Tuesday, October 16, 2007

When Professor Mesfin Speaks, I listen

He is the most important intellectual of our time. He has consistently advocated for a non-violent struggle against oppression and dictatorship. He founded the only credible institution for human rights advocacy. As Political power has never been his interest, he spoke truth to power all his life. My readers, Professor Mesfin, the founder of Kinijit, will today speak on the current crisis on Kinijit on the VOA. When he speaks, I listen.


Anonymous said...

I certainly respect what our good Prof has to say. I must say I have been very much impressed by the way the truthful leaders were conducting themselves. I also think that if Hailu somehow gets to continue being a leader, I think it will be the last time for me to support CUD as it is. I like what the others are saying, I like the vision, I like the professionalism(SIC), I truly admire their ideas.

One think I don't understand is, how were they able to carry such a dead weight in the form of hailu so far? I am so sorry for what they had to go through for so long, it must have been very painful.

Please people don't encourage them to work together, it is impossible for this bright people to work with some one who thinks he is a king. Please please please let them do what they do best without any old idea preventing them from doing there work.

I fill so happy that Hailu was exposed before he caused more trouble. In my opinion the difference between His highness and our dear PM is simple. Our dear leader is a dictator without brain, our dear PM is a dictator with brain. But surly we have leaders who are democrats with high powered brain? such as the true democrats with action.

Aster said...

I listen too; I was waiting on this interview for weeks now. I think his position and thinking will have big impact on the current Eng Hailu’s issue.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info! I was always asking my self why on earth does professor mesfin say something on this issue?? Is there something we do not know?...
He gave us a hint on his speech on W/o birtukan's award ceromony!!
It was a good message. Beaware of your leaders!!Do not make them....
To tell you the truth zagol I love kinijit but Ato hailu's speech on sunday was confused ,futile, and trash. As you said the more they speak the more we know about them!!
I hope the respected professor mesfin will come up with a solution!

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to hear the interview

Oh God may the interview bring something good to the movment at hand

Bless you EZ

Anonymous said...

He is the one guy i was hopping to hear from. I am sure you and me are the only wanting to hear his opinion on the crisis. but what can we expect? i don't think he will come out very clear in support to either of the groups. I think he will simply try do draw some line (democratic priciple) and will choose to differe on all other issue. any way we will find out that tomorrow. surely people in all sides want to know his view and in canse he has some magic words to save the CUD...let us for the magic words

Anonymous said...

Yes,when Professor Mesfin Speaks, I listen.

Anonymous said...

Yes, when Professor Mesfin Speaks, I listen.

Anonymous said...

Thank you EZ, well said. Yes we agree Professor Mesfin is:
- The most important intellectual of our time.
- He has consistently advocated for a non-violent struggle.
- Political power has never been his interest.
- He spoke truth to power all his life.

Of course, when he speaks, WE listen!

May God continue pouring His wisdom on him!
May our leaders continue in the Millennium reconciliation path!
Your friends from Atlanta

bedru said...

I cant wait to hear his voice

Anonymous said...

Even though one can judge from the words & the deeds of the leaders (especially from October 15-2007 Washington DC Eng. Hailu's meeting, I am very eager to hear Professor Mesfin's observation & judgment as he is the moral leader of the Kinijit.
May God bless Ethiopia & give wisdom for the new leader of the Party which will have a heavy burden not to be influenced by the Diaspora politics who sees only the matter of today, not for the coming generation. By the way I really admire U, how U handled Ur self for the last two years. May God bless U!

Anonymous said...


Yes, when Prof. Mesfin speaks, we all need to listen. Perhabs he is the only public figure in the last 50 years who hasn't craved for power and has given more than any one to his country and people. He did not want power or praise.

Yes indeed,we listen to him.

From Dallas

Anonymous said...

After listning to the DC conference on post and attending one of the meetings by the Dr. Nega and co groups, I can tell you than their problem is beyound repair.

