Friday, April 14, 2006

The Addis police story
The addis ababa police force had disappointed EPRDF by silent resistance. Well, EPRDF has learnt its lessons. It was recruting new police men for the city. My sources told me that out of the 2400 recruits only 200 were from Addis Ababa. The biggest proportion-400 strong-came from Tigray.
So now the city's new police men don't know its streets and neighbourhoods. I wonder what they will do when there are no student protests at the famous Ayer Tena or indeed, when there are demonstrations in the place i live, Lideta. After living in the place for more than ten years, I still get difficulty getting my way into some neighbourhoods.
Vicki was back
The American top diplomat here is so great at calling a spade a spade(at least by implication!). Yesterday, she was on ETV making a parallel between Mandela and the leaders in prison. To convince us that their imprisonment shouldn't hinder the democratic process, she recounted Mandela's committment to the political process while he was in prison. Was she impliedly equating the EPRDF regime with Apartheid?
Vicki watch
Wed. Afternoon: Talked with Lidetu Ayalew
Thursday Morning: Was with Ayele Chamiso and Temesgen Zewde


Redeem Ethiopia said...

Yamamoto was also trying to pull parallels with South Africa on his interview with VOA...but this is just a very superficial and stupid analogy. Most importantly for our case, while Mandela was in prison, those on the outside did not derail the struggle against Apartheid or accept the constraints that the system of Apartheid put on them. That is precisely the reason that South Africa got to where it was politically in 1990 and later.

What Yamamoto and Huddleston are advising is to do the opposite - since the legitimate leaders of CUDP are in jail, those outside should derail the party from its path and help save Meles. The logical thing for those who believe in the CUDP and its leaders is to press ahead with the agenda set forth initially to build genuine institutions (including the 8 points), and to demand the release of their leaders. There is really no sense in a compromise that in no way helps build democratic institutions and destroys CUDP as a party and also leaves its leaders in jail.

What possible gains will the new CUDP get? Surely once recognized by Meles, this new party can not persist with the original agenda of the CUDP (based on which these people were elected), of mainly building free and democratic institutions. The only way to operate safely for the new party will be to adhere to the constraints Meles puts on them. The bottom line is that Meles can not and should not be allowed to dictate what the CUDP is and what is the appropriate path for it or who leads it. That is what the US state department wants to do. The individuals wanting to build a new CUDP are, knowingly or unknowingly, playing into that ploy.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love you people fight with each other and also undermining yourself.
With time more division, more exchange of insult and so on.
Whether you like it or not your leaders will rote in jail and EPRDF will continue to rule.
Your CUD, well do not worry it will have a place in Ethiopian History as just an anomaly incident

Anonymous said...

Time is overdue for woyane to lead Ethiopia. An illiterate can not teach a professor how to think eventhough he could force him neel down and repeat whatever he says by pointing gun on his head.That is what the illitarate group of Woyane is doing with the so called "new CUDP" groups. These are people just trembled with woyane's gun! Period!

Anonymous said...

Kinijit and its leadership who are in Kaliti are the only true and viable leaders of Kinijit and a new Ethiopia of the people and by the people. It is up to all of us to make that clear to Vicky Hudleson or Yamamoto. They can say what they want. They have not been with us, or cared about what has taken place so far they have been watching and supporting the killing fields of Legesse and his cohorts, they can preach what they want we just have to stay steadfast to our belief that the only way is the peoples way not what others want for us but what we want for our future. We have been clearly told over and over again that America's interest is this and that. We have to stand for Ethiopia's interest which is development, education peace and a better future for our Youth. If this is not in the interest of America, then we must all say sorry but your game is not ours, we would have liked you to be our partners in democratic change for Ethiopia, but since your idea of Democracy is not in our interest, we part ways.

Quoting Mandela an African Hero who suffered for the Freedom of South Africa should not be manupulated by Ms Hudelson. He suffered in the Apharthied Prison for his principles of Freedom in South Africa and we do not need her to tells or undermine his struggle for us today. It took America along time to recognize him
and they only did because they knew there was no other way, so Mrs Huddleson please stop your preaching we know what we want and we are not willing to go for less than that. Compromising our will for change is not acceptable mostly after all those lives were lost we also have a right to freedom and democracy as your people in America had when they revolted Against the English and had the Boston tea party. Why is it that America thinks when their people are terrorised that the whole world has to respond but when others feel the pain of terror it is okay? Ms. Huddleson as an American it is sad that you can see injustice happening daily and justify it. No CUD organized by you or other groups are accptable no matter how much money and resource you pour, please learn from your mistakes in other countries. When is America going to realize that the people of the World have a right to their own destiny as America did when it fought for its Freedom in 1773.

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