Thank you EZ!It never ceases to amaze me of their audacity accusing the opposition as traitors.Who switched from Albanian style communism to an American clone overnight?Who was belittling the long existence of Ethiopia as a nation a few years back?Who made fun of the Ethiopian flag?Who gave away the assab port which rightfully belongs to Ethiopia?Who is dividing the Ethiopian nation through ethnic lines? Who? Is it berhanu nega? Is it bertukan? NOT! It is Woyane and its cronies.What is funny is “joro lebalebetu bada new”.People are saying Woyane is the “house nigger” of the Bush administration.They are no differnt than “blackwater” mercinaries getting paid for a job well done.Accusing the opposition as traitors! Please give me a break!!

Anonymous said...

unblievable to see that how deep the author of that red-terror style letter is sent to Meles against the people who are working hard to bring peace and solidarity between Ethiopians. Listen to Dr. Yacob interview of VOA. Even if they suffered physically by Meles comandos, these people (opposition leaders) are unfolding their hands long to reach if those who have been committing crimes.

Well, I do not know how much impact the HR Bill will bring to Ethiopian politics but what I know is that the law makers of that Bill will definetely be disgusted to see how the meles regime has spread such low life people to get feedback and work with his cangaroo court.

I wish the law makers see this garbage letter. Though it is garbage, it speaks volumes about the situation of the Meles regime.

It reminds the dreadfull period of the red-terror reports of dergue indeed.

Anonymous said...

TPLF supporters are just as you put it, emboldened beyond limit. They are going crazy they don't know what to do. But this is "almot bay tegaday"; they know the end is coming for their masters and themselves. That day is closing in very fast they will do any thing by hook or by crook to stay where there at. But that will not be!!!

Anonymous said...

Why are you people not tolerating other opposing views? If the world according to you is the only way, then you are yet another dictators (of course without an army!).
Why are you, EZ not saying a word about unethical reporting of ER if you were really genuine? Guys, let's be 'just' as our forefathers once were!
What makes us heroes and patriotic should not plane stupidity but rather honesty and credebility.
A man who always takes side is not qualified to be a judge.
EZ you are not qualified to be a judge in this case until you clean up.
Thank you.
Oh, by the way I am against the HR2003 as well us any suspension of economical support to Ethiopia.
Any logical person I assume would be on my side. We have to differentiate between government and people. So far we are failing miserably.

Anonymous said...

Regarding this issue you said "Should we laugh or cry?". I know what you mean. But, let's take every little comment and threat from anti democracy people seriously.

Anonymous from the Bay.

Anonymous said...

CUD leaders are already about to revoked their own citizenship. so don't worry.
CUD helping ONLF is like helping eritrean regime=not normal.

can you imagine American Congressmen going to iran to give diplomatic support for iran's nuclear plans and iran's israel extermination plans??

Anonymous said...

Ezagol, I know what you are saying. It is scary. The level this people has to go to. Just because they feel like they own the country they think they own the rights to Ethiopian Citizenship!
Derg, for your information, never formally took away Ethiopian citizenship but the former soviet Union used to do that to its oponents. Last night I heard on the a Paltalk called Civility, EPRDF's Forum, people discussing just that. Even the so called Ambassador to Los Angeles Mr. Taye Selassie threatned those with Ethiopian passports who go back and forth to Ethiopia and those who enjoy 'the fruits of Woyane's favorable treatment' not to continue to show support to legistlations like HR2003. 'You can not be both a citizen of Ethiopia and its Enemy at the same time'. That was what he said. It may be a harbinger of things to come. Woyane may be cornered far more than we think it is.

Anonymous said...

Let us not waist our time talking about a letter on Aiga Forum. These people are people who support government killing its people. What do you expect?

Here is what Ambassador Samuel Assefa is thinking these days...

Ambassador Samuel, is your government going to fight HR 2003 in the Senate?

Ambassador Samuel…….
We certainy are… you know our lobbies are working hard to stop the bill in the Senate too.

How successful do you think you will be in the Senate?

Ambassador Samuel…..
It is not looking good in the Senate right now. I am pretty sure the President Bush will veto it at the end.

What if the bill gets full support and passes with veto proof majority?

Ambassador Samuel….
What is Veto Proof? Is there a thing like that….?

Isn’t the Ethiopian government prepared for that king of outcome? Have you ever thought about it?

Ambassador Samuel,
I read that the Bill passed with unanumus vote in the House. I am sure it will pass in the Senate too. Man we messed up.

Anything else you would like to add?

Ambassador Samuel,
Hey man, don’t bug me anymore. Do you have cigara? I want to get drunk right about now.

VETO PROOF bill in the Senate will guarantee HR 2003 of being the law of the United States of America and that is all we want.

Anonymous said...

Citizenship is a birth right - Nobody can take away or deny you - Let alone denial by the shortsighted Tigre Mafia - Tell them their last days are near - Time to go back to your reality - which is drought and famine!