As I have said it in the past and say it now, the good Engineer is a radical, old fastioned, only retherical man with no vision for the country. Now, when they get back to ethiopia, I hope here is what should and hope happens,

1. I hope the 'lailay mikir bet' of kinijit speak with the same tone against this man and take a necessary action. Honestly, these two folks (bedru, and lady) are not even memeber of the party and I yet to hear any of the delegates abroad in support of this mad man. And those in the parllament are moderates and moderate view of the EPRDF and will not side with him. If they ever do it will be with the other camp. so he is a toast.

2. Lidetu is as mad and dictatorial and control freak as Hailu shawl. DO NOT LET HIM BACK TO THE PARTY

3. Elect Birtukan as chairwoman. tell ya', she is fit for it.
4. Come out with a clear vision, policy, for the nation
5. Accept EPRDF as a political opponenet NOT an enemy of the state need to be crushed.

6. Stick with the party principle and stick with peaceful struggle.

The majority except some radical componenets in DC do not support Hailu Shauls move and that is not a problem.

EPRDF supporters need to chill and be a man to face off Dr. Nega and co with structured, principled, peaceful, 'chewa', political showdown. I understand its scary but the time has come and stop the 'ebdet'.

Have your say...

Anonymous said...

Correct indeed. I have got the opportunity to talk with him in 2005 at his home, piassa. As young member of kinijit, I remember that we were very emotional in lot of things at the time. Honestly, he is a father of peace and very principled person.

Though, It is really very depressing when I think my compatriots who are forced out of Ethiopia. I really, miss you, guys. For sure, my friends, the time will come for those who is living in Nairobi, Kampala, Kigali, … to live in peaceful and freed Ethiopia together with EPRDF. We shall struggle to see Ethiopia which respects individual rights for sake or pretext of group right peacefully.

BTW, you right I am frustrated as time goes on what some guys doing and speaking. Still, I hope we will reconcile our difference.

I am very happy to hear that Gashe Mesfine recovers from his pain and try to clarify and show direction on some issues.

Anonymous said...


Yes indeed we need to listen to Prof. Mesfin. Perhabs he is the only person in the last 50 years who hasn't craved for power and i dare to say he has given to his country everything he has, including his life. Name one public indivudual who reliquish his power voluterily and serve in a reduced position. Unlike entitlement mentality of Hailu, this guy never wanted to be praised.

From Dallas

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the update!

He is an idle and trusted.

All his life he has been talking the truth.

Currently: Prof. Mesfin, Eng. Hailu Shawel and Taye w/s are the most trusted living Ethiopian intelctuals of our time.

I doubt it he will say any thing about the current conflict in the CUD. Because he already said what should be said during the Ferancay Legacion award ceremony.

I will listen to him. What ever he said postive or negative to the repective audience of the warring faction of the CUD - I hope the rotten Diaspora will not call him names. The rotten Diaspora lead by Elias Kiflie which has no shame of calling names of Eng. Hailu Shawel will not shy away from insulting Mesfin if he is not speaking up in their favor.

Lulseged said...

we all must listen , he is one of the true ethiopian left. I was listning to him I am listning to him I will listen to him.

Anonymous said...

EZ, it can't be written any better. When Professor Mesfin speaks every truth loving soul listens.

Had we had very few people like this extraordinary scholar, Ethiopia could have used its resources much more efficiently and stand with its deserved pride in front of everybody.

We are not lucky though. Life is about scarcity and scarcity adds value. Mesfin is priceless. Who can afford not to listen when such a man speaks?

My prayers for Mesfin to stay alive and see the rennaissance of Ethiopia.

God Bless You, Prof.


Anonymous said...

Yeah!! I bet you he'll annoint Our home grown Chulule Eddie Edwards alike of New Orleans, Berhanu.

Thanks but no thanks

Anonymous said...

EZ, it can't be written any better.

Mesfin is an extraordianry scholar and we love to listen when he speaks. Who can afford not to do so?


Anonymous said...

EZ, it can't be written any better.

Every truth loving soul listens when this extraordinary scholar speaks. Mesfin is one of the very few Ethiopians whom I love as much as my father.

