Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Breaking News: The Trial of Daniel and Netsanet Adjourned Again

The Federal High Court which was expected to give its final decision on the case of the two prominent civil society members, Daniel Bekele and Netsanet Demissie, was today adjourned for November 22. Daniel and Netsanet, both trained in law,  were anti-poverty and social justice advocates. They were arrested in November 2005 and charged of outrage against the constitutional order. They have been in prison for the past two years.


Anonymous said...

EZ thabk you

To expect justice from kangaro court is not wise but weyane may release them to play again the drama.

why it is postponed again ????


Anonymous said...

Dear Geda:
I also agree with you. The regime would go for new drama. But we are giving less attention to these strong activists!! We have to speak as louder as we spoke for CUD leaders about their release so that the regim set them free soon!!

Anonymous said...

Guys help me please.

There is something I don't understand with Daniel and Netsanet. The world already knows that there is no justice in Ethiopia. The observers of the sham trial already submitted their report to international bodies. Nothing new comes to turn the Kangaroo court to a normal one overnight.
The CUD leaders refused to defend themselves and the matter was finally settled politically. (Forget the so called 'apology-pardon'. We all know it well).
My question then is: Do Daniel and Netsanet still believe that there is justice in Ethiopia, that they are entitled to a fair trial? That they can prove their innoence? Or, are they trying to prove and reprove a well known fact?

Even if the TPLF is pressured to release them, it will instruct the court to give a sentence ofprison terms equating to the time they already stayed in jail (plus 'Amekiro').

Anonymous said...

Dear Neb,

It is right what you said. I think it is a matter of prinzip for both of the detainees. It is difficult for me to judge about their decision.
But what they are doing is a defeat for the regime.

Anonymous said...

One more proof that HR2003 must be implemented ASAP. Their name was also mentioned in the HR2003 hearings. meles is making a mistake now and then proving that Payne and Smith were proving them selves right for the Senate.

Anonymous said...

So disappointing to read this- I, for some reason, had hopes this time around. But yet again, not very surprised as this is the modus operandi of Meles and Co.

But go Daniel and Nestsanet!! Here are the future of Ethiopia- Young and Brilliant... and the "Guardians of the ideal" (as De Villepin said it); and of course principled.

We should all be more vocal about their situation and demand for their release.

Anonymous said...

When a dictator is in power, justice is in prison. Dan and Nets are in a worthwhile trial as it is a matter of time before truth previals again.

God be with you heroes!


Anonymous said...

We have to voice loud for Daniel and Netsanet so they get released asap!!

Anonymous said...

CUD leaders refused to recognize the Woyane kangaroo court system and they sticked with it. Finally Meles was forced to call in Prof Efrem to help him out. Forget about the court's verdict. This kangaroo court had already been insulted for close to two years that it is a non-existent court by these courageous leaders. It had enough of these silent fights. The agreement does not mean much since they never recognized the court system in the first place, and since most mortals under duress could do similar actions. Everybody including the jailers know that who got relief most from their release was Meles Zenawi. The world including Germany's Merkel and US Congress were still able to see beyond it and find that Woyane is a tyrant organization. Nobody was fooled by Woyane gimmicks.

Netsanet and Daniel on the other hand recognized the kangaroo court and defended their case as they must since they are not members of any party but only civic organization members. Woyane once again is in a bind. It is angry at these two people since they are exposing how much a Kangaroo court it is by showing the inside of its system. Woyane will find a way to release them such as saying the amount of time they have been incarcerated is sufficient and will be released. Perhaps they might appeal this verdict to prove how much a fake court system there is in Ethiopia. I salute these great civic leaders. In their track, a great society abiding by the rule of law will emerge.

But on both counts, one on the part of the CUD leaders who refused to recognize the fake kangaroo court, and second on the part of Netsanet and Daniel who extended recognition to the fake kangaroo court but exposed its inner working, the woyane legal system is getting a bitting out of which it will never recover. Bravo to these great children of Ethiopia.