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how tplf supporters are trying to convince us that hr2003 is bad for Ethiopia.Let it be clear that It is bad for child killers who murdered 193 innocents in Addis only and God knows how many more they massacred through out the nation.You can't go out in the street massacre people and walk away like nothing happened.The cry of innocents blood will hound you where ever you go.It would have been nice if the criminals were stand on trial in our country in our own justice system but it is clear to any one that thier is no justice in Ethiopia.The Ethiopian justice system is a loughable theater.It makes the dead criminal and the child killers innocents.For those of you who are screaming that the USA has no right to interfer in Ethiopia's internal affair bs, need to now that human right is an unversal concern.You can't avoid justice by delaring this bs and killing your citizens.It was not ok for Hitler,MiLlosovic,Charles Taylore...... and it will not be ok for Melles too.

Anonymous said...

The tightness of the grip on power of the TPLF is just starting to be revealed, and Ethiopians heroes will have to see many hard days to overcome it. These little people want to hold onto power to hark back to mythical Axum when they presume they were in power. They are desparate about another millenium to pass them by. It is good for Ethiopians to learn what can happen if you do not control your destiny as much as possible.


Anonymous said...

what do you really expect from alga forum, where "intellectuals" of our time are teaming up to salvage their "beloved" country from the destruction their 'democratic leaders" have caused the last 17 years. They did an extensive research work on the sacrifices they made during the 17 years they were branded as bandits. The research result they posted on their internationally acclaimed alga forum reveals that they lost 40000 comrades in arms which includes donkeys and other saddle animals which were very decisive in the armed struggle against derg. They even outlined a mathematical equation which as a theorem was proven to be correct by the dedebit acadamic council that for every 1000 comrades lost lives they are entitled to a one year woyane rule. Therefore, according to the dedebit strategic planners, woyane is entitled for another 24 years in power during which time non woyanes have to remain being subordinate to the woyanes rule of law.Their dream of creating The state of Greater Tigray will be accomplished in the first 10 years from now, according to alga forum's scholars. The land of Abysinia will be in the history books when smaller states will fragment and stay in wars among themselves for supremacy and annexation. The state of Greater Tigray will continue to be a flourishing , peaceful country under the eternal leadership of the woyane. The research by alga's scholars continue to outline Greater Tigrays nuclear capacity and its continued threat to world peace , North Korean style. The Great leader Meles continues the uncotestable leader for life. The spiritual leader,The Ayatolah Sebhat will continue to be the central figure to whom sons and daughters of the WOYANE revolution attach allegiance. Ofcourse , all establishments - churches, mosques, schools , hospitals , government and busines office will hang the spiritual and great leaders picture
on their walls and start days and nights with prayers for the health of the two. Alga scholars will soon post the content of "the prayer" each individual would say and mean time I say good bye by saying "mot le ethiopia hizb telatoch"

Anonymous said...

people tone the rethoric down a notch. name calling and uncompromising positions will get the ethiopian nation nowhere. we should not respond to everything in simple and unsophisticated ways, refusing to compromise at every turn, not attempting to see things from others' perspective. let's all take a deep breath and realize we're the children of the same creator. disagree, discuss, unload, but with respect. peace to you all.

Anonymous said...

This remarks from EPRDF supporters make me really laugh. Who are they at the first place to revoke the citizenship of our heroes for democracy and human rights. Have the minority EPRDF started saying that Ethiopians are only 500 like the days of the Emperor? Weather they like it or not EPRDF is a representative of a tiny segment of Ethiopian society and they should not act as if they are Ethiopia.

What a crap is it?

Fike Hizb

Anonymous said...

EPRDF is so lucky that the opposition has no vision. Not only are we lacking vision, we have no agenda, no purpose in our struggle, no real value and no respect for our citizens.
Just slow down and look at our own dirt in our eye before we go and smear others.
Are we doing the right thing? By right, I mean are we figthing to stop the injustice? If so, can we lead by example!!!
Somebody please say AMEN!!!!
If we do the same thing that we accuse the government, then how are we any better. EZ, Let me tell you something you may already know but overlook it for now:
The same applies with supporters. What is posted on aiga is not any worse from what I see on ER everyday but I never saw you critisize the opposition. It may take time but some of them will turn on you my friend.
So please remember the saying "Injustice somewhere is injustice everywhere" (I may have buchered the saying but you got the idea.)
Now please don't call me Woyane and TPLF as I am far from it.
Thank you guys and God bless all

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:52PM.

Is Shabia the real enemy?

Anonymous said...

No one has a right to revoke the
Ethiopians citizenship right.
Aiga Forum is going down the drain by promoting such a hate and smer campaign.
The Kinijit delegates are great Ethiopians who are promoting democracy and the rule of law in Ethiopia. They are not Hodam Bandas like you.
The TPLF's mask is uncovered now and the world is clearly watching EPDRF ruthlessness and thuggish character.

Anonymous said...

Someone please remind AIGA forum that they missed one name in the list to revoke citizenship; Eng Hailu Shawel.
you see guys, these stupid and evil minded woyanes have no stand at all. they were so against Hailu at one moment while favouring Birhanu, now they sound more sypthethic towards hailu. These people are more evil that the devil itself.
woyane yimut. eskedegafiw.

Anonymous said...

I think EZ is aware that all Ethiopians know what the retarded evil AIGA forum stands for. Nobody expects bird's eggs from a snake.

Opposition to TPLF in general and CUD in particular should use these recent favourable conditions to free Ethiopia from tyranny to the max.