He has done more than anybody else for this country and he will always be remembered as one of the Jewels of Ethiopia.

God Bless Him!

Anonymous said...

let see what he has to say about un-democratic leadership of Eprdf and cud.

Anonymous said...

No one is like him. VOA interviewers have failed to behave like a professional journalists. I know for sure they will ask him silly questions which contributes nothing to ethiopian democracy, but I am very confident that he is always matured, and very much knows what he stands for.
I also listen to him when he speaks. well said EZ

XDT2007 said...

I don't see it, anywhere link please?


Anonymous said...

Are you prepaeing us for to support Berhanu Nega thru Pro Mesfin, do you have to tell us to listen? Don't you think we we have to judje by ourselves. Your parisanship is open wide, I think you are an ethnicist of the south who hate Amaras. we are pushed to the corner the only thing we can do is push back. stop it, I lost confidence in you. As usual you can censor this too.

thank you

Anonymous said...


As you say so, I will listen to him. He is a man of reality! Thanks to God for having him for Ethiopians.


Anonymous said...

EZ, We will all listen to him as long as he plays a role of "an elder" putting forward to reconcilatory messages. He should be cognizant of the facts surrounding to diaspora politics and shouldnt attempt to diminish any ones role

Anonymous said...

I have just listened the prof. in German radio, it just simply added more confusion to me.
The prof, being outside of the decision making body by his own request, I don't find his interview, as presented by German radio, helpful!!

Anonymous said...

I will too...

Robe said...

Sure, I will listen and record it.
Prof Mesfin is a sober observer of Ethiopian politics as far as I know.

Thanks E.Z for the hard work in blogging from Ethiopia.



Anonymous said...

I am not that impressed with it, he sounded like Elias kifle, than visionary leader. There is nothing constructive about his interview. I have to be frank with you tell that I am disappointed with the way he portrayed the problem with being Hailu vs Berhanu, rendering the rest of the delegate to mere spectator of the decision making process . The delegates I met here in Europe do not like people who take an order from Brehanu. A person of his stature should have dwelled more on the solution rather dissecting descending the problem to personal level.

Anonymous said...

He is a great ethiopian and human right advocate. We listen to him all. I have a huge respect and admiration to him.

Zemeta Arega

Anonymous said...

just listened from voa?

As usual he spoke the truth surrounding kinijit. His assertion that powermongerers within are real dangers for unity is loud and clear. He stressed that birhanu and hailu are real threats for party's continuation as viable as we all want it. His endorsement to Birtukan as a very strong leader will clearly be heard by both sides and let hailu step down gracefully. We all have confidence on birtukan's leadership and her competence to bring about unity. It is unfortunate that eng hailu never attempted to play an elder role to salvage his heritage. He spent much of his golden time as a leader associating himself with incompetent persons like shaleqa yosef, bedru and nigisti. Despite that, we still owe him a lot. We ask him to follow professor mesfin's unambigous endorsement of Birtukan as the most illigible leader.

Let Birtukan shine brighter as our leader and all of us rally around her leadership

Anonymous said...

I exepected to mention the wrong person by name, what I missed.

Hailu Shawel seems the dictator!

Anonymous said...

he is very critical of Berhanu though

Anonymous said...

Let Dr Birhanu Speaks

LEt him speaks pleaseeeeeeee

Is he realy a power monger personality

Let Dr Birhanu Speaksss

Anonymous said...

Dear EZ:

You are my hero in terms of providing accurate information including revealing hidden news although lately you disappointed me by indirectly siding with colorless group - the BBB's group who have no political merit in Ethiopia prior to the 2005 election.

My current comment however is in response to your posting - " when Prof. Mesfin speaks I listen"

The good professor has now spoken it very well in a clear language. We expect you to post it here to show your impartiality to the current CUD problem.

If I am allowed to conclude based on the good professor's remark, Dr. Berhanu Nega, and his private army, KIL are solely responsible for all this mess.

