Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Russ Feingold -the Name We Want to Know

The next battleground for Ethiopia Democracy and Accountability Act is the US Senate. The Senate's Subcommittee on African Affairs is chaired by Russ Feingold(D) of Wisconsin. The Netroots call Senator Fiengold the conscience of the senate.  These are some facts about the great senator.
-He was the only senator to vote against the USA Patriot Act in 2001.
- He voted against the Iraq war
-He co-sponsored the Campaign Reform Act of 2002.
- Feingold is one of the US senators least liked K street lobbyists.  
- More importantly, he was one of the ten US senators who in July this year wrote a letter urging Secretary Rice to "intensify pressure on Ethiopian government to respect fundamental human rights norms." Read the letter here
With ten percent of the senate already very concerned about human rights abuses in Ethiopia, can the pro-democracy train be stopped? The campaign should begin now. Step in the coalition for HR 2003!


sanford d. horwitt said...

You might be interested in the biography I wrote, Feingold: A New Democratic Party, that was recently published by Simon & Schuster.

Anonymous said...

HR 2003 will be pass by most Seneters and signed by Bush. That is done deal. We have to get back our country from those vicious animals, thugs, killers, thieves...

Ethiopia for Ethiopians!!

Anonymous said...

We have to continue working on promoting this bill at the Senate.
We should not only take Feingold's Letter for granted. We have to call our Senators to support the Bill. I am hopping the Bill will pass with no objection. But we have to fax/call the Senators Offices, so that it will land on the President's desk sooner.
I hope this bill also unite the Kinijit leaders and break EPRDF'S propaganda chain.

Anonymous said...

Let us not be complacent in our Victory in the passage of HR2003 in the House.
Let us call our senators to pass the legislation to the full senate.
We shouldn't sit idle until the bill will be signed to Law by the president.

Anonymous said...

We need to call Congressman Doland Payne and Congressman Chris Smith and thank them for passing HR2003 to the senate.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You pay taxes and contribute to the welfare of the mighty US, so try to know and contact your senators people !!!

Finding out who your senators are and contacting them is so easy.

It as simple as for your senator by typing your state and "senator".
For example if you live in Virginia, type "virginia senators", if you live in Maryland, New york, or California, do the same ... then Click on "Contact" tab to contact your senators.

Remember, every state has 2 senators, so contact each.
Let's get to work and do our share.
HR2003 will pass into law!!!

Anonymous said...

Just an excersise in futility.

The bill HR2003 will in the end fail. Why? Because Bush will veto it. And, as long as the Bush administration's in power this bill is doomed. May be when the administration changes, then just may be...who knows?

Regarding this exceptionally sinister tact adopted first by aigaforum and now echoed in some opposition websites, I have few things to say. I don't know why, but the terms "Arada" and "fara" are developing into a more polarizing and subverting ethos. I think some people are falling in to the traps set up by their enemy, Woyane. Please stand clear of these characterizations as "arada" and "fara", for the sake of united opposition. Don't be unwitting tools of the Woyane.

I, from the start, criticized the cronysim displayed by this blogger, the Birhanu's group, and of course the ad hoc committee itself. But I refuse to hear or entertain prevarications simply invented by aigaform.

I hope we all do the same.

Anonymous said...

To anon @10:09 AM,

I agree with you 100% on the "cronysim" and on 'polarization' within the opposition camp.

However, I DISAGREE with your assertion that 'Bush will veto it' as forgone conclusion. I guess you forgot 2/3 majority in the senate will overide his veto power. That is how the system works my friend... so please don't discourage the campaign.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lessons on America's Democracy.One can ask his reperesentative to work for him.I like it.Go ask you senator to vote for the bill.

Anonymous said...

Complacency is the biggest enemy of Ethiopian people, and I hope we never forget this lesson.

Anonymous said...

Senator Russell FeinGold is a decent human who see thru dictators and oppressers. He is a genuine American who believs in good government, I wish there are several FeinGolds around our world would have been a better place. Every Ethiopian-American should give their voice to him next time he runs for the senate.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:29,
Getting 2/3 of the majority is the trick. The Senate seats are split almost even. My earlier comment was made while cognisant of this fact.