Saturday, May 27, 2006

Addis Ababa's mayor
The mild-mannered mayor of Addis Ababa, as you may guess, is not that popular in the city. The only person who is their mayor for Addis Ababans is the great Birhanu Nega who received New school for social Research distinguished Alumunus Award this week. His name sake, however, must have no clue about the feeling of the city dwellers. On Thursday he went to a school inaguration ceremony at Lafto Kifle Ketema without security guards. His reception was hot, to say the least. Some of the residents of the kifle ketema who were at the ceremony booed him and showed their lack of recognition for him. Birhanu deressa left in a hurry before the ceremony ended.
The clashes of "Gemb" Market
Gemb market is a run-down market place near the "Awtobus Tera" in Nazret. Yesterday, the federal police went to evict the residents and traders at the place. The place was sold to property developers. The residents refused to leave the place which resulted in confrontation with the feds.The confrontation led to a small battle. The feds. as usual have no mercy; gunning down many people. Nazret was today sad.
PS: Yesterday I announced that I will start mass e-mail service for those who want to get hot news and info. Some have wrote to me that I shouldn't involve in business. I reply that they were reading what was not written. the e-mail service is for free. Due to the slow internet connection, it is difficult to access blogger and post news and information quickly. That is why the mass mail service is proposed. No fee! Just formard you e-mail address to me.
Yardalij and Kinetibeb blogs will start on Monday. It will no mimi sebehatu type crap "zegeba"


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Sorry this is ethioinfo again.
you can email me from the flickr site.

Anonymous said...

dont let the sabre rattlers tell you what to write about and what not to. So much for advocating free speech, thought, and enterprise. there is an aweful lot of losers in the diaspora i tell you.

Good luck exploring all the hush- hush stuff about abeshas. our insecure sensibilities can't handle straight talk. bring the respectful straight talk on. better develop those legs now for us to do well in a complex world.

looking forward to reading about novelists, writers, artists and ordinary addis ababans.

Anonymous said...


Wrong again! you need to really
check your facts. The sob,Berhane Deressa is NOT the mayor of Addis.
Call him Meles' mayor or whatever
but don't insult Addis Ababans who
elected Berhanu Nega, the bightest
star in the Ethiopian political
constellation as their MAYOR.


Geda said...

I personally know this Berhanu Deressa and was his old classmate. In Minnesota people know him for having abused and left his wife but most famous for drug addict homeless daughter in Minneapolis. Just ask if you want to verify. These are the kind of persons like Ederias Eshet Meles like to pick. Failed drunks and losers. That's another fact. Everyone knows Berhanu is a drunk and an alcoholic. Maybe his daughter is just following his foot steps.

Anonymous said...

It is really a shame what a person name Geda wrote about Berhane Deressa. He said he knew him personally. First of all he didn't even know his name or may be he doesn't know how to spell Berhane.
Certainly, Berhane Deressa is the most qualified person for the job ever. If we only give him the chance, may be we have hope. Those people who tried to attack him personally, are the ones that who couldn't find anything about the job he's done. I'm sure Geda dropped out of college and didn't get a chance to know about his accomplishements around the world.

Anonymous said...

Obo Geda - Menew aheyawen ferto dawelwen - you're simply what we call balage.

Haile Melekot Tamru
Oxnard, CA

Anonymous said...

If a Colombia graduate with a world of international experience is not good enough for THE SO CALLED ROMMY OF BERHANE "geda" I don't know what is?
!chill guys Give the man a chance. Enough with all this fabricated defamation of character and last but not least leave his family out of it. Let us judge him by his deeds with which his vast experiences in government and foreign affairs speaks for itself.

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