Dr. Berhanu struggled for power first with Lidetu and now with Hailu, says the good professor. A very interesting comment by the professor when asked his views about Berhanu's book, he says in an astonishingly precise language, "Berhanu wrote for Berhanu."

It is natural for Hailu to struggle to maintain his power as he is legitmately elected. I would call Hailu as power thirsty whereas Berhanu is as he is acting outside the charters of CUDP. Prof. Mesfin's interview is a blow to ER, KIL and berhanu et al.

Anonymous said...

I respect the opinion of Professor Mesfin too, at least I used to. But the interview with VOA shows Professor Mesfin is not up to date on the problems of KINIJIT, most of the info he has is heresay and the most disappointing part was his comment on Dr. Berhanu's book! I wonder if Bedru Adem read the book for the Professor too.. :-)


Anonymous said...

I was in Addis, back in 1992, when a foreign reporter asked Prof. Mesfin what his role was in the excusion of the 60 Haileselassie officials, he had more of a hand to play in FACILITATING their excusions than he led us to believe.

Anonymous said...

Okay, the great professor has spoken. His message is loud and clear. Kinijit is our party, our suffering, our hope. We should not leave it out in the cold being slaughtered by "siltan timegnoch" on both sides. We the people should snatch our kinijit from the jaws of two giants: Berhanu and Hailu. We should say NO to any division. We should reject Berhanu's group attempting to stand on its own by the claim of "collective leadership." We shuld reject Hailu Shawel's group attempting to stand on its own, demanding to come under the Hailu Shawel banner. We should say NO to both. We should reject any one that tries to draw us to this or that group. NO TO THE DIVISION OF KINIJIT BY SHORT-SIGHTED POWER-MONGERING INDIVIDUALS. Kinijit is ours and we should protect it and save it from the two groups. We should also come to the aid of Bertukan: She is the only pure and honest and forthright. We should come to her aid and rally around her. That is the message of Hailu Shawel.

Anonymous said...

Okay, the great professor has spoken. His message is loud and clear. Kinijit is our party, our suffering, our hope. We should not leave it out in the cold being slaughtered by "siltan timegnoch" on both sides. We the people should snatch our kinijit from the jaws of two giants: Berhanu and Hailu. We should say NO to any division. We should reject Berhanu's group attempting to stand on its own by the claim of "collective leadership." We shuld reject Hailu Shawel's group attempting to stand on its own, demanding to come under the Hailu Shawel banner. We should say NO to both. We should reject any one that tries to draw us to this or that group. NO TO THE DIVISION OF KINIJIT BY SHORT-SIGHTED POWER-MONGERING INDIVIDUALS. Kinijit is ours and we should protect it and save it from the two groups. We should also come to the aid of Bertukan: She is the only pure and honest and forthright. We should come to her aid and rally around her. That is the message of Hailu Shawel.

Anonymous said...

he had spoken and well said.

Anonymous said...

dear EZ
I also listened.I urge for every ethiopian to pray for this great father.
We know what Eng. Hailu has done for kinijit.we also witness the strategic work of Dr Brihanu.
IMHO It is the time for the youngs to come to the stage. and the seniors should advice and throw their words of wisdom to them.
No one is above ethiopian people.Let us cast our Ego.let Ethiopians be one people & one idea.

Anonymous said...

It is time for Birhanu to come out and defend himself........we r dying to hear from him.....I personally thought some of the comments of the Professor on Birhanu were out of line

Anonymous said...

I think it is time for Bertukan to stop the tour with the traitors of the Ethiopian ppl unless she is one. We know who is working for Shaebia and weyane by aligning themselves with declared enemies of AndEthiopia such as ER(eritrean review) Berhanu mewa (another AMCE from ERi) Andargachew (the reverse) who is brother-in-law of one of the most arrogant antiEthiopian in history-Tefera Walwa, EMF, Abugida, Muyaye Misikir (EWP), Enddelbu(derek mehayim) etc.

so, we know who is real and we shall move on without the bandas.

ethiopiawinet Yachenifal!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ez - this would not have been what i would have expected from somebody like him. pure acusation without any example. another one who acused and expects all to just be convinced because of who he is. NO BEEF in this interview. Grand statement without saying exactly on how to achieve. Doesn't he know there is enough said and done on stages by Bertukan, Dr Berhanu, Eng Hailu, Lidetu and the rest. They have said enough they have done enough to make our judgement. We beg to differ. Dr Berhanu believes his superb speech and it is obvious for all to see. AMBITION AIN'T A CRIME.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I noticed some lack of objectivity in some things he was saying. He was a bit more from the emotional side on some important cases, I thought. When he says things like, "...a party many ppl died for, many homes lost, its very sad for ye siltan shikucha....", and glosses over some solid problems besides "ye siltan shikucha" that really need to be addressed between the factions. True, there doesnt seem to be ideological differences, but that doesn't mean the only remaining problem possible is 'ye siltan shikucha'.

A possible factual error I have noticed : When talking about how wrong it was for the group to only hold meetings between 19 people (I am paraphrasing), he said that he heard the group only wanted people that came out of prison because they said those who did not go to prison "need to be studied first". Then, after the journalist tells him Birtukan's side of the story (that some members of the general council had left the country, some have left the party, and the rest they couldn't reach), he goes on to say that after being criticized for their stand (of needing further studies before including them), they then changed their minds and invited some. But, he says, many were upset by the initial decision that they refused to attend. Beware now, he was not present at the meetings, he heard about them, if I am not mistaken. Now, where I think he might have gotten the wrong perception is that Birtukan has explained, satisfactorily, why initial meetings were held between people who came out of prison only, which is because the initial meetings - such as the ones concerning the very first press release and anything regarding correspondence with the mediators - only concerned those that came out of prison.

One of the major differences between Berhanu Nega's book and Lidetu's was that the former was able to write in detail because he was present at most of the meetings and was at the center of the work that needed to be done. Through being at the center, he was in touch with the challenges and resources. In the case of Lidetu, since he had issues from the first days of the coalition, even he himself admits to his leaving and taking back (biq tiliq) the positions he was assigned to on many occasions, and he was also absent from meetings on many critical points. The things he wrote seemed the only logical explanations until Berhanu's book came out with other seemingly perfect logical explanations, only backed by details. The reason I cite this is: people are capable of coming up with what seems to be logical and credible claims based on hearsay until you hear the side of the story of the man who was actually in the middle of whatever was happening. So, we should wait.

Overall, the perception I got from the Professor's interview was that he was basically establishing his role as a "critic from outside" that he said he wants to be when he removed himself from the General council back then. And I felt that by throwing everybody (Lidetu, Berhanu and Hailu) in the same basket (without considering very important reasons that divide them, btw), he is basically removing any possible self righteousness ("I am the right one") that might exist among any of them and prevents them from deciding to sit at the same table, as equals, to talk. With that, he might be trying to assume his role as a zedegna shimagle (which we have noted before). IMO.

Having said that though, Berhanu Nega should not continue with his silent treatment theory that he has successfully waged against Lidetu and Bedro Adem and should say something about this. Because Professor Mesfin is different. Everybody knows how close they were, and because of that, whether the professor is right or wrong, that fact alone gives what he is saying a major credence. He should come out and say something unless of course the entire thing is a staged work of some genius. Naaaah, thats just wishful thinking; there exists no such Ethiopian.

P.S. Much respect to the professor.

Anonymous said...

I think the good professor has said it all. The silent majority diasporas should stay out of this non-sense bickering and deny those power hungry individuals an ocean to swim in. I still can not believe they run to the Diasporas, first, instead of the people of Ethiopia who paid so much sacrifice in the name of democracy. My personal advice to all those reasonable delegates is that they should go back to Ethiopia a.s.a.p. and revive the true spirit of Kinijit amongst the true stake holders.

Anonymous said...

EZ I support Kinijit. The leaders of kinijit have to be govern by kinijit rules. If any one out of this I said good bay .Differnt opinions and aidas are good but to attack our heros it is violent and unlawful. we stand for principle and and truth, the rod is a head we will see .foreget aluebalta
from Phoenix

Anonymous said...

Hi All:

Let's say what Prof. Mesfin tells us is true, correct in that there is power struggle between the two persons named, BN & HS.

What follows from this? Given whatever evidence we've in public by which we can judge, who wants who to be his next political leader?

If I were to choose (I never elected any political leader to any office in Ethiopia as an Ethiopian because I never found a single trustworthy person yet. I think I'd rather be led by a dead person than HS! Nothing personal here. I’m only expressing my opinion and my right to choose in this hypothetical scenario and hence please bear with me for a little while until I make my point. For the life of me, I could NEVER, EVER figure out why people, Ethiopians, elected him, HS, for leadership-anything. He might be a very good person, to be loved and respected as a person; as a political leader? I do not want to go farther. I’ve already made my point.
Okay, now let's grant BN aggressively seeks to be a leader of Ethiopia. What is wrong with that, given our public knowledge (given whatever pieces of evidence we have and can have access to about him) of who BN is. I said our public knowledge of him when he speaks and acts in ways that we, as rational beings, can judge for ourselves? Does he really look like a person who's hungry for power for the sake of being in power? There is a world of difference between someone who seeks after power instrumentally to bring about some good and another who seeks power for its own sake, as an end.
From all that I observed—I’m fallible like the rest of you and might be mistaken here like elsewhere--- from what's publicly available pieces of evidence(no room for rumors and innuendos and personal character assassinations, I'm not referring to any person here, Prof. Mesfin or otherwise) I'd say that BN can be a great leader far better than any in the current political playing field. The only thing I want him to do is to just come out and tell the people of Ethiopia that, "Yes, I'm after a political power but the reason why I seek after political power is in order to serve you responsibly, with vision and character etc and thereby to lead Ethiopia a step forward and I believe I’m capable of doing that." Then the next step is for us to judge what he says is true and give him a go ahead or tell him otherwise.
Being after power for the right reason has made the Western democracy an example for the rest of the world. All good political leaders in the West who've ever held political offices have done so not because they were forced to do so but because they chose to be in power and they were also chosen by those who wanted to be led by them. Now keeping such important distinctions in mind it’s time for us to choose between BN and HS, if these are the only choices for now. I made my point who I'll go for given the public and growing evidence for who is who and who can do what for the Ethiopian people.

What about the others? I might go for Dr. Yacob next and for the rest I'm skeptical if they would beat BN in leadership quality and maturity and you add your value judgment yet realizing that we all are fallible and might simply be mistaken.

The Skeptic

Anonymous said...

Dr. Berhanu we are waiting for you to speak up. So far, from what you did, you have proved yourself that you are not a power monger. But this time we want you to speak up and hear it from yourself. I hope it will not be a problem for you to talk to us.

C'mon now Bre, tell us and let's love you more.

Anonymous said...

Professor Mesfin is very critical about Ato Hailu and Berhanu but he also confirmed the ability of Wz/ Birukan Mideksa as a leader. The message to the new generation is also great as it has Abatawi message.

One thing not clear for me is his take on Berhanu's book called "Yenestanet Gohe Sikide". The book by enalrge is the writer mini biography including the history of Kinijit since its inception to imprisonment. (ofcourse it is his story) I don't think Dr Berhanu either claimed the book is the history of kinijit. It will be hard to imagine and write a hefty book about few months old party too. But, Dr Berhanu demonstrate in his book all political feud between AEUP, EDEPA-Medhin and the rest of political parties in kinijit including the small Rainbow coalation and the rest.

For a person who was in Addis at a time of the book release, it was a great relief and assurance for Ethiopian democrats who support Kinjit to see something is coming out from the prison.

I think, in my opinion, Dr berhanu shows a leadership quality to read a need for the minds of the youth as well as the political supporters of Kinijit.

Although I take most of his points as valid, with due respect Professor Mesfin's own book titled "Yekehedet Kulkulet" seems a bit biased with lack of clarity and substance compare to Yenesanet Gohe sikede. And, I truly can't buy his point on that.

Having said that, I like him dearly and he is an Ethiopian civil and human right hero. His name will be in Ethiopian history for ever for his work to EHRCO.

All the best and wish him a speedy recovery


Anonymous said...

Birhanu did not want even to be member of the executive member of CUDP.He was presented to be an alternative between lidetu and hailu to lead the party.He didnt want any part of it.A power seeker would not pass that opportunity.

Anonymous said...


With all the respects due to the Prof., I very much on his comments on Dr. Birhanu and Hailu. Although his points might be true as they may be, such comments should not go on public in a way that they would cripple the subjects and frozen the hearts of the objects. Even if both are power-mongers, a self-stranged chairman, who has no other topic other than blaming his colleagues since his day of arrival in the US, and Dr Birhanu who kept his place and chose to make his agenda fighting dictatorship, sould not be put to the same criticism. The Prof should have restrained himself from attempting politically destroying Birhanun for the sake of being fair.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, most people who write on this blog as well as the blog author seem to have a very little knowledge of Prof Mesfin. I have known the Professor for the last 35 years. To put it mildly he has always been the most controversial person. During his tenure at Haile Selassie University (the current Addis Ababa University) he has always been, one way or another, opposed to the Ethiopian Students Movement. He was simply at odds with many of the then scholars including Eshetu Chole. One contemporarey of his told me he is a man with no integrity - his arguments are always very destructive and "Oh yes" very Power Hungry - A critic simply to promote his ego.

To fill his power thirst the emperor gave him a position of District Administrator (Awraja Geji). He was then measured aa a man who can talk but with no substance and he returned to the University. Again during the tenure of the Dergue, he assumed "Mermari Commission" position and got very close to Mengistu - by condemning the likes of Meison and EPRP to win favor from Mengistu.

He is a very bitter man whose chauvinistic statements against an Oromo intellectual, Haile Fida is well documented. Because of his lack of integrity, Mengistu also denied him a position of power.

It is this man who is now trying to put down our rising star leader Dr Berhanu Nega.

Could this be his chauvinistic awakening???

Long live the progressive leaders of tomorrow's Democratic Ethiopia - Dr Berhanu, Judge Birtukan, Engineer Gezachew, Dr Hailu Araya, Dr Yacob etc.

Anonymous said...

Bertukan STOP the ture with traitors and go back to Ethiopa and call an imergency meetings with ing.Hailu and the rest of cudp cc members to save KINIJET. we have been fooled by Andargachew and Brehane Mewa but now the thruth comes out in the open enough is enough.
Brehanu Nega, Andargchew Tsege and Brhane Mewa are Old friends who will do any thing to be on POWER. I do not trust them any more. I am not writing a check to kinijet any more before this tratiors are expeled once and forall.

Anonymous said...


What Berhanu nega ,Andargachew Tegie ,Berhanu Mewa and Elias Kefle etc say after professor Mesfin interview will be left for speculation.

The above Group has worked hard ,spread lies hard,smeared names of individuals hard and stolen money big time.

Thank God for those of us who are alive and are thinking the smoke is trying to clear and we are seening the hidden agenda.

All these infighting for two years was about power was about personal ego it was all about ambition get high position it was all about was personal position to get fame .

Inorder to get to the above goal they have used all power in their hand by creating division destraction,consfusion to destract the struggle until the last second.

Even people who are thought to be newtral in Ethiopian socitey has fallen to the scem.

My examples are prof.Al Mraiam,Dr.Solomon and Tamagen among a few.

This is not new to Ethiopian politicias whos main desire and deram is only their ego for position and power ,their evil intention and vendata towords fellow country men and women who are struggle with them.

The dream and desire of the mass of our people and their strive and struggle for freedom ,liberty ,human degnity and democracy is left aside and we are infighting among our selfs.

The solders of their war are bought by friendship,neighborhood,tribal loyality,class meate or afalllen Party memmbership like EPRP.

Let stand with truth and true leadership to bring our people to freedom and power.

The vast majorty of Ethiopian people will win at last